November 15th, 1992

To Whom It May Concern

As a Project Leader in the Voice/Data Solutions Center of IBM Canada, I had many experiences working with Francis Mont. In compliance with the company policy, this is not a formal letter of reference, but rather a record of my own personal comments and opinions.

I had many opportunities to lead technical project over the past few years in this area, and I can witness that Francis has always been considered an asset to any project, and has been instrumental in the success of many.

Over the past year, Francis has been involved in a sophisticated integration project requiring skills and technical knowledge in OS/2 2.0, TCP/IP Communications and Unix System V. Francis demonstrated his technical abilities in this environment and his contribution can be directly related to the timely completion and success of the project.

I have been extremely impressed with Francis's abilities to work on a very stressful project with very tight schedule, pleased by his flexibility, and his understanding of business requirements.

I will be always looking for more opportunities to get Francis participating in a project where he will contribute making it a success.



Christian Corso
Advisory Systems Engineer
Voice/Data Solutions Center
IBM Canada Ltd.
(905) 316-1564