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First Edition



11872 Adventures of the Little Wooden HorseWilliams, Ursula Moray$25

11078 Big CityBerta & Elmer Hader$15

12526 Bill And Stanley (The Little library)Oxenbury, Helen$35

11791 Die Vier IV und das Nachtgespenst oder Wie die alten Damen zum Tischrücken kamen.Francois-Georges$25

12232 Fairy tales for young Australians: reimagined and illustrated by Jan Wade.Wade, Jan.$20

12459 Little Blue BenGilman, Phoebe$20

12078 Little Tales for Little Folks: A Lolly Pop BookJohn Martin's House$20

11098 Story Number 1: for children under three years of age.Ionesco, Eugene. Pictures by Etienne Delessert.$20

12499 The little coast guardsShanghai Animated Film Studio$25

12152 The mermaid and the whaleGeorgess McHargue$10

18503 The mermaid and the whaleGeorgess McHargue$24

11589 The Terrible Troll-BirdIngri;D'Aulaire, Edgar Parin D'Aulaire$20

12464 Uncle Wiggily and the Runaway CheeseHoward Roger Garis$15

12606 Wallaby CreekJoyce Ann Powzyk$10

12608A Brave WomanMarlitt, E. [translated by Margaret P. Watterman]$25

18614A Cricket's CarolMark Kimball Moulton$10

10626A Curious PlaceRodie Sudbery$15

13499A dream of promise: A folktale in Hebrew and EnglishMeguido Zola$15

02379A Fortunate CatastropheAdela Turin Nella Bosnia$22

12823A Ghost in the CastleSigrid Heuck$15

16640A Gift from Saint FrancisJoanna Cole$10

01607A Grand Old TreeDePalma, Mary Newell$10

13278A Horse for Running BuffaloFreeman, Madeline A$20

14222A Jar Full of MiceDiz Wallis$10

01680A Light Above the SunYvonne Wilson$10

03895A Little Touch of MonsterLampert, Emily$10

11310A moscou spirou & fantasio 42Tome (Author), Janry (Author)$15

04585A Piece of LuckSimon Henwood$20

09551A PIGGYBOOKAnthony Browne$10

05648A Police Dog Named NoseyJulano Miller$15

13470A Porcupine Named FluffyHelen Lester$20

18766A Prairie Child's YearWilliam Kurelek$15

15118A Rope-in CaseLillian Beckwith$20

14531A salmon for SimonBetty Waterton$15

02609A salmon for SimonBetty Waterton$10

14152A Short TailBarbara Davoll$10

14986A song for HarmonicaSimon Johnston$20

17373A Symphony for the SheepCynthia Millen$45

03680A Tail Between Two CitiesVon Konigslow, Andrea Wayne$21

18769A Tale of the Forest of Havella Land Sherry Ratz; Jonathan Williams$15

10720A Tree in the ForestJan Thornhill$10

14641A Tree in the ForestJan Thornhill$15

04576A Twenty Years' SecretWilberforce, Wester K.$20

15168A Weekend with WendellKevin Henkes$10

10970Aarvy Aardvark Finds HopeDonna R. O'Toole$10

13287Abena and the Rock: A Story from GhanaVerna Wilkins, Gill McLean$20

17282Abigail Muchmore: An Original TaleLois G. Grambling$15

18254Adventures of Little MoukWilhelm Hauff$25

11237Adventures of the Muddleheaded WombatRuth Park$15

09884AFLOAT AND ASHORE, A Charming Collection of Stories.W.B. Conkey Company$20

16456AlbertDonna Jo Napoli$15

14478AldoJohn Burningham$20

18739Alert! Etienne Delessert$15

18936Alfie Gets In First Shirley Hughes$10

18746Alfie's FeetShirley Hughes$10

12826Alfred, the dragon who lost his flameCatherine M Buckaway$20

06328Alice Nizzy Nazzy The Witch Of Santa FeTony Johnston$10

18508Alice of Wonderfarm saves the drumlinAnn Nelles$10

13910Aliens: Book One - Third EditionMark Verheiden$15

01732All MaryGwynedd Rae$20

14632Allons Bi-Bi Deuxieme EtapMatte, Jacqueline and Phyllis A. Richard$20

14982Amanda Greenleaf visits a distant starEd Kavanagh$10

17109Amanda's DinosaurOrr, Wendy$22

01483Amanda's DinosaurOrr, Wendy; Illustrated By Campbell, Gillian$22

12188Amos's SweaterJanet Dunn$20

16298An Evening at Alfie'sHughes, Shirley$10

02981AnatoleEve Titus$25

08797ANATOLEEve Titus$10

08798ANATOLE AND THE CATEve Titus$10

16787And Dance with the Orange CowNancy Libbey Mills$20

17375And in the Beginning...Sheron Williams$15

13940And It RainedEllen Raskin$65

16576Andromedar SR1Ripkens, Martin; Stempel, Hans$75

14321Andy AntWinky, Pops$40

00985Angel Mouse Lost thingamajigRodney Peppé$10

18452Angel TreeRobin Muller$16

06857Angels in the DustMargot Theis Raven$10

18213Angels in the ForestSusan Duplan$18

17105Angus LostFlack, Marjorie$15

11706Animal CastleTanith Lee$20

19254Animal Fables From AesopDavid R. Godine Publishing$10

03502Animal Stories By Young Writers: From Stone Soup MagazineWilliam Rubel and Gerry Mandel$15

14897Anniranni and Mollymishi the Wild Haired DollC. Drew Lamm$10

13647Another Mouse to FeedRobert Kraus (Author)$20

06151Armer Esel AlfCora Annett$20

06062Arnold of the DucksMordicai Gerstein$18

05710Around the World With CasimirMarlene Reidel (Author), Rika Opper (Translator)$25

07698Arrest at the Soo (Another Just North Mystery)Michael Barnes$10

12187Asterix at the Olympic GamesGoscinny & Uderzo$15

10816Asterix schwätzt schwäbisch: Dr grosse Graba.Uderzo, Albert und R. Goscinny$25

09404ATTENTION LEONRichard Scarry$10

16969AtukMischa Damjan$15

12458Aunt Louisa's Book of Fairy Tales, With Numerous Illustrations.Laura Jewry Valentine$20

11956Aunt Nancy and Cousin LazybonesPhyllis Root$15

18732Autobus magique tisse toile d''araignéeJoanna Cole$10

12822Babar and That Rascal ArthurLaurent de Brunhoff$25

17811Babar and ZephirJean De Brunhoff$20

02512Babar Learns to CookBrunhoff, Laurent De$20

12538Babar's Cousin That Rascal ArthurLaurent de Brunhoff$10

18872Baby Crow John A Rowe$12

17363Baby GooseKate McMullan$15

17535Badjelly the WitchSpike Milligan$20

17594Bag Full of PupsDick Gackenbach$20

16254Baki and the magic egg/Baki et L'oeuf MagiqueNjacko Backo$15

18743Barney Bipples Magic DandelionsCarol Chapman$10

02581Barricades D'ArthurGinette Anfousse$10

12529Basil Brush and the WindmillsPeter Firmin$10

06156Bears at Work: A Book of Bearable JobsGage Taylor$10

08826Beautiful My Mane in the WindCatherine Petroski$10

12580Beginning of the ArmadillosRudyard Kipling$10

16397Belle au bois dormant livre cassetteGraham Percy$15

16663Belling the CatTom Paxton$30

08635Bet and BenWHIPPLE, Amy$15

18756Betsy's DreamElizabeth Woods$15

14449Better not get wet, jesse bearCarlstrom, Nancy White$15

06771Bicycle to TreacheryRobert Quackenbusch$20

15584Big Alfie And Annie RoseShirley Hughes$20

14111Big Cat DreamingAnne Spudvilas$10

14901Big Puddle Lane StorybookSheila McCullagh$15

13872Bill Badger and the Secret WeaponWatkins-Pitchford, D J (Aka "BB")$75

06865Billabong Bertie the Bunyip a Little Aussie Adventure BookJosephine Barrymore$25

16620Billibonk & the Thorn PatchPhilip Ramsey; Robin Runci Mazo; Madaleen Pulsifer$20

15889Binky the space catSpires, Ashley$20

16485Bird Song (The Little Stories of Manoosh & Baloosh)Snyder, Lavinia Branca$20

06076Black Snake and the Eggs - A Tale Told In Liberia

09359Blanches NuitsTeddy Jam$15

11726Blanches NuitsTeddy Jam$15

06486Blanches NuitsTeddy Jam$15

18755Blaze and the Forest FireAnderson, C.W.$10

06280Blue - Voyage to the skyCaleigh Minshall$25

15791Bobby Bear meets Cousin Boo & Bobby Bear at the CircusMarilue$10

02984Bokelia (Journeys Level Eight)Sharon Siamon$35

17387Bone DogEric Rohmann$15

16658Book of Wise Animals Eilis Dillon$15

11942Bowbo's shade-treeDorothy Morris$25

11608Brave With BenChristobel Mattingley$10

19301Breakfast on a Dragon's Tail: and other Book BitesMartin Springett$15

13299Bremen Town MusiciansJacob Grimm (Author), Wilhelm Grimm (Author)$20

14115Brown Bear Has a BirthdayEnid Blyton$10

05636Bruder LowenherzAstrid Lindgren$24

02546Budgie Goes to SeaH.R.H. The Duchess Of York$10

18024Budgie The Little HelicopterH.R.H. The Duchess Of York$15

16315Bufo, a toad =: Bufo, un crapaud : story and pictures (A Tundra book)Stevenson, Marla$20

17541Bunny's TaleGoldstein, Kathleen C.$15

03939Busy nightsGail Chislett$15

15643Caillou : Une journee a la fermeJoceline Sanschagrin$10

13504Calinette 3/8ansMichel Luppens$10

15399Call Me AhnighitoPam Conrad$15

15419Camels ALWAYS DOLynn Manuel$20

17808Canadian Fairy TalesMartin, Eva$15

00001Captain Orkle's TreasureMicocci, Harriet$22

16261Caramel et les pompiers Niv. 3Kate McMullan$15

18102CargoHarold Goodwin$15

18803CatlandLouis Wain$11

15356Catlands =: Pays des chatsFélix Vincent$20

19299Cat's Cradle, Owl's EyesCamilla Gryski$10

02961Cattle drive! - Book Three of the Grove Hill Gang SeriesJacqueline Ward$24

15274cédric, tome 5 : Quelle mouche le pique? (French Edition)Laudec; Cauvin, Raoul$10

10133Centurion Comes HomeShowell Styles$40

02602Charlie Meets the Goomby: the Land of UrdBailey, Paul$10

01538Charlottes WebE.B. White$10

10895Chattanooga Sludge: Cleaning Toxic Sludge from Chattanooga CreekMolly Bang$20

14110Chessie the Long Island SquirrelSachiko Komoto$10

02419Chessie the Long Island SquirrelSachiko Komoto$10

10841Chester's BarnLindee Climo$10

03047Chester's BarnLindee Climo$10

19005Child of Faerie, Child of EarthJane Yolen$10

13414Chin Yu Min and the Ginger CatJennifer Armstrong$15

14347Christmas BugJohnston, Vern$20

17066Christopher's Little AirplaneMark S. James$10

14864Cinnabar: The One O'Clock FoxHenry, Marguerite$20

15721City Scrapes (Douglas the Elephant and Albert Alligator)Thurman, Mark$22

05026CleopatreHodeir, André / Ungerer, Tomi$24

01975Clever PigsThwaites, Lyndsay$15

13298Clever Tom and the LeprechaunShute, Linda$45

05749CliptailGabrielle Roy$10

12581CloudyDeborah King$10

02644CloudyDeborah King$10

04190ClydeClimo, Lindee$15

13449CockatoucanE Nesbit$10

15713Columbus's catGraham Bardell$20

01907Columbus's catGraham Bardell$15

15441Comment je vais à l'écoleChantal Berghe Van Den$45

16552Contes pour Enfants SagesCollectif$15

15083CookPaul Manning$15

16921Counting on FrankRod Clement$15

15875Courage in the StormThomas H. Raddall$10

16247Cowboy DreamsDayal Kaur Khalsa$10

16776Cowboy on the SteppesSong Nan Zhang$10

17699Coyote School NewsJoan Sandin$15

17571Coyote Sings To The MoonThomas King$20

06524CupidBabette Cole$10

10684Curly, the Clever Pig (Meet the Pets series)Unknown$10

15073Cyril and the Dinner PartyMichael Palin$15

14447Cyril the SeagullPatricia Lines$10

01609Daisy and the EggSimmons, Jane$10

06823Dan Dragon and the King (series: A Language Patterns Book)Frances Bower$10

07933Darling, Pass the DarjeelingPauline Lawson$15

14380Das hässliche EntleinAndersen, Hans Christian$25

05987Das WaldhausBrüder Grimm$20

03092Davy's dreamPaul Owen Lewis$10

16962Dawn Molly Bang$15

17226Debbie Mumm's Mummford's Adventures: Home for the HolidaysDebbie Mumm$15

05645Dennis the DragonJoan Raeside$15

18379Desert Night Shift: A Pack Rat StoryConrad J Storad$15

17118Devin and GoliathMary Blount Christian$15

15401Die Abenteuer der Spinne SeraphinaEvamaria Kuhn$95

16922Die BärenhöhleSchindler, Regine$45

16679Die BienenköniginGrimm, Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm:$15

16698Die drei Männlein im WaldeGrimms Marchen$20

03051Dikou: the Littletroon Who Walks at NightElizbieta$15

12034Dilbert and the DodoKate Robertson$25

18030Dockyard Cats : It's a Story About TimeDon Trousdell$25

01558Dogs and DangerJudith Bauer Stamper$10

02746Dolly DodoWiseman, Bernard$10

05713Doodle the PoodleSherrill Ackland$20

11940Doors in the AirWeale, David$10

18980Doors in the AirDavid Weale$10

18742Doors in the AirDavid Weale$12

16425Dora's Eggs Julie Sykes$10

14866Dorrie and the Dreamyard MonstersPatricia Coombs$20

14249Dou IlvienBertrand Gauthier$30

05646Douglas the Elephant The Birthday PartyMark Thurman$10

12449Dragon Tales (6 different dragon stories)Houghton Mifflin$15

15747Drummer Crispin.ROSE, Ronald.$20

17762Duke the Dairy Delight DogLisa Campbell Ernst$14

10694Duke, the Lost Engine (#25 in Railway Series)W. Awdry$10

05655Dylan's LullabyJo Ellen Bogart$10

17570Earl the SquirrelDon Freeman$12

15128Easter ParadeEloise Greenfield$10

03253Edgar PotatoDon Oickle$10

09923Edle Freundschaft. Erzählung für die Jugend.Nonnen, Emiln.$20

10180Edmund The Terrible RaccoonChristiane Duchesne$15

14213Edward and the PiratesMcPhail, David M$10

16309Eek Gob LopeEve Feldman$25

02217Effie (in French)Bev Allinson$10

05637Eine Stadt Voller BäumeKlaus Kordon$15

13943El Muchacho en la Gaveta (Spanish Edition)Robert N. Munsch$10

17041Elephant Gerald and the New ShoesTaylor, Geoff W.$15

17378Ella Sets SailCarmela D'Amico, Steven D'Amico$10

18031Else Marie and Her Seven Little DaddiesLindenbaum, Pija$10

14886Emilie se baigneDomitille De Pressense$20

12974Emma's Sea JourneyPatricia Quinlan$10

02600Enchanted ForestJohn C. Atkinson$22

13636Enchanted ForestJohn C. Atkinson$20

17392Enchanted ForestJohn C. Atkinson$20

10683Ernest and Celestine at the CircusGabrielle Vincent$25

14312ÉtoifilanGauthier, Bertrand$20

18440Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks LikeJay Williams$45

13416Fabian the fish-boyHeld, Jacqueline$20

17810Fair's FairLeon Garfield$20

18089Fairy Tales of the Brothers GrimmGrimm, Wilhelm$35

05640Faja, König von WildlandBoge-Erli, Nortrud$15

03106Fanella and the Forest Folk - Book IEileen Sykes$18

10038Farm Boy's YearDavid McPhail$10

05693Farmer Joe's Hot DayNancy Wilcox Richards$10

04693Farmer Palmer's Wagon RideSteig, William$30

16373Father and daughter talesJosephine Evetts-Secker$15

03002Feet and Other StoriesMark Jan$20

14989Fever DreamRay Bradbury$10

14890Fiddler The Value of SharingStephen Cosgrove$10

18482Fiddler: From the Land of Barely ThereStephen Cosgrove$15

01906Fiddler; From the Land of Barely ThereCosgrove, Stephen$10

18810Fieldmouse Goes to WarEdward Kennard, Albert Yava$15

02259Find a Way BackMcinnes, John$10

12072Floating Clouds, Floating Dreams: Favorite Asian Folktales.I K Junne$15

04429Floramel and EstebanEmilie Buchwald$15

14654Florence and Eric Take the CakeJocelyn Wild$10

03255FlossLewis, Kim$10

15085Fly away PeterFrankie Dickens$20

05807Flyaway PantaloonsSue Scullard$15

17754Flying JakeLane Smith$15

14316Fool Of the World & Flying ShipArthur Ransome$15

12462For the BirdsAtwood, Margaret$15

11559Fox SongJoseph Bruchac$20

18374Fox SongJoseph Bruchac$22

04827Foxy GrandpaYoung, Chip$15

08568Friends in the WardrobeP Cartwright$20

14153Frog in loveMax Velthuijs$15

14902FrogsAndrea Wayne-Von Konigslow$20

18291Fun and Games With PaddingtonMichael Bond$22

00664Gaetano the PheasantRocca$20

17388GangelhoffBrian Murphy$10

05747Gaston, Tome 11André Franquin$15

18387George Mouse Learns to FlyHeather Buchanan Heather Buchanan$10

18386George Mouse's First SummerHeather S. Buchanan$10

15720GeorgieRobert Bright$20

16541Ghost CatcherDennis Haseley$20

18018Ghost in the CastleSigrid Heuck$10

18504Ghost Of Skinny Jack Astrid Lindgren$10

18750Ghost TrainPaul Yee$20

03216Giant TalesDenan, Corinne$15

18020Giant: Or, Waiting for the Thursday BoatRobert Munsch$22

18021Giant: Or, Waiting for the Thursday BoatRobert Munsch$22

13116GiftsJo Ellen Bogart$10

17288Gilbert the GreatJane Clarke$10

14448Gilles TiboJean-Pierre Guillet$20

13774Girl The Fish And The CrownMarilee Heyer$20

00972Git Along, Old ScudderStephen Gammell$10

05189Giving: Ojibwa stories and legends from the children of Curve LakeGeorgia Elston (Editor)$10

06326Glooscap LegendsStanley T. Spicer$10

17976Glory BoyGoodden, Ted$20

13870Goblins in GreenNicholas Heller$10

17600Golden Books Treasury of Elves and FairiesJane Werner Watson$55

16487Gordon Loggins and the Three BearsLinda Bailey$15
02759Granny's Wonderful ChairBrowne, Frances$20

02751Great ExpectationsCharles Dickens; Richard Widdows (Adapted By)$10

14640Gretchen's WorldAlice Hoffer$20

18016Grimms' Fairy TalesVarecha, Tran$25

13127Grouchy Uncle OttoAlice Bach$10

18738Growing Up: Seven Great StoriesBeulah Homan$45

14201Gruesome and BloodsocksHoliday, Jane$15

13047Gruesome and BloodsocksHoliday, Jane$15

15090Guffy : The Bear Who Ran Away From the CircusMarcus Donnely$10

18764Guleesh and the King of France's Daughter: A Magic Lantern Fairy TaleNeil Philip$10

18507Gulliver's TravelsJonathan Swift$25

03771Gulp!, Baby VampireLucie Papineau$10

11831Gumnut Factory Folk Tales :The First Gumnut FamilyChris Trump (Created & Illustrated By)$10

14258Hairy Maclary's ShowbusinessLynley Dodd$10

17696Happy Birthday, Dear DuckEve Bunting$10

14479Happy Birthday, Jesse BearNancy White Carlstrom$10

12460Harold & HaroldBudge Wilson$10

15880Harry and the Terrible WhatzitGackenbach, Dick$10

01871Harry's Baggy JumperShona Keith$20

18205Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas PresentJohn Burningham$15

14117Hector Protector and As I Went over the Water: Two Nursery Rhymes With PicturesMaurice Sendak$15

17748Hello BarneyPershall, Mary K$20

14114Henrietta GoosePizer, Abigail$15

15084Henry's MoonMoss, Geoffrey$10

16831Herbert: Blotchy Great SnapperRoz Wolseley-Charles$15

01869Herbertia the VileYvonne Winer$20

14635Here Come the TuckersMendel, Jo$10

09830High-Speed BootsE. Reberg$20

17358Hob and the PeddlerWilliam Mayne$10

17756Hobo HolidayBarbara Davoll$10

01879Hohore The Magic BowlMichael Ofori-Mankata$10

01713Home Before MidnightBobby Lewis$15

17755HootJane Hissey$10

16777Hoots & Toots & Hairy Brutes: The Continuing Adventures of SquibLarry Shles$10

02648Hop-O'-My Thumb and Other StoriesHayes, Barbara-Adapted By$15

14137Horns EverywhereSchmid, Eleonore$15

02973How Big Is a Foot?Rolf Myller$10

07823How Ivan Went to See the Sun: Ukrainian Folk TalesAnatole Bilenko$15

14906How the Cat Swallowed ThunderLloyd Alexander$15

16517How the Kookaburra got his laughAviva Layton$15

14647How the Moon Got Her JobMartha L. Lambert$15

12584How The Painted Trilliums Got Their NameBen-David, Ariel$22

13500How trouble made the monkey eat pepper (Folktale series)Rita Cox$15

08699Hubert Hunts His HumSue Lock$15

02510Humphrey, the Dancing PigGetz, Arthur$20

09278HUNDREDTH DOVEJane Yolen$12

16780Hurray for the Dorchester!Anne Fotheringham$10


17639I Feel Orange TodayPatricia Godwin$10

14985If I Had a CamelArcher, Colleen Rutherford$15

04307If I had a dogBernice Lum$10

09823If You Love a BearPiers Harper$15

14827If You're Not from the PrairieDavid Bouchard$14

19007If You're Not from the PrairieDavid Bouchard$10

16276I'll See You in My DreamsMavis Jukes$10

05291I'm only afraid of the dark (at night!!!)Patti Stern$20

02943In Jeopardy: An AnthologyFord, Theresa$15

02287In My Own Backyard (Mud Pie Books)Guy Gilchrist$10

17096In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the WorldVirginia Hamilton$18

13950In the Great MeadowSkid Crease$10

14899In the Great MeadowCrease, Skid$10

18214Incredible Book Eating Boy Oliver Jeffers$15

08571Iron LionPeter Dickinson$25

13069Isle of the Sea HorseHesba Fay Brinsmead$20

18753It Doesnt Matter SuitSylvia Plath$10

16428Italian PeepshowEleanor Farjeon$20

02960Jake's lunch - Book Two of the Grove Hill Gang SeriesJacqueline Ward$24

16788Jalygurr: Aussia Animal RhymesPat Torres$20

17978James The Red Engine MIniature editionAwdry, Rev$10

06999Janet Carr, JournalistJosephine Kamm$25

18344Jared's IslandAngeli, Marguerite De$20

18103Jason and the BardKate Gilmore$15

13056Jérémie "Peur de rien"CHAPOUTON Anne-Marie$15

16778Jillian JiggsPhoebe Gilman$10

17813Jimmys Boa Bounces BackTrinka Hakes Noble$15

15556Joe Bar Team (Bar2)DeBarre C$20

12141Joel, Jesper and JuliaAke Eriksson$10

04254Johnny Bear, Lobo and Other StoriesErnest Thompson Seton$22

04587Jolies histoires au pays des lutinsAline de Pétigny$20

08577Jonathan 4: De wieg van BodhisattvaCosey$20

18385Joseph's BoatCaroline MacDonald$10

16361Jump on Over!: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit and His FamilyHarris, Joel Chandler$15

03250Just in PassingSusan Bonners$15

15088Kaarina and the Sugar Bag VestMilnes, Irma M.$20

06877Keelboat Annie: An African-American LegendJanet P. Johnson$10

13013Kekey Koala and the Bush OlympicsTrixie Whitmore$20

18763Kenji and the CricketAdele Wiseman$10

06072Kijk mij nouIngrid & Dieter Schubert$25

18892King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableEmma Gelders-Sterne, Barbara Lindsay$35

18203King GluttonJindra Capek$25

13921King Ottokar's Sceptre (Adventures of Tintin)HERGÉ$15

18079King Otto's ApprenticeRayner Sussex$15
01728Kingsley's Water BabiesStickney J.H. (Editor)$45

05711KitottiPaula Maud (Author), Madelaine van Biljon (Translator)$25

18121Kleiner Eisbar Nimm Mich Mit GrHans de Beer$20

18123Kleiner Eisbar, Hilf Mit FliegenHans De Beer$20

18122Kleiner Eisbar, Komm Bald Wieder!Hans de Beer$20

05639Komm wieder, PepinoEveline Hasler$15

07932La ballade de Monsieur BedonHoude, Pierre$10

03557La Dispute De Poulou Et SebastienRene Escudie/Ulises Wensell$24

15444La petite souris, la belle fraise rouge et le gros ours affaméAudrey Wood$25

14384La Princesse SouillonRobin Muller$25

17003La Pyramide aux 100 malédictionsBizien$15

14241La voie bleueRené Caya$20

03266Laddie's WayCowen, Frances$20

13117Lady MuckWilliam Mayne$10

16542Lantern Keepers Bedtime BookGeoffrey Hayes$20

10811L'Arbre Au Grand CoeurShel Silverstein$20

00887Lazy JackTony Ross$10

06482Le Chandail d'AmosLunn, Janet - Texte Francais De Christine Duchesne$20

14315Le Chien d'Or Piette, Suzanne$20

03670Le Cirque De BenjaminJane Johnson$20

15557Le Dernier Loup D'Oz. Prologue: La Rumeur Des Eaux (French Edition) (2004) Lidwine$20

14387Le dragon maladroit: une histoireJanice Elliot$20

06161Le Fil magique

17451Le Lit a GrimacesLouise Tondreau Levert and Doris Barrette$10

12533Le magicien des couleursMuff Singer$20

07929Le marin pecheur et le goeland - 2nd Editiond'Yvon le Roy$20

13539Le Mystère de la bague introuvable (Mystères et boules de gomme)Robyn Supraner$20

05959Le mystère de la femme-corbeauJames Josephine$15

12170Le Nom De L'AbreCelia Barker Lottridge$22

06329Le Nom De L'AbreCelia Barker Lottridge$10

15448Le petit frère de ValentineFran Manushkin, Lucy Bate$20

04934Le Plus Beau ChateauHarriet Ziefert$10

14907Le voyage d AbélardCASSIERS Bruno$20

12582Le ZloukchDominique Demers$15

14895Leanna Builds a Genie TrapHazel Hutchins$10

09508Legendes D'AutrefoisClaire Laury (adapted by)$25

14975Leprechaun TalesCarroll, Yvonne$15

16486Les 12 Travaux D'AsterixGoscinny, Rene$15

15558Les 12 Travaux D'AsterixGoscinny, Rene$15

13211Les Animaux au travailJohn Patience$20

13212Les animaux aventureuxJohn Patience$20

05170Les aventures de Guillaume Tell Le mercenaire-conseil du RoyWuillemin$15

07047Les Casseurs - Hauts et bas a San FranciscoChristian Denayer, Andre-Paul Duchateau$25

16554Les contes de Passe-Partout - Au pays de bombanceMarielle Richer$15

02593Les Dents De La PouleRaymond Plante, Pierre Pratt$10

13505Les habits neufs de l'empereurVallière, Nathalie$20

13058Les Musiciens de la Ville de BremeGross, Ruth Belov$20

13225Les mystères d'Osiris. 1. L'arbre de vieJacq, Christian$15

14221Les saisons de la mermonique corriveau$15

04432Les Souliers Uses Par La DanseGrimm$30

05863Les Vacances de NoelChristine L'Heureux$10

16396L'Homme De Pain D'épice. (Livre + Disque Compact)Percy, Graham (illustré par)$15

18912Library LionMichelle Knudsen$10

16548Lionel St. Clair, or, Under the banian treeLouisa Anne Moncreiff$115

07102Listen BuddyHelen Lester$10

18073Listen to the Storyteller: A Trio of Tales from Around the WorldBalouch, Kristin$15

01915Little Blue BenGilman, Phoebe$15

02596Little Gnome FactsRuth Eisenstein (Editor)$25

13514Little Grey Rabbit's ChristmasAlison Uttley$10

13307Little Grey Rabbit's PartyAlison Uttley$10

06525Little Miss SplendidRoger Hargreaves$12

18983Little Mouse's Trail TaleJoann Vandine$10

10695Little Old Engine (#14 in Railway Series)W. Awdry$10

13868Little PenguinChris Mcewan$15

04820Little Prince and the Great Dragon ChasePeter Kavanagh$10

05299Little Red CapThe Brothers Grimm$10

01768Little Red Engine Goes CarollingDiana Denney (Author), Diana Ross$10

10198Little Wooden FarmerAlice Dalgliesh (Author), Anita Lobel (Contributor)$15

14017Littlest ReindeerJohanna Dewitt$10

14308Live Bale of Hay: A Real Maine AdventureCarol Shorey Dean$15


19083Looking for AngelsGregory, Valiska$10

17043Lost Music,TheKathryn Meyrick$10

17362Lost Race of MarsRobert Silverberg$15

15559Lunik et MiraMuller,Robin$15

13538Ma nouvelle écoleKirsten Hall$10

15314Machine At The Heart Of The WorldJenny Wagner$15

19294Maddie's MoonWendy Moore$28

14120Maggee and Lake MinderRichard Thompson$15

18985Maggie Muggins in the MeadowGrannan, Mary$20

15941Magic and Mystery: Collier's Junior Classics Volume 9Various$15

17768Magic WaterAlison Uttley$15

03830Maid of the WoodFiona French$10

11026Maila and the flying carpetAlain Trez$20

17647Make Hay While The Sun ShinesAlison Abel$15
03005Manos Kelly - La Montagne D'OrHERNÁNDEZ PALACIOS, Antonio$25

19051Mark Twain and the RiverNorth, Sterling$20

17377MarshmallowClare Turlay Newberry$10

17601Martin Meeker and Pauline LagrandeElse Breen$15

15086Martin's Christmas (Gazelle Bks.)Pamela Rogers$10

18765Mashed potato mountainLaurel Dee Gugler$10

18202Master Snickup's CloakAlexander Theroux$15

17443Matthew Leads the Animal ParadePeter Wendling$30

05501Matthew's MeadowCorinne Demas Bliss$15

18375Maubys Quest For The Magic FlowerPeter Laurie$20

03006Maurice Breathes Again (#5 The Adventures of Maurice Mini Minor)Geoffrey Baker$10

02511MaxRachel Isadora$15

13977MaximusStrandquest, Dominique Michele$20

08569Mde de Toucainville's Magnificent HatSue Bland$10

02513Meet Babar and His FamilyLaurent De Brunhoff$10

13394Meet Babar and His FamilyLaurent De Brunhoff$12

15089Megan A Welsh CorgiMargaret S Johnson$45

13644Mein bunter Märchenschatz : beliebte Märchen.Grimm, Jacob$20


14119Melissa MouseMaria Claret$10

09503Merlin's CastleLaszlo Gal$10

02894Message From the MoonLester, Alison; Waber, Bernard; Nichol, Bp; Harris, Dorothy$10

18027Miaow Miaow Bow WowSimon, Francesca$30

01547Midnight lantern (A Sprint library book)Sunshine, Madeline$10

13827Mike's HouseSauer, Julia$20

13942Millions of CatsWanda Gag$10

15762Ming Lo Moves the MountainArnold Lobel$10

17005Miss Fishley AfloatTed Staunton$10

09492Mister SquintJenny Partridge$10

04319Mog in the DarkJudith Kerr$10

13951Mole Moves HouseBuchanan, Elizabeth$10

14898Mollie Whuppie and the GiantRobin Muller$10

15310Mollie Whuppie And The GiantMuller Robin$30

12975Molly and Mr. MaloneyAllen Morgan$10

16784Molly, McCullough and Tom the RogueKathleen Stevens$15

13208Mon Petit Lutin S'endortGrand-Père Cailloux$20

18378MonkieDieter Schubert$10

18204Mood Pocket Mud BucketD Turney-Zagwyn$15

07927Moon-EyesJean Chapman (Author), Astra Lacis$10

01726More About Charles and Other StoriesAinsworth, Ruth.$20

17751More Granny Porage StoriesJean Marshall$10

00488Morgan and the MoneyTed Staunton, Bill Slavin$10

19293Mouse Book: The ValentineMonique Felix$10

16779Mouse Guard: Belly of the Beast (Mouse Guard, Issue 1)Petersen, David$15

00337Mouse Woman and Mischief MakerChristie Harris$15

13869Mouse's first HalloweenLauren Thompson$10

17491Mr Gumpy's Motor CarJohn Burningham$15

15927Mr Kneebones New DigsIan Wallace$10

07514Mr. John Bertrand Nijinsky and CharlieBudge Wilson$12

03238Mr. Magee Came Home for His TeaRedhead, Janet Slater$10

18470Mr. UnderbedChris Riddell$10

17809Mr. Zinger's HatCary Fagan$10

10968Mrs. Marlowe's MiceFrank Asch$15

16358Mrs. Mochyn A'r Sos CochRayner, Mary$15

14988Mrs. Pepperpot Minds the BabyAlf Proysen$10

09500Mrs. Twitter the Animal Sitter (Nelson Venture Books)Donna Pape$15

15245Mud Pies and Other Recipes: A Cookbook for DollsWinslow, Marjorie$10

17765Muffin Pigdoom and the KeeperPaul Warren$10

15878Muffin Pigdoom and the Keeper: Tales from the Three CountriesPaul Warren$15

10812Mumfie's Magic BoxKatharine Tozer$25

09566Mum's placeReginald Leslie Ottley$15

15763Murphy, Molly, Max, and MeAlbert Cullum$10

13165Murphy, Molly, Max, and MeAlbert Cullum$20

17277Musician from the DarknessClaude Clement$15

13941My King Has Donkey EarsFrances Harber$10

14992My Uncle Max / Mon Oncle MarcCasson, Les$10

00816Mysteries For Felicio : Little Wolf BooksMirielle Villeneuve, Anne Villeneuve$10

14334Mystery of the Lost AnchorMichael Murray$15

15127Mystery storiesHiggins, James$15

05656Nathan and Nicholas AlexanderLulu Delacre$10

16122Nattie WitchRuth Rosner$15

14458Nattie WitchRuth Rosner$15

13891Ned Mouse breaks awayTim Wynne-Jones$10

17307Nicole's BoatAllen Morgan$15

11949Nivek & Nala from SirchMarj Trim$15

13121No Bananas For This GiraffeLucie Papineau$12

00883No Need for Alarm.McKissack, Patricia And Fredrick$15

17044Noah and the Space ArkCecil, Laura$10

12145Nobody Likes MeWeldon, Fay$10

03529Noddy at the Seaside (Noddy Book 7)Blyton, Enid$10

14979Noddy Loses SixpenceEnid Blyton$10



02637Norman Plays BasketballGault, Frank, and Gault, Clare$10

16781Nouvel habit du directeur LeCalmenson$25

03048November Rabbit TalesNewton-White, Muriel E.$15

16419Nunny Bag 3 Stories for Boys and Girls from Six to Nine Years OldNunny Bag$20

16980Ogres! Ogres! Ogres!: A Feasting Frenzy from A to ZNicholas Heller$15

16253On Partage Tout!Munsch, Robert; Duchesne, Christiane$10

12438On the TrackJules Verne$20

13573Once upon a DinkelsbUhlPatricia Lee. Gauch$15

14891Once Upon A Time In A PigpenMargaret W Brown$15

14648Once upon a Time...Celebrating the Magic of Children's Books in Honor of the Twentieth Anniversary of Reading Is FundamentalChambers, Aidan$10

03222One Day There Was Nothing To DoJill Creighton$10

17278One Small Place in a TreeBarbara Brenner$15

15945One Special TreeKassian, Olena$20

04048Only one toySmadar Samson$15

03049Orknon Was My FriendMichael C. Adkins$20

16659Our King Has Horns!Richard Pevear$15

18022Out of the everywhere: Tales for a new worldJ Andrews (Author)$22

13984Outside Over ThereMaurice Sendak$10

13512Outside the door John McInnes Add Cover Image Outside the doorJohn McInnes, senior author ; John Ryckman$20

14978Paddingtons Magical ChristmasMichael Bond$10

04259PaddymelonNone given$10

13633Pali-Pali, the Bird, and the MaskNsang O'Khan Kabwasa$15

17599Parents In The Pigpen Pigs In The TubAmy Ehrlich$15

17747Patrick Packrat and His Very Old HouseMartha Sgaffer Campbell$55

14863Patrick WynneLe Guin, Ursula K$10

17045Patti on the planet PlutoJames Savage$20

10284PEACH AND BLUESarah Kilborne$15

16511Peikko the Foolish OgreKaarina Brooks$10

17805Penguin PostDebi Gliori$20

13632Penguin SmallMick Inkpen$15

04484Penny Pollard's PassportRobin Klein$15

12572Pepe Was the Saddest BirdWilliam Stone$10

14309Percy's Friend the Badger (Percy the Park Keeper)Nick Butterworth$15
05705Perfect, the PigSusan Jeschke$20

17916Peter And The RabbitsKubler, Arthur$20

09852Peter on the RoadWilliams, Ursula Moray$25

18017Peter's PixieDonn Kushner$10

15072Peters SongCarol P. Saul$15

06273Petrosinella: a Neopolitan RapunzelGiambatista Basile$10

17067Petunia's ChristmasRoger Duvoisin$45

16297Pickles and the Dog NappersHuigin, Sean O.$10

18937Pickles, Street Dog of WindsorO'Huigin, Sean$12

17284PiesWilma Riley$15

14502Pigs : A Troughful of TreasuresBowman, Sarah$20

09507Pigs and HoneyAdams, Jeanie$15

10282Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the RudLynn Plourde$10

18814Pigs Might FlyLiz Underhill$10

18932PilgrimRonald Fuller$35

15442Pippin the Christmas PigJean Little$10

12583Planting SeedsPatricia Quinlan$10

08894Pony TracksSprigge, Elizabeth$20

14382Pony, Bar und Apfelbaum: Ein Bilderbuch (German Edition)Sigrid Heuck$20

18505Porcelain Pepper PotAlain Vaes$15

17700Possum One. The Outback RocketshipVallely, Dan$15

15876Potter Come Fly To The First Of The EarthWangerin, Walter Jr$15

16314Pouf : A Moth-une Mite (Mini Books for Mini Hands)Angeles, Peter$15

05388Professor Bluster's Magic ShowWayne Carley$22

06660Professot Bluster's Magic ShowWayne Carley$25


14385P'tite tête!Marni McGee$10

18747PuddleduckNancy Hundal$10

14444Quel Beau TetitDuchesne, Christiane$15

15420R E MIstvan Banyai$50

16515Rabbit BlueMarie-Louise Gay$15

06064Rabbit Finds a WayJudy Delton$10

13522RachidTahar Ben Jelloun, Edmund Baudoin$25

15068RainbowRoxana Willard Kaufmann$30

10681Rainbow WingsJoanne Ryder$10

19006Rainbow WingsJoanne Ryder$15

17766RatsmagicChristopher Logue$32

13971RED FOX - The Story of His Adventurous Career in the Ringwaak Wilds and of His Final Triumph Over His EnemiesCharles G. D. Roberts$15

05975Red Indian Folk and Fairy TalesRuth Manning-Sanders$15

17370Rembrandt Takes a WalkMark Strand$20

12527Rescue at Sea!Wolfram Hanel$10

05219Reveille-moi au printempsJames Preller$10

06164Ripe BananasJoan A. Hunter$15

17386RiptideFrances Ward Weller$10

14980Roberval Kid Le Voleur de VoixSimard Remy$10

02949Robin HoodEugene Pawczuk$10

17769Rock-A-Bye RhymesCharles Folkard$15

18383RockanimalsVlasta Van Kempen$10

02805Rodeo PupRotenberg, Lisa$10

03053Roger's UmbrellaDaniel Pinkwater$15

13304Rooftop MysteryJoan M. Lexau$15

04324Rosetto and the JugglersJeanette B. Flot$20

17750Rosie and ButtercupChieri Uegaki$15

14653Round the MountainJohn McInnes$15

13415Round TripAnn Jonas$20

09456Rufus round and roundStockum, Hilda Van$25

13302Runaway StallionWalt Morey$15

09254Rupert And The ScavagesJennifer Chandler$15

18376Sailing To The SeaMary Helldorfer$15

17641Sailor BearMartin Waddell$20

04248Sam and the TigerAllen Morgan$10

02975Sammy StreetsingerKeeping, Charles$11

14314Sans Fin La feteEtienne Delessert$20

10975Sans Fin La feteEtienne Delessert$20

17753Sarah And The People Of Sand River W D Valgardson$15

18380Saturday in ParadiseHelme Heine$20

13305Sauce for the FoxBrian Morse$15

03843Say It Again Granny!: Twenty Poems from Caribbean ProverbsJohn Agard$20

15555SCANDALE AU MUSEE -UNAnna Nilsen$25

13580Scared SarahMary Alice Downie$15

13894SchooledGordon Korman$20

10041Score One for the SlothsHelen Lester$10

09353Scornful SimkinLorenz, Lee$20

13507Sebastian is Always LateAnne-Marie Chapouton$20

16071Selina, the Mouse and the Giant CatSusi Bohdal (Author), L. Meredith (Translator)$20

16491Serious FarmTim Egan$35

16492Serrez sardines !Elsa Devernois$20

14649Seven Years and a DayColette O'Hare$30

15924Share the SkyTing-xing Ye$10

13209Si Les Chats Et Le Chiens Etaient Des DinosauresColin McNaughton$30

17281Silver MorningSusan Pearson$15

13406SilverwingKenneth Oppel$20


14894Simon and His BoxesTibo, Gilles$15

17380Simon and the Snowflakes Gilles Tibo$10

18097Simon in the moonlightGilles Tibo$22

18838Simon welcomes springGilles Tibo$10

12982Simply RidiculousVirginia Davis$10

15417Sir Cedric Rides AgainGerrard, Roy$18

03230Six Foolish FishermenBenjamin Elkin$12

17764Skip to My LouNadine Bernard Westcott$10

09280Skippyjon JonesJudith Schachner$10

07726Sleepy BearsMem Fox$22

16545Sleepyhead DormiloncitoKarma Wilson$15

00934SlithersSyd Hoff$36

13834Small World Of Binky BravermanRosemary Wells$15

00884Smiles for SmilesRoberta Larson Duyff$25

17360Snap!Vaughan, Marcia$10

13295Snow White And Red RoseJacob Grimm$20


05601Snowshoe Rabbit and Wild Rose LegendsNancy Cleaver, Rosemary Knight$12

17029Sody SalleratusAubrey Davis$20

17758Something Queer at the Scary MovieElizabeth Levy$25

04440Song of the SwallowsLeo Politi$10

17224Sprookjes Van De EftelingByl, Martine & Pieck, Anton$25

01888Squirrel Goes Skating (Colour Cubs S. )Alison Uttley$10

16974Stand Tall, Molly Lou MelonPatty Lovell$20

14884Stanley: The Tale of the LizardMeteyard, Peter$20

01557Star JewelKimberly, Gail$10

17893Star of the Cheechikois: A Canadian flag fantasyA. H Hall$20

13482Stella Star of the SeaMarie-Louise Gay$15

12189Stella, Queen of the SnowMarie-Louise Gay$10


09493Stories for Free ChildrenLetty Cottin Pogrebin (Editor)$10

05702Stories from Our HouseRichard Tulloch$10

06512Stories, Songs, and Poems from The Peaceable KingdomDavid Hazard$10



13582Stormy Night on the FrontierLiu Wei-jen$15

17635Story Of The Three KingdomsWalter Dean Myers$20

01555Strange FriendsDavid mcMullen$12

06828Sudbury Time TwistWence Horai$15

10705Summer at Forty-Five AcresWildsmith, Alan$15

09738Summer Has GoneJames Dillon White$15

15139Summer in Ville-MarieDaveluy, Paule$10

11941Super EllaDavid Bedford$20

01559Super SusanMegan Stine and H. William Stine$10

14936Tales for an Unknown City: Stories from One Thousand and One Friday Nights of StorytellingYashinsky, Dan$15

13829Tales from Fern Hollow; Sigmund's Birthday surpriseJohn Patience$15

13303Tales of GlissenJenny Panda$15

13668Tales of Myrtle the TurtleRobertson, Keith$15

14638Tales of Princes and Princesses. Sleeping Beauty. The Princess Who Met the North Wind. Can You Keep a Secret? Princess & Pea.Cavendish, Marshall$20

00858Tall Phil and Small BillPatricia C. McKissack; illustrated by Kathy Miter$20

17767Tam Lin: An Old BalladJane Yolen$15

18078Tattie's River JourneyShirley Rousseau Murphy$22

14650Tchaikovsky Discovers AmericaKalman, Esther$10

14581Teddy Bear Stories - Large PrintMaureen Spurgeon$15

10158Teddy's ShipA. B. Romney$20

16390Teeny Tiny Tingly TalesNancy Van Laan$15

11960Tempted; or, The Old Lady's PrizeHarriette E. Burch$40

17749Ten Small TalesLottridge, Celia Barker$15

03722Terrible Things Could HappenNed Delaney$15

03003Terror at Snake Hill : The Fenian Raid at RidgewayPlato, Earl N.$15

16020Têtard mystérieuxSteven Kellogg$15

12830Thats The Spirit ClaudeJoan Nixon$15

01588The 13 ClocksJames Thurber; Illustrated By Marc Simont$15

02601The Aardvark Who Wasn't SureJill Tomlinson$10

16514The Adventure of Danny Meadow MouseBurgess, Thronton W.$15

18015The Adventures Of BirbalSHALINI GHOSH$45

13012The Adventures Of Koogee Koala And The Magic Gum TreeHermes Margaret; Watson Patrick$15

13284The Adventures of Little Nettie WindshipCheryl Ladd, Brian Russell$10

14984The Adventures of Ol' Mistah BuzzardBurgess, Thorton W.$20

14983The Adventures of Old Mr. ToadBurgess Thorton W.$10


03677The Adventures of Susan and Scott in the Wonderful Land of PiddledeepooWilliam J. Young$15
03676The Adventures of Susan and Scott in the Wonderful Land of PiddledeepooWilliam J. Young$15
16264The Adventures of Susan and Scott in the Wonderful Land of PiddledeepooWilliam J. Young$15

03688The Adventures of Susan and Scott in the Wonderful Land of PiddledeepooWilliam J. Young$15
07555The Adventures of Susan and Scott in the Wonderful Land of PiddledeepooWilliam J. Young$15

17759The Babe Ruth Ballet SchoolTim Shortt$12

01881The Baby Bird and the Leaf, and. Mogi and the First Fire, Storytime Gift BooksCarruth, Jane$20

16420The Balloon TreePhoebe Gilman$20

11378The Balloon Tree - 20th Anniversary E|ditionPhoebe Gilman$10

14320The Balloon Tree - 20th Anniversary E|ditionPhoebe Gilman$10

16296The Beauty Who Would Not SpinFasick, Adele Mongan$10

12153The Big Alfie and Annie Rose Story BookShirley Hughes$15

13285The Birthday DoorEve Merriam$15

13290The Black HorseMarianna Mayer$20

17631The Black HorseMayer, Marianna$10

15722The Book of Simple Songs and Circles Wonderful Songs and Rhymes Passed down from Generation to Generation for Infants and ToddlersFeierabend, John M.$10

11783The boughwolfen and other storiesAl Pittman$15

07007The Boy with the Bronze AxeKathleen Fidler$20

12446The Bremen Town MusiciansDavid Johnson$20

16972The Cactus Flower BakeryHarry Allard$15

14757The Calabash Child African Folk-TalesPitcher, Diana$15

03235The Case of the Seaside BurglariesGeorge Swede$10

01490The Cat Who Went to HeavenElizabeth Coatsworth. Illustrated By Lynd Ward$20

15312The Cats of Grand CentralLaura Archibald$15

06576The Caves of KlydorDouglas Hill$12

16872The Cedar Glen SecretMaitland, Sandra Margaret$15

07110The Children of Vision-PeaceArupa L. Tesolin$30

14990The Children's StoryJames Clavell, Crisman, Michaela Clavell$10

16418The Christmas BearNathaele Vogel$10

15944The Christmas OrangeGillmor, Don$10

18752The Christmas wolf The Christmas wolf Paperback – 1983 The Christmas wolfClaude Aubry$20

15355The Church Cat AbroadGraham Oakley$30

13933The Church Mice and the RingGraham Oakley$35

14689The Church Mice at ChristmasOakley, Graham$20

12632The Church Mice at ChristmasGraham Oakley$20

13649The Clay LadiesMichael Bedard$20

18910The Cricket In The CageChalmers, Patrick R.$35

13501The daughter of the sun = La hija del solIsmael Mascayano$15

17630The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two GoldfishNeil Gaiman$20

13481The Day It All Blew AwayLisa Cinar$10

16574The devil's diamondCarroll Atwater Bishop$10

10191The Devil's DiamondBishop, Carroll Atwater$40

17885The Devil's DiamondCarroll Atwater Bishop$55

11022The Diamond RockGeoffrey Bennett$20

08018The Dolls House Secret - Based on the idea of Yootha Rose Story by Peggy ByfordPeggy Byford Peggy Byford$25

19082The Dragon's PearlJulie Lawson$15

18381The DreamRae Harris, Beryl Harp$20

06160The Dream BookMargaret Wise Brown$10

02028The Dumb ThumbCharles Wilkinson$15

14637The Dumpsies, The Edge of the WorldJohn Patience$10

15890The Elephant and the Bad BabyVipont, Elfrida$10

13648The Elephant Prince: Inspired by an Old Nordic TaleLisa Weedn Gilbert$10

14151The Elephant's ColdThurman, Mark$10

06276The elephant's new bicycleMark Thurman$14

08566The Elusive Mr. ZeeMary-Jane Martin$10

15711The Emerald BoyTais Teng$20

02990The Emperor Penguin's New ClothesJanet Perlman$10

02739The Emperor's New ClothesAdapted By Rebecca Bondor$15

04732The Emperor's PandaDavid Day$10

13935The Endless PartyEtienne Delessert$14

14977The Famous LionBrassey, Richard$15

12645The Fantastic Dinosaur AdventureDurrell, Gerald$15

12833The Fantastic Flying JourneyDurrell Gerald$30

11099The Father Christmas LettersJ R Tolkien$20

15398The Fish PrincessIrene N. Watts$10

15877The Flat Man (Creepies)Rose Impey$10

13506The FliesFrankie Mack$10

12976The Flither PickersTheresa Tomlinson$10

17183The Foxbury Force (Foxbury Force Series)Oakley, Graham$10

18236The Fur PersonSarton, Mary$15

11678The Gardener's Daughter : A Tale from Gascony ( Tabarin Tales 6 )Scott, A. F. ( Arthur Finley, Retold by)$20

02950The GeneralFrank Etherington$15

16179The geranium on the window sill just died, but teacher you went right onAlbert Cullum$20

15209The Gift Angel a Celestial AlphabetThomsen, Airdrie$10

13061The gift for witch RosellaAngela F Yeager$20

03033The Gigalot Possum Story (A Tale from the Lost Forests)Tony Barber$10

14618The Gigantic BalloonRuth Park$10

18768The Gingerbread GirlLisa Campbell Ernst$10

17115The Girl Who Loved The WindJane Yolen$10

16072The Girl Who Loved The WindJane Yolen$10

18982The Giving TreeShel Silverstein$15

01883The Glove Puppet ManJohn Yeoman$10

18941The Golden AgeGrahame, Kenneth$22

15313The Golden DiskBell, Willliam$30

14633The Grass Beyond the DoorMcVicar, Catherine$15
02917The Great Island: a Story of Mystery in New FoundlandBice, Clare$18

12528The Green PelicanTredinnick, Robert$25

08489The Green TigerElson, Diane$10

18531The Happy HedgehogMarcus Pfister$10

02745The Happy Man and His Dump TruckMiryam$10

02074The Haunted House (Bill Martin Instant Reader)Bill Martin$10

03774The Haunted TowerByfield, Barbara Ninde$20

17979The Hawk of MayAnn Lawrence$20

18289The Hermit and the Bear John Yeoman, Quentin Blake$25

18092The HomecomingFrick, Marlena$10

02288The Honeybears and the Snow Bear MysteryVincent., David$10

05984The Hot SummerAudrey Lorford$22

16307The Hound's BootsGruia, Calin (Translated From The Romanian By Moraru, Gabriela)$10

10378The House of MysteryMary Baldwin$75

15447The Hungry LeprechaunMary Calhoun$30

18034The Incredible Invention of Alexander WoodmousePamela Sampson$15

14247The Iron Man (Galaxy Children's Large Print Books)Ted Hughes$10

12151The Island-below-the-StarJames Rumford$10

06858The jam the Gang and the kangerooR. Capdevila, M. Company$25

13046The Jolly WitchBurch, Robert$10

17752The Key of the KingdomElizabeth Gmeyner (Editor), Joyce Russell (Editor)$195

07897The Knights of the White RoseGriffith, George$30

16433The Lady of the CatBrian Barrie$25

18033The Last StrawFredrick H Thury$50

04577The Late, Great Dick HartBernal C Payne$15

11607The Laziest Crocodile in AustraliaMichael Salmon$15

16553The lighthouse dogBetty Waterton$15

17632The Lion and the Rat: A Fable by La FontaineBrian Wildsmith$10

18382The Lion's CavalcadeAldridge, Alan; Walker, Ted; Dorest, Catherine Ann$15

02308The Little FellowMarguerite Henry$15

17108The Little Fire EngineGraham, Greene$25

15710The Little Grey MenB.B.$20

14631The Little IslandMacDonald, Golden; Weisgard, Leonard$10

16968The Little Prince and the Great Treasure HuntPeter Kavanagh$10

04250The Little SingerMax Bolliger$25

04109The Little White ChurchMcPherson, Imogene$12

14434The Lockhart BreedTheodore V. Olsen$15

13297The Man Who Wanted to Live for EverSelina Hastings$10

13312The Martian Crystal EggWinkowski, Fred$10

16075The meadow mouse treasury: Stories, poems, pictures from Canada's finest authors and illustratorsVarious (Author)$10

04824The Midnight EatersAmy Hest$15

14904The Midsummer BrideBarbara Leonie Picard$10

18199The Miss Meow PageantRichardo Keens-Douglas$10

17848The Moon Of The Wild PigsJean Craighead George$10

13983THE MOULDYBayley, Nicola & Mayne, William$10

03244The Mouse and the EggWilliam Mayne$10

13293The Mud FamilyBetsy James$12

18377The Mummer's SongBud Davidge$10

07195The Mystery of Pelican CoveRuby Lorraine Radford$20

18506The Name of the TreeCelia Barker Lottridge$10

02959The Naughty Seven - Book One of the Grove Hill Gang SeriesJacqueline Ward$20
02976The Naughty Seven/Jake's lunch/Cattle drive! - Books One/Two/Three of the Grove Hill Gang SeriesJacqueline Ward$28

09885The 'normous Sunday Story BookMarion St John Webb, Barbara E Todd, Marjory Royce$30

17132The NutcrackerJennings, Linda$95

04485The NutcrackerRachel Isadora, E. T. A. Hoffmann (Author)$10

17279The NutcrackerE. T. A. Hoffmann; Veronica Tennant$30

02606The Nutmeg PrincessKeens-Douglas, Richardo$10

14318The OctopusCynthia Rylant$10

15917The Old Woman and the HenP.K. Page$10

17111The Olden Days CoatMargaret Laurence$95

16490The Paper AirplaneAlain Thomas$15

14460The Paw (Little Ark Book)Natalie Jane Prior$15

12722The PearlHeine, Helme$10

09491The Pied Piper of HamelinCatherine Storr (retold by)$10

17602The Plant That Grew and Grew....Margaret Beames$20

18767The Princess Who Danced with Cranes Annette LeBox$10

17786The Princess, the hockey player, magic & ghosts: Canadian stories for childrenMuriel Whitaker$15

14868The Prosperian Papers Vol 1 : The Rock Candy BanditsDonald R Gordon$20

12577The Pumpkin BlanketDeborah Turney Zagwyn$10

04049The Quail's Egg: A Folk Tale from Sri LankaJoanna Troughton$10

01717The Queen and Rosie RandallHelen Oxenbury (Author, Illustrator), Jill Buttfield-Campbell$15

05507The Quilted GrapevinePatterson, Nancy-Lou$20

13574The Race For Gowrie BayDawlish, Peter$15

11548The Rats Came BackRoss Seidel$10

09854THE REAL THING - a Tobey Heydon StoryDu Jardin, Rosamond$15

12081The Red ShoesHans Christian Andersen, Anthea Bell$15

15418The Ridiculous Story of Gammer Gurton's NeedleDavid Lloyd$20

02755The Road to CamlannSutcliff Rosemary$15

14468The Root CellarLunn, Janet$20

02597The Royal NapBlack, Charles$10

16785The Royal NapBlack, Charles$20

17389The Royal NapBlack, Charles$15

02743The Sailor's BookCharlotte Agell$10

15922The Sardine EaterClark, Edith I.$15

16656The SavageDavid Almond$10

09736The saving of the Fair East WindRonald Syme$20

09285The ScandaroonWilliamson, Henry$15

14473The Sea-Breeze HotelMarcia Vaughan$10

14474The Sea-Breeze HotelMarcia Vaughan$10

16246The Secret GardenFrances Hodgson Burnett$20

01541The Secret InsideHayes, Geoffrey$15

13364The Secret of the Twin PuppetsCarolyn Keene$20

17593The Secret StaircaseJill Barklem$15

14903The Seven RavensBrian Wildsmith$15

10299The Seven Skinny GoatsVictor Ambrus$22

04932The Shinty BoysMargaret Macpherson$20

02604The Ship That Came Down the GutterWilliam Kotzwinkle$15

13497The Shirt of the Happy Man: La Camicia Dell' Uomo Felice Mariella Bertelli$40

19092The Shoe Tree of ChagrinJ. PATRICK LEWIS$15

05297The Singing Man Angela Shelf Medearis$20

02289The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen (Well Loved Tales)Southgate, Vera$10

19091The Song of the Children of LirMichael Scott$15

05968The Sparrow of Ulm and Four Other Famous Birds, a Starling, a Stork, a Jackdaw, and Some GeeseGrace Gilkison$15

13949The Spinner's GiftG. Radley$15

18422The Steps Across the WaterAdam Gopnik$18

18984The Story About PingMarjorie Flack, Kurt Wiese$10

02290The Story Behind Santa SacksMoore, Brian L.$10

17114The Storyteller at FaultDan Yashinsky$15

13922The Storyteller at FaultDan Yashinsky$15

04375The Strange Affair at Abbot'sNesta Grant$16

18466The Sugar BushChristopher Meyer, Chad Solomon$10

13939The Sugar Snow SpringLillian Hoban$15

03777The Tale of the Faithful DoveBeatrix Potter$10

06332The Theft of the Golden CatRoger Lancelyn Green$40

16786The Three Naughty Sisters Meet Hop o' My ThumbR. Capdevila$10

16783The Tigers Brought Pink LemonadePatricia Hubbell$15

07996The TokoloshSegal, Ronald$20

16963The Trailer Park PrincessesPete Marlowe$15

04377The trouble with MumBabette Cole$10

06277The Trouble With PrincessesHarris, Christie$15

17308The Trouble with WhatchamacallitsVera Mont$12

13502The two sistersHimani Bannerji$15

07048The Upside-Down CatElizabeth Parsons$10

08811The upside-down King of MinnikinFran Handman$10

17638The Velveteen Rabbit or How Toys Become Real - miniature editionMargery Williams Bianco$15

14892The WashoutCarol Carrick$10

03112The Water BabiesCharles Kingsley$18

02396The Weather ForecastRyan, John$20

12585The Whale Who Needed GlassesDempster, Marianna$15

14475The Whales' SongDyan Sheldon$20

14176The WhingdingdillyBill Peet$10

16311The Wicked Fairy-Wife: A French Canadian FolktaleDownie, Mary Alice$10

10685The wicked fairy-wife: A French-Canadian folktaleMary Alice Downie$10

14719The Willow MaidenMeghan Collins$20

01687The WindMonique Felix$22

12250The Wind & the Wizard - Volume I and Volume II - 2-volume setRichard Roberts$45

17449The Winged WatchmanHilda Van Stockum$15

17101The witch of the north: Folk tales of French CanadaMary Alice Downie$25

16985The World of the WomblesElisabeth Beresford$25

11970The Year Of FireTeddy Jam$10

12157Then The Troll Heard The SqueakKevin Hawkes$15

08531There is a lad here - original stories for childrenIvor S. Watkins$30

12155There's a Dragon in My ClosetJohn F. Green$10

16710There's a Mouse in My HouseSheree Fitch$15

16664There's a Mouse in My HouseSheree Fitch$15

17760There's a Mouse in My HouseSheree Fitch$12

15923Those Green ThingsKathy Stinson$10

03289Those Green ThingsStinson, Kathy$10

01487Three Jays Go to Rome: the Sixth Adventure of the Three JaysPat Smythe, Illustrations By Keith Money$20

10178Three Magic BallsRichard Egielski (Author, Illustrator)$15

17298Tiger WomanLaurence Yep$16

14259Tigger and FriendsDennis Hamley$15

13541Tikki's Wildlife AdventuresZ. D. Phiri$20

15074Tim and GingerArdizzone, Edward$20

09853Tim chooses FarmingFellows, Ted$20

18741Timothy and the Forest FolkMarilyn Nickson$25

05308Tintin in AmericaHerge, L.L. Cooper, M. Turner (Translators)$15

16363Tintin; Les Cigares Du PharaonHerge$15

01917To RabbittownApril Halprin Wayland$10

09851TobiasFreeman, Barbara C.$30

09248Toby AloneBranscum, Robbie$15

00822Toby AloneRobbie Branscum$15

15069Tom And Francine A Love StoryFraser, Sylvia$15

05186Tom Et Tim-La Grande LessiveBourgoing (De)/Calar$10

01870Tom Thumb (a Little Owl Book)Young, Hilda$25

02916Too Fat to Fly (V1)Adelaide Holl$20

11555Town Cats And Other TalesLloyd Alexander$15

16976Traditional Maori Legends: Nga Tai KoreroWarren Pohatu$20

14202Transfigured HartJane Yolen$15

14477TRAVELS FOR TWO: Stories and Lies from My ChildhoodStephane Poulin (illustrations and text), David Homel (translation)$20

01972Treasure IslandRobert Louis Stevenson$20

02750Treasure IslandStevenson, Robert Louis$20

16774Trick a TrackerMichael Foreman$10

04176TrompyWim Rottinghuis$10

15942Trout, Trout, Trout! (A Fish Chant)Sayre, April Pulley$10

15070True Meaning of CrumbfestDavid Weale$10

16687Turk and RuntLisa Wheeler; Frank Ansley$15

15400Turkeygobbling Frog ShowSlater Redhead, Janet$85

18200Twelve MonthsRafe Martin$15

05305Twiddling Your Thumbs: Hand RhymesWendy Cope$15

16979Two by twoBarbara Reid$15

03764Two Ghosts on a BenchMarjorie Weinman Sharmat$10

00963Two stupid dummiesMark Thurman$10

06489Un Merveilleux Petit Rien!Phoebe Gilman$15

13537Un Merveilleux Petit Rien!Phoebe Gilman$15

16970Uncle Jacob's ghost story Donn Kushner$10

18389Uncle Wiggily and the BarberHoward R. Garis$10

15870Uncle Wiggily's Story BookGaris, Howard R.$15

18527Under the Shade of the Mulberry TreeDemi$15

15446Une Bonne et Heureuse AnneeRoch Carrier$15

13207Une Fenetre Dans Ma Tete/deuxieme PartieRaymond Plante$25

03770Une Grenouille au ChâteauMarchand, Marie-Nicole$10

03765Une Journee Memorable (A Day to Remember )Bernard Stone$20

12227Une ville imaginaireJacques Savoie$10

17286Until morning sunBooth, David., MeadowBook Press.$10

05635Van Gool's" Princess and the PeaSarah Harris$20

14121Vas-y Johanne!Linda Shaunessy$15

01887Vera Gets a PuppyPatricia Crampton$15

17757Visit From Rudy BeaverBarbara Davoll$10

15719Visitors to Stay (The Ashridge Bears)Margaret Carter$10

04433Vive le ventMaryann Kovalski$10

16680Vom klugen Schneiderlein : ein Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm.Grimm, Jacob$15

02749Waldo's Back YardDay, Shirley$10

15421Wallace & GromitDakin, Glenn$20

14651Wally, the Worry-WarthogBarbara Shook Hazen$15

10969Walt Disney - Lumikki Ja Seitseman KaapiotaJim Razzi$20

11944Walter The BakerEric Carle$15

17113Wanda's First DayMark Sperring$15

02293War at Fort MaggieRaymond Bradbury$15

17104Warton and the TradersRussell E. Erickson$15

17248Water-Babies: A Fairy-Tale for a Land-BabyCharles Kingsley$20

03115We Be Warm Till Springtime ComesChaffin, Lillie D.$10

05663Wedding BirdsJutta Ash$15

14629Weird and Wonderful Discoveries from the Mysterious World of Forgotten Childrens BooksWelleran Poltarnees$12

05188Welsh Tales for ChildrenShowell Styles$10

01994What Do You Do With a Kangaroo?Mercer Mayer$15

17376What If?A. H. Benjamin$15

02423What the Sun Sees, What the Moon SeesNancy Tafuri$10

18529Whatever You Do, Don't Go Near That Canoe!Julie Lawson$10

17489Whatever you do, don't go near that canoe!Julie Lawson$15

01905What-If SaraRhea Tregebov$12

00882What's the Matter With Miss TaylorEvelyn Witter (Author), Pat McKissack (Author), Fredrick McKissack (Author), Kathy Mitter (Illustrator)$20

06059When Animals Could TalkJoanna Troughton$10

03512When the World Was Young (Five Folk Stories)Various authors$10

04468Where a Tall Tree StandsLobel, Arnold; Rosen, Michael; Hartman, Gail; Albert, Burton; Morgan, Nicola$15

08507Where Does the Trail Lead?Burton Albert$10

08575Where Have You Been?Margaret Wise Brown$10

13286Where Is Squirrel?Jane Thayer$15

18802Who R Thompson$22

18981Who Hides in the Park / Les mystères du parcWarabé Aska$25

08737Who's going to clean up the mess?Anita Krumins$11

02807Who's going to clean up the mess?Anita Krumins$20

13931Why the Beaver Has a Broad Tail (Amik Gazhi Debinung We Zawonugom)Enosse, Susan; Fox, Mary Lou$20

17117Why the man in the moon is happy and other Eskimo creation storiesRonald Melzack$15

16975Wickiup WalkingstickAnne Macdonald$10

12436Wie die Igel Stacheln kriegten. Märchen für kleine Leute.Hollriede, Hagdis.$20

06065Wie komt er in mijn huisjeIngrid & Dieter Schubert$25

18481Wild Cameron WomenMaureen Hull$10

18528Willow's SmileLana Button$15

14182Willy And MayJudith Schachner$10

13751Willy NillyMarie-Louise Gay$15

18845Willy NillyMarie-Louise Gay$10

18198Windsongs and RainbowsBurton Albert$10

13487Witch on HolidayMargaret S Barry$25

05764Witch What and the Wye of TimeJohn Strachan Anderson$10

16362With Secret FriendsEdens, Cooper$25

14656Worlds of WonderFran Buncombe$20

18909Wrongway SantaRae Oetting$20

10845Wunderbare Nachbarschaft. Sagen von Zwergen, lieblichen Hexen, mutigen Leuten, neu erzähltKurt Mühlenhaupt$20

13373Yakari, tome 23 : Yakari et les cornes fourchuesDerib / Job$25

16982Yakov And The Seven ThievesMadonna$15

03527You'Re a Good Friend Noddy! (Noddy Book 16)Blyton, Enid$10

03772Yuck!, Baby WitchLucie Papineau$10

14327Yuck, a Love StoryGillmor, Don$10

04823Yuneek in the presentBertrand Gauthier$20

10283Zebo Nooloo ChinooLynette Comissiong$10

02261Zoo SongBottner, Barbara$10

18745Zoom at seaTim Wynne-Jones$10


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