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First Edition



12726 A Book of VersesMoffat, Gertrude MacGregor$20

11374 A People's BestStevenson, O. J.$20

13186 ALL MY BROTHERSWallace, J.S.$20

11624 Aristotelis De Arte PoeticaAristotelis (Aristotle) /Edited By I. Bywater$30

11366 Bad tasteRobyn-Marie Butt$15

11479 Bourgeois PleasuresStange. Ken$15

12401 Breakfast with HerbReynolds, Jack$10

11062 Coming To LondonLehmann, John (Edited By)$20

11951 Frustration!Wright, Milly$18

11412 I Run With The FoxGould, Mona$15

13217 I'm Glad I Met You Thoughts on love and Friendship I'm Glad I Met You Thoughts on love and Friendship Adah Louise Sutton$20

12907 Joseph Weydemeyer ~ Pioneer of American SocialismObermann, Karl$15

11410 Lotus of the Dusk A Romance of ChinaDorothy Graham$33

11965 Mouth Of the Dragon: 6- September, 1975 Mouth Of the Drago Press$15

11437 Roses of Shadow. With a Foreword by Duncan Campbell Scott.AYLEN, Elise$22

11746 The Lady from EdinburghStuart, Aimee & Rose, L. Arthur$25

11912 The spy who died of boredom;: A novelGeorge Mikes$22

18025"Beezer" Book 1999D C Thomson$15

17583...AND THE KOOKABURRA LAUGHEDThomas, Bernard$20

17052…Still in ChileSusan Siddeley$15

1712010-45 Spells DeathKathy J. McCormack Carter (Author), William J. McCormack$15

182761949David French$15

187586 Volume Set - Baron Tringault's Vengeance; The Clique of Gold; The Count's Millions; Within An Inch of His Life; Caught in The Net; The Champdoce MysteryGaboriau, Emile$115

11449A Century Has RootsFinch, Robert$20

05581A Charge to Keep I Have...the Life and Times of John Bransford NicholsJ. B. Nichols$21

16074A Collection of SolitudesTarnow, David$15

10311A dancing starDoug Beardsley$10

19505A Dialogue With MasksMary Melfi$11

17431A Doctor Pedalled Her Bicycle Over the River ArnoMatt Rader$15

11420A Family MatterFrancis Gaite$35

17789A Few Fair DaysJane Gardam$15

05385A Footprint on Planet Earth - an Australian story…David McKinlay$22

14008A Force to Be Reckoned With: The Memoirs of Norah EgenerNorah Egener, Kristen Egener Chaddah$15

15153A Force to Be Reckoned With: The Memoirs of Norah EgenerNorah Egener, Kristen Egener Chaddah$20

15985A Geography of SoulsKathleen McCracken$10

07551A girl like IRosemary McLeod$15

05217A Gloss on Our Painted GodsEric Barstad$10

16828A Glossary of German literary terms (Otago German studies)August Obermayer$20

05708A Gown for His Mistress (Acting Edition)Georges Feydeau$10

17186A Horseman and the WestTrotter, Beecham$15

07968A Jacobite DreamJames Dalgleish$33

18673A Line in the SandGuillermo Verdecchia$15

13897A Map of MisreadingHarold Bloom$15

07032A Masque of AesopRobertson Davies$15

16052A Masque of AesopDavies, Robertson$15

07321A moi ma chair, à moi mon âme! : Du cloître au ballet tome 1Lorrain, Roland$25

17564A Month Without SnowM. E Csamer$15

14472A Moving TargetGolding, William$15

15761A New Home in a Model Village: Memories of a Bourneville Child 1920 - 1940,G.Letitia Haynes$35

18956A Pocketful Of Python Terry Jones$10

12338A Quiet Voice: One Man's Journey from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Addiction, Prison and Homelessness to a Dignified LifeEugene Hairston, Susan Adger$20

06044A Roads ScholarIvan E. Young$15

05578A Room at the Heart of Things: The Work That Came to MeElisabeth Harvor (Editor)$11

18367A Safe HavenTilly Sugarman-Bueno de Mesquita$20

17359A SONG OF BEDLAM INN and Other PoemsMadeleva, M. [Sister]$15

19054A Successful Landing on Safe GroundArya, Akram Monfared$20

07449A sudden brightnessAlice Boissonneau$11

10046A theatre for Spenserians;: Papers of the International Spenser Colloquium, Frederiction [sic] New Brunswick, October, 1969Kennedy, Judith M. & Reither, James A. (ed)$15

16449A Time of DayFrancis Durbridge$45


10878A View from the ValleyBaker, Denys Val$25

15176A Vigil for Joe Rose: Stories of Being Out in High SchoolWhatling, Michael$15

16888A Walk in the Garden Christopher L. Hannah$22

16580A Walk in the ValleyRobert C. Kensett$20

19363A Well-Mannered Storm: The Glenn Gould PoemsKate Braid$10

14044A Wreath for Jennys GraveCharlotte Hunt$33

19352A Writer's Guide to Transitional Words and ExpressionsVictor C. Pellegrino$10

16820A Yankee in CanadaThoreau Henry David$10

02451Abnormally Happy: a Gay DictionarySummerbell, Richard$10

16232Adagios: Electra's BenisonJudith Fitzgerald$20

08842Addresses and MiscellaniesGluck, James Fraser$35

14678Adrift on an Ice-Pan.Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason.$10

09719Affreux, le bêtisier du FNGaïa, Robert$22

14167After the WarWainwright, Andy$10

08642Against the Grain and Other StoriesKennedy, C. Fairn$12

07143Agent of the Terran EmpirePoul Anderson$30

19354Agnes Miegel. Broschüre.Elisabeth Römer$22

12798Agoak: The legacy of AgagukYves Theriault$15

06864Ah Well, a Romance in Perpetuity ; And to You AlsoJack B. Yeats$10

01673Aikins of the U of T medical facultyCharles M Godfrey$24

18498Aldous Huxley: Satire and StructureJerome Meckier$25

18169Alex Colville: The Observer ObservedMark Cheetham$10

11416Alfred Chapman, Architect 1879-1949Chapman, Howard D.$20

13910Aliens: Book One - Third EditionMark Verheiden$15

14271All I Want Is a Walk-On PartLaMonte Palmer$10

03009All Kinds of Everything: Worlds of PoetryDudek, Louis (Editor)$15

14125All Souls --- 1st EditionSymons, Geraldine$24

11128All the polarities: Comparative studies in contemporary Canadian novels in French and EnglishPhilip Stratford$25

18429Allegoresis: The Craft of Allegory in Medieval LiteratureJ. Stephen Russell$45

17912Allegory : An odyssey in time and space : A play.Parker, Will A.$20

12789Allegory of the SupermarketStephanie Brown$20

17208AllegroJohn Milton$10

03424Along Pioneer TrailsPaterson, Pearl McKelvie$15

17447Als een eenzame mus op het dak. Jan Pieter Paauwe (1872-1956). Zijn leven, werk en volgelingenDros, L.F. / Sjoer, N.J.P.$22

18006Am I disturbing you?Anne Hebert$10

04003Amazon Angel: a NovellaYolande Villemaire; Translator-Gerald Leblanc$11

17302Amigos Blue GuitarJoan MacLeod$15

19096An Amateur Peasant GirlAlexander Pushkin$10

03415An Enemy in ViewHoffman, David$11

13629An Indian SummerSacheverell Sitwell$20

17952An Oak HunchPhil Hall$10

13215An outline of the poetry of Robert FrostJon C Stott$55

19243And on the Eighth DayRichard Hedman and Fred Bair$55

08618And Something MoreBrown, Jean McConnell$15

09416Angel Blood: The Tess PoemsKevin Irie$15

17616Angels of Flesh, Angels of SilenceLorna Crozier$10

09634Another Morning ComingSalmon, Eric$25

13705Anthem For Doomed Youth: Poets of the Great War.Macdonald, Lyn, Ed.$30

15279Anthracite Country-PoemsParani, Jay$10

19209ApparatusDon McKay$15

19212Archive of the UndressedJeanette Lynes$10

15685Arcpoetrymagazine Winter 2011Arc Poet Societ$10

15792ArianeGeorge McGuire$25

17420Armand Dussault and Other PoemsMacdonald Wilson$15

19053Around the Mulberry TreeP. Scott Lawrence$15

07257Arranging DestinyDowning, Jack$25

05226Asoka : a historical playTarlochan Singh Gill$10

17087Assault on Lake Casitas Brad Alan Lewis$10

13823At Heart: Newfoundland Short StoriesLisa J. Ivany, Robert Hunt$15

16051At My Heart's CoreDavies, Robertson$15

16000At My Heart's Core & Overlaid: Two PlaysDavies, Robertson$10

13862AtonementGaetan Soucy$12

08005Attar of Song and Other PoemsIrene H. Moody$30

19310Aunty High Over the Barley MowDennis T. Patrick Sears$22

05945AveTanya Kern$10

19430BadPeter Ferguson$20

12868BAGDAD CAFE , out of Rosenheim. Dialogue bilingue.Collectif - Percy Adlon$25

11893Balzacs Horse and Other StoriesGert Hofmann (Author), Christopher Middleton (Translator)$15

12560Bardel's MurderKenneth Giles$22

17655Barefoot daysE. H Cayford$15

17824Baumgartner's BombayAnita Desai$15

16830BearEngel, Marian$25

18643BearMarian Engel$45

06251Beare PartsRichard A Dominico$15

18424BeastsHarold Jaffe$10

09464Beautiful DruidHadwen, Alden$20

18860Beautiful Losers Leonard Cohen$20

15378Beauty and the Beast (Children's Theatre Playscript)William Glennon$50

19421Because of a FishboneMonica Kocsmaros$20

17674Beds & ShotgunsBryden, Diana Fitzgerald;Postle, Tricia;Waits, Death;McCafferty, Paul$10

09814Beethoven's LettersLudwig van Beethoven$15

00447Before The WindCharles Tyng$10

16049BeginningsHodgins, Jack$50

17487Behind the LogPratt, E.J.$10

13527Bell sound and vintage (Contemporary poetry 26)Maura, Sister$20

17720Belles Soeurs, LesMichel Tremblay$10

16510Beneath Whose Hand: The Autobiography of R.M. WilliamsWilliams, R.m.$15

14467Bernard ShawPat Carr$15

16269Beside the Hemlock Garden: On Lives and RightsStrecker, James$10

13661Best of HeydaysEdward Hayes$15

19272Best of Sisters In CrimeMarilyn Wallace$25

18921BethuneRod Langley$10

03649Between Anxiety and Hope: the Poetry and Writing of Czesaw MioszEdward Mozejko (Editor)$20

19201Beware the months of fire Patrick Lane$20

10890Beyond DescartesJenny Joseph$20

09452Beyond labelsRobert Zend$20

07337Beyond the Moment: Selected Poems, 1960-1976George Thaniel, Edward Phinney (translated from greek)$10

07298Beyond the StileMargaret Davidson Bamber$30

07197Biography of a beagleGail MacMillan$10

14730Bipolar BearCatherine Kidd$14

09430Bird Limericks: Verse About Our Fine-Feathered FriendsPeter Downie (Contributor), Todd James Buhrows (Editor)$15

18403BirdsongSabastian Faulks$12

11766Birth of Shylock & the Death of Zero MostelArnold Wesker$20

16624Bitter breadAlbert Laberge$40

19443Bix's Trumpet and other storiesDave Margoshes$15

15964Black AjaxGeorge MacDonald Fraser$35

05262Black Ajax (Audio Cassette)George MacDonald Fraser (Author), Stephen Thorne (Narrator) -Unabridged edition$95

18720Black AngelNouritza Matossian$55

12842Black apples: A play in two actsRoberts, Kevin$35

18460Black conceit

18277Blake: or; The Huts of America Martin R. Delany$20

13235Blood on steelMichael Melski$10

04578Blow Wind, Burn Candle: True Tales From ZimbabweMerritt, Judson H.$10

09409Blue AngelsStephen Humphrey$10

03384Bob Friday's Other Eye-and More Outrageous Rue Tales of Canada's Northern FrontierJohn David Hamilton$10

07913Bob's IchthyosaurBritt, John$15

18488BodyFlanagan, Robert$10

04674Bon Echo: The Denison YearsMary Savigny$10

19329Bonding with gravityColleen Flood$15

18147Book of Mercy Leonard Cohen$95

16581Book of the HoursHelwig, David$15

13477Borrowed BeautyMaxine Tynes$10

14210Boss CupidThom Gunn$10

19328Boucaud in the Story: 2013-2017S I Boucaud$10

18582Boys Will be Boys: The Story of Sweeney Todd, Deadwood Dick, Sexton Blake, Billy Bunter, Dick Barton, etc.E. S. Turner$22

00956Breath dances between them: StoriesM. T Kelly$10

07313Breath of Music: Where Words and Sound MeetDonia Blumenfeld Clenman$15

14670Breathing SpaceBruce, John$15

14441Brick 68: A Literary JournalLinda Spalding$20

14565Brick 80: Winter 2007Helm, Michael, Michael Ondaatje, Et Al (Eds)$10

19510Brick literary Journal #103Dionne Band$22

17955Bridging Atlantic Waters: A Commercial and Genealogical History of the Henleys of Devon and Newfoundland and Labrador, 1538-2008Greene, John Carrick$25

14456British Drama Since ShawAssociate Professor Emil Roy Ph.D$15

16993Broken Wings: Short StoriesAnatoliy Dimarov$20

08846Bronze Man BreathingClif Bennett$15

12450Brothers of the HeadBrian Wilson Aldiss$22

18761Buell HamptonEmerson, Willis George$25

18297Buffalo Basinmargaret carr$25

19418Building Bicycles in the DarkJohn B. Lee$15

18806Bunter the bad ladFrank Richards$15

10019By Death Never Leave Me an Elegy for John V. NguyenNynych, Stephanie$20

14278By the Way: Poems over the YearsDavid Radavich$10

09929Cabin in the RedwoodsNeubauer, William$44

16219Call it a dayEugene McNamara$10

18947Callahan's LegacyRobinson, Spider$15

14415Calling All HeroesPaco Ignacio, II Taibo$10

07300CameosDorothy Cameron Smith & Lini Grol$10

17779CameraJean-Philippe Toussaint$10

06863Camino CieloChristopher Buckley$15

18957Canadian Humour and SatireFord, Theresa$10

18645Canadian short fiction: From myth to modernW. H. New$22

17689CandlebearerGiordano Bruno$15

12793Captain of HungaryFerenc Puskas$20

18832Captain SwingWarren Ellis$20

15631Captain William Moore: B.C.'s Amazing FrontiersmanNorman R. Hacking$10

08670Captured FanciesDavidson,Frederic$15

18922CarmenProsper Merimee$10

09856Carols and CameosHowey, William$25

19369Carols and CameosHowey, William$22

17679Cartography and WalkingAdam Dickinson$10

18091Castro (2nd Edition) Sebastian Balfour$10

18635Casuals Of The Sea: The Voyage Of A SoulMcFee, William$15

03292Catching The Spirit - Volume 3Studendts of Northwestern Ontario$20

02353CatholicsMoore, Brian$22

11084Cats in VerseMargaret Hobbs,Jack Hobbs$10

18000Caucasian Chalk CircleBertolt Brecht$10

19283Celebrated Cases of Charlie ChanEarl Derr Biggers$45

05208Celtic Highway: Poems & TextsCarolan, Trevor$10

15061Celtic Highway: Poems & TextsCarolan, Trevor$12

09458CerberusRai Berzins$10

06141Cerddi Prifeirdd - Welsh EditionAlan Llwyd$20

16677Cervantes' Theory of NovelE.L.C. Riley$25

18125Chansons et poèmes 2Gilbert Langevin$11

05962Charles G.D. RobertsJames Cappon$15

14338Chateau Puits '81MIA Anderson$15

05012Che Guevara and the Latin American RevolutionManuel Barbarroja Pineiro$15

12766ChickenMiles Tripp$22

16376ChickenMiles Tripp$25

10579Chidori's RoomRosemary Timperley$25

18005Children of a Lesser GodMark Howard Medoff$15

14047Chimps, Champs and Elephants: In the Making of a ZooJack Baker$20

04188Christmas PoemsDrinkwater, John$20

17185Circuit: These are the Sacred Places, Visions Before Midnight, Death by ToiletLawrence Garber$25

19480Civil ElegiesDennis Lee$10

12517Claverton MysteryJohn Rhode$35

10828CleavageTheanna Bischoff$10

18113Close Encounters With the DeityBishop, Michael$20

16694Cold ComfortJim Garrard$10

11447ColeridgeGarnett, Richard$20

17418Collected PoemsMunro, Kathryn$22

17436Collected poems of Raymond Souster - Volume 3 - 1962-1974Souster, Raymond$33

19286Collecting Clues: Margaret Atwood`s Bodily HarmLorna Irvine$12

19413Combray- A la recherche du temps perduMarcel Proust (Author), & 2 more$10

13896Comedy - Developments in Criticism: Selection of Critical EssaysD.J. Palmer$35

18234Comfort Zone: StoriesGordon E. Symons$20

03219Comin' Thro' the RyeC.F. Underwood and Earl Stetson Crawford$20

11468Coming Attractions 08Mark Anthony Jarman$15

18924Complete Physical Shane Neilson$10

07271Compromise - Collected Thoughts by MargaretGourley, Margaret$15

18060Concierto BarrocoAlejo Carpentier$20

06315Condor and HummingbirdCharlotte Mendez$15

09428ConnectionsJane Garland & Liz Zetlin$10

13676ConnectionsJane Garland & Liz Zetlin$12

07335ContemplationsParsons, R. A.$15

16523Contes de la TchoukotkaIouri Rythkeou$55

16822Continental TranceBP Nichol$20

18658Continuation Of Love By Other MeansClaudia Casper$22

15450Conversations with Eddie OtherMaia Caron$33

05936Conversations with John SteinbeckThomas Fensch (Editor), John Steinbeck$12

11054Cottage GothicAvery, Martin$30

18640Could Love a ManSusan Stenson$10

12230Country Collection of Random RecollectionsAvery S. Hancox$15

17592Cow Jumped Over the MoonEarle Birney$10

09624Cow Pasture BeginningsPegg, Ron$20

09999Cowper's Task Books III and IV: The Garden and the Winter Evening and Coleridge's Friend Essays III-IVStrang, Moore$20

11446Cowper's Task: The Garden and the Winter Evening, with Notes, Questions and an Introduction Books III. And IV.John E Bryant$40

12324Critics on D.H. LawrenceW.T. Andrews$10

17904Crossing the River: Margaret LaurenceKristjana Gunnars$10

09415Crossing the StraitsGreene, Richard$10

14253Crossing the WaterSylvia Plath$15

17612Cry at the edge of foreverbetty brill$15

07008Cues and entrances - 2nd EditionHenry Beissel$20

03627CuriousBowering, George$20

16887Czech MateThomas O. Hecht$35

16053DA (The Devil's Artisan). A Journal of the Printing Arts: Number 64, Spring/Summer, 2009: Artist at Work: Gerard Brender à Brandis Wood Engraver and BookwrightMcLeod, Don, Ed.$20

16509Daisy CanfieldBen Haas$24

16506Dal and RiceWendy M. Davis$15

04742Dance More OftenFrankum, Jennifer$10

14060Dancing with the priest-lady: The autobiography of Constance Frances WillistonConstance Frances Williston$15

14410Dancock's DanceVanderhaeghe, Guy$10

18891Dandelion and Other PoemsPenny, Bert$15

13532DanielRice, Bruce$12

08911Das Blumenjahr in Bild und LiedRobert Hamerling$40

16956Daughter of StrangersMarjory Gordon$20

19204De laatste deelnemerAlexandra Oliva$30

19357Death of a Lady's ManLeonard Cohen$45

19267Death on 30 Beat Maynard Collins$15

18223Death on 30 Beat Maynard Collins$15

01976December ApplesLewis, Eiluned$20

18088Deed of giftJill Dawson Dalibard$10

07383Dernière fugue LaMichel Ouellette$15

15684Descant. No. 68, Spring 1990.Mulhallen, Karen (editor).$15

19475Desire as Natural DisasterDe, Claire$10

08461Dialectic of Discovery: Essays on the Teaching and Interpretation of Literature Presented to Lawrence E. HarveyJohn D. Lyons (Author), Nancy J. Vickers (Editor)$20

15872Diamond GrillFred Wah$10

03491Diary of Anne FrankGoodrich, F.; Hackett, A.$20

05594Die Graue MarchMeinrad Inglin$25

06960Die Männer im Schatten. An der Seite berühmter HerrscherinnenThea Leitner$15

18809Disinherited Mind: Essays in Modern German Literature and ThoughtErich Heller$40

12997Dislocations in CrystalMichael Boughn$12

12399Diss/ed banded nationDavid Nandi Odhiambo$15

13528Divine Imagination: William Blake's Major Prophetic VisionsRonald L. Grimes$22

15996DivisionsMorrissey, Stephen$15

06096Divorcing the Corporation: One Woman's Fight to Save Her Family from Multinational ManeuversRosalyn M. Reeder$20

02466Do You Know Their Names Soviet PoetsMezhdunarodnaya Kniga$15

04836Doctor Nellie: The Autobiography of Dr. Helen Macknight DoyleHelen Macknight Doyle$30

16222Don Reichert: A Life in WorkWalsh, Meeka$15

09870Don't Fence Me inDavey, Ray$20

17707DopplerErlend Loe$15

11393Dorothy Dunnett CompanionElspeth Morrison$35

13853Double Vision: A Collaboration of Poets and ArtistsShelley Jackson$10

18704Down Dangerous Passes RoadMichel Marc Bouchard$20

17200Drama Structures: A Practical Handbook For TeachersO'Neill, Cecily$22

18804Dramas and Prize-Poem of Matthew Arnold.Arnold, Matthew; Magnus Laurie [ed.]$25

13658Dramatic W.O. MitchellW. O Mitchell$20

17533Dramatic W.O. MitchellW. O Mitchell$20

19324Dreadful Water Shows Up: A NovelGoodWeather, Hartley$25

15626Dream PlayAugust Strindberg$10

05066Durch's Jahr mit Albert SchweitzerSchweitzer, Albert$15

16437Earth WitchCameron, Anne$10

09582EchoesHulbert, Winifred N.$20

14362Echoes in the Wind: From Cynwyd Castle - Book Two.Thorman, Richard Iorweth.$15

09325Echosystem: Poems & Poem CyclesJames Strecker$10

03422Edgar Wallace By HimselfWallace, Edgar$24

16257EDNA'S CIRCLE Edna Staebler's Century of FriendshipsNancy Silcox$25

06978Eisenstein 2Jay Leyda (Editor)$10

19229El hueco de tu ausencia/The space without youMaría Encarnación Seco Gardner$22

14734Elements of GraceDawna Proudman$10

16228Elements of GraceDawna Proudman$10

06746Elephant Bangs TrainWilliam Kotzwinkle$14

15687Eleventh Hour, The: Poems For the New MillenniumDobbs, Kildare$10

11469Elina, Mistress of Laukko: A NovelMary Caraker$10

16607Elizabeth RexTimothy Findley$40

16006Elizabeth RexFindley, Timothy$10

07985Embers of My World - from D to M - Seven Stories 1903 - 1993Muriel Morrison$20

17902EmbroideriesSatrapi, Marjane$10

12835Encyclopedia of Comedy with Index for Use with The Plot GenieHill, Wycliffe A.$150

18099Ending With MusicMaurice Mierau$10

17430Ends of the Earth : An Anthology of the Finest Writing on the Arctic and the Antarctic (Two Volumes: The Arctic; The Antarctic)Kolbert, Elizabeth & Francise Spufford (Eds)$45


04647EnigmatiiNeftin, Richard$20

07142Ensign FlandryPoul Anderson$20

05065Entdeckung des Herzens. Einführung und Auswahl von Paul Hühnerfeld.Günther, Johann Christian:$20

17531Epistles to Several PersonsJohn Fuller$20

14073Epos: :Word, Narrative and the IliadLynn-George, Michael$95

15671Eros and Psyche: The Representation of Personality in the Works of Charlotte Brontë, Charles Dickens, and George EliotChase, Karen$15

15524Esker Mike and His Wife, Agiluk: A Play by Herschel HardinHardin, Herschel$10

17500Essays on Canadian Writing, Number 27, Winter 1983-84David, Jack; Lecker, Robert (editors)$10

13766Even Cows Go to Heaven : Veterinary Antics of the 1960sKnox, Linda$22

09598Even the Stuff of EarthOSU Sister Clarita Felhoelter$20

15426Every Second ThursdayEmma Page$25

16226Every Second ThursdayBrad Morley$20

18792Everyday EclipsesRoger Mcgough$15

09661Everywhere I've BeenCarl Sentner$15

07302Exchanges: Life After DanceSidimus, Joysanne$20

19331Execution PoemsGeorge Elliott Clarke$15

15186Exile's Exiles: The Happy Few. Volume 3.John Reeves. Barry Callaghan, Ed.$15

19071Expeditions of a Chimaera Oana Avasilichioaei, Er'n Moure$20

06985Extracts of existenceWilliam Markiewicz$20

18674Faces in the City James J. Kavanaugh$10

18050Faces of LeacockDonald Cameron$15

12872Falkland Islands: The "Travis" Franks and CoversNORRIS, Andrew and David Beech$10

16235Fallen AngelNicolas Robel$10

02652Family CirclesDenys Val Baker$20

19278Famous Indians of the 20th CenturyVishwamitra Sharma$15

06935Fanny Burney: Selected Letters and JournalsJoyce Hemlow$15

03598Far from the rowan treeMargaret Gillies Brown$15

16022Fast livingChoyce, Lesley$10

08035Fatapoufs and ThinifersMaurois, Andre$55

19524Father Brown Selected StoriesG.K. Chesterton$20

18774Fear No EvilJohn Gordon Davis$25

16102Fifteen Winds: A Selection of Modern Canadian PoemsPurdy, A.W. (Editor)$10

16840Fifteen winds;: A selection of modern Canadian poemsAl Purdy$15

15871Fighting for Fraser Island - A Man and an IslandFighting for Fraser Island, a Man and an Island : an Autobiography with Peter CorrisSinclair, John with Corris, Peter$20

16863Filmi Filmi, Inspector GhoteH. R. F. Keating$33

18168FirePaul Ledoux$10

19262Fire Walking - Tales of an expedition to the End of the EarthFEDERICO EZEQUIEL GARGIULO$15

19224First Book of GrabinoulorPierre Albert-Birot$10

12574First Lady of the WorldRobert Muller$15

14822Five Modern Canadian PoetsEli Mandel$10

17718Five Modern Canadian PoetsMandel, Eli (Editor)$10

19242Five storiesW. P Kinsella$15

18464FlashbacksTimothy Leary$45

18773FlashpointMichael Gilbert$15

06680Flaubert and Henry James: a Study in ContrastsDavid Gervais$20

19419Fleeced: Cut from the Wrong ClothGeorge H R Goldmith$20

19417flora fauna & h. sapiensPat Smekal & Ian Cognito$15

18489FLorentine Journal 1st April 25th May 1910Bennett, A.$22

19355Flying A Red KiteHood, Hugh$15

07268Flying fish and other poemsGary Michael Dault$20

03294Foothill and Prairie Memories. a Group of PoemsHiginbotham, John D.$40

17863FOR EVERY SINAharon Appelfeld$15

18757For Grandad a Gift of LoveHelen Exley (Editor)$20

19074For the SleepwalkersEdward Hirsch$10

03035For Your Spare Moment: AnthologyHughes Stanley, Thea$15

06502Forbidden to grow oldIzaak Mansk$22

11291Forcing the NarcissusSusan Musgrave$10

18185ForeignersBarbara Sapergia$20

08602Fortune Turns Her WheelSheard, Virna$45

16890ForwardSusan Gibson$10

16230ForwardSusan Gibson$10

15438Four Deuces NorthRichard J. Thomas$20

18748Four Deuces NorthRichard J. Thomas$15

17123Four German Writers: Mann, Kafka, Rilke, BrechtHans Eichner$12

09321Four Red Crescent MoonsJulie McNeill$10

04712Four Women: Colleen Thibaudeau, Penn Kemp, Marianne Micros, Gloria Alvernaz MulcahyColleen Thibaudeau, Penn Kemp, Marianne Micros, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy$15

13360Fox Poems 1998 To 2000Adrienne Rich$10

17050Fox Trot: StoriesEugene McNamara$22

05216Fragmenting Body etcBarbour, Douglas$10

05289Fragments de ma vie - memoirs de Henia ReinhartzHenia Reinhartz$10

18855FRAMES of a StoryDaphne Marlatt$22

15819Franco.ese HombreSanchez Silva, Jose Maria;Saenz de Heredia, Jose Luis$20

09804Frank Welsman: Canadian ConductorMary E. Hughes$15

01754Freddy Lonsdale. His BiographyDonaldson, Frances$15

11908French-Canadian & Québécois novelsBen-Zion Shek$10

19452Freshwater: A ComedyVirginia Woolf$15

07407Friday's ChildHonor-Mary Allen$22

18831Fridjof Nansen - Leitbilder - Band 1Hartl, Albert$10

17960From Beowulf to Virginia WoolfMyers, Robert Manson$25

14361From Cynwyd Castle on Jackson PointRichard I. Thorman$10

06969From pulpit to prison: A clergyman's fight for justiceRussell David Horsburgh$35

13656From Zero to OneZend, Robert$20

19126Front Lines: The Fiction of Timothy FindleyLorraine York$15

15424Frost at ChristmasR. D. Wingfield$35

18390Fuenteovejuna: A Dual-Language BookLope de Vega$10

09299Gabardine and Other Poems: & other poemsBagchee$10

02855Garden of DelightsCarrier, Roch$15

19249Gardening in the TropicsOlive Senior$15

17122Gateway City: The North Bay storyMichael Barnes$15

14207Gedichte Dreier JahreRingelnatz, Joachim$10

17785Genius Born of Anguish: The Life & Legacy of Henri NouwenMichael W Higgins, Kevin Burns$15

18837Gently to NagasakiJoy Kogawa$20

06972George Armstrong Custer: A BiographyMark L. Gardner$10

09408Ghost CountrySteve Noyes$10

16225Gifts from the Dead: The Poems of Sidonie HallBazeley, Elizabeth$12

18905Glass SkinJanet Richards$15

09915Go Gentle: Poems on Life Love and DeathClever, Glenn$14

19474God Is Alive : Magic Is Afoot (From Beautiful Losers)Cohen, Leonard$10

10731Goodbye to Berlin [Large Print]Christopher Isherwood$45

05742Grace: An American Woman in China, 1934-1974Eleanor McCallie Cooper, William Liu$20

14336Grain for the ReaperBernie Hann$20

13161Grand théâtre (Le)Madeleine Ferron$14

08975Grasping Men's MetaphorsSharon H. Nelson$10

12942Great Blue Heron And Other Poems, Play and ProseCarl Cornelius Harnett$20

03878Green Fields: Journal of Irish Country LifeStephen Rynne, Alice Taylor (Introduction)$15

17395GrimscribeThomas Ligotti$55

17342GrooksPiet Hein$25

17341Grooks VPiet Hein$20

06959Große Herrscher des Hauses Habsburg: 700 Jahre europäische GeschichteFriedrich Weissensteiner$20

18997Guest At Cambridge, AGeorge H. Guest$18

11415Gunnison KidKlingsmith, Phil$20

10691Hanging Tree and Other PoemsHarry Gustafsson$15

18679Hanging Tree and Other PoemsHarry Gustafsson$15

18167Hard Core LogoMichael Turner$15

16383Harold Adams Innis: Portrait of a scholarDonald Creighton$15

08640Hautefort. Roman historique vaudoisVILLEMARD, Adolphe$22

05718Hear the Pennies DroppingGwyneth J Whilsmith$10

03552Heartbreak Soup and Other StoriesHernandez, Gilbert$10

15603Heinz Kohut: The Making of a PsychoanalystStrozier, Charles$35

19070Hello Serotonin Jon Paul Fiorentino$10

18942HENRY AND CATO Iris. Murdoch$15

17293Here There Are No SheepMacDonald, Bruce$15

08277Herman and Nancy and IvyCharles Burkhart$20

13948Herr Nightingale and the Satin WomanWilliam Kotzwinkle$45

13852Hex Holes and Other Openings: Canadian Recitations of the Versed KindConway, Paul$10

12135High RollersGary Phillips$10

18676Hiram and JennyRichard Outram$15

08892Holiday in Bed, and Other Sketches: With a Short Biographical Sketch of the AuthorJames Matthew Barrie$45

15182Holt, R.N.Ian Mackintosh$22

16578Hooked: seven poemsCarolyn Smart$10

17860Hopkins Commentary: Explanatory Commentary on the Main Poems, 1876-89Donald McChesney$20

19504Horses NeckPete Townshend$11

07877Hot ice: Shakespeare in Moscow : a director's diaryGuy Sprung$15

15863HotelBiz: A MemoirHans J. Gerhardt$15

18706How are Verses Made?Vladimir Mayakovsky, G. M. Hyde (Translator)$88

09326How I Know the Sky is a River: Selected and New Shorter Poems 1978-1998Safarik, Allan$10

16465How Pleasant to Know Mr. Lear!: Edward Lear's Selected WorksEdward Lear, Myra Cohn Livingston$22

18841How to Compile Your Family HistoryJ.M. Heslop$20

12275How to Play: The Theatre of James ReaneyGerald Parker$22

18842How to Write Your Personal HistoryJ. M. Heslop$10

19248How We Play at It: A Listmatt robinson$11

15574Howl and Other Poems. the Pocket Poets Series Number FourGinsberg, Allen$10

05215Human gardensRobert Clayton Casto$10

16104Hungry hills a novelRyga, George$20

16538Hunting Stuart & Other PlaysROBERTSON DAVIES$24

05282I Am a RoseLevitt, Stacey$10

18646I Have a Story for You . . . Musings of The MoodivatorCarole Bertuzzi Luciani$15

17909I rememberVirginia Dixon Wartenbe$25

04719I Remember Korea : Veterans Tell Their Stories of the Korean War, 1950-1953Linda Granfield$10

05201I Would be the Buffalo's Guest: A Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

05515I Would Be the Buffalo's Guest: a Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

17623I Would be the Buffalo's Guest: A Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

18815Iconology and PerversionAllen S. Weiss$25

16644If all men were beggarsCossery, Albert$25

06793If On A Winter's Night a TravellerItalo Calvino$25

11339Ignoramus: A PlayReaney, James$10

07765Ik Mata HariJ. van Dalsum$20

07472Il giardino delle delizie: L'immaginario visivo di Henry JamesMichela Vanon Alliata$25

16233Ill Seen Ill SaidSamuel Beckett$10

18657Image in the mind: CBC radio drama, 1944-1954 N. Alice Frick$22

02931ImmediacyTeasdale, J.R.$45

19142Immoraliste #117ANDRE GIDE$15

07137Immune to GravityDimichele, Mary Di Michele$15

18906Impersonating FlowersBateman, David$10

02321ImpertinentBaldwin, Laura Edith$15

03827In Araby OrionEdward Thompson$11

05218In GreenRobin Blackburn$10

09553In Loving Memory and Other PoemsJack Gilbey$15

09850In Nature's Temple ShrinesHughes, James L.$40

13404In the Flight of StarsDorothy Roberts$10

14374In The Heart or Our CityRudnik, Raphael$10

12795In the Kosher Chow Mein RestaurantRoger Nash$10

18083In the Land of Dreamy DreamsEllen Gilchrist$10

16668In the Old of My AgeMacInnes, Tom$10

17853In the Shadow of the WindAnne Hebert$20

19497In the Walled City: StoriesStewart O'Nan$11

17835In This House Are Many Women and Other PoemsSheree Fitch$10

18114In Too Deep: A Shelby Belgarden MysteryValerie Sherrard$12

13654In-between seasonMioduchowska Anna$10

15856Incognito Street: How Travel Made Me a WriterBarbara Sjoholm$15

07715Ingres Notes at Pensees de J.A.D. IngresHenri Delaborde$40

13545Inspector Ghote Draws a Line - Large PrintH. R. F. Keating$32

15905Inspector West Cries WolfCreasey, John$60

13464Instinctively SpeakingLeach, John$20

16526Instinctively SpeakingLeach, John$15

19189Instinctively SpeakingLeach, John$20

14337Insurgent Rain: Selected Poems 1974-1996Reinzi Crusz$15

15752Intellect and Spirit: The Life and Works of Robert ColesBruce A. Ronda$15

16529Intensive Care: More Poetry and Prose by Nurses Cortney & Judy Davis & Schaefer (Editor)$15

13348InterstellarAllan Briesmaster$15

16388Introducing Margaret Atwood's The edible woman: A reader's guideW. J Keith$60

10893Introduction to Gaelic PoetryDerick Thomson$25

19343Invisible ForegroundDavid Bateman$15

09305Invisible LinesAstrid Van Der Pol$10

13447IronyD.C. Muecke$10

09457Isaac Asimov's science fiction magazineIsaac Asimov$25

17719Isaac Murphy: I Dedicate This RideFrank X. Walker$15

15197Isles will wait / Feithidh na h-Eileanan: contemporary poems in Gaelic and English.Robertson, John A; MacDhonnchaidh, Iain$15

08535It Needs to Be Said…Grove, Frederick Philip$20

03113It Wasn't EasyOlive Ann$24

15916It's Four O'clockReid, Ruby$45

12002It's TimeJana Bluejay$10

18401Jacob AtabetMichael Murphy$15

07000Jacques PlanteRaymond Plante$15

17368Jaguar Rain: the Margaret Mee PoemsJan Conn$15

16240James Brown, suites 1James Brown$45

19181James CookThea Stanley Hughes$15

09763James Stanley McLean, an Appreciation by a Group of His FriendsGroup of His Friends$50

11432Jan Masaryk - Osobni VzpominkyRobert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart, Sir$25

14677Japanese Poetry / The 'Uta'Waley, Arthur$10

07146Jean Rhys, Woman in Passage: A Critical Study of the Novels of Jean RhysHelen Nebeker$30

03554Jean-Jacques: the Early Life and Work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712-1754Cranston Maurice$15

10018Jeannie - A Comedy in Three ActsStuart, Aimee$20

08909Jesus Christ, Rabble Rouser: a Play in Three Acts.C. W. Topping$30

17521Jimmy Simpson, Legend of the RockiesE. J. Hart$15

09858John Mason Neale-Priest ExtraordinaryLough, Arthur Geoffrey$20

15199John Ramsay of KildaltonRamsay, Freda$15

18688Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach$22

09655Josephine, and Other PoemsClark, S. Tucker$35

14141Jour blanc : romanMarie-Andrée Clermont; Frances E Morgan$15

12351Journal of a Mountain ManJames Clyman$45

17716Journey With The Sherpas: The story of Zeke O'Connor and The Sir Edmund Hillary FoundationO'Connor, William (Zeke)$45

08135Journeying Hopefully: the Story of My LifeMcCarrick, Ismay$20

19046Journeyman Travels of A Writer Timothy Findley$18

18003Judge's Wife, The: Memoirs of a BC PioneerEunice M.L. Harrison$15

19500JunctionBrewster, Elizabeth$10

17951Kahlil Gibran a Self-PortraitKahlil Gibran$15

10837Kaleidoscope: Perils of a Solemn BodyBeaulieu, Michel$10

17931Keeping StillLois Hayna$15

12788King and the Flea and Other TalesEthel Harris$20

18247Kingfisher Days Susan Coyne$10

08032Klapka György: megjelent a szabadságharcos tábornok halálának 100. ÉvfordulójáraZoltán Szénássy$25


05535LA MAISON DE FOUSRobert Goulet$25

07384La nuit d'avril sereine contes et nouvellesRosemarie Kieffer$22

08661La Rochelle Or the Refugees. a Story of the HuguenotsWilson, E. C$35

17121La SagouineAntonine Maillet$10

06996La Veritable Marlene DietrichGilles Plazy$30

09752La Vie Artistique Au Temps De BaudelaireTabarant, A.$45

08855La Vie de Seint Auban. An Anglo-Norman Poem of the Thirteenth Century [Anglo-Norman Texts vol. XIX]Arthur Robert Harden (editor)$20

10836Ladrones en el foro/ Thieves in the ForumCarol Lawrence$20

17508Lady of the canyon: Evelyn Cecil Frey, a tributeBurchill, Mary D$15

16856Lady S Volume 2Philippe Aymond$35

05202Lake Where No One SwimsChambers, Chris$10

17407Largo Desolato: A Play in Seven ScenesVaclav Havel$15

18636Last Journey of Captain Harte, TheDianne Warren$15

07735Latent HeatCatherine Hunter$15

10005Later Canadian PoemsWetherell, J. E.$15

10879Later Poems of Rabindranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore (Author), A. Bose (Translator)$22

18361Latin Blood: The Best Crime and Detective Stories of South AmericaYates, Donald$28

10228Le livre de MalpauArnauld PONTIER$15

11066Le manteau de Ruben Dario: Nouvelles (L'Arbre) (French Edition)Jean Ethier-Blais$20

07319Le prix du silenceCécile Fortier Keays$25

08264Le RetraitéFriedrich Dürrenmatt$10

13054Le Serpentaire noirMichel-E. Clément$15

18273Learning in Thin Air Scott Kress$20

11338Leaving the Narrow PlaceDorothy Field$10

10001Leonardo da Vinci. Der Denker, Forscher und Poet. Aus seinen veroffentlichen Schriften.Herzfeld, Marie$25

07010Les Fêtes de l''infiniGérard Lagacé$15

08536Les comptes du monde adventvrevx: texte original avec notice - Tome PremierA. D. S. D., Félix Frank$95

17710Les Fleurs Du MalBaudelaire, Charles$22

04497Letters from artists in the nineteenth centuryJoseph Darracott$10

09775Letters from Lavender Cottage: Hastings in WWII and Austerity - A BiographyVictoria Seymour$20

05944Letters of Florence Nightingale in the History of Nursing Archive, Special Collections,Florence Nightingale, Lois A. Monteiro (edited by), Irene S. Palmer (introduction by )$15

16477Letters of John and Abigail Adams: 1762 to 1826Adams, John$20

08691Letters to Severall Persons of HonourJohn Donne, Edited & Annotated by Charles Edmund Merrill, Jr.$35

17921Lexique des Noms Géographiques et Ethniques dans les Poésies des Troubadours des XII° et XIII° SièclesWIACEK Wilhelmina M.$20

12195Lieux comiquesMichael Issacharoff$25

03249Life and Works of Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon -- Memorial EditionNorthrop, Henry Davenport, D.D.$25

15938Life in the Slow LaneMichael Kluckner$22

18392Life Lived Inside Out: A MemoirLogan Bette Logan$15

17416Life Moves OutsideBarbara Einzig$30

14173Light like the SunFrances Newton$20

01931Like RabbitsBryan, Lynne$22

18992Like Shaking Hands With God: A Conversation About WritingKurt Vonnegut Jr., Lee Stringer$15

12944Lilies: or The Revival of a Romantic DramaMichel Marc Bouchard (Author), Linda Gaboriau (Translator)$10

07124L'impayable Mme. ChadwickJohn S. Crosbie$25

13049L'Impossible désertMichel Muir$20

19362Line ShootArthur Sager$10

18727Lithochronos ou le premier vol de la pierreAndree Christensen, Jacques Flamand$22

19269Little Comrades Laurie Lewis$15

19346Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian AlpsKooser, Ted$10

10436Long ShadowsKaschnitz, Marie Luise$22

16224Looking Down Through WaterElizabeth Bazeley$15

16221Looking Down Through WaterElizabeth Bazeley$15

13909Lost LaysenMargaret Mitchell (Author), Debra Freer (Author, Editor)$12

16544Lost WorldsWilson John Haire$25

16886Love and WhiskeyBetty Lee$35

19052Love in the WintertimeDon Gutteridge$24

08151Love songs of the last CanadianFrank Thompson$10

19029Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die; Cherish, Perish: A NovelDavid Rakoff$15

05956Love, Fun & Other Things: A Book of VerseWib Perry$10

10004Low Life. A Comedy in One la Roche, Mazo$15

10262Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Secret Life of a Great Canadian WriterStan Sauerwein$10

14510Ludwig Zeller, a celebration: The white pheasant flying in multiple languages and visual interpretationsLudwig Zeller$10

14292Luminous EmergenciesDi Michele, Mary$10

09314Lunar DriftMarlene Cookshaw$10

16409Lynton Lamb: IllustratorGeorge Mackie$20

13193Ma Moves HomeGail Reynolds$30

09995Madame Delphine Carancro and Grande PointeCable George W.$2

13560Madame Du Barry: The Wages of BeautyJoan Haslip$15

09772Madamoiselle Chanel. Translated by Eileen Geist and Jessie WoodGalante, Pierre$20

13631Magic World of Orson WellesJames Naremore$20

04981MagnificenceBrenton, Howard$20

18356Major John Richardson's short storiesJohn Richardson$10

17930Making Waves: Three Radio PlaysEmil Sher$12

16613Malcolm Lowry and Conrad Aiken adapted : three radio dramas and a film proposalMargerie Lowry; Fletcher Markle; Gerald Noxon; Paul Tiessen; Malcolm Lowry;$35

04105Managing just fineJoan Fern Shaw$15

10832ManqueBuckley, John W.$15

06426Many Things to Tell You: Natural PoetryThomas E. Heinzen$25

04814Many Women, Two Men: Stores and PoemsBook, Luna C (Editor)$10

11347Marching Powder: The True Story of an English Drug-SmugglerRusty Young$35

14857Margaret Mead: A voice for the century - Large PrintCassidy, Robert$20

17721Martha Black: Her Story From the Gold Fields of Dawson to the Halls of ParliamentFlo Whyard$15

19186Mary Aylward: The Murder, The Arrest, The Trial. Her Childhood, Her Children, Her Execution.Kirby, Paul$10

18001Mary StuartFriedrich Schiller$10

13401Mata Hari's lost wordsJohn Oughton$20

19442Maud Lewis World Without ShadowsLance Woolaver$28

18354Maud's houseWilliam Gough$15

17217Maximus Poems IV, V, VIOlson, Charles$25

18081MeanderingVera Mont, Francis Mont$22

02194Medieval Portraits From East and WestEleanor Duckett$20

11679Meet My GhostAL W. Clark$15

15573Memoirs of a Praying Mantis : A Collection of PoetryLakoseljac, Bianca$15

13446Memoirs of an Indian WhitemanRoberts, Rev. E. B.$15

16868Memoirs of an Indian WhitemanRoberts, Rev. E. B.$15

18288Memories and Other Poems.Bucham, Mary A.$45

07511Memories from memory, or, Happenings of a lifetime in the RiverinaCharles Lyndoch Nicholas$35

15129Men and the Goddess: Feminine Archetypes in Western Literature Tom AbsherTom Absher$10

18070Merritt. A Canadian Before His Time. A Biography of William Hamilton Merritt Jack Williams$10

16422Mervyn Peake: A Personal MemoirGordon Smith$32

04569Messing about in boats: The nautical confessions of an unsinkable IrishmanWill Millar$10

13914Middle Distance: Growing Up English in MontrealEric Cecil Morris$10

04302Middle Distance: Growing Up English in MontrealEric Cecil Morris$10

11350Milt Harradence: The western flair : a memoirC. D Evans$25

10570Miner's PondAnne Michaels$10

03225Minstrel Breezes: a Collection of Up-to-the-Minute First-Parts, Sketches, Skits, Monologues and AfterpiecesKaser, Arthur L.$15

09556Miriam and other poemsJoseph Hunt Stanford$18

10499Miss Mayhew and Ming YunAnne Duffield$35

07508Mission Of GravityClement, Hal$125

19408Mistress of the Vatican: The True Story of Olimpia Maidalchini: The Secret Female PopeEleanor Herman$15

17442Mixed Company Alan Shapiro$15

13957Mockingbird : a portrait of Harper Lee / by Charles J. ShieldsCharles J. Shields$15

02246Modern English PoetsMortimer, Anthony$20

14436Modern Folk BalladsCausley, Charles (selected by)$15

15107Modern Greek Literary Gems (Cortina Classic Series)Editor-George C. Pappageotes; Editor-Phillip D. Emmanuel; Editor-Artemis P. Emmanuel$10

13660Modern Scottish Gaelic PoemsDona Macaulay$20

13778Modern Theatre - Volume I and Volume II - 2-volume setEric Russell Bentley$55

11418Modrý ráj Pacifiku = Havets bla paradisOtakar Storch$15

16807Mogens, and Other Stories Jens Peter Jacobsen$25

02388Moments in a journeyN. Roy Clifton$15

07818Moments Of Meditation (In Verse)DeConkey, Albert$20


19309Monkey RanchJulie Bruck$25

18286Monologues, Epigrams, Epitaphs and ParodiesHartman, J.F.$15

19183MooncalvesKathleen McCracken$20

08528More homage to BrowningArmstrong, A et al$25

08040More Than a Blues Singer: Jackie Washington Tells His StoryStrecker, James$15

06264Morley Callaghan: Literary AnarchistGary Boire$10

15696Morning childNorma Eloise West Linder$15

08077Mose Morgan : A Life in ActionCyril F. Poole$15


17905Most WantedKady, Vivette; Porcupine's Quill$10

07033Mountains and MolehillsFrances Cornford$75

18927Mr. Brittling Sees It ThroughWells, H. G.$20

04913Mr. Rigoletto: in Conversation With Louis QuilicoQuilico, Louis; Petrowska, Christina$20

16618Mr. Spic Goes to WashingtonIlan Stavans$10

08137Mundane MattersNorman, Richard$35

15818Murder by Deadline (Avalon Mystery)Mel Taylor$22

12191Murder Most Irregular: A NovelHarry Paul Jeffers$15

12003Murder! Murder! Burning BrightJonathan Ross$15

17589Music of a Distant Drum: Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems Bernard Lewis (Translator)$20

05247MustoviaDavid B. Wilson$24

10286My Caravan's a Rainbow: A Mystical Life in ColourChesterton, David$20

19488My heart is a stray bulletDamm, Kateri$22

11905My Life with Sherlock Holmes: Conversations in Baker Street by John H.Watson M.D.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Author), John Robert Hamilton (Editor)$15

06623My Love for YouDrayton, Thomas$10

17782My Love For YouDrayton, Thomas$15

11901My Union, My Life: Jean-Claude Parrot and the Canadian Union of Postal WorkersJean-Claude Parrot$15

17908Mythology of Greece and Japan : archetypal similaritiesGeorge A Sioris$55

16961Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of NarrativeMieke Bal$20

19325NASSAGAWEYA CENTENNIAL 1850-1950: an historical volume of Nassagaweya Township in Halton County Published by the Township Council and including the early history of Nassagaweya as written by the Late Joshua Norrish an early settlerNassagaweya Township Council,$33

08200Neunzig Gedichte. Auswahl von Anne,arie Christiansen.Rilke, Rainer-Maria$20

09217New American Plays TwoJanet Noble, Jo Carson, Samuel Kelley, David Budbill$22

13979New and Selected Poems 1932-1967.VIERECK, Peter$20

05157New Directions From Old, Canadian Storytellers Volume OneStruthers, J. R. (Tim)$22

16384New Presentation of the Prometheus Bound of Aischylos Wherein Is Set Forth the Hidden Meaning of the MythJames Morgan Pryse$25

19125Newly Discovered Long Story, and Old Song and a Previously Unpublished Short Story, Edifying Letters of the Rutherford Family Robert Louis Stevenson$10

13763Nineteenth Century French VerseGalland, Joseph S. ; Cros, Roger$15

17780No contingenciesBlack, Ayanna$15

14414No Happy EndingPaco Ignacio Taibo II$10

13151No More Curried Eggs for MeRoger Wilmut$10

19271No Ordinary Terror Brooks VanDyke$22

05845No regretsStig Tofting, Lars Steen Pedersen$25

04680No sad songs wanted hereRaymond Souster$30

13637No Smoking - Cartoons.Ironimus, (d.i. Peichl Gustav):$22

05133No Time for Tombstones: Life and Death in the Vietnamese JungleJames Hefley, Marti Hefley$10

02552Noah's Ark...Reservations Please!Kishon, Ephraim$15

19276Noam Chomsky LecturesDaniel Brooks$15

06409None Shall Look BackCaroline Gordon$20

07992Norman Bethune and Postmodern Poetic Theory: Comments and Commemorative PoemsSylvia DuVernet$20

13096Northern Review Vol. 5 No. 3 & 4 - E.J. PrattJohn Sutherland$10

19306Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard.CONRAD, Joseph.$25

04813Not Knowing Memories Inspired By My Mother's LettersTena Koehoorn$10

02754Not WorkingSzanto, George$20

15735Notebook of Roses and CivilizationNicole Brossard$10

09910Notes on Military Writing for English Canadian SoldiersWallace, S. W.$30

05209Nothing VanishesRobert Hilles$10

08263Now Is a Far CountryHicks, John V.$15

07554Now Then, Tom - a Country TaleJos Rothery$75

18445O lucky man! (Evergreen book, E-621) Lindsay Sherwin, David Anderson$45

14074Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They AppearMax Layton$12

09421OceansBruce Meyer$20

16223October 47/WinterCopjec, Joan (editor)$20

19415Of Dreams and AssassinsMalika Mokeddem$22

04872Of the Fields, LatelyDavid French$10

18495Off the hook! a FarceDerek Benfield$25

13274Oh, Canadians!: Hysterically historical rhymesGordon Snell$10

19191Old Father William's Well-Ordered UniverseBill Richardson$15

18116Old HundredthJohn Gould$15

19450Old timesHarold Pinter$10

09520On Shore BalladsPerkins, Silas H$25

19100On The Edge Of ReasonMiroslav Krleza$15

02493On the Poet and His Craft Selected Prose of Theodore RoethkeRalph J Mills Jr (Edited By )$10

16213On the Poet and His Craft Selected Prose of Theodore RoethkeRalph J Mills Jr (Edited By )$10

08793On Whose Side Are You, Masters of Culture? - A Collection of Articles By Soviet WritersProgress Publishers$20

12228OnceRebecca Rosenblum$10

01534Once in the SaddleJudge, M. M.$12

09778Once More With LoveSutton, Joan$20

07067Once Upon a TimeD. Bruce Pattison$22

17971One Man's Media-and How to Write for ThemEric [Patrick] Nicol$10

08667One straight pathApzal Hosein$15

11822O'Neil's Landing : The Legend of Tom O'NeilGordon Walsh$15

06739Open Country the New Girl and Other StoriesEd Brophy$11

14705Open Ended PlaysMilton Velder, Edwin Cohen, Elaine Fisher Mazzarelli$10

15874Open GatewaysLaura Barbara Dixon$15

13563Open GatewaysLaura Barbara Dixon$15

18272OrmondCharles Brockden Brown$20

19270Our Lady of the SnowsMorley Callaghan$15

04414Our Town: a Play in Three ActsThornton Wilder$10

00601Out of the whirlwindM. T Kelly$15

07126Outer Tennis: Life in the Last Lane and Possibly BeyondEdwards, Susan$14

14429Outskirts: Women Writing from Small PlacesSchultz, Emily (editor)$15

13762Overhead by ConfiersJohn V Hicks$10

17049Pa ChinNathan K. Mao$55

11823Pagan SummerDavid Beasley$15

07091Pages from the Life of Dmitri ShostakovichDmitri Sollertinsky, D I Sollertinskii$20

05212Pale Red FootprintsPress, Karen$10

11445Pandita Ramabai: the Story of Her LifeHelen S. Dyer$15

16832PanopticonSteve McCaffery$65

18371Parade on an Empty StreetMargaret Drury Gane$15

17884Paradise for RentEphrain Kishon$15

08153Paradox of Meaning: Cultural Poetics & Critical FictionsJohn George Moss$20

19037Paradoxides Don McKay$10

17492ParliamentPapas, William w/text by Norman Shrapnel$33

19247Parsifal: English National Opera Guide 34Richard Wagner, Nicholas John$10

18718Parting Ways: The Near-Life Experiences Of Peter OrbachAndrew Foley; Scott Mooney; Nick Craine$24

15629Pasha's Concubine and Other TalesIvo Andric$95

16231PasschendaeleTed Plantos$15

17590Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual LoveWendy Maltz$15

05041Pause: An Emily Carr Sketch BookEmily Carr, Maria Tippett$15

19255PearlProfessor Sarah Stanbury$12

19035Peekaboo Planet: A Collection of Rose is Rose Comics Pat Brady, Don Wimmer$10

04949People I meetH.L. Gee$10

13669People of EsarnPira Sudham$25

18870Performance poems James Reaney$20

17868Persona and Shame: The Screenplays of Ingmar BergmanIngmar Bergman$10

11924Personal geography: Almost an autobiography / large printElizabeth Jane Coatsworth$15

12389Personal Narrative of James O. PattieJames Ohio Pattie (Author), Richard Batman$20

18119Peter PanBarrie, James Matthew$10

07690Philip Carrington : Pastor, Prophet, PoetCuttel, Colin$10

04995Philippine MorningJanne Ritskes$10

10244Photography and Writing in Latin America: Double ExposuresMarcy E. Schwartz (Editor), Mary Beth Tierney-Tello (Editor)$30

18257Picking The Morning ColourRoberts, Kevin$10

09514Pieter Maritz, der Burensohn aus TransvaalAugust Niemann$75

18358PilgrimTimothy Findley$24

19225PilgrimageHutchinson, Graham Seton (Lt. -Col)$20

09710Pioneer Doctor: a Biography of John SingletonHughes, Mary Kent$20

13310Pirandello, scena, personaggio e film (Letteratura italiana. Studi e testi)Maurizio Del Ministro$20

12397Playing BasraEdward Brown$11

16107Playing the Jesus GameNowlan, Alden$25

16539Playwrights and Human RightsKotze, Terry$25

07022Please Sir, I Mean Ma'AmMarion Walker Garland$20

06606PlumbMaurice Gee$15

13476Plumed PalmsGray, Cecil$20

14003poema de mio cidCLASICOS CASTELLANOS$20

13978Poèmes d'un coeur en exil =: Poems from a heart in exileHô Hiêp Lâm$20

18408PoemsHerman Hesse$22

13801Poems and Canadian LyricsJ. K. Foran$25

15611Poems in the Lancashire DialectBearman, Louisa$15

18885Poems of a snow-eyed countryRaymond Souster, Richard Woollatt$10

18467Poems of a Snow-Eyed CountryRichard Woollatt, Raymond Souster$10

13562Poems of James BayGordon Moore$10

14759POESIAS : EROTICAS, BURLESCAS E SATYRICAS.Bocage, Manuel Maria Barbosa du.$25


14211Poet for SaleVella, Lewis$10

06772Poetic Journeys (Ontario): Anthology of VerseWendy Burgess$25

06769Poetic Journeys (Ontario): Anthology of VerseWendy Burgess$25

14360Poetic Memories of My Parents, My Childhood and the Old HomesteadMacMillan, Kenneth R.$10

14504Poetry of the Romantic Period (The Routledge History of English Poetry, Volume 4)Jackson, J. R. de J.$25

07454Police at the funeralMargery Allingham$45

13198Political Asylum. Editorial Cartoons by Draper HillForeword-Duncan Macpherson$11

16216Poste RestanteDerek White$15

08028Potouchle povidkyJan Picek$22

12357Power of the BugIvor Drummond$20

04531Power of the ZilaM. Meyer Horne$33

15322Prairie Born, and Other PoemsRobert J.C. Stead$30

09433Prairie performance: A collection of short playsBessai, Diane [ed]$15

16885Prairie performance: A collection of short playsBessai, Diane [ed]$15

07700Previous LivesPhil McNichol$20

11013Private ElvisCortez, Diego, Edited By with Photographs By Rudolf Paulini.$35

01329Private Eye's Psecond Book of PseudsJohn Glashan$11

17983Probing Minds, Salamander Girls and a Dog Named Sally: A Hubbard Mountain MemoirHarrison Wright$16

14605Promise of Shelter: StoriesSarah, Robyn$10

10467Prose: Short formsKELLOW (Author), KRISAK (Author)$15

17343Psychic Punter: Being the True Absorbing Story of One Man's Pilgrimage to Newmarket and FortuneRaymond Leggatt$45

19349PuffballFay Weldon$20

15623PulaMatsemela Manaka$10

02924Quan: My Life, My Art a Collection of Autobiographical Essays and PoetryQuan, Elizabeth$10

16546Quan: My Life, My Art a Collection of Autobiographical Essays and PoetryQuan, Elizabeth$10

18701Queen of All the Dustballs: And Other Epics of Everyday Life Bill Richardson$10

18680Queen RatLynn Crosbie$10

01545Quellen lachender WeisheitNot Stated$12

10135Question TimeDavies, Robertson$15

18491Question TimeDavies, Robertson$15

14784Quincy BluesAndrews, Jim$15

19221Quite Mad and Other WorksMolly Barker$10

17184Radclyffe Hall at the Well of Loneliness: A Sapphic ChronicleLovat, Dickson$15

18911Ralph the HeirTrollope, Anthony$35

18999Ramblings in MasonryFotheringham, Charles$75

10558Reading North by South: On Latin American Literature, Culture, and Politics - Volume IINeil Larsen$22

13224Real Inspector HoundTom Stoppard$10

04303Reality Sandwiches: 1953-1960Allen Ginsberg$10

17174Recovering Canadas 1st Novelist Proceedings from the John Richardson ConferenceRoss, Catherine Sheldrick$15

16043Recovering Canada's First NovelistCatherine Ross$10

17414Red Eye of LoveArnold Weinstein$15

19244Red Madonna Dianne Joyce$15

08685Reflections & wounds : poemsStephen Gill$30

09472Reflections of KiawahLyndia Terre$15

07946Re-interpreting Brecht: His Influence on Contemporary Drama and FilmPia Kleber (Editor), Colin Visser (Editor)$20

12437Rejelendres Calos - Sprichwörter spanischer Zigeuner - Calo- DeutschJung, Christof$22

12803RemarkabiliaJohn Train$15

02494RemythKathy Fretwell$15

18712Renaissance Drama as Cultural History: Essays from Renaissance Drama, 1977-1987Mary Beth Rose$25

15306Requiem for a faith : a novel Percy Janes$11

13976Resounding TinkleSimpson, N.F.$15

18944Resurrection of LibertyMichael L. Wentz$25

19455Retracing a Winter's Journey: Franz Schubert's "Winterreise" Susan Youens$30

11860Return to the Same CityPaco Ignacio Taibo II$15

10585Return To WalesFlorance O'Sullivan$20

18065Revelation of Father HankeyRobert Wood$15

09424RicochetSeymour Mayne$10

17869RiffsLee, Dennis$10

12125Ring-rise, Ring-setMonica Hughes$15

17532Riot Andrew Moodie$15

13234Road To MeccaAthol Fugard$12

14293Roads Unravelling: Short StoriesKathy-Diane Leveille$11

17426Romeo and Juliet in Palestine: Teaching Under OccupationSperlinger, Tom$12

19494Room ToneGale Garnett$11

07159Rotten poetry fishHume Cronyn$15

14593Rough skinMaureen Hynes$15

06677Royal Year Book 1977-1978Michele Brown$15

16893S.M.Arts guidelines: Stage managing the arts in CanadaWinston Morgan$15

00616Said the riverLiz Zetlin$20

15039Saint in Europe (Black Dagger Crime)Leslie Charteris$35

09881Saint-Denys Garneau et le mythe d'Icare.Blais, Jacques.$15

15919Sainte-Carmen of the MainMichel Tremblay$10

02698Samuel Pepys and His WorldTrease, Geoffrey$15

09614Sandstone and Other PoemsMarriott, Anne$15

01995Satisfaction all around: (Les Contens)Odet de Turnèbe$10

19308Saving your life: A guide to writing your life storyGlenys Stow$33

15755Saxo Grammaticus and the Life of Hamlet: A Translation, History, and CommentaryHansen, William F.$25

17777Scars: StoriesW. P Kinsella$10


12042Science Of NothingMarty Gervais$10

09200Scouts Are CancelledJohn Stiles$10

10848Scratching the surface : short stories from Kangaroo IslandDudley Writers' Group$22

03034Scrip of Joy - Poetry by Kathleen Butler EldrElder, Kathleen Butler$30

07699Sculling to Byzantium: More poemsFrancis Sparshott$20

10592Season of the Witch: A PlayMorley Callaghan$15

18945Seeds Of Germination. Or TerminationHugo Bonjean$15

14971Select Essays of Thomas de Quincey - Narrative and Imaginative - VOL I and VOL IIEditor - Masson$60
02895Select Poems of Robert BurnsGeorge, Andrew J. (arranged by)$25

15377Selected Odes of HoraceHorace / Translated into English Verse by Skuli Johnson$24

14540Selected PoemsTomlinson, Charles$20

18246Selected PoemsIrving Layton$10

16537Selected poemsGershon, Karen$20

11748Selected Poems (1915-1935)Bourinot, Arthur S.$30

18934Selected poems 1955-1970Eldon GRIER$12

13818Selected Poems and Translations: Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti$10

09991Selected Poems from the Pen of the Honourable Morrison Mann Mac Bride Volume 1 ( All Published )MacBride, Morrison Mann$30

13279Selected Poems II: Poems Selected & New 1976-1986Margaret Atwood$10

17929Selected poems of Patricia KeeneyPatricia Keeney$25

17963Selected Poems, 1956-1968Cohen, Leonard$65

07160Selected VerseThomas D'Arcy McGee$10

06971SEPARATE TABLESTerence Rattigan$10

11440Setma the Turkish CaptiveWhatley, E. J.$33

03729Seven Original FablesLini R. Grol$15

13680Seven Plays of Mystery and Suspense With Writing Manual - 3rd EditionSylvia Z. Brodkin (Author), Elizabeth J. Pearson (Author)$10

17051Shack: The Cutland Junction StoriesKenneth J. Harvey$10

12818Shadow of HonourRoddick, Barbara$35

13865Shadow SongLorina Stephens$20

18660Shakespeare Lexicon, Vol. 1Alexander Schmidt$45

18659Shakespeare Lexicon, Vol. 2Alexander Schmidt$45

15581Shakespeare Made in Canada Contemporary Canadian Adaptations in Theatre, Pop Media and Visual ArtsDaniel Fischlin; Judith Nasby Eds.$35

06656Shapes of Beauty: Selected PoemsSally Buffie Maddock$10

08942She Writes: Love, spaghetti and other stories by youngish womenCarolyn Foster$15

19285ShepherdFrederick Forsyth$10

16594Shooting the StarsJohn Metcalf$22


14276Sidney Lanier: Poets of the MarshesJack Debellis$20

10309Signatures: Poems of Canada TwoJim; Miller, Glenn; Laing, Donald A. Head$15

16507Signs of a Horrible Feast : Poems Without ConquestMark Talacko, Timothy Davids$15

17588Silent Flowers-a New Collection of Japanese Haiku PoemsPrice, Dorothy$10

15796Silent Game: The Real World of Imaginary SpiesStafford, David$20

08225Since the Day I Was BornHubbert, Mildred Young$15

14582Sing on!: A comedy about a musicalRick Abbot$20

08325Sir Charles Tupper -Volume 1Longley, Hon. J. W.$25

16463Six Gentle Criminals Katharine Moore$20

08027Skryta tvar ceske literaturyZdenek Rotrekl$25

17901Slab Boys TrilogyByrne, John$10

17497Sleepy's Revenge: A Collection of Short StoriesBev Currie$22

05198Slovenly LoveMeira Cook, Stan Dragland (Editor)$20

09313Slow-moving targetSue Wheeler$10

12481Small RainJohn Harris$10

18898Smallbone DeceasedMichael Gilbert$15

12038Solo With Grazing DeerDavid Wevill$15

11861Some CloudsPaco Ignacio Taibo II$10

08241Some Fine TimesEd Smith$10

06842Some impossible heaven of the senses: Last poems of Tom MarshallTom Marshall$95

04570Some Recollections: Revised Edition ( Introduction By Robert Gittings )Emma Hardy$10

13384Some Run CrookedJohn Buxton Hilton$22

14909Somebody Move the Cat! : A family's up, down, and sideways journeySheila Balls$20

19386Someone SomewhereDana Mills$45

07358Sometimes They WaveHonor-Mary Allen$22

09847Songs of StudyWilkins William$20

09849Songs of the ValeBain, A. Sutherland$20

04264Soong Ching Ling (Mme Sun Yat-Sen)Soong Ching Ling Foundation (Edited By)$15

09483Soul of WoodJakov Lind (Author), R. Manheim$15

13430Soupirs dans la nuitRobert De Brugnon$20

05865Southern Exposures : Five Plays About Life in the SouthJason Milligan$20

13653Speaking in TonguesJones, Peter$15

15123Special Branch : A DialogueThemerson, Stefan$55

07113Spin a Good Yarn, the Story of W Farrar VickersW Farrar Vickers$15

13223Spirit of LifeJaye Low$10

08906Spoken Verse For Schools & FestivalsHenderson, Thomas$25

05970Squering it with the BossMcMullen$10

17340Stand Still Like the HummingbirdHenry Miller$15

19145Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombGeorge, Peter$10

14367Stealing MercuryCayer, Lori$10

11614Step Ahead of DisasterEugene Von Teuber (Author), Basil Entwistle (Author)$10

15439Stone Wear / A Sequence of the BloodJoyce, Dianne and Eva Tihanyi.$14

16234Stone, PoemsBruce, John$15

05826Stories from Blood + Aphorisms. Vol.2Hilary Clark$20

13549Stories from the Greek Comedians Aristophanes, Philemon, Diphilus, Menander, AppollodorusChurch, Alfred J.$45

10957Stories From Uncle Mose - The best of Ted Russell, N0. 2Elizabeth Russell Miller$22

09904Stray-Aways. With thirty-four illustrations by E. OE. Somerville.SOMERVILLE, E. OE. & Martin Ross$25

15317Strong In My SkinFrankum, Jennifer$15

17670Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle Between a Dream and TraditionYahaya Baruwa$10

17775Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and TraditionYahaya Baruwa$15

17406Stuck Rubber BabyHoward Cruse$25

06148Studenten-typen KlikspaanJOHANNES KNEPPELHOUT$20

09600Studies in Classical Satire and Related Literary TheoryVan Rooy, C.A.$20

09512Studies of Student Life; The Yellow Tortoise and other tales; Volume VILoudon, W. J.$50

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05459Summer GrassMarianne Bluger$10

04404Sun and Snow: a Siberian AdventureDoreen Stanford$20

05924Sun Dreams. Short StoriesRobert Rea$10

17870SunburntM. D. Keating$15

12020Sunfall: New and Selected PoemsDennis Cooley$10

10873Sunset CanyonEdward Abbey$22

02161Supporting Myself In Style: Confessions Of The Cane LadySummerhayes, Jill$15

13155Surcouf, le roi de la course : . Illustrations de Michel JouinJean Ollivier$20

19195SurfacingMargaret Atwood$15

07509SynthajoyCompton, D.G.$22

18166Take five: The Morningside dramasConni Massing$15

13678Taking RootElizabeth Zetlin$10

15326Taking RootElizabeth Zetlin$10

15601Taking Sides : The Collected Social and Political Writings of Irving Layton, 1935-1977LAYTON, IRVING$15

06181Takj OnqoyHugo Rodriguez$25

08043Tales from a Little TownJacklin, Grace$15

08233Tales of a Travelling Man (1904-1986).STEWART, J. Herbert.$15

05842Tales of the Ex Fireeater: A NovelSheila Dalton$14

18360TalkMichael Smerconish$20

07324Tamarind and Mango WomenOpal Palmer Adisa$10

18188TangiWit Ihimaera$35

19185Tattoo LandKathleen McCracken$20

18656Teddy Bear Stories for Grown UpsCatherine Taylor$15

09473Telling hours: Journal storiesSheila Delany$15

07685Tempest Squadron - Yeoman in the Battle of the ArdennesJackson, Robert$35

18416Ten Elephants on Young StreetSouster, Raymond$20

18879TERANESIAGreg Egan$20

07388Thank you anyway, Doctor: Tales of a small town doctorJ. F Leeson$15

10894THANK YOU,FOGW. H. Auden$10

14877The 1970 book of George Square verseGeorge Watson's Ladies' College$20

16857The 82 Short Poems of ElizaHarris, Erina$15

10921The Act of Writing Canadian Essays for CompositionRonald Conrad$15

15760The AdjustmentDrew Rubin$15

19169The Amazing Book of the Ogdens in CanadaSharom Taylor$30

17433The Arab's mouthAnn-Marie MacDonald$20

16525The Archbishop Wore Combat Boots: Memoir of an Extraordinary LifeHannan, Philip; Collins, Nancy; Finney, Peter, Jr$20

05460The Architect: An Opera in Two ActsDavid Macintyre, Tom Cone$10

00924The Art of the Critic, Volume 9: Middle Twentieth CenturyHarold Bloom$95

05159The Astronaut's Wife: Poems of Eros and ThanatosLorette C Luzajic$15

17673The Astronaut's Wife: Poems of Eros and ThanatosLorette C Luzajic$15

03313The Awakening of Romola: a Love StoryO'Hagan, Anne$35

09926The Ballad of the Election DollWilson, William D.$25

09718The Band RatsMays, Spike$20

18644The Barretts of Wimpole Street: A Comedy in 5 ActsBesier, Rudolf$20

17701The Baum Plan for Financial Independence: and Other StoriesJohn Kessel$15

09836The Benson murder caseS. S. Van Dine$40

06359The Best of Plays and Players - Volume 2: 1969-1983Peter Roberts (Editor), Donald Cooper (Illustrator)$45

08684The Best of Ted Russell & Stories From Uncle Mose (2 Books in One)Ted Russell (Selected and Edited By Elizabeth Russell Miller)$22

05204The Birdhouse, OrDopp, Jamie$10

10341The Bishop Murder CaseS. S. Van Dine$40

04654The black Christ : a narrative poem of early West Indian settingE. J. Blair, H. N. S. MacKenzie$20

16429The Blasted Pine : An Anthology of Satire, Invective and Disrespectful VerseScott, F. R. & Smith, J. M. (Editors)$10

01620The Bliss BodyCallow, Philip$22

14772The Book of True LoveRuiz, Juan, the Archpriest of Hita$35

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18402The BreadwinnerDeborah Ellis$22

05203The Brevity of RedJill MacLean$10

17177The BridgeEuhal Allen$45

18484The Bull PenPaterson, A.S.$15

17070The Burden of ProofScott Turow$75

18784The Burning AlphabetBarry Dempster$15

07873The Burning of Brinsley MacnamaraO'Farrell, Padraic$22

08511The Canadian in Me: The Complete Verse of Gus SigurdsonSigurdson, Agust S.$20

19416The Cartographer's Skin: PoetryLara Bozabalian$10

14780The CaveNewlove, John$10

13340The Cevennes Journal, Notes on a Journey Through the French Highlands,Stevenson, Robert Louis$20

13657The Chapel PerilousDorothy Hewett, Frank Arndt$20

10734The Chick Henderson StoryFrank Wappat$10

17011The Child's HouseMacMurchy, Marjory$25

07017The Child's Side of the Story - The Helen E. Stubbs Memorial Lectures Number ThreeAnn Thwaite$20

17705The Cider House Rules: A Screenplay John Irvimg$12

14764The Cinema of Wim Wenders: From Paris, France to "Paris, Texas" (Studies in Cinema)Kathe Geist$15

13677The Circle GameAtwood, Margaret$10

09960The CircuitFrancisco Jiménez$10

06862The Claus EffectDavid Nickle, Karl Schroeder$10

14199The Clockmaker: Series One, Two, and ThreeHaliburton, Thomas Chandler$45

19405The colour of flight Linda Waybrant$15

19459The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow IllustratedLongfellow Henry Wadsworth$55

19336The Complete Work of John BunyanBunyan, John$95

17714The Coroner's LunchColin Cotterill$12

14011The Cossack AmbassadorMalik, Volodimir$55

09623The Country HeartBates, H. E.$15

14462The Cow's Tail: A DiaryDavidson, Heather$10

16501The Crow Who Tampered with TimeLloyd Ratzlaff$10

12039The CrucibleBouck, C. R.$15

15753The Cryptographic Shakespeare: A monograph wherein the poems and plays attributed to William Shakespeare are proven to contain the enciphered name of the concealed author, Francis BaconPenn Leary$20

11601The Dark Tunnel (published under Kenneth Millar)Ross MacDonald$25

19151The D'Arthez CaseHans Erich Nossack$20

11508The Deltoid Pumpkin SeedJohn McPhee$15

08445The Devil's CupSuzannah Zerfahs$20

19084The Dialogues of Time and EntropyAryeh Lev Stollman$15

12120The Diary of Sophia MacNabMacnab, Sophia Mary$20

18520The Dream Keeper and other PoemsLangston Hughes$10

17820THE EDIFICATION OF DING ALLING an airy fairy tale about ari-ari-oJAGGI TANDAN$20

03880The Embalmer's Art: A Book of PoetryVirginia Hamilton$10

18965The Empty SpacePeter Brook$10

13903The Entropy of Aaron RosclattJames Sandham$12

11439The Epic of Toad and HeronKemp, Penn$20

05976THE ETERNAL QUESTWatson Kirkconnell$25

18405The Expendable ManHughes, Dorothy B.$15

19377The Explorers: A Story of Fearless Outcasts, Blundering Geniuses, and Impossible Success Martin Dugard$18

18839The Fate of the ArtistEddie Campbell$10

19232The father of Canadian psychiatry: Joseph WorkmanChristine Johnston$15

19148The Favourite GameLeonard Cohen$15

19268The Female ManRuss, Joanna$15

17886The Fever Tree and Other StoriesRuth Rendell$15

06962The Fifth SonElie Wiesel$25

11365The Fisherman's RevengeCook, Michael$25

12799The Fisherman's RevengeCook, Michael$25

17475The Flivver King: A Story of Ford-AmericaUpton Sinclair$10

12354The Folio Book of Literary PuzzlesJohn Sutherland$20

17950The Forest and the DamnedRichard. Severn$50

13093The Freedom of the HouseForman, Joan$25

04488The Full Furnace: Collected PoemsDouglas Lochhea$15

19068The Further Rivals of Sherlock HolmesHugh Greene$15

16108The GarbagemenButler, Juan$35

15358The ghosts of Jay MillarMillar, Jay$20

08625The giantsFremont Older$30

18232The GiftHilda Doolittle$10

11441The Girl in the BrookWright, Wayne$25

17927The Glass Knight: A NovelDavid Helwig$15

18082The God of Nightmares Paula Fox$20

15963The Goldfish BowlLaurence Gough$24

17513The Good Companions - Two Volume set in slipcaseJ.B. Priestley$95

19027The Goodnight BirdColleen Murphy$10

13226The Great Maritime Detective: The Exploits and Adventures of the Notorious Peachie CarrolMonica Graham$20

19024The Green Hotel Jesse Gilmour$14

10342The Greene Murder CaseS. S Van Dine$34

18708The Greenlanders saga George Johnston$25

19015The Guin Saga Manga, Volume 2: The Seven Magi Kaoru Kurimoto$15

04572The Hackery: A way of life : short storiesA.W. Perera$22

04436The Hardy Boys' Haileybury ConnectionTaylor, Bruce W$24

11891The Hare Lay TremblingScott, Sandra$15

16563The HarvestmanCharles Mountford$25

19304The Haunted Monastery: A Judge Dee MysteryRobert van Gulik$10

10898The Heretofore Un-tolled History of The Independent Republic of Harvey Markson: The Inside Story as told to John D. FrankelJohn D. Frankel$20

09585The Hmnn RetortRobson, John M.$22

08719The Hogg Poems and DrawingsCallaghan, Barry$20

09925The Homeward JourneyMrs Pennefather and Others$40

19175The House Without a Key (Charlie Chan)Earl Derr Biggers$20

16814The hunger of EveHubbard, Barbara Marx$15

16008The Huron chiefAdam Kidd$10

16016The Huron chiefAdam Kidd$10

09323The Ice HouseMelissa Walker$10

10115The immigrant's prayer a poemAnthony M. Buzzelli$20

08101The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns.KIRKWOOD, Kenneth P.$25

18258The Incident ReportMartha Baillie, Beth Follett$15

11396The Inner Green: Exploring Home in the Columbia MountainsKivi, K. Linda; Pearkes, Eileen Delehanty$15

19193The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano: or, Gustavus Vassa, the AfricanOlaudah Equiano$15

12480The Invisible WomanWhite, Dennis J.$20

16299The Irreverent P.I. IIVeikko Loponen$15


09877The Justice ShopWodson, Harry M.$20

14262The Kennel murder caseVan Dine, S. S.$25

05285The Kerosene Lamp and Other Poems Volume 2Dawson, David$25

16099The Kissing ManElliott, George$22

18630The Land of the BanishedChong-Rae Cho$30

18634The Last of HanakoYun Ch'oi$45

19039The Lays of Marie de FranceDavid R. Slavitt (Translator)$20

17944The Leaf And The Cloud: A PoemMary Oliver$10

11953The Letter ChildFarenhorst, Christine$15

16766The Lettered City-PBAngel Rama$15

17347The Letters of Sigmund Freud to Eduard Silberstein, 1871-1881Sigmund Freud (Author), Walter Boehlich (Editor)$20

17338The life and legend of Wiarton WillieDavid A Haley$15

10016The Life and Naval Memoirs of Lord NelsonTucker, John; Montmorency$55

18181The Life and Political Times of Tommy DouglasWalter Stewart$20

12384The Life of Christina of Markyate: A Twelfth Century RecluseC.H. Talbot (Editor)$15

11179The Liquid HourBruce Barber$20

15812The London DealCrisp, N. J.$22

17334The Lonely LondonersSamuel Selvon$22

19237The Lonely OnesWilliam Steig$10

19234The Lost and FoundRafi Aaron$10

19384The love parlour: StoriesLeon Rooke$14

19379The LunaticAnthony C. Winkler$22

17807The Mad Dog ConnectionWilliam G Tolliver$25

05739The mad handRobert Priest$10

04519The Magdalene CodeEdmund Kwaw$33

19399The making of Shakespeare's dramatic poetryG. R Hibbard$15

08158The Marvellous in Fielding's NovelsKalpakgian, Mitchell$55

14053The Memoirs of John Addington SymondsJohn Addington Symonds (Author), Phyllis Grosskurth (Editor)$25

18775The Memory of WaterAllen Smutylo$25

06446The Metamorphosis of Elisabeth MackuchElisabeth MacKuch$15

18156The mirror of natureRobertson Davies$10


08910The MothersEdward F. Hayward$20

16229The Moving LightEugene McNamara$10

08590The Mysteries at St. Cuthbert'sGraham Cotter$30

17926The Mystery of Irma Vep - A Penny DreadfulProfessor Charles Ludlam$10

18549The Nathan HaleVorhies, John R.$15

14470The NewcomerNikolayeva, Galina$33

04106The Next FlamingoJoan Fern Shaw$15

18723The old enchanter: A portrait of George JohnstonCameron, M.I. Campbell, Douglas.Woods, Gurli AAgaard$20

15816The Old Man and the Sea - Story of a Common ManGerry Brenner$22

18533The Outcast: A Poem H. H. Thijssen$26

18487The Oxford Lists and Other PoemsBoultbee, H. C.$30

08004The Palindrome Christmas Story CollectionRobert Ford$20

17882The Palliser Novels: Complete in 6 volumes:Trollope, Anthony$150

19235The Pigeon PrizeDumas, Alexandre$10

14779THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE The Politics of Love, the Capital of EmotionSnoo Wilson$20

16266The Plot Genie Index General FormulaHill, Wycliffe A.$195

11407The Plot of the Short StoryPhillips, Henry Albert$25

10008The Poems of William TelfordTELFORD, WILLIAM$3

18805The Poetical Works of William Henry DrummondWilliam Henry Drummond$15

02475The Poetry of Modern Quebec: French Writers of CanadaCogswell, Fred, Editor$15

17706The Point: StoriesCharles D'Ambrosio$14

01974The Portuguese LettersEricson, Donald E.$10

18359The Possibilities of storySTRUTHERS$15

14787The Postwar Novel in Canada: Narrative Patterns and Reader ResponseHeidenreich, Rosmarin$25

09304The Profane EarthOllivier Dyens$10

17438The Prop Master: A guidebook for successful theatrical prop managementAmy Mussman$15

16588The ProphetKahlil Gibran$45

09229The psychotic personality of our timePatrick Daniel Lawlor$40

18793The Punctuation FieldElizabeth Zetlin$15

17468The Pursuit of Signs--Semiotics, Literature, DeconstructionJonathan Culler$15

05958The Quebec Dis-Connection, an AllegoryWib Perry$20

18190The Queen Against DefoeStefan Heym$15

19028The QuietAnne-Marie Turza$15

17136The Quiet Light: In Search of Carolina's Lost Treasure - A Carli Owens AdventureGeorge Dick, Talia Hodgson$14

10136The Quiet RiverPhilip Maitland Hubbard$20

06453The Rage of Space PoemsPhilip Stratford$20

03886The Real World of Beatrix PotterElizabeth Battrick$10

08546The Red Dwarf A Murder MysteryThynne, Molly$25

15977The return of Robert Burns ( and Other Poems )McCuaig, John$15

17587The Revolving Doors Jacques Savoie$15

18233The Riddle of the WorldDavid French$10

17645The Right Road How Far Will You Go John Davidson (Author), with Sharon Brennan (Author)$25

19143The River BetweenNgugi wa Thiong'o$12

18672The Road to MeccaAthol Fugard$10

17156The Ruined SeasonM. T. Kelly$15

19498The Saint and the WarriorCrawford E. Dewar$22

17154The Salamander's Laughter: And Other PoemsAnne Corkett$10

17620The Scarlet Pimpernel: Adapted from Baroness OrczyBeverly Cross$18

19127The ScotchGalbraith, John Kenneth$20

19378The ScotchGalbraith, John Kenneth$20

13195The seasons of children: A collection of special momentsCanadian Authors Association$10

00329The seasons of children: A collection of special momentsCanadian Authors Association$10

19506The second bite of the cherryBarry Clegg at al.$11

15774The Seventh Man - My Part In The Defection ScandalGraeme Garden$10

17054The Shadow of MolochVella, Lewis$10

17175The Shattered PlinthsLayton, Irving$15

19502The Shooting StageMichael Lewis MacLennan$11

04001The Shores of SalmonierJoseph A. Dobbin$20

02970The shorn lambJohn Stroud$33

17928The Significance of MothsShirley Camia$12

11615The Situation of Poetry: Contemporary Poetry and Its TraditionsRobert Pinsky$10

19001The Sixth Sense and Other StoriesJessie Haas$20

03941The SpecialistCharles Sale$10

19295The SpeedyKeith Barker, Chris Hanratty, Shira Leuchter, Jordi Mand$15

16655The Spirit of the Oxford Movement: Tractarian EssaysOwen Chadwick$22

12076The Stark InheritanceKyle, Elisabeth$15

17969The Steady Pull of a Curious DogNicholas Power$10

14409The Stillborn LoverFindley, Timothy$10

14700The Stillborn LoverTimothy Findley$20

15106The Stones Cry Out: A Cambodian Childhood, 1975-1980.Szymusiak, Molyda.$15

10466The Story Begins When the Story Ends : Canadian and World Short FictionGayle; Chapman, Marilyn; Elliott, Lesley (editors) Rosen$15

05937The Story Begins When the Story Ends : Canadian and World Short FictionRosen, Gayle; Chapman, Marilyn; Elliott, Lesley (editors)$11

08668The StudyLamont, Katharine$10

19200The Sunday Hangman James McClure$15

17230The TAXI ProjectBeltran, Emma; Kumsa, Martha; Xue, Sheng$10

14583The Temptation of Don VolpiHayes, Alfred$45

16475The Theft of Magna Carta: The 42nd Story of Roger WestJohn Creasey$22

08619The Time for the SickleOrchard, M. L.$40

12785The Time of IciclesMary Dalton$10

04157The Time of My LifeCyril F. Poole$10

07768The TinderboxMarianne Brandis$25

17690The Tinderbox: A NovelMarianne Brandis$10

18040The Transit of Venus: The Brief, Brilliant Life of Jeremiah Horrocks, Father of British AstronomyPeter Aughton$18

18170The TriggerCarmen Aguirre$15

07101The true names of birdsSusan Goyette$10

13095The Turning TideForman, Joan$15

16737The Twelve Years of Christmas: 1984-1995: The Hotly Contested Memoirs of a Slightly Sub-Normal, Rural Family Through the Use and Abuse of Those Dread Rochelle Doan Craig$20

08049The Tyrian Veil : PoemsKenneth Banks$12

08048The Tyrian Veil : PoemsKenneth Banks$12

11414The Unconscious BeethovenErnest Newman$20

19280The Unforgiving Tides: The True Story Of A Young Doctor's Encounters With Mud, Medicine And Magic On A Remote South Pacific IslandRoss Pennie$12

17815The Unquiet Monk: Thomas Merton's Questing FaithMichael W Higgins$15

13784The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism Studies in the Relation of Criticism to Poetry in EnglandEliot, T.S.$15

16897The VicLeanna Brodie$15

16227The VicinityDavid O'Meara$10


11089The Violin and Other StoriesStella Keenan - McPeak$20

18145The Wait Letters - Second and Revised EditionBenjamin Wait$20

14299THE WAR OF THE SECRET AGENTS and Other Poems.COULETTE, Henri$15

15316The Way It Might Have Been. Book Two of Roland. A Trilogy from the Summonsa TapestriesHindley-Smith Lea$45

08903The way of wonderDoney, May$30

18847The Wayfarer : Poetry and EtchingsRoy Purcell$10

12792The Whole ElephantMarlene Cookshaw$15

16734The Witch of EdmontonThomas Dekker$15

18875The world of Diaghilev John Percival$15

02294The Young ReporterBraithwaite, Max$14

17398The Youngest DollFerre, Rosario$10

07277Theatrical ExhibitionsShein, Brian$25

16159Theory Of The Avant-GardePeter Burger$15

17367There Goes KafkaUrzidil, Johannes$15

19238There's a Land That is Fairer Than DayMcCulloch, Frank$15

12330They All Fall Down: Richard Nickel's Struggle to Save America's ArchitectureRichard Cahan$35

17228They Shoot Doctors Don't They: A Memoir Roland Penner, Jack Fainman$22

13106Thimble Theater Introducing Popeye: A Complete Compilation of the First Adventures of Popeye, 1928-1930Segar, Elzie C.; Introduction by Bill Blackbeard$95

19385Thinking About MagritteKate Stern$10

13892This and that: [Poems]Vera Luella Ernst McNichol$20

19396This Brighter Prison: A Book of JourneysKaren Connelly$10

13792This Brighter Prison: A Book of Journeys: A Book of JourneysKaren Connelly$10

19023This Location of Unknown PossibilitiesBrett Grubisic$15

18671This Way for the Gas, Ladies and GentlemenTadeusz Borowski$15

12284This Wicked GenerationMarilyn Forstot$22

15995This Won't Last ForeverMorton, Colin$10

18369Thomas Hardy: An Agnostic & A Romantic C. E. May$20

16686Thomas Mann and His FamilyMarcel Reich-Raniki$35

17784Thomas Merton: Faithful VisionaryMichael W Higgins$15

08595Thomas Wingford, CurateGeorge MacDonald$55

02640Three (3)Noble, Charles; J. O. Thompson; And Jon Whyte$20

17962Three Against the WildernessEric Collier$15

05284Three Kingdoms: A Historical NovelLuo, Guanzhong$11

12190Three Of A KindRachel Ingalls$15

16938Three Plays: The Broken Calabash/Parables for a Season/The Reign of WazobiaTess Akaeke Onwueme$20

11059Three Times and Out [Large Print]Nellie L. McClung$22

13236Threshold: Six Women, Six PoetsRona Murray$10

01480Through BlindnessHelen Manning$12

15576Through Injured EyesMichael Sean Gardner$10

16040Through the EyesDon Druick$10

19486Time release poemsRobert Priest$11

02795To Arrive Where You Are: Literary Journalism From the Banff Centre for the ArtsKim Echlin, Barbara Moon, And Don Obe Editors$15

09221To celebrate with light - words & etchingsLyndia Terre$15

19022Tobacco WarsPaul Seesequasis$10

17091TolkienDavid Day$45

15200To-morrow and the day after to-morrow - poemsHOSEJKO, Lubomir$20

19182Too Loud a SolitudeBohumil Hrabal$10

17148Too many blackbirdsKen Ledbetter$15

13423Too Spare, Too FiercePatrick Lane$15

15119Touch NotHenderson, George V.$10

13478Tough RootsJean McCallion$15

05210Trains of Winnipeg (Poems)Clive Holden$10

05207Trout Stream CreedDavid Carpenter$10

14850Trumpets From MontparnasseGibbins, Robert$25

15737Truth Or Death: The Quest For Immortality In The Western Narrative TraditionHentsch, Thierry$25

17900Trying to Avoid CarsBrown, Jacqui$20

13424Turns and Other PoemsRichard Outram$10

07707Tut-Tut: Young Poems for Tutankhamun.Sylvia DUVERNET$12

17563Twentieth Century Interpretations of 1984: A Collection of Critical EssaysSamuel Lynn Hynes$25

18552Twenty Years of Hebridean MemoriesMacdonald, Emily$20

18240Twister: The Original ScreenplayMichael Crichton$12

19246Two LinesCj Evans$10

16717Two Plays for Study - Twenve angry Men; Romanoff and JulietReginald Rose; R.G. Harrison (Editor)$10

15125Two Tales Bilingual SeriesTolstoi$15

08309Two Women and a TelephoneRica Bromley Taylor$10

04583Typee a Nerrative of a Four Months' Residence Among the Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands or a Peep at Polynesian LifeMelville, Herman$28

18523Un enfer presque familierLise Harou$15

06555Under coyote's eye: A play about IshiHenry Beissel$10

18110UndercoverWendy Morton$12

19176Understanding Me: Lectures and InterviewsMarshall Mcluhan$35

04790Unexpected MeansHenry Okeefe$33

19266Unfinished BusinessTopa$15

19458Unguarded Hours: "Strawberry Tree" and "Flesh and Grass"Rendell/Simpson$15

16066Unity (1918)Kevin Kerr$12

05206UnravelArmstrong, Tammy$10

15551Unwavering Eye: Selected Poems 1969-1975Layton, Irving$10

16009Unwavering Eye: Selected Poems 1969-1975Layton, Irving$10

14762Up the Straight With BrockbankRussell Brockbank$20

18836Use Once and DestroyJ L'Ecuyer$15

17432Vade Mecum: Essays, Reviews & InterviewsRichard Skinner$15

11292Van Ganser HarteHermans, Toon$15

13800Variations on the Human ThemeWoodcock, George$25

09422Verse portraitsStratford, Philip$10

10490Verus and the Grand Assembly of Believers a SatireWendel Messer$25

09918Victoria : The Well BelovedW. Francis Aitken$20

09542Victorian Crime StoriesNigel Morland (Editor)$22

13591Village Sketches : First Series, Descriptive of Club and School Festivals and Other Village Gatherings and InstitutionsWhitehead, T. C.$20

17391Viola Whitney Pratt. Papers and SpeechesPratt, Viola Whitney (edted By Mildred Claire Pratt)$20

17726Violent Politics: A History Of Insurgency, Terrorism, And GuerrillWilliam R Polk$25

16468Violet HayPeter J. Hodgson$15

12140Voices From The Niagara - Ten Niagara PoetsBaltensperger, Peter & Baltensperger, Brenda (Selected By)$10

15814Voices on the Wind - Poems About Alaska's BirdsFrank Keim$15

07082Volodymyr the Great a Historical Drama in Three ActsLassovsky-Kruk, Miroslawa; Trojan, Anna Stepaniuk$35

12566Von Gott, der Welt und dem MenschenSchneider, Paul Wilhelm$15

02955Voyages & Travels Catalogue 1233Bernard Quaritch, Ltd.$20

19485W)holes: PoemsCynthia MacDonald$15

15940W. B. Yeats - A Critical introductionBalachandra Rajan$20

15999W.B.Yeats: The Love PoemsW. B. Yeats, A. Norman Jeffares (Editor)$15

13494W.S.GilbertWilliam Cox-Ife$15

17883W;t A PlayEdson, Margaret$10

09996Wackenroder and Tieck Gillies, A (Ed)$20

17454Waimea SummerJohn Dominis Holt$33

16841Wait for Me, Little Girl!Douglas Radcliff-Umstead$95

19245Wait, You're Not a Centaur: 50 Fifty-word Stories and DrawingsNathaniel Drake Denver$15

05225Waiting for the play to beginLinda Siebenga$20

15091Waking Ordeals: Poems of Love and High Risk AdventureWilloughby, Joshua & Maynard Luterman, John Lucic, (eds.)$10

08876Walk To Acorn BridgeJohn Treherne$20

09953Walking on WaterDave Carley$10

17473Wallace Tripp's Wurst SellerWallace Tripp$22

18285Want NotGeorge V. Henderson$15

07194Watch Dog a Story of To DayArthur Hornblow$24

08643Watcher of Men, The Selected Poems (1947-1966)Bourinot, Arthur S.$35

18423Wayside weedsEllis, William Hodgson$50

09538We Alien SeedJ.A. Wood$44

09909We Must Kill Toni, A Comedy in Three ActsBlack, Ian Stuart$35

16955We, the WomenMERLE NUDELMAN$10

10690WeaveLisa Pasold$15

09889Welded LinksPeckham, P. Annetta$33

09956Wells Of LightF Quellette$10

09859WEST OF KAP: BICYCLE POEMS: Record of a Journey in Northern Ontario, 1974Douglas Stewart$25

14019West South WestErin Mouré$10

13094Westward to CanaanForman Joan$25

19090Whale MusicPaul Quarrington$24

00755What a Lovely WarMonty Python crew$15

10784What Goes AroundC.W. Tiffin$15

15873What is to be Done?Gallant, Mavis$15

02672What the Butler SawOrton, Joe$20

19420Whatever Ye Sow Patricia Kortland$10

12138WhenJon Gaskell$15

18281When he Was Free and Young and he Used to Wear SilksClarke, Austin$10

15575When Honour's at the Stake : Ideas of Honour in Shakespear's Plays By Norman CouncilCouncil, Norman$15

17301When Is a PoemFlorence McNeil$22

19366When the Monster DiesKate Pullinger$15

17733When Things of the Spirit Come First: Five Early TalesSimone de Beauvoir$15

07147Where Gods Do Not Suffer from OvercrowdingDonia Blumenfeld Clenman$25

03332Where the Cypress Rises: an Australian Artist in UmbriaRyan, Virginia$20

04649Where the English Housewife ShinesAlexandra Oliver$20

02885Where the Saints Have TrodSt. John, Judith$10

05867Where water and gravel meet: PoemsHeather Browne Prince$10

16069White Maa's SagaLinklater, Eric$20

02392Who is Cato?Sims, George$22

15159Wilkinson, Warrior, Musician, BishopYoung, George,$15

02389Will Gordon Sinclair Please Sit DownGordon Sinclair$10

12066Will to KillJohn Penn$25

07688William Blake: The Politics of VisionMark Schorer$25

09717WILLIAM EDWARD GALLIE, Surgeon, Seeker, Teacher, FriendR. I. Harris (introduction by)$20

10013William Henry Clarke 1902-1955; a Memorial Volume Containing Some Recent Speeches and Writing Chiefly Concerned With Publishing & Education in Canada Over Thirty YearsClarke, William Henry$20

02291William Henry Drummond (Makers of Canadian Literature)Macdonald, J.F.$15

08664WILLIAM JAMES DUNLOP. A Brief Biography.Foley (Roy S.)$20

04940William KirbyRiddell, William Renwick$15

18305William Osler: A Life in MedicineMichael Bliss$55

04580Willy Corsari Omnibus: De Man Zonder Uniform, De Zonden Van Laurian Ostar, Het Mysterie Van De MondscheinsonateWilly Corsari$45

08293WindfallsFrances B. Richman$12

05464Wings : a dramaArthur Kopit$15

06738Winners Circle 8: Anthology of Short Stories and EssaysToronto And Central Ontario Branch Of The Canadian Authors$15

17711Winter KillsRichard Condon$18

17790With Shades of Midnight BlueKendall, Graham$15

08140Woman in the woodsJoy Kogawa$10

18171Woman in the WoodsJoy Kogawa$12

04815Women Drinking BenedictineSharon Dilworth$15

17365Women in the WallJulia O'Faolain$20

18151Women Novelists Before Jane Austen: The Critics and Their CanonsBrian Corman$30

18410Women of smoke: Latin American women in literature & lifeMarjorie Agosin$10

11363Wood Words - a celebration of forestsLillian Burgess$15

10323WoodswomanAnne Labastille$15

14935Writers Undercover Volume IVVarious$22

16444Writing Selves: Contemporary Feminist AutographyJeanne Perreault$25

17526Writing/Ecrits 94Freda Appleyard at al.$15

18062XmanMichael Brodsky$20

11907Yesterday, at the Hotel ClarendonNicole Brossard (Author), Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood (Translator)$24

16101You can't get there from hereHugh Hood$20

17826Young HuntingHunter, Martin$15

05275Your Clan Heritage: Clan HamiltonAlan McNie (compiled by)$10


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