July 2nd, 1991

To Whom it may concern;

Mr. Mont worked as a Designer on the Insurance Architecture Team from January to December 1990. Our team's primary mandate was to design and develop generic, reusable code to be used by a large insurance application running in an OS/2 cooperative processing environment.

He was a key technical resource on the development of the security and communication portions. These components required OS/2, Presentation Manager, 'C' programming language, Object oriented concepts and APPC skills. He has excellent problem solving skills and can easily apply technical research to produce solutions. His deliverables were of a very high quality.

He worked closely with other team members including System Analysts, the Chief Designer, Senior Programmers and helped mentor Junior Programmers. We found him to be flexible, dedicated and self-motivated. He was very willing to interact with the team members to share his knowledge and wealth of experience.

Mr. Mont made a significant contribution in helping us meet our goals and we would eagerly welcome him back to work on other projects.


Yours truly;

Linda Sanchuk
Insurance Architecture Manager