May 14, 2001


RE: Francis Mont

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of reference for Mr. Francis Mont, Senior Software Consultant, MontLand Enterprises, Ontario, Canada.

Mr. Mont was hired on June 26, 2000 by Maritime Life Assurance Company to develop new functionality for the programs used by insurance brokers to illustrate our products to their clients. This software is crucial to the success of our business. The programs are written in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, using API calls, resource development tools, binary file I/O and dynamic report generation using Visual Plus.

Mr. Mont was also responsible for maintaining and upgrading existing programs according to our requirements and schedule.

Mr. Mont performed his duties from his own office and communicated with us via telephone, fax and email.

During his involvement with the above projects, Mr. Mont was very supportive during the design phase and generated many useful ideas to improve functionality. Mr. Montís work was methodical and delivered in a timely manner. He was adaptable and understood our business requirements. It has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Mont over the past year.



Jennifer Johnson
Product and Marketing Consultant
Maritime Life Assurance Company