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Poetry & Drama

First Edition



12726 A Book of VersesMoffat, Gertrude MacGregor$20

13186 ALL MY BROTHERSWallace, J.S.$20

11366 Bad tasteRobyn-Marie Butt$15

11479 Bourgeois PleasuresStange. Ken$15

11412 I Run With The FoxGould, Mona$15

13217 I'm Glad I Met You Thoughts on love and Friendship I'm Glad I Met You Thoughts on love and Friendship Adah Louise Sutton$20

11965 Mouth Of the Dragon: 6- September, 1975 Mouth Of the Drago Press$15

11437 Roses of Shadow. With a Foreword by Duncan Campbell Scott.AYLEN, Elise$22

11746 The Lady from EdinburghStuart, Aimee & Rose, L. Arthur$25

17052…Still in ChileSusan Siddeley$15

182761949David French$15

11449A Century Has RootsFinch, Robert$20

16074A Collection of SolitudesTarnow, David$15

10311A dancing starDoug Beardsley$10

17431A Doctor Pedalled Her Bicycle Over the River ArnoMatt Rader$15

15985A Geography of SoulsKathleen McCracken$10

05217A Gloss on Our Painted GodsEric Barstad$10

05708A Gown for His Mistress (Acting Edition)Georges Feydeau$10

18673A Line in the SandGuillermo Verdecchia$15

07032A Masque of AesopRobertson Davies$15

16052A Masque of AesopDavies, Robertson$15

17564A Month Without SnowM. E Csamer$15

17359A SONG OF BEDLAM INN and Other PoemsMadeleva, M. [Sister]$15

10046A theatre for Spenserians;: Papers of the International Spenser Colloquium, Frederiction [sic] New Brunswick, October, 1969Kennedy, Judith M. & Reither, James A. (ed)$15

19363A Well-Mannered Storm: The Glenn Gould PoemsKate Braid$10

16232Adagios: Electra's BenisonJudith Fitzgerald$20

14167After the WarWainwright, Andy$10

14271All I Want Is a Walk-On PartLaMonte Palmer$10

03009All Kinds of Everything: Worlds of PoetryDudek, Louis (Editor)$15

17912Allegory : An odyssey in time and space : A play.Parker, Will A.$20

12789Allegory of the SupermarketStephanie Brown$20

17208AllegroJohn Milton$10

03424Along Pioneer TrailsPaterson, Pearl McKelvie$15

17302Amigos Blue GuitarJoan MacLeod$15

17952An Oak HunchPhil Hall$10

08618And Something MoreBrown, Jean McConnell$15

09416Angel Blood: The Tess PoemsKevin Irie$15

17616Angels of Flesh, Angels of SilenceLorna Crozier$10

09634Another Morning ComingSalmon, Eric$25

13705Anthem For Doomed Youth: Poets of the Great War.Macdonald, Lyn, Ed.$30

15279Anthracite Country-PoemsParani, Jay$10

19209ApparatusDon McKay$15

19212Archive of the UndressedJeanette Lynes$10

15685Arcpoetrymagazine Winter 2011Arc Poet Societ$10

17420Armand Dussault and Other PoemsMacdonald Wilson$15

05226Asoka : a historical playTarlochan Singh Gill$10

16051At My Heart's CoreDavies, Robertson$15

16000At My Heart's Core & Overlaid: Two PlaysDavies, Robertson$10

08005Attar of Song and Other PoemsIrene H. Moody$30

05945AveTanya Kern$10

12868BAGDAD CAFE , out of Rosenheim. Dialogue bilingue.Collectif - Percy Adlon$25

09464Beautiful DruidHadwen, Alden$20

15378Beauty and the Beast (Children's Theatre Playscript)William Glennon$50

17674Beds & ShotgunsBryden, Diana Fitzgerald;Postle, Tricia;Waits, Death;McCafferty, Paul$10

17487Behind the LogPratt, E.J.$10

13527Bell sound and vintage (Contemporary poetry 26)Maura, Sister$20

17720Belles Soeurs, LesMichel Tremblay$10

16269Beside the Hemlock Garden: On Lives and RightsStrecker, James$10

18921BethuneRod Langley$10

03649Between Anxiety and Hope: the Poetry and Writing of Czesaw MioszEdward Mozejko (Editor)$20

19201Beware the months of fire Patrick Lane$20

10890Beyond DescartesJenny Joseph$20

09452Beyond labelsRobert Zend$20

07337Beyond the Moment: Selected Poems, 1960-1976George Thaniel, Edward Phinney (translated from greek)$10

07298Beyond the StileMargaret Davidson Bamber$30

14730Bipolar BearCatherine Kidd$14

09430Bird Limericks: Verse About Our Fine-Feathered FriendsPeter Downie (Contributor), Todd James Buhrows (Editor)$15

18403BirdsongSabastian Faulks$12

12842Black apples: A play in two actsRoberts, Kevin$35

13235Blood on steelMichael Melski$10

09409Blue AngelsStephen Humphrey$10

18488BodyFlanagan, Robert$10

19329Bonding with gravityColleen Flood$15

18147Book of Mercy Leonard Cohen$95

16581Book of the HoursHelwig, David$15

13477Borrowed BeautyMaxine Tynes$10

14210Boss CupidThom Gunn$10

07313Breath of Music: Where Words and Sound MeetDonia Blumenfeld Clenman$15

08846Bronze Man BreathingClif Bennett$15

10019By Death Never Leave Me an Elegy for John V. NguyenNynych, Stephanie$20

14278By the Way: Poems over the YearsDavid Radavich$10

16219Call it a dayEugene McNamara$10

07300CameosDorothy Cameron Smith & Lini Grol$10

06863Camino CieloChristopher Buckley$15

17689CandlebearerGiordano Bruno$15

08670Captured FanciesDavidson,Frederic$15

19369Carols and CameosHowey, William$22

09856Carols and CameosHowey, William$25

17679Cartography and WalkingAdam Dickinson$10

03292Catching The Spirit - Volume 3Studendts of Northwestern Ontario$20

11084Cats in VerseMargaret Hobbs,Jack Hobbs$10

18000Caucasian Chalk CircleBertolt Brecht$10

05208Celtic Highway: Poems & TextsCarolan, Trevor$10

15061Celtic Highway: Poems & TextsCarolan, Trevor$12

06141Cerddi Prifeirdd - Welsh EditionAlan Llwyd$20

18125Chansons et poèmes 2Gilbert Langevin$11

14338Chateau Puits '81MIA Anderson$15

18005Children of a Lesser GodMark Howard Medoff$15

04188Christmas PoemsDrinkwater, John$20

19480Civil ElegiesDennis Lee$10

16694Cold ComfortJim Garrard$10

17418Collected PoemsMunro, Kathryn$22

17436Collected poems of Raymond Souster - Volume 3 - 1962-1974Souster, Raymond$33

03219Comin' Thro' the RyeC.F. Underwood and Earl Stetson Crawford$20

18924Complete Physical Shane Neilson$10

07271Compromise - Collected Thoughts by MargaretGourley, Margaret$15

13676ConnectionsJane Garland & Liz Zetlin$12

09428ConnectionsJane Garland & Liz Zetlin$10

07335ContemplationsParsons, R. A.$15

16822Continental TranceBP Nichol$20

09415Crossing the StraitsGreene, Richard$10

14253Crossing the WaterSylvia Plath$15

17612Cry at the edge of foreverbetty brill$15

07008Cues and entrances - 2nd EditionHenry Beissel$20

03627CuriousBowering, George$20

04742Dance More OftenFrankum, Jennifer$10

14410Dancock's DanceVanderhaeghe, Guy$10

18891Dandelion and Other PoemsPenny, Bert$15

13532DanielRice, Bruce$12

08911Das Blumenjahr in Bild und LiedRobert Hamerling$40

01976December ApplesLewis, Eiluned$20

18088Deed of giftJill Dawson Dalibard$10

07383Dernière fugue LaMichel Ouellette$15

03491Diary of Anne FrankGoodrich, F.; Hackett, A.$20

15996DivisionsMorrissey, Stephen$15

13853Double Vision: A Collaboration of Poets and ArtistsShelley Jackson$10

18704Down Dangerous Passes RoadMichel Marc Bouchard$20

17200Drama Structures: A Practical Handbook For TeachersO'Neill, Cecily$22

18804Dramas and Prize-Poem of Matthew Arnold.Arnold, Matthew; Magnus Laurie [ed.]$25

17533Dramatic W.O. MitchellW. O Mitchell$20

13658Dramatic W.O. MitchellW. O Mitchell$20

15626Dream PlayAugust Strindberg$10

16437Earth WitchCameron, Anne$10

09582EchoesHulbert, Winifred N.$20

14362Echoes in the Wind: From Cynwyd Castle - Book Two.Thorman, Richard Iorweth.$15

09325Echosystem: Poems & Poem CyclesJames Strecker$10

19229El hueco de tu ausencia/The space without youMaría Encarnación Seco Gardner$22

16228Elements of GraceDawna Proudman$10

14734Elements of GraceDawna Proudman$10

15687Eleventh Hour, The: Poems For the New MillenniumDobbs, Kildare$10

16006Elizabeth RexFindley, Timothy$10

16607Elizabeth RexTimothy Findley$40

18099Ending With MusicMaurice Mierau$10

05065Entdeckung des Herzens. Einführung und Auswahl von Paul Hühnerfeld.Günther, Johann Christian:$20

17531Epistles to Several PersonsJohn Fuller$20

15524Esker Mike and His Wife, Agiluk: A Play by Herschel HardinHardin, Herschel$10

09598Even the Stuff of EarthOSU Sister Clarita Felhoelter$20

18792Everyday EclipsesRoger Mcgough$15

19331Execution PoemsGeorge Elliott Clarke$15

19071Expeditions of a Chimaera Oana Avasilichioaei, Er'n Moure$20

06985Extracts of existenceWilliam Markiewicz$20

18674Faces in the City James J. Kavanaugh$10

16022Fast livingChoyce, Lesley$10

16102Fifteen Winds: A Selection of Modern Canadian PoemsPurdy, A.W. (Editor)$10

16840Fifteen winds;: A selection of modern Canadian poemsAl Purdy$15

17718Five Modern Canadian PoetsMandel, Eli (Editor)$10

14822Five Modern Canadian PoetsEli Mandel$10

19417flora fauna & h. sapiensPat Smekal & Ian Cognito$15

07268Flying fish and other poemsGary Michael Dault$20

03294Foothill and Prairie Memories. a Group of PoemsHiginbotham, John D.$40

18757For Grandad a Gift of LoveHelen Exley (Editor)$20

19074For the SleepwalkersEdward Hirsch$10

03035For Your Spare Moment: AnthologyHughes Stanley, Thea$15

11291Forcing the NarcissusSusan Musgrave$10

16890ForwardSusan Gibson$10

16230ForwardSusan Gibson$10

09321Four Red Crescent MoonsJulie McNeill$10

04712Four Women: Colleen Thibaudeau, Penn Kemp, Marianne Micros, Gloria Alvernaz MulcahyColleen Thibaudeau, Penn Kemp, Marianne Micros, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy$15

13360Fox Poems 1998 To 2000Adrienne Rich$10

05216Fragmenting Body etcBarbour, Douglas$10

18855FRAMES of a StoryDaphne Marlatt$22

19452Freshwater: A ComedyVirginia Woolf$15

14361From Cynwyd Castle on Jackson PointRichard I. Thorman$10

13656From Zero to OneZend, Robert$20

18390Fuenteovejuna: A Dual-Language BookLope de Vega$10

09299Gabardine and Other Poems: & other poemsBagchee$10

19249Gardening in the TropicsOlive Senior$15

14207Gedichte Dreier JahreRingelnatz, Joachim$10

09408Ghost CountrySteve Noyes$10

16225Gifts from the Dead: The Poems of Sidonie HallBazeley, Elizabeth$12

18905Glass SkinJanet Richards$15

09915Go Gentle: Poems on Life Love and DeathClever, Glenn$14

19474God Is Alive : Magic Is Afoot (From Beautiful Losers)Cohen, Leonard$10

08975Grasping Men's MetaphorsSharon H. Nelson$10

12942Great Blue Heron And Other Poems, Play and ProseCarl Cornelius Harnett$20

17342GrooksPiet Hein$25

17341Grooks VPiet Hein$20

18679Hanging Tree and Other PoemsHarry Gustafsson$15

10691Hanging Tree and Other PoemsHarry Gustafsson$15

18167Hard Core LogoMichael Turner$15

19070Hello Serotonin Jon Paul Fiorentino$10

13852Hex Holes and Other Openings: Canadian Recitations of the Versed KindConway, Paul$10

18676Hiram and JennyRichard Outram$15

16578Hooked: seven poemsCarolyn Smart$10

07877Hot ice: Shakespeare in Moscow : a director's diaryGuy Sprung$15

09326How I Know the Sky is a River: Selected and New Shorter Poems 1978-1998Safarik, Allan$10

19248How We Play at It: A Listmatt robinson$11

15574Howl and Other Poems. the Pocket Poets Series Number FourGinsberg, Allen$10

05215Human gardensRobert Clayton Casto$10

16538Hunting Stuart & Other PlaysROBERTSON DAVIES$24

05282I Am a RoseLevitt, Stacey$10

05201I Would be the Buffalo's Guest: A Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

05515I Would Be the Buffalo's Guest: a Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

17623I Would be the Buffalo's Guest: A Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

11339Ignoramus: A PlayReaney, James$10

16233Ill Seen Ill SaidSamuel Beckett$10

18657Image in the mind: CBC radio drama, 1944-1954 N. Alice Frick$22

07137Immune to GravityDimichele, Mary Di Michele$15

18906Impersonating FlowersBateman, David$10

02321ImpertinentBaldwin, Laura Edith$15

05218In GreenRobin Blackburn$10

09553In Loving Memory and Other PoemsJack Gilbey$15

09850In Nature's Temple ShrinesHughes, James L.$40

13404In the Flight of StarsDorothy Roberts$10

14374In The Heart or Our CityRudnik, Raphael$10

12795In the Kosher Chow Mein RestaurantRoger Nash$10

16668In the Old of My AgeMacInnes, Tom$10

17835In This House Are Many Women and Other PoemsSheree Fitch$10

13654In-between seasonMioduchowska Anna$10

14337Insurgent Rain: Selected Poems 1974-1996Reinzi Crusz$15

13348InterstellarAllan Briesmaster$15

10893Introduction to Gaelic PoetryDerick Thomson$25

19343Invisible ForegroundDavid Bateman$15

09305Invisible LinesAstrid Van Der Pol$10

17719Isaac Murphy: I Dedicate This RideFrank X. Walker$15

15197Isles will wait / Feithidh na h-Eileanan: contemporary poems in Gaelic and English.Robertson, John A; MacDhonnchaidh, Iain$15

17368Jaguar Rain: the Margaret Mee PoemsJan Conn$15

16240James Brown, suites 1James Brown$45

14677Japanese Poetry / The 'Uta'Waley, Arthur$10

10018Jeannie - A Comedy in Three ActsStuart, Aimee$20

08909Jesus Christ, Rabble Rouser: a Play in Three Acts.C. W. Topping$30

09655Josephine, and Other PoemsClark, S. Tucker$35

10837Kaleidoscope: Perils of a Solemn BodyBeaulieu, Michel$10

17931Keeping StillLois Hayna$15


17121La SagouineAntonine Maillet$10

08855La Vie de Seint Auban. An Anglo-Norman Poem of the Thirteenth Century [Anglo-Norman Texts vol. XIX]Arthur Robert Harden (editor)$20

05202Lake Where No One SwimsChambers, Chris$10

17407Largo Desolato: A Play in Seven ScenesVaclav Havel$15

18636Last Journey of Captain Harte, TheDianne Warren$15

07735Latent HeatCatherine Hunter$15

10005Later Canadian PoemsWetherell, J. E.$15

10879Later Poems of Rabindranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore (Author), A. Bose (Translator)$22

13054Le Serpentaire noirMichel-E. Clément$15

11338Leaving the Narrow PlaceDorothy Field$10

07010Les Fêtes de l''infiniGérard Lagacé$15

17710Les Fleurs Du MalBaudelaire, Charles$22

12944Lilies: or The Revival of a Romantic DramaMichel Marc Bouchard (Author), Linda Gaboriau (Translator)$10

13049L'Impossible désertMichel Muir$20

18727Lithochronos ou le premier vol de la pierreAndree Christensen, Jacques Flamand$22

16224Looking Down Through WaterElizabeth Bazeley$15

16221Looking Down Through WaterElizabeth Bazeley$15

16544Lost WorldsWilson John Haire$25

16886Love and WhiskeyBetty Lee$35

19052Love in the WintertimeDon Gutteridge$24

05956Love, Fun & Other Things: A Book of VerseWib Perry$10

10004Low Life. A Comedy in One la Roche, Mazo$15

14510Ludwig Zeller, a celebration: The white pheasant flying in multiple languages and visual interpretationsLudwig Zeller$10

14292Luminous EmergenciesDi Michele, Mary$10

09314Lunar DriftMarlene Cookshaw$10

04981MagnificenceBrenton, Howard$20

17930Making Waves: Three Radio PlaysEmil Sher$12

16613Malcolm Lowry and Conrad Aiken adapted : three radio dramas and a film proposalMargerie Lowry; Fletcher Markle; Gerald Noxon; Paul Tiessen; Malcolm Lowry;$35

06426Many Things to Tell You: Natural PoetryThomas E. Heinzen$25

18001Mary StuartFriedrich Schiller$10

13401Mata Hari's lost wordsJohn Oughton$20

19442Maud Lewis World Without ShadowsLance Woolaver$28

17217Maximus Poems IV, V, VIOlson, Charles$25

11679Meet My GhostAL W. Clark$15

15573Memoirs of a Praying Mantis : A Collection of PoetryLakoseljac, Bianca$15

18288Memories and Other Poems.Bucham, Mary A.$45

10570Miner's PondAnne Michaels$10

03225Minstrel Breezes: a Collection of Up-to-the-Minute First-Parts, Sketches, Skits, Monologues and AfterpiecesKaser, Arthur L.$15

09556Miriam and other poemsJoseph Hunt Stanford$18

17442Mixed Company Alan Shapiro$15

02246Modern English PoetsMortimer, Anthony$20

14436Modern Folk BalladsCausley, Charles (selected by)$15

15107Modern Greek Literary Gems (Cortina Classic Series)Editor-George C. Pappageotes; Editor-Phillip D. Emmanuel; Editor-Artemis P. Emmanuel$10

13660Modern Scottish Gaelic PoemsDona Macaulay$20

13778Modern Theatre - Volume I and Volume II - 2-volume setEric Russell Bentley$55

11418Modrý ráj Pacifiku = Havets bla paradisOtakar Storch$15

02388Moments in a journeyN. Roy Clifton$15

07818Moments Of Meditation (In Verse)DeConkey, Albert$20

19309Monkey RanchJulie Bruck$25

18286Monologues, Epigrams, Epitaphs and ParodiesHartman, J.F.$15

19183MooncalvesKathleen McCracken$20

08528More homage to BrowningArmstrong, A et al$25

15696Morning childNorma Eloise West Linder$15

07033Mountains and MolehillsFrances Cornford$75

17589Music of a Distant Drum: Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems Bernard Lewis (Translator)$20

19488My heart is a stray bulletDamm, Kateri$22

06623My Love for YouDrayton, Thomas$10

17782My Love For YouDrayton, Thomas$15

08200Neunzig Gedichte. Auswahl von Anne,arie Christiansen.Rilke, Rainer-Maria$20

09217New American Plays TwoJanet Noble, Jo Carson, Samuel Kelley, David Budbill$22

13979New and Selected Poems 1932-1967.VIERECK, Peter$20

17780No contingenciesBlack, Ayanna$15

13151No More Curried Eggs for MeRoger Wilmut$10

04680No sad songs wanted hereRaymond Souster$30

19276Noam Chomsky LecturesDaniel Brooks$15

13096Northern Review Vol. 5 No. 3 & 4 - E.J. PrattJohn Sutherland$10

15735Notebook of Roses and CivilizationNicole Brossard$10

05209Nothing VanishesRobert Hilles$10

08263Now Is a Far CountryHicks, John V.$15

18445O lucky man! (Evergreen book, E-621) Lindsay Sherwin, David Anderson$45

09421OceansBruce Meyer$20

16223October 47/WinterCopjec, Joan (editor)$20

04872Of the Fields, LatelyDavid French$10

18495Off the hook! a FarceDerek Benfield$25

19450Old timesHarold Pinter$10

09520On Shore BalladsPerkins, Silas H$25

08667One straight pathApzal Hosein$15

14705Open Ended PlaysMilton Velder, Edwin Cohen, Elaine Fisher Mazzarelli$10

15874Open GatewaysLaura Barbara Dixon$15

04414Our Town: a Play in Three ActsThornton Wilder$10

13762Overhead by ConfiersJohn V Hicks$10

05212Pale Red FootprintsPress, Karen$10

19037Paradoxides Don McKay$10

19247Parsifal: English National Opera Guide 34Richard Wagner, Nicholas John$10

16231PasschendaeleTed Plantos$15

17590Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual LoveWendy Maltz$15

18870Performance poems James Reaney$20

17868Persona and Shame: The Screenplays of Ingmar BergmanIngmar Bergman$10

18119Peter PanBarrie, James Matthew$10

16107Playing the Jesus GameNowlan, Alden$25

16539Playwrights and Human RightsKotze, Terry$25

13476Plumed PalmsGray, Cecil$20

14003poema de mio cidCLASICOS CASTELLANOS$20

13978Poèmes d'un coeur en exil =: Poems from a heart in exileHô Hiêp Lâm$20

18408PoemsHerman Hesse$22

13801Poems and Canadian LyricsJ. K. Foran$25

15611Poems in the Lancashire DialectBearman, Louisa$15

18885Poems of a snow-eyed countryRaymond Souster, Richard Woollatt$10

18467Poems of a Snow-Eyed CountryRichard Woollatt, Raymond Souster$10

13562Poems of James BayGordon Moore$10

14759POESIAS : EROTICAS, BURLESCAS E SATYRICAS.Bocage, Manuel Maria Barbosa du.$25


06772Poetic Journeys (Ontario): Anthology of VerseWendy Burgess$25

06769Poetic Journeys (Ontario): Anthology of VerseWendy Burgess$25

14360Poetic Memories of My Parents, My Childhood and the Old HomesteadMacMillan, Kenneth R.$10

15322Prairie Born, and Other PoemsRobert J.C. Stead$30

16885Prairie performance: A collection of short playsBessai, Diane [ed]$15

09433Prairie performance: A collection of short playsBessai, Diane [ed]$15

15623PulaMatsemela Manaka$10

18701Queen of All the Dustballs: And Other Epics of Everyday Life Bill Richardson$10

18680Queen RatLynn Crosbie$10

18491Question TimeDavies, Robertson$15

10135Question TimeDavies, Robertson$15

18999Ramblings in MasonryFotheringham, Charles$75

13224Real Inspector HoundTom Stoppard$10

04303Reality Sandwiches: 1953-1960Allen Ginsberg$10

17414Red Eye of LoveArnold Weinstein$15

19244Red Madonna Dianne Joyce$15

08685Reflections & wounds : poemsStephen Gill$30

09472Reflections of KiawahLyndia Terre$15

12437Rejelendres Calos - Sprichwörter spanischer Zigeuner - Calo- DeutschJung, Christof$22

02494RemythKathy Fretwell$15

13976Resounding TinkleSimpson, N.F.$15

09424RicochetSeymour Mayne$10

17869RiffsLee, Dennis$10

17532Riot Andrew Moodie$15

13234Road To MeccaAthol Fugard$12

07159Rotten poetry fishHume Cronyn$15

14593Rough skinMaureen Hynes$15

16893S.M.Arts guidelines: Stage managing the arts in CanadaWinston Morgan$15

00616Said the riverLiz Zetlin$20

15919Sainte-Carmen of the MainMichel Tremblay$10

09614Sandstone and Other PoemsMarriott, Anne$15

01995Satisfaction all around: (Les Contens)Odet de Turnèbe$10

12042Science Of NothingMarty Gervais$10

09200Scouts Are CancelledJohn Stiles$10

03034Scrip of Joy - Poetry by Kathleen Butler EldrElder, Kathleen Butler$30

07699Sculling to Byzantium: More poemsFrancis Sparshott$20

10592Season of the Witch: A PlayMorley Callaghan$15
02895Select Poems of Robert BurnsGeorge, Andrew J. (arranged by)$25

15377Selected Odes of HoraceHorace / Translated into English Verse by Skuli Johnson$24

14540Selected PoemsTomlinson, Charles$20

16537Selected poemsGershon, Karen$20

18246Selected PoemsIrving Layton$10

11748Selected Poems (1915-1935)Bourinot, Arthur S.$30

18934Selected poems 1955-1970Eldon GRIER$12

13818Selected Poems and Translations: Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti$10

09991Selected Poems from the Pen of the Honourable Morrison Mann Mac Bride Volume 1 ( All Published )MacBride, Morrison Mann$30

13279Selected Poems II: Poems Selected & New 1976-1986Margaret Atwood$10

17929Selected poems of Patricia KeeneyPatricia Keeney$25

17963Selected Poems, 1956-1968Cohen, Leonard$65

07160Selected VerseThomas D'Arcy McGee$10

06971SEPARATE TABLESTerence Rattigan$10

13680Seven Plays of Mystery and Suspense With Writing Manual - 3rd EditionSylvia Z. Brodkin (Author), Elizabeth J. Pearson (Author)$10

18660Shakespeare Lexicon, Vol. 1Alexander Schmidt$45

18659Shakespeare Lexicon, Vol. 2Alexander Schmidt$45

15581Shakespeare Made in Canada Contemporary Canadian Adaptations in Theatre, Pop Media and Visual ArtsDaniel Fischlin; Judith Nasby Eds.$35

06656Shapes of Beauty: Selected PoemsSally Buffie Maddock$10

10309Signatures: Poems of Canada TwoJim; Miller, Glenn; Laing, Donald A. Head$15

16507Signs of a Horrible Feast : Poems Without ConquestMark Talacko, Timothy Davids$15

17588Silent Flowers-a New Collection of Japanese Haiku PoemsPrice, Dorothy$10

14582Sing on!: A comedy about a musicalRick Abbot$20

17901Slab Boys TrilogyByrne, John$10

05198Slovenly LoveMeira Cook, Stan Dragland (Editor)$20

09313Slow-moving targetSue Wheeler$10

12038Solo With Grazing DeerDavid Wevill$15

06842Some impossible heaven of the senses: Last poems of Tom MarshallTom Marshall$95

09847Songs of StudyWilkins William$20

09849Songs of the ValeBain, A. Sutherland$20

13430Soupirs dans la nuitRobert De Brugnon$20

05865Southern Exposures : Five Plays About Life in the SouthJason Milligan$20

13653Speaking in TonguesJones, Peter$15

13223Spirit of LifeJaye Low$10

08906Spoken Verse For Schools & FestivalsHenderson, Thomas$25

05970Squering it with the BossMcMullen$10

14367Stealing MercuryCayer, Lori$10

15439Stone Wear / A Sequence of the BloodJoyce, Dianne and Eva Tihanyi.$14

16234Stone, PoemsBruce, John$15

15317Strong In My SkinFrankum, Jennifer$15

05459Summer GrassMarianne Bluger$10

17870SunburntM. D. Keating$15

12020Sunfall: New and Selected PoemsDennis Cooley$10

18166Take five: The Morningside dramasConni Massing$15

15326Taking RootElizabeth Zetlin$10

13678Taking RootElizabeth Zetlin$10

06181Takj OnqoyHugo Rodriguez$25

07324Tamarind and Mango WomenOpal Palmer Adisa$10

19185Tattoo LandKathleen McCracken$20

18416Ten Elephants on Young StreetSouster, Raymond$20

10894THANK YOU,FOGW. H. Auden$10

14877The 1970 book of George Square verseGeorge Watson's Ladies' College$20

16857The 82 Short Poems of ElizaHarris, Erina$15

17433The Arab's mouthAnn-Marie MacDonald$20

05460The Architect: An Opera in Two ActsDavid Macintyre, Tom Cone$10

05159The Astronaut's Wife: Poems of Eros and ThanatosLorette C Luzajic$15

17673The Astronaut's Wife: Poems of Eros and ThanatosLorette C Luzajic$15

09926The Ballad of the Election DollWilson, William D.$25

18644The Barretts of Wimpole Street: A Comedy in 5 ActsBesier, Rudolf$20

06359The Best of Plays and Players - Volume 2: 1969-1983Peter Roberts (Editor), Donald Cooper (Illustrator)$45

05204The Birdhouse, OrDopp, Jamie$10

04654The black Christ : a narrative poem of early West Indian settingE. J. Blair, H. N. S. MacKenzie$20

16429The Blasted Pine : An Anthology of Satire, Invective and Disrespectful VerseScott, F. R. & Smith, J. M. (Editors)$10

14772The Book of True LoveRuiz, Juan, the Archpriest of Hita$35

05203The Brevity of RedJill MacLean$10

18784The Burning AlphabetBarry Dempster$15

08511The Canadian in Me: The Complete Verse of Gus SigurdsonSigurdson, Agust S.$20

19416The Cartographer's Skin: PoetryLara Bozabalian$10

14780The CaveNewlove, John$10

13657The Chapel PerilousDorothy Hewett, Frank Arndt$20

17705The Cider House Rules: A Screenplay John Irvimg$12

13677The Circle GameAtwood, Margaret$10

19405The colour of flight Linda Waybrant$15

19459The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow IllustratedLongfellow Henry Wadsworth$55

12039The CrucibleBouck, C. R.$15

18520The Dream Keeper and other PoemsLangston Hughes$10

03880The Embalmer's Art: A Book of PoetryVirginia Hamilton$10

11439The Epic of Toad and HeronKemp, Penn$20

05976THE ETERNAL QUESTWatson Kirkconnell$25

12799The Fisherman's RevengeCook, Michael$25

11365The Fisherman's RevengeCook, Michael$25

13093The Freedom of the HouseForman, Joan$25

04488The Full Furnace: Collected PoemsDouglas Lochhea$15

15358The ghosts of Jay MillarMillar, Jay$20

11441The Girl in the BrookWright, Wayne$25

19027The Goodnight BirdColleen Murphy$10

18708The Greenlanders saga George Johnston$25

16563The HarvestmanCharles Mountford$25

08719The Hogg Poems and DrawingsCallaghan, Barry$20

09925The Homeward JourneyMrs Pennefather and Others$40

09323The Ice HouseMelissa Walker$10

10115The immigrant's prayer a poemAnthony M. Buzzelli$20

05285The Kerosene Lamp and Other Poems Volume 2Dawson, David$25

17944The Leaf And The Cloud: A PoemMary Oliver$10

11179The Liquid HourBruce Barber$20

19234The Lost and FoundRafi Aaron$10

05739The mad handRobert Priest$10

06446The Metamorphosis of Elisabeth MackuchElisabeth MacKuch$15

18156The mirror of natureRobertson Davies$10

08910The MothersEdward F. Hayward$20

16229The Moving LightEugene McNamara$10

08590The Mysteries at St. Cuthbert'sGraham Cotter$30

17926The Mystery of Irma Vep - A Penny DreadfulProfessor Charles Ludlam$10

18533The Outcast: A Poem H. H. Thijssen$26

18487The Oxford Lists and Other PoemsBoultbee, H. C.$30

14779THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE The Politics of Love, the Capital of EmotionSnoo Wilson$20

10008The Poems of William TelfordTELFORD, WILLIAM$3

18805The Poetical Works of William Henry DrummondWilliam Henry Drummond$15

02475The Poetry of Modern Quebec: French Writers of CanadaCogswell, Fred, Editor$15

09304The Profane EarthOllivier Dyens$10

17438The Prop Master: A guidebook for successful theatrical prop managementAmy Mussman$15

16588The ProphetKahlil Gibran$45

09229The psychotic personality of our timePatrick Daniel Lawlor$40

18793The Punctuation FieldElizabeth Zetlin$15

05958The Quebec Dis-Connection, an AllegoryWib Perry$20

19028The QuietAnne-Marie Turza$15

06453The Rage of Space PoemsPhilip Stratford$20

15977The return of Robert Burns ( and Other Poems )McCuaig, John$15

18233The Riddle of the WorldDavid French$10

18672The Road to MeccaAthol Fugard$10

17154The Salamander's Laughter: And Other PoemsAnne Corkett$10

17620The Scarlet Pimpernel: Adapted from Baroness OrczyBeverly Cross$18

00329The seasons of children: A collection of special momentsCanadian Authors Association$10

13195The seasons of children: A collection of special momentsCanadian Authors Association$10

19506The second bite of the cherryBarry Clegg at al.$11

17054The Shadow of MolochVella, Lewis$10

17175The Shattered PlinthsLayton, Irving$15

17928The Significance of MothsShirley Camia$12

19295The SpeedyKeith Barker, Chris Hanratty, Shira Leuchter, Jordi Mand$15

17969The Steady Pull of a Curious DogNicholas Power$10

14700The Stillborn LoverTimothy Findley$20

14409The Stillborn LoverFindley, Timothy$10

17230The TAXI ProjectBeltran, Emma; Kumsa, Martha; Xue, Sheng$10

12785The Time of IciclesMary Dalton$10

18170The TriggerCarmen Aguirre$15

07101The true names of birdsSusan Goyette$10

13095The Turning TideForman, Joan$15

08049The Tyrian Veil : PoemsKenneth Banks$12

08048The Tyrian Veil : PoemsKenneth Banks$12

16897The VicLeanna Brodie$15

16227The VicinityDavid O'Meara$10

14299THE WAR OF THE SECRET AGENTS and Other Poems.COULETTE, Henri$15

08903The way of wonderDoney, May$30

18847The Wayfarer : Poetry and EtchingsRoy Purcell$10

12792The Whole ElephantMarlene Cookshaw$15

16734The Witch of EdmontonThomas Dekker$15

07277Theatrical ExhibitionsShein, Brian$25

13892This and that: [Poems]Vera Luella Ernst McNichol$20

19396This Brighter Prison: A Book of JourneysKaren Connelly$10

13792This Brighter Prison: A Book of Journeys: A Book of JourneysKaren Connelly$10

15995This Won't Last ForeverMorton, Colin$10

02640Three (3)Noble, Charles; J. O. Thompson; And Jon Whyte$20

16938Three Plays: The Broken Calabash/Parables for a Season/The Reign of WazobiaTess Akaeke Onwueme$20

13236Threshold: Six Women, Six PoetsRona Murray$10

15576Through Injured EyesMichael Sean Gardner$10

16040Through the EyesDon Druick$10

19486Time release poemsRobert Priest$11

09221To celebrate with light - words & etchingsLyndia Terre$15

15200To-morrow and the day after to-morrow - poemsHOSEJKO, Lubomir$20

13423Too Spare, Too FiercePatrick Lane$15

13478Tough RootsJean McCallion$15

05210Trains of Winnipeg (Poems)Clive Holden$10

05207Trout Stream CreedDavid Carpenter$10

13424Turns and Other PoemsRichard Outram$10

07707Tut-Tut: Young Poems for Tutankhamun.Sylvia DUVERNET$12

18240Twister: The Original ScreenplayMichael Crichton$12

19246Two LinesCj Evans$10

16717Two Plays for Study - Twenve angry Men; Romanoff and JulietReginald Rose; R.G. Harrison (Editor)$10

08309Two Women and a TelephoneRica Bromley Taylor$10

06555Under coyote's eye: A play about IshiHenry Beissel$10

18110UndercoverWendy Morton$12

19266Unfinished BusinessTopa$15

16066Unity (1918)Kevin Kerr$12

05206UnravelArmstrong, Tammy$10

15551Unwavering Eye: Selected Poems 1969-1975Layton, Irving$10

16009Unwavering Eye: Selected Poems 1969-1975Layton, Irving$10

11292Van Ganser HarteHermans, Toon$15

09422Verse portraitsStratford, Philip$10

12140Voices From The Niagara - Ten Niagara PoetsBaltensperger, Peter & Baltensperger, Brenda (Selected By)$10

15814Voices on the Wind - Poems About Alaska's BirdsFrank Keim$15

07082Volodymyr the Great a Historical Drama in Three ActsLassovsky-Kruk, Miroslawa; Trojan, Anna Stepaniuk$35

12566Von Gott, der Welt und dem MenschenSchneider, Paul Wilhelm$15

19485W)holes: PoemsCynthia MacDonald$15

17883W;t A PlayEdson, Margaret$10

19245Wait, You're Not a Centaur: 50 Fifty-word Stories and DrawingsNathaniel Drake Denver$15

05225Waiting for the play to beginLinda Siebenga$20

15091Waking Ordeals: Poems of Love and High Risk AdventureWilloughby, Joshua & Maynard Luterman, John Lucic, (eds.)$10

09953Walking on WaterDave Carley$10

08643Watcher of Men, The Selected Poems (1947-1966)Bourinot, Arthur S.$35

18423Wayside weedsEllis, William Hodgson$50

09909We Must Kill Toni, A Comedy in Three ActsBlack, Ian Stuart$35

16955We, the WomenMERLE NUDELMAN$10

10690WeaveLisa Pasold$15

09889Welded LinksPeckham, P. Annetta$33

09956Wells Of LightF Quellette$10

09859WEST OF KAP: BICYCLE POEMS: Record of a Journey in Northern Ontario, 1974Douglas Stewart$25

14019West South WestErin Mouré$10

13094Westward to CanaanForman Joan$25

00755What a Lovely WarMonty Python crew$15

15873What is to be Done?Gallant, Mavis$15

02672What the Butler SawOrton, Joe$20

07147Where Gods Do Not Suffer from OvercrowdingDonia Blumenfeld Clenman$25

04649Where the English Housewife ShinesAlexandra Oliver$20

05867Where water and gravel meet: PoemsHeather Browne Prince$10

08293WindfallsFrances B. Richman$12

05464Wings : a dramaArthur Kopit$15

17790With Shades of Midnight BlueKendall, Graham$15

08140Woman in the woodsJoy Kogawa$10

18171Woman in the WoodsJoy Kogawa$12

11363Wood Words - a celebration of forestsLillian Burgess$15

17526Writing/Ecrits 94Freda Appleyard at al.$15


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