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First Edition



11951 Frustration!Wright, Milly$18

11410 Lotus of the Dusk A Romance of ChinaDorothy Graham$33

11358 Moon CountryDenys Chabot$20

11912 The spy who died of boredom;: A novelGeorge Mikes$20

17583...AND THE KOOKABURRA LAUGHEDThomas, Bernard$20

187586 Volume Set - Baron Tringault's Vengeance; The Clique of Gold; The Count's Millions; Within An Inch of His Life; Caught in The Net; The Champdoce MysteryGaboriau, Emile$115

16372A Beast of Muddy BrainCharles Walters$20

17423A Dark and Stormy KnightVera Mont, Francis Mont$22

11420A Family MatterFrancis Gaite$35

17789A Few Fair DaysJane Gardam$15

03434A Forsyte Saga (Volume I and II)Galsworthy, John$25

07551A girl like IRosemary McLeod$20

07968A Jacobite DreamJames Dalgleish$22

04874A La Taille Des HommesAndré Hallée$20

10340A Lover More CondolingClarkson, Adrienne$15

11023A New Year's TaleDUDINTSEV, Vladimir$10

07449A sudden brightnessAlice Boissonneau$15

11856A view from the roof: StoriesHelen Weinzweig$15

15176A Vigil for Joe Rose: Stories of Being Out in High SchoolWhatling, Michael$15

16888A Walk in the Garden Christopher L. Hannah$15

09829A Wild IndianMiller, George Frederick$75

09766A Wild IndianMiller, George Frederick$95

14044A Wreath for Jennys GraveCharlotte Hunt$25

04798After All! The Collected Stories : VHugh Hood$15

08642Against the Grain and Other StoriesKennedy, C. Fairn$24

12798Agoak: The legacy of AgagukYves Theriault$15

06864Ah Well, a Romance in Perpetuity ; And to You AlsoJack B. Yeats$15

18006Am I disturbing you?Anne Hebert$10

04003Amazon Angel: a NovellaYolande Villemaire; Translator-Gerald Leblanc$15

19096An Amateur Peasant GirlAlexander Pushkin$10

14938Animythical TalesSarah Totton$15

16771Animythical TalesSarah Totton$10

07490Arabian Nights: 1914: A Novel about Kaiser Wilhelm IIEric Koch$15

15792ArianeGeorge McGuire$15

19053Around the Mulberry TreeP. Scott Lawrence$15

07257Arranging DestinyDowning, Jack$25

13823At Heart: Newfoundland Short StoriesLisa J. Ivany, Robert Hunt$15

13862AtonementGaetan Soucy$15

04951Az Eden KalapacsaKen Follett$25

11888Bad Luck DogDianne Warren$15

15050Bad Luck DogDianne Warren$10

11893Balzacs Horse and Other StoriesGert Hofmann (Author), Christopher Middleton (Translator)$15

17824Baumgartner's BombayAnita Desai$15

18643BearMarian Engel$45

16830BearEngel, Marian$30

06251Beare PartsRichard A Dominico$15

18424BeastsHarold Jaffe$10

18860Beautiful Losers Leonard Cohen$20

16049BeginningsHodgins, Jack$55

05767Best Canadian Stories 03Douglas Glover (Editor)$22

19272Best of Sisters In CrimeMarilyn Wallace$22

16624Bitter breadAlbert Laberge$40

15964Black AjaxGeorge MacDonald Fraser$15

05262Black Ajax (Audio Cassette)George MacDonald Fraser (Author), Stephen Thorne (Narrator) -Unabridged edition$95

18460Black conceit

16799Black SnowMikhail Bulgakov$20

16610Black Squirrel Daniel; Trans Grady, Wayne Poliquin$15

04199Black tulipsBruce Eason$10

18277Blake: or; The Huts of America Martin R. Delany$20

07913Bob's IchthyosaurBritt, John$15

00956Breath dances between them: StoriesM. T Kelly$10

14670Breathing SpaceBruce, John$10

14441Brick 68: A Literary JournalLinda Spalding$15

14565Brick 80: Winter 2007Helm, Michael, Michael Ondaatje, Et Al (Eds)$10

16993Broken Wings: Short StoriesAnatoliy Dimarov$15

18761Buell HamptonEmerson, Willis George$25

18806Bunter the bad ladFrank Richards$15

16866Butterfly WinterW.P. Kinsella$15

09929Cabin in the RedwoodsNeubauer, William$35

17779CameraJean-Philippe Toussaint$10

18645Canadian short fiction: From myth to modernW. H. New$22

01746Canadian Winter's TalesNorman Levine (Ed. )$10

16408CandideVoltaire, Jen Francois Marie Arouet De$15

18832Captain SwingWarren Ellis$20

18922CarmenProsper Merimee$10

18635Casuals Of The Sea: The Voyage Of A SoulMcFee, William$15

02353CatholicsMoore, Brian$45

09458CerberusRai Berzins$15

16376ChickenMiles Tripp$25

12766ChickenMiles Tripp$15

10579Chidori's RoomRosemary Timperley$20

12478ChogQuentin Crisp$15

17185Circuit: These are the Sacred Places, Visions Before Midnight, Death by ToiletLawrence Garber$25

10828CleavageTheanna Bischoff$10

17582Clockwork Angels: The NovelKevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart$20

18113Close Encounters With the DeityBishop, Michael$20

13837Close to Spider ManCoyote, Ivan E.$10

15851Collected NovellasGabriel Garcia Marquez$15

16103Columbus and the Fat Lady, and Other StoriesMatt Cohen$10

18234Comfort Zone: StoriesGordon E. Symons$20

11468Coming Attractions 08Mark Anthony Jarman$15

06315Condor and HummingbirdCharlotte Mendez$10

16523Contes de la TchoukotkaIouri Rythkeou$34

18658Continuation Of Love By Other MeansClaudia Casper$22

15450Conversations with Eddie OtherMaia Caron$22

11054Cottage GothicAvery, Martin$30

15799Couteau sur la tableGodbout, Jacques$15

18483Coyote Columbus StoryThomas King$20

16509Daisy CanfieldBen Haas$15

17058Dance Me Outside (Large Print)Kinsella, W P$15

17397Darkness At NoonArthur Koestler$15

19204De laatste deelnemerAlexandra Oliva$30

19267Death on 30 Beat Maynard Collins$15

18223Death on 30 Beat Maynard Collins$15

16532Death Through the Looking Glass: A Novel of SuspenseRichard Forrest$15

06918Delilah's Fortune - Large PrintStephen Longstreet$24

15684Descant. No. 68, Spring 1990.Mulhallen, Karen (editor).$15

05594Die Graue MarchMeinrad Inglin$20

13158Die unterbrochene Reife - Erzählung - Mit Zeichnungen und Aquarellen des VerfassersEnglert, Josef$20

17707DopplerErlend Loe$15

16110Eating OutSandman, John$10

17410Egg and SpoonGregory Maguire$10

06746Elephant Bangs TrainWilliam Kotzwinkle$14

11469Elina, Mistress of Laukko: A NovelMary Caraker$10

17902EmbroideriesSatrapi, Marjane$10

04873Entre L'Hiver et l'eteAndré Hallée$15

16226Every Second ThursdayBrad Morley$20

09661Everywhere I've BeenCarl Sentner$12

18774Fear No EvilJohn Gordon Davis$20

19224First Book of GrabinoulorPierre Albert-Birot$10

19242Five storiesW. P Kinsella$15

18773FlashpointMichael Gilbert$15

17591FLYING TO NOWHERE: A TALE.John. Fuller$15

17863FOR EVERY SINAharon Appelfeld$15

06502Forbidden to grow oldIzaak Mansk$35

18185ForeignersBarbara Sapergia$20

13240Foretaste of Glory-PaJesse Stuart$15

08602Fortune Turns Her WheelSheard, Virna$55

15438Four Deuces NorthRichard J. Thomas$15

18748Four Deuces NorthRichard J. Thomas$15

17050Fox Trot: StoriesEugene McNamara$15

07407Friday's ChildHonor-Mary Allen$22

18831Fridjof Nansen - Leitbilder - Band 1Hartl, Albert$10

14229Frog in the ThroatElizabeth Ferrars$15

16295Frog Who Dared to CroakRichard Sennett$15

19126Front Lines: The Fiction of Timothy FindleyLorraine York$15

02855Garden of DelightsCarrier, Roch$10

15578Going to the Dogs. the Story of a MoralistErich Kastner$10

05286Golden Dollar - Large PrintMarc Alexander$22

08711Good morning, midnight - Large PrintJean Rhys$25

14336Grain for the ReaperBernie Hann$15

13161Grand théâtre (Le)Madeleine Ferron$10

17395GrimscribeThomas Ligotti$95

10404Happy FortressIris Bromige$20

16381Harrier!MacKenzie, Donald$15

14304Harry and TontoJosh Greenfeld$15

08640Hautefort. Roman historique vaudoisVILLEMARD, Adolphe$33

03552Heartbreak Soup and Other StoriesHernandez, Gilbert$12

18942HENRY AND CATO Iris. Murdoch$15

17293Here There Are No SheepMacDonald, Bruce$20

13948Herr Nightingale and the Satin WomanWilliam Kotzwinkle$20

12135High RollersGary Phillips$10

08892Holiday in Bed, and Other Sketches: With a Short Biographical Sketch of the AuthorJames Matthew Barrie$45

15182Holt, R.N.Ian Mackintosh$22

13462Host of ExtrasJames Leasor$20

16104Hungry hills a novelRyga, George$25

16644If all men were beggarsCossery, Albert$25

06793If On A Winter's Night a TravellerItalo Calvino$25

02931ImmediacyTeasdale, J.R.$35

03827In Araby OrionEdward Thompson$20

18083In the Land of Dreamy DreamsEllen Gilchrist$10

17853In the Shadow of the WindAnne Hebert$20

18114In Too Deep: A Shelby Belgarden MysteryValerie Sherrard$12

15916It's Four O'clockReid, Ruby$45

12002It's TimeJana Bluejay$10

18401Jacob AtabetMichael Murphy$15

10361Jimmy the Kid [Large Print]Donald E. Westlake$35

12948Jog RummageGrahame, Wright$15

19230Johnny Homicidal Maniac Directors CutJhonen Vasquez$15

18688Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach$10

14141Jour blanc : romanMarie-Andrée Clermont; Frances E Morgan$15

10240Journey of the Mountain ManJohnstone, William W.$25

12788King and the Flea and Other TalesEthel Harris$20

18051King Matt the FirstJanusz Korczak$20

05535LA MAISON DE FOUSRobert Goulet$20

07384La nuit d'avril sereine contes et nouvellesRosemarie Kieffer$22

08661La Rochelle Or the Refugees. a Story of the HuguenotsWilson, E. C$35

16856Lady S Volume 2Philippe Aymond$20

08302Larry PenningtonBasil Partridge$15

18361Latin Blood: The Best Crime and Detective Stories of South AmericaYates, Donald$28

01924Laugh with LarniMartti Larni$15

03421Le dépeupleur - Der VerwaiserBeckett, Samuel$20

10228Le livre de MalpauArnauld PONTIER$13

11066Le manteau de Ruben Dario: Nouvelles (L'Arbre) (French Edition)Jean Ethier-Blais$20

07319Le prix du silenceCécile Fortier Keays$25

08264Le RetraitéFriedrich Dürrenmatt$10

15798Les champs d'honneurRouaud, Jean$15

08536Les comptes du monde adventvrevx: texte original avec notice - Tome PremierA. D. S. D., Félix Frank$95

17416Life Moves OutsideBarbara Einzig$30

14970Life of a DrumGebler, Carlo$22

01931Like RabbitsBryan, Lynne$15

10436Long ShadowsKaschnitz, Marie Luise$15

00493Love Among The HaystacksD Lawrence$10

19029Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die; Cherish, Perish: A NovelDavid Rakoff$15

09993M. Makofsky StoriesMax Makofsky$45

09995Madame Delphine Carancro and Grande PointeCable George W.$20

18356Major John Richardson's short storiesJohn Richardson$10

17193Make Believe Town: Essays and RemembrancesDavid Mamet$15

04105Managing just fineJoan Fern Shaw$20

04814Many Women, Two Men: Stores and PoemsBook, Luna C (Editor)$10

18354Maud's houseWilliam Gough$15

18081MeanderingVera Mont, Francis Mont$22

10499Miss Mayhew and Ming YunAnne Duffield$35

15852MockingbirdStewart, Sean$15

03433Modern Komedia (Volume I and II)Galsworthy, John$25

18286Monologues, Epigrams, Epitaphs and ParodiesHartman, J.F.$15

12229Mortal RuinJohn Malcolm$15

17905Most WantedKady, Vivette; Porcupine's Quill$10

14950Motel of the MysteriesMacaulay, David$10

18927Mr. Brittling Sees It ThroughWells, H. G.$20

16618Mr. Spic Goes to WashingtonIlan Stavans$10

17346Murambi, The Book of Bones Boubacar Boris Diop, Fiona Mc Laughlin$15

14423Murder in the DarkMargaret Atwood$10

12191Murder Most Irregular: A NovelHarry Paul Jeffers$15

05247MustoviaDavid B. Wilson$15

11905My Life with Sherlock Holmes: Conversations in Baker Street by John H.Watson M.D.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Author), John Robert Hamilton (Editor)$15

05157New Directions From Old, Canadian Storytellers Volume OneStruthers, J. R. (Tim)$22

19125Newly Discovered Long Story, and Old Song and a Previously Unpublished Short Story, Edifying Letters of the Rutherford Family Robert Louis Stevenson$10

19271No Ordinary Terror Brooks VanDyke$15

02552Noah's Ark...Reservations Please!Kishon, Ephraim$15

06409None Shall Look BackCaroline Gordon$20

02754Not WorkingSzanto, George$20

07554Now Then, Tom - a Country TaleJos Rothery$75

14074Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They AppearMax Layton$12

19100On The Edge Of ReasonMiroslav Krleza$15

12228OnceRebecca Rosenblum$10

11476One Night in WinterAllan Massie$15

06739Open Country the New Girl and Other StoriesEd Brophy$12

18272OrmondCharles Brockden Brown$20

19270Our Lady of the SnowsMorley Callaghan$15

00601Out of the whirlwindM. T Kelly$20

14429Outskirts: Women Writing from Small PlacesSchultz, Emily (editor)$10

11823Pagan SummerDavid Beasley$15

16832PanopticonSteve McCaffery$95

18371Parade on an Empty StreetMargaret Drury Gane$15

18718Parting Ways: The Near-Life Experiences Of Peter OrbachAndrew Foley; Scott Mooney; Nick Craine$24

15629Pasha's Concubine and Other TalesIvo Andric$35

18257Picking The Morning ColourRoberts, Kevin$10

09514Pieter Maritz, der Burensohn aus TransvaalAugust Niemann$75

18358PilgrimTimothy Findley$24

19225PilgrimageHutchinson, Graham Seton (Lt. -Col)$20

13620Ploughshares Fall 1992 : StoriesTobias Wolff (editor)$10

06606PlumbMaurice Gee$15

14211Poet for SaleVella, Lewis$10

16216Poste RestanteDerek White$15

05985PouliuliAlbert Wendt$15

04531Power of the ZilaM. Meyer Horne$20

07700Previous LivesPhil McNichol$20

15857Prisoner of Memory - Large PrintDenise Hamilton$20

14605Promise of Shelter: StoriesSarah, Robyn$10

10467Prose: Short formsKELLOW (Author), KRISAK (Author)$15

18911Ralph the HeirTrollope, Anthony$35

15306Requiem for a faith : a novel Percy Janes$12

18944Resurrection of LibertyMichael L. Wentz$20

13272Retina GreenReinhard Filter$10

09540Return TicketGeoff Taylor$20

18065Revelation of Father HankeyRobert Wood$15

14293Roads Unravelling: Short StoriesKathy-Diane Leveille$15

14765Room ToneGale Zoe Garnett$10

17777Scars: StoriesW. P Kinsella$10

10848Scratching the surface : short stories from Kangaroo IslandDudley Writers' Group$15

03367Season in PurgatoryKeneally, Thomas$20

18945Seeds Of Germination. Or TerminationHugo Bonjean$15

11440Setma the Turkish CaptiveWhatley, E. J.$15

04807Settlement of MemoryGordon Rodgers$20

03729Seven Original FablesLini R. Grol$20

17051Shack: The Cutland Junction StoriesKenneth J. Harvey$10

12818Shadow of HonourRoddick, Barbara$45

13865Shadow SongLorina Stephens$20

08942She Writes: Love, spaghetti and other stories by youngish womenCarolyn Foster$10

19285ShepherdFrederick Forsyth$10

16594Shooting the StarsJohn Metcalf$15

03362Singular PleasuresMathews, Harry$10

16463Six Gentle Criminals Katharine Moore$15

16998Six Ways to SundayChristian McPherson$15

17497Sleepy's Revenge: A Collection of Short StoriesBev Currie$15

12481Small RainJohn Harris$10

18898Smallbone DeceasedMichael Gilbert$15

17144Somebody killed a beauty and other storiesAgenor Marti$10

15700Something in BetweenSterling Quinlan$15

07358Sometimes They WaveHonor-Mary Allen$22

09986Song of the Gun - Large PrintDudley Dean$20

09483Soul of WoodJakov Lind (Author), R. Manheim$15

13244Sounding the BloodAmanda Hale$20

15123Special Branch : A DialogueThemerson, Stefan$55

17340Stand Still Like the HummingbirdHenry Miller$15

19145Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombGeorge, Peter$10

05826Stories from Blood + Aphorisms. Vol.2Hilary Clark$20

10957Stories From Uncle Mose - The best of Ted Russell, N0. 2Elizabeth Russell Miller$20

17775Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and TraditionYahaya Baruwa$15

15628Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and TraditionYahaya Baruwa$15

17406Stuck Rubber BabyHoward Cruse$30

08717Summer at the MillDenys Val Baker$20

15514SummitD. M. Thomas$20

05924Sun Dreams. Short StoriesRobert Rea$10

10873Sunset CanyonEdward Abbey$22

13155Surcouf, le roi de la course : . Illustrations de Michel JouinJean Ollivier$20

18084SurfacingMargaret Atwood$20

19195SurfacingMargaret Atwood$15

11654Swing Hammer Swing!Jeff Torrington$15

08043Tales from a Little TownJacklin, Grace$15

05842Tales of the Ex Fireeater: A NovelSheila Dalton$15

18360TalkMichael Smerconish$20

14052TALKS WITH A DEVIL: The Inventor; The Benevolent DevilOuspensky, P. D. (introduction by J. G. Bennett; translated by Katya Petroff)$25

18188TangiWit Ihimaera$35

18656Teddy Bear Stories for Grown UpsCatherine Taylor$15

09473Telling hours: Journal storiesSheila Delany$12

16093Telling It: Women and Language Across CulturesTelling It Bk Collective, Lee Maracle, Marlatt Warland$10

06302Telling It: Women and Language Across CulturesTelling It Bk Collective, Lee Maracle, Marlatt Warland$15

07685Tempest Squadron - Yeoman in the Battle of the ArdennesJackson, Robert$45

18879TERANESIAGreg Egan$20

11892That Time in MalombaJames Hamilton-Paterson$15

15760The AdjustmentDrew Rubin$10

08636THE APOSTATE: A NOVELDaudet, Ernest$40

03313The Awakening of Romola: a Love StoryO'Hagan, Anne$35

17701The Baum Plan for Financial Independence: and Other StoriesJohn Kessel$15

08684The Best of Ted Russell & Stories From Uncle Mose (2 Books in One)Ted Russell (Selected and Edited By Elizabeth Russell Miller)$25

01620The Bliss BodyCallow, Philip$20

06550The Bottom of the MugI. J. Schecter$15

12150The Boy and the DevilErica Magnus$10

18402The BreadwinnerDeborah Ellis$22

17177The BridgeEuhal Allen$45

17070The Burden of ProofScott Turow$75

17011The Child's HouseMacMurchy, Marjory$45

14011The Cossack AmbassadorMalik, Volodimir$55

14462The Cow's Tail: A DiaryDavidson, Heather$10

16501The Crow Who Tampered with TimeLloyd Ratzlaff$10

15376The dancing chicken: A novelMusgrave, Susan$15

19151The D'Arthez CaseHans Erich Nossack$20

15962The Death of the MoonBrian Panhuyzen$10

11508The Deltoid Pumpkin SeedJohn McPhee$15

08445The Devil's CupSuzannah Zerfahs$20

06558The Devil's ShadowFrank Thiess$40

19084The Dialogues of Time and EntropyAryeh Lev Stollman$15

17039The Doorbells of FlorenceAndrew Losowsky$15

13023The Dying PoemRob Budde$14

17820THE EDIFICATION OF DING ALLING an airy fairy tale about ari-ari-oJAGGI TANDAN$20

18965The Empty SpacePeter Brook$10

13903The Entropy of Aaron RosclattJames Sandham$20

09315The Evolution of Darkness: And Other StoriesRebecca Brown$12

18405The Expendable ManHughes, Dorothy B.$15

18839The Fate of the ArtistEddie Campbell$10

19148The Favourite GameLeonard Cohen$15

19268The Female ManRuss, Joanna$15

17886The Fever Tree and Other StoriesRuth Rendell$15

06962The Fifth SonElie Wiesel$25

06474The Fisher King - Large PrintPaule Marshall$20

17475The Flivver King: A Story of Ford-AmericaUpton Sinclair$10

17950The Forest and the DamnedRichard. Severn$50

11673The Forests of NorbioGiuseppe Dessi$20

08124The Fur HatVladimir Voinovich$15

19068The Further Rivals of Sherlock HolmesHugh Greene$15

16108The GarbagemenButler, Juan$35

08625The giantsFremont Older$20

18232The GiftHilda Doolittle$10

16819The Glass KnightDavid Helwig$15

17927The Glass Knight: A NovelDavid Helwig$15

18082The God of Nightmares Paula Fox$20

15963The Goldfish BowlLaurence Gough$15

17513The Good Companions - Two Volume set in slipcaseJ.B. Priestley$95

19024The Green Hotel Jesse Gilmour$14

19015The Guin Saga Manga, Volume 2: The Seven Magi Kaoru Kurimoto$15

04572The Hackery: A way of life : short storiesA.W. Perera$40

11891The Hare Lay TremblingScott, Sandra$15

09921The Harvest of Moloch: a Story of to-DayLawson, Mrs. J. K.$25

15848The hole that must be filled: StoriesHarvey, Kenneth J$15

18258The Incident ReportMartha Baillie, Beth Follett$15

12480The Invisible WomanWhite, Dennis J.$20

16099The Kissing ManElliott, George$10

18630The Land of the BanishedChong-Rae Cho$30

13243The Last English PlantationJanice Shinebourne$15

18634The Last of HanakoYun Ch'oi$45

04682The Last Pendragon: A Novel - Large PrintRobert Rice$25

16037The Last RakoshF. Paul Wilson$25

11953The Letter ChildFarenhorst, Christine$15

17334The Lonely LondonersSamuel Selvon$45

17807The Mad Dog ConnectionWilliam G Tolliver$25


18549The Nathan HaleVorhies, John R.$15

04106The Next FlamingoJoan Fern Shaw$15

15635The Old Stone HouseStevens, Gerald$15

06000The Orange FishCarol Shields$15

08004The Palindrome Christmas Story CollectionRobert Ford$20

17882The Palliser Novels: Complete in 6 volumes:Trollope, Anthony$95

03715The Paper MenWilliam Golding$15

19235The Pigeon PrizeDumas, Alexandre$10

17706The Point: StoriesCharles D'Ambrosio$14

18359The Possibilities of storySTRUTHERS$15

05449The Prague GolemU Zelezne Lavky$10

17136The Quiet Light: In Search of Carolina's Lost Treasure - A Carli Owens AdventureGeorge Dick, Talia Hodgson$14

10136The Quiet RiverPhilip Maitland Hubbard$20

17587The Revolving Doors Jacques Savoie$15

19143The River BetweenNgugi wa Thiong'o$12

17156The Ruined SeasonM. T. Kelly$20

02970The shorn lambJohn Stroud$22

19001The Sixth Sense and Other StoriesJessie Haas$20

12076The Stark InheritanceKyle, Elisabeth$15

10466The Story Begins When the Story Ends : Canadian and World Short FictionGayle; Chapman, Marilyn; Elliott, Lesley (editors) Rosen$5

05937The Story Begins When the Story Ends : Canadian and World Short FictionRosen, Gayle; Chapman, Marilyn; Elliott, Lesley (editors)$20

12159The Struggle Outside: A Funny Serious NovelRaymond Fraser$15

19200The Sunday Hangman James McClure$15

03123The Suspicions of Mrs. AllonbyGray, Maxwell$30

01464The Swing of the GateBrown, Roy$15

16281The Tattooed Map: A NovelBarbara Hodgson$15

14583The Temptation of Don VolpiHayes, Alfred$45

12083The TentMargaret Atwood$15

06294The Tent of Orange Mist [Large Print]Paul West$14

16475The Theft of Magna Carta: The 42nd Story of Roger WestJohn Creasey$20

07768The TinderboxMarianne Brandis$30

17690The Tinderbox: A NovelMarianne Brandis$10

15122The Underside of Stones a Story CycleSzanto, George$15


11089The Violin and Other StoriesStella Keenan - McPeak$15

16038The wailing windTony Hillerman$15

16112The WarsTimothy Findley$15

15316The Way It Might Have Been. Book Two of Roland. A Trilogy from the Summonsa TapestriesHindley-Smith Lea$25

02294The Young ReporterBraithwaite, Max$14

19238There's a Land That is Fairer Than DayMcCulloch, Frank$15

19023This Location of Unknown PossibilitiesBrett Grubisic$15

18671This Way for the Gas, Ladies and GentlemenTadeusz Borowski$15

12284This Wicked GenerationMarilyn Forstot$15

08595Thomas Wingford, CurateGeorge MacDonald$55

05284Three Kingdoms: A Historical NovelLuo, Guanzhong$15

15988Three Men in a BoatJerome K. Jerome (Author), Christopher Matthew (Author), Benny Green (Author)$25

12190Three Of A KindRachel Ingalls$15

18176Tidy KillingVera Mont$22

19022Tobacco WarsPaul Seesequasis$10

19182Too Loud a SolitudeBohumil Hrabal$10

17148Too many blackbirdsKen Ledbetter$15

15119Touch NotHenderson, George V.$10

17900Trying to Avoid CarsBrown, Jacqui$20

17310Twillingmarche: A Novel of Intrigue and RomanceVera Mont$18

16691Twillingmarche: a novelVera Mont$18

15125Two Tales Bilingual SeriesTolstoi$15

18523Un enfer presque familierLise Harou$15

04790Unexpected MeansHenry Okeefe$15

06129Unfinished FuneralNiccolo Tucci$10

18836Use Once and DestroyJ L'Ecuyer$15

14735Viper's TangleFrancois Mauriac$10

17585Virtue of InsanityIan Walker$12

17454Waimea SummerJohn Dominis Holt$50

16841Wait for Me, Little Girl!Douglas Radcliff-Umstead$255

19245Wait, You're Not a Centaur: 50 Fifty-word Stories and DrawingsNathaniel Drake Denver$15

08876Walk To Acorn BridgeJohn Treherne$20

18285Want NotGeorge V. Henderson$15

07194Watch Dog a Story of To DayArthur Hornblow$20

19090Whale MusicPaul Quarrington$24

10784What Goes AroundC.W. Tiffin$10

12138WhenJon Gaskell$10

18281When he Was Free and Young and he Used to Wear SilksClarke, Austin$10

05328When the Green Woods Laugh (Paragon Softcover Large Print Books)H.E. Bates$15

17733When Things of the Spirit Come First: Five Early TalesSimone de Beauvoir$15

16069White Maa's SagaLinklater, Eric$20

01353White Wall Review - Edition 18No Author$10

03032Who Walk By ThreesRuth K. Baker, Jack L. Horlacher$20

12004Wild Things Live There Best Of Northern FrightsDon Hutchison$20

12066Will to KillJohn Penn$25

06738Winners Circle 8: Anthology of Short Stories and EssaysToronto And Central Ontario Branch Of The Canadian Authors$15

17711Winter KillsRichard Condon$18

11669With Downcast Eyes: A NovelTahar Ben Jelloun (Author), Joachim Neugroschel (Translator)$15

04815Women Drinking BenedictineSharon Dilworth$20

17365Women in the WallJulia O'Faolain$20

14935Writers Undercover Volume IVVarious$15

18062XmanMichael Brodsky$20

15914Yes The River KnowsTracy Dunham$15

11907Yesterday, at the Hotel ClarendonNicole Brossard (Author), Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood (Translator)$15

16101You can't get there from hereHugh Hood$20


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