Address: RR#1 Williamsford
Ontario, N0H 2V0
Tel: (519) 794-4681
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Position: Senior Software Consultant
Citizenship: Canadian
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Five years at the University of Science, Budapest, Hungary. Graduated as Diploma Physicist (M.Sc. equivalent). Specialized in Theoretical Physics. 


I had held Programmer Analyst and Designer positions until 1985 when I started my consulting career. Since then I have built up a solid track record of developing applications in  System Software, Database, Communication and GUI on PC-s,  LAN-s, Minis, Mainframes and the  Internet.  


Professional problem-solver, generating results; fast and thorough. My strength is developing and trouble-shooting complicated applications that require a broad range of experience with different platforms and technologies. Twenty five years in almost all aspects of software development gives me that experience.


Chronological Summary

05 12 E-Commerce  Application Win 2000 Server ASP.NET, VBNET MS Access, IIS, Web Matrix
04 3 Order Processing System Win XP Professional Visual Basic MS Access
04 7 Business System & Website Win XP Professional ASP.NET, VBNET Access, JavaScript, Dreamweaver MX 6.0
03 2 Educational software & web site MS NT 4.0 HTML, JAVA Java Script, Dreamweaver MX 6.0
03 8 Trading software & web site Win XP, 2000 Server ASP.NET, VB.NET MS Access, IIS, Web Matrix
02 5 E-Commerce  Application Win 2000 Server HTML,ASP,VB MS Access, IIS, Photoshop
02 6 Order Processing System Windows 95/98 Visual Basic MS Access
02 3 Internet Application Win 2000 Server HTML,ASP,VB XML, SQL Server, IIS
01 5 Web Site development Windows 95/98 HTML, JAVA JAVA, Photoshop
00 13 Insurance Application Windows 95/98 Visual C++ 6.0 Visual Plus
00 4 Web Site development MS NT 4.0, IIS DHTML, ASP Java Script, SQL Server
99 5 Order Processing System Windows 98 Visual Basic MS Access
99 6 E-Commerce  Application MS NT 4.0 SBS, HTML, ASP, IIS, VB Script, Access
98 4 Web Site Development Windows 98 HTML, JAVA Java Script, Corel 8.0
98 4 Database Application Windows 95 Delphi 3.0 MS Access 97
98 4 Multimedia Application Windows 95 Delphi 3.0 Adobe Photoshop 4.0
97 5 Financial Application OS/2 4.0 Visual Age 3.5 PM, DB/2 SQL, MERVA
97 4 Web Site Development Windows 95 HTML, JAVA Java Script, Access, VB
96 7 Distributed Peer to Peer OS/2 3.0 VisualAge 3.5 IEEE 802.2
96 7 Client-Server MS NT 3.51 VC++ 4.1 TCP/IP
95 6 Project/Inventory Manager WINDOWS 95 DELPHI SQL, INTERBASE
95 5 Graphics Application OS/2 2.1 C-Set/2 1.1 PM, TOOLKIT
95 2 File transfer Client-Server OS/2 2.1 C-Set/2 1.1 TCP/IP, TOOLKIT
94 6 GUI Database Management WINDOWS, OS/2 V-BASIC 3.0 VXREXX, PM
94 8 Telephone Client-Server OS/2 2.1 C-Set/2 1.1 PM, TOOLKIT, GUI
93 7 Telephone/FAX Control WINDOWS 3.1 MS 'C' 7.0 WINDOWS SDK 3.1
93 5 WINDOWS to OS/2 Porting WINDOWS - OS/2 C-Set/2 1.0 PM, TOLKIT, APPC
92 10 VRU Client-Server UNIX V.4.2.1 ANSI C XWINDOWS, TCP/IP
91 4 Highschool Math Tutor WINDOWS 3.0 BORL C++ WINDOWS SDK 3.0
91 2 Pager Device driver OS/2 1.31 MS 'C' 6.0 PM, TOOLKIT
91 1 Badge-reader device driver OS/2 1.31 MS 'C' 6.0 PM, Toolkit, HLLAPI
91 3 Voice-synthesizer dev. Driver OS/2 1.31 MS 'C' 6.0 PM, Toolkit, HLLAPI
91 1 Telephone-dialing server OS/2 1.31 MS 'C' 6.0 PM, CallPath/2
91 2 Communication server OS/2 1.31 MS 'C' 6.0 PM, SRPI, Tok.R LAN
91 1 Telephone-switching server OS/2 1.2 MS 'C' 5.0 PM, AUTOCAD
91 2 Business Database System WINDOWS 3.0 BORL C++ WIN SDK, PARADOX
90 3 Memory Manager OS/2 1.2 MS 'C' 5.0 PM, TOOLKIT
90 5 Data Interface to Host IMS DB. OS/2 1.2 MS 'C' 5.0 PM APPC, Tok R. LAN
90 3 Security System OS/2 1.2 MS 'C' 5.0 PM, Tok R. LAN, AP
90 1 EASEL to PM conversion OS/2 1.2 AWK PM, EASEL
88 14 Telephone device driver OS/2 1.2 IBM C2 1.1 PM, ACDI, SQL
88 10 Token Ring LAN development DOS 3.3 Pascal 3.0 ECF, Tok.Rng LAN
87 4 Host Backup/Restore Utility DOS 3.1 Pascal 3.0 WCP, IBM VM/CMS
87 8 Business DB Mgmt/Reporting DOS 3.0 DBASE III+  
86 12 DOS-Shell DOS 3.0 Pascal 3.0 MS Assembler 2.0
85 5 Banking Application DOS 2.1 DBASE III CLIPPER 3.0

Y = The year that the project started.
M =
The number of months spent working on the project (some overlap is possible)


Period: Oct 2005 to present
Company: Excel Services
Position: Math and Science Tutor

- Tutoring high school and college students in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Preparing for tests, entrance exams and assignments. Solid theoretical foundation, focusing on basic principles. Gaining competence in practical applications and solving typical test problems.

Period: Aug 1997 to Oct 2005
Company: MontLand Computers
Position: Software developer


- The Indiancarver Campsite  – Design and development of Internet based e-commerce online ordering and inventory management application. MS Access database with ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java Script, HTML, Photoshop. See  

- SITB Symphony Orchestra  – Developing concert scheduling, order processing, membership profile database system and website. Using DHTML, MS Access, ASP.NET, VB.Net, Dreamweaver MX 6.0, Java Script, Photoshop.

- Chesley District High School  – Developing adult educational software and web site. Using HTML, DHTML, Java Script, Dreamweaver MX 6.0, Photoshop. Teaching web design course.

- Saugeen Trading Community  – Design and development of trade recording, balancing, reporting application with quarterly and year end reconciliation, using MS Access database and VBasic. STC website built on same Access database -- with ASP.NET, VB.NET, IIS, Java Script,  Web Matrix, Photoshop.

- Mission Systems Development Corp  – Design and development of Internet based User Profile Maintenance System. MS Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server 7.0 database with VB Script, ASP and XML.

- Various clients - Design and development of Internet Web Sites. Using state of the Art tools and techniques like HTML 4.0 (MS Front Page 2000); Java Script; Java (Borland Jbuilder), 3D graphics (Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Corel 8.0); animation, audio and video (Video Wave 5.0). For samples of my work visit the following web sites (Java-enabled browser required):   (The IndianCarver Gallery) (Home Hardware store) (Tire company)

- Maritime Life Assurance Company  - Design and development of Windows 95/98 application used by insurance brokers to illustrate company products to their clients. The programs are written in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, using API calls, resource development tools, binary file I/O and dynamic report generation using Visual Plus. Maintenance and upgrading of existing programs according to their requirements and schedule.

- CIBC/INTRIA-HP  - Design and development of CIBC Intranet application. ‘Server reliability data’ is stored on a MS NT 4.0 Server in a ‘MS SQL-Server 7.0’ Database. Active Server Pages (server side VBScript) and Dynamic HTML (CSS1) were used to access and display information for CIBC executives. Sophisticated collapsible menu system was designed and coded (client-side Java Script) for easy navigation. Native-coding (DHTML, ASP) as well as design tools such as FrontPage 98 and MS Visual Interdev 6.0 were used for precision and efficiency. Used MS Project98 to schedule and control project development.
 - Eggsclusive Collectibles
- Design and development of Order Processing System. Using MS Access and Visual Basic, developed Inventory Management, Order Processing, Billing and Reporting Application.

- DSMAX Canada - Design, code and test a MS Access based Order Entry Database System. Visual Basic code was used to satisfy sophisticated data entry, processing and reporting logic. The System was implemented on MS NT 4.0. Design, code and implement an E-commerce Internet Application to provide a world-wide sales organization with an online Catalogue of their products. The Catalogue data is stored on a MS NT 4.0 Server (Back Office Small Business Server, IIS 4.0) in a MS Access Database. Dynamic HTML and Active Server Pages were used to make the Catalogue searchable based on complex and compound search criteria built by the browser.

- Home Hardware  - Design and development of Internet Web Site. HTML 4.0 (MS Front Page 98); Java Script; Java (Borland Jbuilder ), 3D graphics (Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and Corel 7.0); animation. See (Java-enabled browser required):

- Agriculture Canada - Y2K analysis of existing DOS/Paradox Database system. Consulting with management on upgrade path options. Prototyping application proposal on a Windows 95/MS Access/Delphi 3.0 platform.

- Analog Devices
 Santa Clara, California, Marketing Department - Multimedia Presentation Program  using  state-of-the-art GUI techniques, enabling the user to perform Data Entry, Calculation and Graphic display. Windows 95 platform, using Borland Delphi 3.0, Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and Corel Draw 8.0. Multimedia elements include playing AVI video clips and selected tracks from music CD for background soundtrack.

- Credit Union Central of Canada  - Design and development of corporate financial Application. Interfacing with IBM MERVA and the SWIFT network, OS/2 PM application using Visual Age C/C++ and DB/2 SQL for Transaction Processing and Database update. In second phase of project worked as a technical advisor, supervising and directing four application programmers.


Period: Mar 1995 to Aug 1997
Company: Nallah Tech Inc.
Position: Consultant


- Los Angeles Fire Department, 911 Command Centre - Architectural Review of the FCCS-II Dispatch Application. Evaluating existing Communication and Database components and reporting on problem areas, alternatives and recommendations. Current System is based on the OS/2 3.0, VisualAge 3.5, IEEE 802.2 platform.

- Northern Telecom
- Automatic Notification Facility (ANF) Client-Server application. Server is communicating via TCP/IP with hundreds of clients in NT's Global Data Centre, receiving "Alert"-s about hardware/software problems. Server sends Numeric Page, Text Page or Voice mail messages automatically. Microsoft NT 3.51, Visual C++ 4.1, TCP/IP, Dialogic Voice Package 4.1, Digital Dectalk Text-To-Speech Synthesyzer, Asynchronous Hayes-modem communication.

- ALCATEL CANADA - PM OS/2 Graphics Application program. Displaying Line Overview train network for Train Control Application system. Extensive use of GUI Primitives, zooming, scrolling, displaying moving train icons and their ID-s. Designing, coding, testing.

- BELL SIGMA - OS/2 file transfer Client-Server Application. Using TCP/IP Stream-Socket programming. Both Client and Server parts operating on the Bell Sigma network.


Period: October, 1985  to March, 1995
Position: Senior Software Consultant


- PM OS/2 application program module for IBM's "TADS" System for controlling the ROLM 244-PC phone and switch. Direct programming of the COM Ports, sophisticated GUI test-program. OS/2 2.1, C-Set/2 1.1, Toolkit 2.1

- GUI File management System using VX-REXX on OS2/2.1 and Visual BASIC on Windows 3.1, Object-Oriented Design. Design, coding, testing, interfacing, documenting.

 - Windows 3.1 Application Software controlling Northern Telecom PBX switch and allowing phone operator to perform any telephony and database management functions from keyboard, mouse and screen. Interfacing with Northern Telecom ACCESS software and PARADOX 3.5 database. Using Microsoft SDK, C 7.0. GUI FAX-control System using IBM Mwave FAX/Voice/Modem Card, PARADOX Database, Windows SDK. Designed system based on User Requirements specs, Supervised two programmers during development, co-ordinated testing, user acceptance and installation.

- TCP/IP Communication Software between AT&T UNIX System V.3.2 and IBM OS/2 2.0 computers. Server running under OS/2 accepting requests from Client under UNIX via socket-programming to perform OS/2 Database lookups. Script and DIP programming on AT&T Conversant to facilitate Call Automation System for Integrated Help Desk Application.

- Upgrading IBM's EZVU II product to run in PM Window under OS/2 1.3. Modifying C Source code to replace Device Monitors for Keyboard and Mouse drivers with Window-compatible PM calls. As a result, all OS/2 applications depending on EZVU II (like Communication Manager, PMPS, etc) could run in Window-mode rather than Full-screen mode. Placing 'Hook' into EZVU drivers to Monitor Phone-events and notify Application.

Member of the IBM Team that developed the recently announced CallPath/2 and PhoneCentre/2 Systems. Contribution to these Systems include the following:

- Development of Pager-device Server for the Motorola Page Entry Terminal (IXO protocol) to run on IBM PS/2 under OS/2 1.31, PM. Server software can run on Token Ring LAN Server and receive Page requests via Named Pipes from any of the LAN requesters - alternatively - it can run on any host-connected standalone machine and receive requests via SRPI from VM/CMS host. Server Software controls a Hayes-compatible modem through one of the COM ports of the PS/2, dialing the carrier service automatically as well as taking care of the handshaking (IXO) required by the Motorola Pager Service. Full Log, Debug and error-checking capabilities. Server can optionally use Text-to-Voice conversion to put Page message to Phone-mail for acoustic delivery (using DECTALK DTC-03 AM text-to-voice speech-synthesizer device)

- Development of a Badge-reader Server for the IBM 4717 Model 2 Financial I/O device to run on the IBM PS/2 under OS/2 1.31, PM. Server Software uses HLLAPI to monitor VM/CMS Session Presentation Space for unique string signalling Host program request for Badge Read or Write. Extensive error checking, logging, debuging features.

- Development of a Telephone Dialling Server for the ROLM 244 PC Phone device to run on the IBM PS/2 under OS/2 1.31, PM. Server Software uses HLLAPI to monitor VM/CMS Session Presentation Space for unique string signalling Host program request for Telephone Connection. Extensive error checking, logging, debuging features.

- Development of "Free Space" phone-switching Software to run on IBM PS/2 under OS/2 1.31. Software reads AUTOCAD file of an office-floor layout and garphically displays floor-map on screen showing telephone-set locations. User can pick his name from a listbox and drop his name by mouse into any of free offices. Software programs ROLM CBX (8000, 9000 or 9751) switch to assign user's extension number to physical phone device he selected. Convenient GUI interface, error-checking, logging, supporting administrative functions.

- Data Interface, Memory Manager, Backup and Security modules of CDSL's Intelligent Workstation System. Used Object Oriented Technique to design these modules on an OS/2 1.2 - Token Ring LAN platform, using APPC to communicate with Mainframe CICS region, IMS database. Used Toolkit API-s to design Memory Manager Objects and Methods, extensive PM programming for Test environment. Acted as Lead Analyst on Security Project, co-ordinating the diverse needs of End Users, Operation, Security (ACF2) and the Project Manager. Supervised two programmers.

- Used the AWK language to code an EASEL to PM conversion Utility to convert EASEL source code to PM .RC, .H and .C files.

- ROLM-244PC-Telephone Device-Driver for IBM Metaphone application. Driver set up in OS2 Thread to monitor Telephone via Asynchronous Port using OS2's Communication Manager and ACDI. Poll phone, analyze phone status and send inter-thread messages to main thread about specific phone states. Accept messages from main thread to perform telephonie functions like dialing, camping, forwarding, transfering, conferencing, etc. PS2 Mod 60,70; OS2 1.1; Presentation Manager, ACDI; Communication Manager; IBM C2 1.1 Compiler HLLAPI; 0S2 Database Manager; SQL; Query Manager.

- Token-Ring LAN administration and development for 30 application programmers. Designed, coded, implemented automatic refresh and cleanup functions which created mirror-mage of LAN-Server's system files on each workstation at logon-ime by autamatically copying new files and deleting old ones from system directories. PS2 Mod 60,80, Turbo Pascal 3.0, IBM Token Ring LAN.

- Designed, coded, implemented automatic inter-LAN refresh and cleanup functions similar to above between Toronto and Vancouver based LAN-Servers. Every night Toronto LAN server automatically rebooted itself as a 3270 Workstation, automatically logged on to CMS Host using HLLAPI programs; accessed Host Minidisks via ECF (Enhanced Connectivity Facility); created Mirror-image of LAN Server on Host, printed report on files copied and deleted and then rebuilt itself as a LAN server again. One hour later process was repeated in Vancouver in reverse to copy down Toronto LAN Image from host. Next morning the two development teams started with identical LAN environments. PS2 Mod 60,80; Turbo Pascal 3.0, IBM Token Ring LAN. IBM VM/CMS, HLLAPI, ECF, 3270 Workstation Control Program.

- Expand WISE's FILE MANAGER Dos Shell to include automatic Host Backup/Recovery functions for the IBM 3270-PC. Indexed or automatic selection, Project Make-file handling, automatic cleanup, etc. IBM VM/CMS, IBM 3270 PC, PS2 Mod 60,80, Turbo Pascal 3.0

- Acted as a technical specialist in a five member software development team to research, design, code and implement the necessary utility and DOS-interface environment on which IBM's new Intelligent Workstation System (WISE) for the IBM 3270-PC was built.

- Designed, coded and implemented the central functional part of WISE - its FILE MANAGER with the capability of selecting any sub-tree structure of any drive and executing any file commands either in DOS format or a full-screen, prompted, PF-key initiated WISE format. Could stack commands to any depth and execute full-screen File Transfer either to the TSO or VM-CMS environment. Used Turbo Pascal, Assembler and DOS.


Williamsford, Ontario 519-794-4681