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First Edition



12726 A Book of VersesMoffat, Gertrude MacGregor$20

11374 A People's BestStevenson, O. J.$20

11701 A Venetian Affair (Large Print)Andrea Di Robilant$20

11872 Adventures of the Little Wooden HorseWilliams, Ursula Moray$25

13186 ALL MY BROTHERSWallace, J.S.$20

11624 Aristotelis De Arte PoeticaAristotelis (Aristotle) /Edited By I. Bywater$30

11947 Auf dem BauernhofLarsson, Carl$10

11078 Big CityBerta & Elmer Hader$15

12526 Bill And Stanley (The Little library)Oxenbury, Helen$35

11479 Bourgeois PleasuresStange. Ken$15

12401 Breakfast with HerbReynolds, Jack$10

11062 Coming To LondonLehmann, John (Edited By)$20

11791 Die Vier IV und das Nachtgespenst oder Wie die alten Damen zum Tischrücken kamen.Francois-Georges$25

12232 Fairy tales for young Australians: reimagined and illustrated by Jan Wade.Wade, Jan.$20

11569 Follow the RiverAnn Cameron$10

11951 Frustration!Wright, Milly$20

11412 I Run With The FoxGould, Mona$15

13217 I'm Glad I Met You Thoughts on love and Friendship I'm Glad I Met You Thoughts on love and Friendship Adah Louise Sutton$20

12907 Joseph Weydemeyer ~ Pioneer of American SocialismObermann, Karl$15

12186 Le Violon. Une Histoire D'enfants.Allen, Robert Allen$15

12459 Little Blue BenGilman, Phoebe$20

12078 Little Tales for Little Folks: A Lolly Pop BookJohn Martin's House$20

11410 Lotus of the Dusk A Romance of ChinaDorothy Graham$45

11358 Moon CountryDenys Chabot$20

11965 Mouth Of the Dragon: 6- September, 1975 Mouth Of the Drago Press$15

11753 One for Wod and One for Lok, or Asgard, Midgard and Utgard, [Heinemann's School Series Supplementary Readers]Cartwright, Thomas$25

13004 Poetry of relevanceHomer Hogan$15

11727 Punch and JonathanBinzen, Bill$25

11437 Roses of Shadow. With a Foreword by Duncan Campbell Scott.AYLEN, Elise$22

11086 Shakespeare at the Kennels. A Book of Drawings From Quotations of Shakespeare's PlaysKirmse, Persis$30

11098 Story Number 1: for children under three years of age.Ionesco, Eugene. Pictures by Etienne Delessert.$20

11564 The honey makersGail Gibbons$10

11746 The Lady from EdinburghStuart, Aimee & Rose, L. Arthur$25

12499 The little coast guardsShanghai Animated Film Studio$25

11423 The Lyric YearMacDonald, Wilson$15

12152 The mermaid and the whaleGeorgess McHargue$10

12706 The Mysterious ChateauYvonne De bremond d'Ars$20

11912 The spy who died of boredom;: A novelGeorge Mikes$20

11589 The Terrible Troll-BirdIngri;D'Aulaire, Edgar Parin D'Aulaire$20

12077 Tonka and Other StoriesMusil, Robert$15

11602 Über Drama und TheaterStrindberg, August, Verner Arpe und Marianne Kesting$25

12464 Uncle Wiggily and the Runaway CheeseHoward Roger Garis$15

12606 Wallaby CreekJoyce Ann Powzyk$10

02887! Voice - a collection of short storiesNick Surges (Editor)$20

12878" I Had This Dream Last Night That I Could Fly" A Book of CartoonsArnould, Grahame$20

17583...AND THE KOOKABURRA LAUGHEDThomas, Bernard$20

17052…Still in ChileSusan Siddeley$15

1712010-45 Spells DeathKathy J. McCormack Carter (Author), William J. McCormack$15

073782000-2001 children's exhibitAnchorage museum of history and art$22

119988850 - Récit d'aventures de Jean-François CarreyDaniele Valee$20

05740A bag full of plays : ten plays for childrenMichael Caulfield$20

15968A Barnyard BestiaryDavid Bouchard$20

16372A Beast of Muddy BrainCharles Walters$20

10990A Booklover's CompanionMatthew Reisz (ed)$15

14322A Boy Named JohnTiemann, Ruth & Roland Tiemann$20

12608A Brave WomanMarlitt, E. [translated by Margaret P. Watterman]$25

02220A Cabin Full of MiceJanet Foster$30

11449A Century Has RootsFinch, Robert$20

05581A Charge to Keep I Have...the Life and Times of John Bransford NicholsJ. B. Nichols$21

05314A Collection of Canadian Plays: Volume 4 (Children's Plays)Rolf Kalman (Editor)$20

16074A Collection of SolitudesTarnow, David$15

10626A Curious PlaceRodie Sudbery$15

10311A dancing starDoug Beardsley$10

17423A Dark and Stormy KnightVera Mont$22

07923A Dark, Dark TaleRuth Brown$14

17431A Doctor Pedalled Her Bicycle Over the River ArnoMatt Rader$15

12979A Drawing for Tara.Duchesne, Christiane.$15

13499A dream of promise: A folktale in Hebrew and EnglishMeguido Zola$15

11420A Family MatterFrancis Gaite$95

05385A Footprint on Planet Earth - an Australian story…David McKinlay$22

15153A Force to Be Reckoned With: The Memoirs of Norah EgenerNorah Egener, Kristen Egener Chaddah$20

14008A Force to Be Reckoned With: The Memoirs of Norah EgenerNorah Egener, Kristen Egener Chaddah$15

03434A Forsyte Saga (Volume I and II)Galsworthy, John$25

02379A Fortunate CatastropheAdela Turin Nella Bosnia$22

05090A Friend Like You - (Annikins)Roger Pare$10

09860A Frontier Judge ; British Justice in the Earliest Days of Farthest WestBanwell, Selwyn$20

06102A Gathering of Spirit: a Collection By North American Indian WomenBeth Brant (Editor)$10

03212A Gathering of Spirit: a Collection By North American Indian WomenBrant, Beth$10

09958A Gathering of Spirit: a Collection By North American Indian WomenBrant, Beth$10

15985A Geography of SoulsKathleen McCracken$10

12823A Ghost in the CastleSigrid Heuck$15

16640A Gift from Saint FrancisJoanna Cole$10

07551A girl like IRosemary McLeod$20

05217A Gloss on Our Painted GodsEric Barstad$10

16828A Glossary of German literary terms (Otago German studies)August Obermayer$20

05708A Gown for His Mistress (Acting Edition)Georges Feydeau$10

01607A Grand Old TreeDePalma, Mary Newell$10

13278A Horse for Running BuffaloFreeman, Madeline A$20

17186A Horseman and the WestTrotter, Beecham$15

03588A hot countryShiva Naipaul$15

07968A Jacobite DreamJames Dalgleish$15

14222A Jar Full of MiceDiz Wallis$10

07144A Knight of Ghosts and ShadowsPoul Anderson$20

04874A La Taille Des HommesAndré Hallée$15

01680A Light Above the SunYvonne Wilson$10

13146A Likely StoryWestlake, Donald E.$20

03895A Little Touch of MonsterLampert, Emily$10

06349A Love of Reading: The Second Collection More Reviews of Contemporary FictionRobert Adams$20

10340A Lover More CondolingClarkson, Adrienne$15

06705A Machynlleth TriadJan Morris$20

03403A Man's WayHine, Muriel$20

13897A Map of MisreadingHarold Bloom$15

16052A Masque of AesopDavies, Robertson$15

07032A Masque of AesopRobertson Davies$15

07321A moi ma chair, à moi mon âme! : Du cloître au ballet tome 1Lorrain, Roland$25

17564A Month Without SnowM. E Csamer$15

11310A moscou spirou & fantasio 42Tome (Author), Janry (Author)$15

14472A Moving TargetGolding, William$15

12817A Murder of Quality [Large Print]John Le Carre$15

15041A New Companion to Shakespeare StudiesKenneth Muir$20

15761A New Home in a Model Village: Memories of a Bourneville Child 1920 - 1940,G.Letitia Haynes$35

11023A New Year's TaleDUDINTSEV, Vladimir$10

03306A Parcel of PatternsWalsh, Jill Paton$10

04585A Piece of LuckSimon Henwood$20

09551A PIGGYBOOKAnthony Browne$10

11388A Place in the WoodsHelen Hoover$15

16436A Poetics of Women's Autobiography: Marginality and the Fictions of Self-RepresentationSidonie Smith$15

05648A Police Dog Named NoseyJulano Miller$15

13470A Porcupine Named FluffyHelen Lester$20

12338A Quiet Voice: One Man's Journey from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Addiction, Prison and Homelessness to a Dignified LifeEugene Hairston, Susan Adger$20

06044A Roads ScholarIvan E. Young$15

05578A Room at the Heart of Things: The Work That Came to MeElisabeth Harvor (Editor)$15

08270A room full of balloonsFrederick Ward$15

15118A Rope-in CaseLillian Beckwith$20

14531A salmon for SimonBetty Waterton$15

02609A salmon for SimonBetty Waterton$10

12600A sense of style: Studies in the art of fiction in English-speaking CanadaW. J Keith$18

09037A Ship PortraitHarry Thurston$10

14152A Short TailBarbara Davoll$10

17227A Small Tall Tale from the Far Far NorthSis, Peter$10

14986A song for HarmonicaSimon Johnston$20

17359A SONG OF BEDLAM INN and Other PoemsMadeleva, M. [Sister]$15

07449A sudden brightnessAlice Boissonneau$12

17373A Symphony for the SheepCynthia Millen$45

03680A Tail Between Two CitiesVon Konigslow, Andrea Wayne$21

17142A Testimony of Triumph: a Narrative of the Life of James Sutton and Family in Nevis and St. Kitts, 1920-1940James Sutton$16

10046A theatre for Spenserians;: Papers of the International Spenser Colloquium, Frederiction [sic] New Brunswick, October, 1969Kennedy, Judith M. & Reither, James A. (ed)$15

16449A Time of DayFrancis Durbridge$20

14641A Tree in the ForestJan Thornhill$15

10720A Tree in the ForestJan Thornhill$20

04065A Trip Into the Blue, and Other Stories From the New YorkerRichard Berczeller$20


04576A Twenty Years' SecretWilberforce, Wester K.$20

03278A Valentine for YouWatson, Wendy$12

08565A Vanished World The Dinosaurs of Western CanadaRussell, Dale A.$30

11856A view from the roof: StoriesHelen Weinzweig$15

10878A View from the ValleyBaker, Denys Val$25

15176A Vigil for Joe Rose: Stories of Being Out in High SchoolWhatling, Michael$15

16888A Walk in the Garden Christopher L. Hannah$15

16580A Walk in the ValleyRobert C. Kensett$20

15168A Weekend with WendellKevin Henkes$10

02490A White Radiance: The Collected Poems 1958-1993Nicholas Hagger$25

09766A Wild IndianMiller, George Frederick$45

09829A Wild IndianMiller, George Frederick$45

07890A World ApartPatricia Srigley$15

14044A Wreath for Jennys GraveCharlotte Hunt$20

16820A Yankee in CanadaThoreau Henry David$10

14183A. Nonny Mouse Writes Again!Jack Prelutsky (editor)$10

17572A. S. Pushkin. SkazkiA. S. Pushkin$75

10970Aarvy Aardvark Finds HopeDonna R. O'Toole$20

04174ABC, 1 2 3: The Canadian alphabet and counting bookVlasta Van Kampen$10

13287Abena and the Rock: A Story from GhanaVerna Wilkins, Gill McLean$20

17282Abigail Muchmore: An Original TaleLois G. Grambling$15

02451Abnormally Happy: a Gay DictionarySummerbell, Richard$15

16232Adagios: Electra's BenisonJudith Fitzgerald$20

02416Adam's New Friend and Other Stories From the BibleDavid Bartlett$15

08842Addresses and MiscellaniesGluck, James Fraser$35

10457Adios MuchachosDaniel Chavarria$22

14678Adrift on an Ice-Pan.Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason.$10

11079Adventurers : The Epic Story of the Hudson's Bay CompanyMoore, Christopher; Hudson's Bay Company Staff$15

11237Adventures of the Muddleheaded WombatRuth Park$15

17285Adventures with the VikingsLinda Bailey$10

17192Aesthetics: Problems in the Philosophy of CriticismMonroe C. Beardsley$35

11093Affair for the BaronAnthony Morton$45

09719Affreux, le bêtisier du FNGaïa, Robert$20

09884AFLOAT AND ASHORE, A Charming Collection of Stories.W.B. Conkey Company$20

04798After All! The Collected Stories : VHugh Hood$10

14167After the WarWainwright, Andy$10

08359Against My Better Judgment: An Intimate Memoir of an Eminent Gay PsychologistRoger Brown$15

08642Against the Grain and Other StoriesKennedy, C. Fairn$22

07143Agent of the Terran EmpirePoul Anderson$30

12798Agoak: The legacy of AgagukYves Theriault$20

06864Ah Well, a Romance in Perpetuity And, And to You AlsoJack B. Yeats$10

01673Aikins of the U of T medical facultyCharles M Godfrey$21

01381AirplanesMaynard, Christopher$10

13153Alberic Bourgeois, CaricaturisteLeon A. Robidoux$15

16456AlbertDonna Jo Napoli$15

14478AldoJohn Burningham$20

14644Aleta and the Queen: A tale of Ancient GreecePriscilla Galloway$20

11416Alfred Chapman, Architect 1879-1949Chapman, Howard D.$20

12826Alfred, the dragon who lost his flameCatherine M Buckaway$20

03111Alice at 80Slavitt, David R.$15

06328Alice Nizzy Nazzy The Witch Of Santa FeTony Johnston$10

13910Aliens: Book One - Third EditionMark Verheiden$15

02013All About BabiesColeman, H.T.J.$15

14271All I Want Is a Walk-On PartLaMonte Palmer$10

03009All Kinds of Everything: Worlds of PoetryDudek, Louis (Editor)$15

01732All MaryGwynedd Rae$20

06162All Small: PoemsDavid McCord$21

14125All Souls --- 1st EditionSymons, Geraldine$22

11128All the polarities: Comparative studies in contemporary Canadian novels in French and EnglishPhilip Stratford$25

07935All The Way - Memoirs of Lloyd G. CummingLloyd G. Cumming$25

11549All the Way HomeAudrey Tournay$15

13777All Visitors AshoreC.K. Stead$15

12789Allegory of the SupermarketStephanie Brown$20

17208AllegroJohn Milton$10

14632Allons Bi-Bi Deuxieme EtapMatte, Jacqueline and Phyllis A. Richard$20

03424Along Pioneer TrailsPaterson, Pearl McKelvie$15

17447Als een eenzame mus op het dak. Jan Pieter Paauwe (1872-1956). Zijn leven, werk en volgelingenDros, L.F. / Sjoer, N.J.P.$22

14982Amanda Greenleaf visits a distant starEd Kavanagh$10

17109Amanda's DinosaurOrr, Wendy$22

01483Amanda's DinosaurOrr, Wendy; Illustrated By Campbell, Gillian$22

02591Amazing MazesRolf Heimann$8

03831Amazing Mazes IIIHeimann, Rolf$14

04003Amazon Angel: a NovellaYolande Villemaire; Translator-Gerald Leblanc$10

06958American AppetitesJoyce Carol Oates$15

17302Amigos Blue GuitarJoan MacLeod$15

08701Amos And BorisSteig, William$25

12188Amos's SweaterJanet Dunn$20

11862An Easy ThingPaco Ignacio Taibo II$10

03415An Enemy in ViewHoffman, David$15

16298An Evening at Alfie'sHughes, Shirley$10

13629An Indian SummerSacheverell Sitwell$20

13215An outline of the poetry of Robert FrostJon C Stott$55

02981AnatoleEve Titus$26

08797ANATOLEEve Titus$15

08798ANATOLE AND THE CATEve Titus$15

17372Ancient Celtic FestivalsClare Leslie, Frank E. Gerace$25

16787And Dance with the Orange CowNancy Libbey Mills$20

17375And in the Beginning...Sheron Williams$15

13940And It RainedEllen Raskin$65

08618And Something MoreBrown, Jean McConnell$15

00798And Still Drink More!: A Kayankaya MysteryJakob Arjouni$20

16522And Then I Wrote : Nine Years of London Free Press ColumnsBill Brady$30

17033AND WE ESCAPEDVan Dooren, G$15

16576Andromedar SR1Ripkens, Martin; Stempel, Hans$75

14321Andy AntWinky, Pops$40

09416Angel Blood: The Tess PoemsKevin Irie$15

00985Angel Mouse Lost thingamajigRodney Peppé$10

17383Angela and the Baby JesusFrank McCourt$10

02284Angelina Ballerina - Miniature editionHolabird, Katharine$24

03218Angelo the Naughty OneHelen Garrett$20

06857Angels in the DustMargot Theis Raven$15

17105Angus LostFlack, Marjorie$15

11706Animal CastleTanith Lee$20

02603Animal RhymesAmy Rosenberg$14

03502Animal Stories By Young Writers: From Stone Soup MagazineWilliam Rubel and Gerry Mandel$15

09866Animals of Central AsiaOsmond, Edward$20

14938Animythical TalesSarah Totton$10

16771Animythical TalesSarah Totton$10

14897Anniranni and Mollymishi the Wild Haired DollC. Drew Lamm$10

16331Annotated Ultimate AlphabetMike Wilks$25

09634Another Morning ComingSalmon, Eric$25

13647Another Mouse to FeedRobert Kraus (Author)$20

02579AntarticaHelen Cowcher$8

13705Anthem For Doomed Youth: Poets of the Great War.Macdonald, Lyn, Ed.$20

10002Anthologie d'Albert LabergeGérard Bessette$20

13455Anthologie de la poesie quebecoise (French Edition)Guy Sylvestre$20

15327Anthologie de Poesie I. Poesies Grecque et LatineJackson, Daniel$25

13475Anthology of Modern Urdu Poetry: in English Translation WithUrdu TextPascale Gaitet (Author), M. A. R. Habib (Editor, Introduction)$20

15279Anthracite Country-PoemsParani, Jay$10

15025Anti-Pamela and ShamelaHaywood, Eliza; Ingrassia, Catherine; Fielding, Henry$15

10040Applebet: An ABCClyde Watson$10

07490Arabian Nights: 1914: A Novel about Kaiser Wilhelm IIEric Koch$15

15685Arcpoetrymagazine Winter 2011Arc Poet Societ$10

15792ArianeGeorge McGuire$15

05882Ariel ascending : writings about Sylvia PlathPaul Alexander$20

14905Arithmetic ECarl Sandburg$15

17420Armand Dussault and Other PoemsMacdonald Wilson$15

06151Armer Esel AlfCora Annett$20

06062Arnold of the DucksMordicai Gerstein$18

05710Around the World With CasimirMarlene Reidel (Author), Rika Opper (Translator)$25

07257Arranging DestinyDowning, Jack$25

07698Arrest at the Soo (Another Just North Mystery)Michael Barnes$20

17034AscensionSteven Galloway$14

05226Asoka : a historical playTarlochan Singh Gill$10

14325Assignment in NowhereLaumer, Keith$20

12187Asterix at the Olympic GamesGoscinny & Uderzo$15

10816Asterix schwätzt schwäbisch: Dr grosse Graba.Uderzo, Albert und R. Goscinny$25

04191Asterix Versus CaesarRene de Goscinny$22

13823At Heart: Newfoundland Short StoriesLisa J. Ivany, Robert Hunt$15

16051At My Heart's CoreDavies, Robertson$15

16000At My Heart's Core & Overlaid: Two PlaysDavies, Robertson$10

12463At the animal danceAnn Beam$18

13862AtonementGaetan Soucy$10

08005Attar of Song and Other PoemsIrene H. Moody$30

09404ATTENTION LEONRichard Scarry$10

16969AtukMischa Damjan$15

14230Aucune bête aussi féroceEdward Bunker$25

12458Aunt Louisa's Book of Fairy Tales, With Numerous Illustrations.Laura Jewry Valentine$20

11956Aunt Nancy and Cousin LazybonesPhyllis Root$15

17516Australian Poems To Read To The Very YoungVarious$15

17014Autobiographical Voices: Race, Gender, Self-PortraitureFrancoise Lionnet$15

09982AutumnblingsDouglas Florian$10

05945AveTanya Kern$10

08609Avec Ma Vie PoemsRAINIER, Lucien$25

11096AxwaterJennie Melville$20

04951Az Eden KalapacsaKen Follett$25

03508B. B. Blacksheep and Company: a Collection of Favourite Nursery RhymesNick Butterworth$10

12822Babar and That Rascal ArthurLaurent de Brunhoff$25

02512Babar Learns to CookBrunhoff, Laurent De$16

12538Babar's Cousin That Rascal ArthurLaurent de Brunhoff$10

01546Babar's Little GirlLaurent De Brunhoff$10

17363Baby GooseKate McMullan$15

03845Baby's bedtime : lullabies & verse

15050Bad Luck DogDianne Warren$15

11888Bad Luck DogDianne Warren$15

17535Badjelly the WitchSpike Milligan$20

17594Bag Full of PupsDick Gackenbach$20

12868BAGDAD CAFE , out of Rosenheim. Dialogue bilingue.Collectif - Percy Adlon$25

16254Baki and the magic egg/Baki et L'oeuf MagiqueNjacko Backo$15

15150BalconvilleFennario, David$10

11893Balzacs Horse and Other StoriesGert Hofmann (Author), Christopher Middleton (Translator)$15

14567Banana KissRozanski, Bonnie$15

12560Bardel's MurderKenneth Giles$15

13169Baritone Cat (Paperback) by Mora Skelton (Author), et al. ‹ Return to product information Always pay through's Shopping Cart or 1-Click. Learn more about Safe Online Shopping and our safe buying guarantee.Mora Skelton$20

11094Baron on Board [Large Print]Anthony Morton$25

02581Barricades D'ArthurGinette Anfousse$10

12529Basil Brush and the WindmillsPeter Firmin$10

16830BearEngel, Marian$30

02808Bear HuntAnthony Browne$17

06251Beare PartsRichard A Dominico$15

06156Bears at Work: A Book of Bearable JobsGage Taylor$12

09464Beautiful DruidHadwen, Alden$20

08826Beautiful My Mane in the WindCatherine Petroski$10

16070Beautiful Stories of Golden PraguePetiska, Eduard ;Dolan, Jan M.$10

17527Beauty and SadnessAndre Alexis$15

15378Beauty and the Beast (Children's Theatre Playscript)William Glennon$50

17349Because We Are Canadians: A Battlefield MemoirSgt. Charles D. Kipp$20

13389Bedtime LeunigMichael Leunig$15

09814Beethoven's LettersLudwig van Beethoven$15

04593Before the Gold RushPierre Berton$10

00447Before The WindCharles Tyng$10

12580Beginning of the ArmadillosRudyard Kipling$10

16049BeginningsHodgins, Jack$55

17487Behind the LogPratt, E.J.$10

17064Being PoorJanet Rosenberg$25

13527Bell sound and vintage (Contemporary poetry 26)Maura, Sister$20

16397Belle au bois dormant livre cassetteGraham Percy$15

16663Belling the CatTom Paxton$30

02455Belt Up - Thelwell's Motoring ManualNorma Thelwell$10

12479Ben Burton or Born and Bred at SeaKingston, W.H.G.$25

16510Beneath Whose Hand: The Autobiography of R.M. WilliamsWilliams, R.m.$15

06327Benjamin va à l'écolePaulette Bourgeois$14

02692BentSherman, Martin$10

05516Beowulf and Other Old English PoemsConstance B. Hieatt$20

14467Bernard ShawPat Carr$20

16269Beside the Hemlock Garden: On Lives and RightsStrecker, James$10

05767Best Canadian Stories 03Douglas Glover (Editor)$20

13661Best of HeydaysEdward Hayes$15

08635Bet and BenWHIPPLE, Amy$15

14449Better not get wet, jesse bearCarlstrom, Nancy White$15

14600BetweenLaurie Petrou (Author), Beth Follett (Editor)$20

03649Between Anxiety and Hope: the Poetry and Writing of Czesaw MioszEdward Mozejko (Editor)$15

13805Between Worlds A Reader, Rhetoric, and HandbookBachmann, Susan, Melinda Barth and Karen Golets Pancer$20

10890Beyond DescartesJenny Joseph$20

09452Beyond labelsRobert Zend$20

07337Beyond the Moment: Selected Poems, 1960-1976George Thaniel, Edward Phinney (translated from greek)$10

07298Beyond the StileMargaret Davidson Bamber$30

06771Bicycle to TreacheryRobert Quackenbusch$20

15584Big Alfie And Annie RoseShirley Hughes$20

14111Big Cat DreamingAnne Spudvilas$10

14901Big Puddle Lane StorybookSheila McCullagh$15

13872Bill Badger and the Secret WeaponWatkins-Pitchford, D J (Aka "BB")$75

06865Billabong Bertie the Bunyip a Little Aussie Adventure BookJosephine Barrymore$25

16620Billibonk & the Thorn PatchPhilip Ramsey; Robin Runci Mazo; Madaleen Pulsifer$20

15889Binky the space catSpires, Ashley$20

07197Biography of a beagleGail MacMillan$10

14730Bipolar BearCatherine Kidd$14

02488Bird for All SeasonsHargreaves$15

09430Bird Limericks: Verse About Our Fine-Feathered FriendsPeter Downie (Contributor), Todd James Buhrows (Editor)$15

16485Bird Song (The Little Stories of Manoosh & Baloosh)Snyder, Lavinia Branca$20

11766Birth of Shylock & the Death of Zero MostelArnold Wesker$20

16624Bitter breadAlbert Laberge$40

15964Black AjaxGeorge MacDonald Fraser$15

05262Black Ajax (Audio Cassette)George MacDonald Fraser (Author), Stephen Thorne (Narrator) -Unabridged edition$115

12842Black apples: A play in two actsRoberts, Kevin$35

06076Black Snake and the Eggs - A Tale Told In Liberia

16799Black SnowMikhail Bulgakov$20

16610Black Squirrel Daniel; Trans Grady, Wayne Poliquin$15

17569Black Swan White CrowJ. Patrick Lewis$15

04199Black tulipsBruce Eason$10

06486Blanches NuitsTeddy Jam$15

09359Blanches NuitsTeddy Jam$15

11726Blanches NuitsTeddy Jam$15

13194Blessed Are the MeekVan Every, Jane$20

09532Blessed Are the MeekVan Every, Jane$20

14267Blitzkrieg and other plays: Alias, Lifeguard, Underground, Electric gunfightersBryan Wade$20

13235Blood on steelMichael Melski$10

06668Blood SportsEden Robinson$12

04578Blow Wind, Burn Candle: True Tales From ZimbabweMerritt, Judson H.$10

06280Blue - Voyage to the skyCaleigh Minshall$20

09409Blue AngelsStephen Humphrey$10

17110Blue BoatBruna, Dick; Jones, Peter$24

13002Blue Remembered Hills And Other PlaysDennis Potter$20

03384Bob Friday's Other Eye-and More Outrageous Rue Tales of Canada's Northern FrontierJohn David Hamilton$10

15791Bobby Bear meets Cousin Boo & Bobby Bear at the CircusMarilue$10

11091Bob's IchthyosaurBritt, John$15

07913Bob's IchthyosaurBritt, John$15

15817Body Music: EssaysDennis Lee$15

02984Bokelia (Journeys Level Eight)Sharon Siamon$14

04674Bon Echo: The Denison YearsMary Savigny$10

17387Bone DogEric Rohmann$15

16581Book of the HoursHelwig, David$15

16658Book of Wise Animals Eilis Dillon$15

13477Borrowed BeautyMaxine Tynes$10

14210Boss CupidThom Gunn$10

15120Boundless AlbertaVan Herk, Aritha$15

11942Bowbo's shade-treeDorothy Morris$25

11836Bowling Pin FireAndy Quan$10

11608Brave With BenChristobel Mattingley$10

00956Breath dances between them: StoriesM. T Kelly$10

07313Breath of Music: Where Words and Sound MeetDonia Blumenfeld Clenman$15

14670Breathing SpaceBruce, John$10

13299Bremen Town MusiciansJacob Grimm (Author), Wilhelm Grimm (Author)$20

02368Brewster RoosterLucas, Berny$8

14441Brick 68: A Literary JournalLinda Spalding$25

14565Brick 80: Winter 2007Helm, Michael, Michael Ondaatje, Et Al (Eds)$22

14456British Drama Since ShawAssociate Professor Emil Roy Ph.D$15

16993Broken Wings: Short StoriesAnatoliy Dimarov$15

08846Bronze Man BreathingClif Bennett$15

12450Brothers of the HeadBrian Wilson Aldiss$20

14115Brown Bear Has a BirthdayEnid Blyton$10

05636Bruder LowenherzAstrid Lindgren$24

01904BubblesMuriel Rukeyser$20

02546Budgie Goes to SeaH.R.H. The Duchess Of York$10

14812Budgie The Little HelicopterH.R.H. The Duchess of York.$15

16315Bufo, a toad =: Bufo, un crapaud : story and pictures (A Tundra book)Stevenson, Marla$20

17541Bunny's TaleGoldstein, Kathleen C.$15

03939Busy nightsGail Chislett$18

16105Butterfly on Rock: Study of Themes and Images in Canadian LiteratureD. G. Jones$15

16866Butterfly WinterW.P. Kinsella$15

10019By Death Never Leave Me an Elegy for John V. NguyenNynych, Stephanie$20

16966By the sound of Her WhistleCraig, John$20

14278By the Way: Poems over the YearsDavid Radavich$10

09929Cabin in the RedwoodsNeubauer, William$35

15643Caillou : Une journee a la fermeJoceline Sanschagrin$10

13504Calinette 3/8ansMichel Luppens$10

16219Call it a dayEugene McNamara$10

15399Call Me AhnighitoPam Conrad$15

14415Calling All HeroesPaco Ignacio, II Taibo$15

15419Camels ALWAYS DOLynn Manuel$20

07300CameosDorothy Cameron Smith & Lini Grol$10

06863Camino CieloChristopher Buckley$15

02243Canada, a Guide to the Peaceable Kingdom (Laurentian Library; 31)William Kilbourn$15

06706Canadian Mosaic Aviva Ravel (Editor)$15

01746Canadian Winter's TalesNorman Levine (Ed. )$10

16408CandideVoltaire, Jen Francois Marie Arouet De$15

12793Captain of HungaryFerenc Puskas$20

00001Captain Orkle's TreasureMicocci, Harriet$15

15631Captain William Moore: B.C.'s Amazing FrontiersmanNorman R. Hacking$10

08670Captured FanciesDavidson,Frederic$15

16261Caramel et les pompiers Niv. 3Kate McMullan$15

09963Caribou song: Atihko nikamonTomson Highway$20

11971Carol to a Child and a Christmas PageantWatson, Nancy Dingman$10

09856Carols and CameosHowey, William$25

03723CarouselBrian Wildsmith$15

14135Case of the Glamorous Ghost - Large PrintErle Stanley Gardner$20

16293CASTAWAYDerek Walcott$15

05695Castles : a guide for young peopleDept.of Environment$10

13011Cat Came BackBill Slavin$25

08697Cat Chat - Large printHelene Thornton$20

03292Catching The Spirit - Volume 3Studendts of Northwestern Ontario$20

02353CatholicsMoore, Brian$20

06163Cathy Caterpillar and Betty BeeSally Rippon$20

15356Catlands =: Pays des chatsFélix Vincent$20

13288Cats and MiceRita G. Gelman$10

15879Cats and MiceRita G. Gelman$10

08723Cats and MiceRita G. Gelman$10

11084Cats in VerseMargaret Hobbs,Jack Hobbs$10

05109Cat's Paw, Inc.L. L. Thrasher$20

02961Cattle drive! - Book Three of the Grove Hill Gang SeriesJacqueline Ward$24

15274cédric, tome 5 : Quelle mouche le pique? (French Edition)Laudec; Cauvin, Raoul$10

12796Celestial NavigationPaulette Jiles$10

15061Celtic Highway: Poems & TextsCarolan, Trevor$12

05208Celtic Highway: Poems & TextsCarolan, Trevor$10

06175Centre Walk, Former Students of the School for the Blind (W Ross Macdonald School) Recall Memories,Verne Edquist (editor)$15

10133Centurion Comes HomeShowell Styles$40

09458CerberusRai Berzins$10

06141Cerddi Prifeirdd - Welsh EditionAlan Llwyd$20

14442Cerfs-volantsNorma Dixon$16

16677Cervantes' Theory of NovelE.L.C. Riley$20

05962Charles G.D. RobertsJames Cappon$15

02602Charlie Meets the Goomby: the Land of UrdBailey, Paul$10

01538Charlottes WebE.B. White$10

14338Chateau Puits '81MIA Anderson$15

10895Chattanooga Sludge: Cleaning Toxic Sludge from Chattanooga CreekMolly Bang$20

05012Che Guevara and the Latin American RevolutionManuel Barbarroja Pineiro$20

10900Cheers!Nicholas Pashley$15

04731Chess for Children, Step by Step: A New, Easy Way to Learn the GameWilliam Lombardy, Bette Marshall$20

14110Chessie the Long Island SquirrelSachiko Komoto$10

02419Chessie the Long Island SquirrelSachiko Komoto$10

03047Chester's BarnLindee Climo$10

10841Chester's BarnLindee Climo$10

16376ChickenMiles Tripp$25

12766ChickenMiles Tripp$25

10579Chidori's RoomRosemary Timperley$25

14047Chimps, Champs and Elephants: In the Making of a ZooJack Baker$20

13414Chin Yu Min and the Ginger CatJennifer Armstrong$15

13672China: ShockwavesNancy-Gay Rotstein$10

03768Chloe's EggsSue Porter$10

12478ChogQuentin Crisp$15

06150Christmas AngelJoan Gale Thomas$20

14347Christmas BugJohnston, Vern$20

04188Christmas PoemsDrinkwater, John$20

03416Christmas PoemsJill Bennett$20

04876Christopher Dream CarAndreas Greve$8

01880Christopher's Dream CarGreve, Andreas$12

09257Christopher's follyBeatrice Mosionier$10

17066Christopher's Little AirplaneMark S. James$10

15288Cigarro and Cerveja: Round 1Tony Esteves$15

14864Cinnabar: The One O'Clock FoxHenry, Marguerite$20

17185Circuit: These are the Sacred Places, Visions Before Midnight, Death by ToiletLawrence Garber$25

03256Circus DaysRoger Pare$8

15721City Scrapes (Douglas the Elephant and Albert Alligator)Thurman, Mark$22

11473City SunEleanor Schick$10

02526Clamshell Boy: A Makah LegendCohlene Cohlene$18

01701ClansGordon Jarvie$8

12764Class warfare: Selected fictionD. M Fraser$10

03021Classic Detective StoriesVarious$20

12517Claverton MysteryJohn Rhode$40

13554Clay Modelling For JuniorsBrown, F.H.$40

10828CleavageTheanna Bischoff$10

05026CleopatreHodeir, André / Ungerer, Tomi$24

01975Clever PigsThwaites, Lyndsay$10

13298Clever Tom and the LeprechaunShute, Linda$45

13028Climbing Kansas MountainsGeorge Shannon$30

05665Clins D'oeil & Pieds de NezRaymond Plante$15

05749CliptailGabrielle Roy$18

17582Clockwork Angels: The NovelKevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart$20

07462Clone FWolfgang E. Franke$25

13837Close to Spider ManCoyote, Ivan E.$10

12581CloudyDeborah King$10

02644CloudyDeborah King$10

04190ClydeClimo, Lindee$15

15983Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic CanadaRoss Leckie$15

03122Cobweb Takes a VacationFaunce-Brown, Daphne$12

13449CockatoucanE Nesbit$10

16694Cold ComfortJim Garrard$10

11447ColeridgeGarnett, Richard$20

15357Collected Earlier PoemsAnthony Hecht$20

15851Collected NovellasGabriel Garcia Marquez$15

17418Collected PoemsMunro, Kathryn$35

08363Collected poemsIsabella Valancy Crawford$20

17436Collected poems of Raymond Souster - Volume 3 - 1962-1974Souster, Raymond$35

01703Colours And ShapesLadybird$20

16103Columbus and the Fat Lady, and Other StoriesMatt Cohen$10

15713Columbus's catGraham Bardell$20

01907Columbus's catGraham Bardell$15

17116Come Aboard and Sail Away: Poems for ChildrenJohn Fuller$20

15563Come Back to Me My Language : Poetry & the West IndiesChamberlin, J. Edward$20

13896Comedy - Developments in Criticism: Selection of Critical EssaysD.J. Palmer$35

03219Comin' Thro' the RyeC.F. Underwood and Earl Stetson Crawford$20

11468Coming Attractions 08Mark Anthony Jarman$20

15441Comment je vais à l'écoleChantal Berghe Van Den$45

07271Compromise - Collected Thoughts by MargaretGourley, Margaret$15

06315Condor and HummingbirdCharlotte Mendez$10

13676ConnectionsJane Garland & Liz Zetlin$12

09428ConnectionsJane Garland & Liz Zetlin$10

07335ContemplationsParsons, R. A.$15

16523Contes de la TchoukotkaIouri Rythkeou$34

06749CONTES DE MINUITJudith Bauer-Stamper$15

09648Contes et récits de chez nousRobert GUIRAUD$20

16552Contes pour Enfants SagesCollectif$15

16822Continental TranceBP Nichol$20

02678Conversations at Curlow CreekMalouf, David$15

15450Conversations with Eddie OtherMaia Caron$15

05936Conversations with John SteinbeckThomas Fensch (Editor), John Steinbeck$12

15083CookPaul Manning$15

03389Cooking Adventures for KidsCadwallader, Sharon$25

05741Cosi Fan Tutti: An Aurelio Zen MysteryMichael Dibdin$15

11054Cottage GothicAvery, Martin$30

16981Counting on FrankRod Clement$15

16921Counting on FrankRod Clement$15

12230Country Collection of Random RecollectionsAvery S. Hancox$15

15875Courage in the StormThomas H. Raddall$10

15799Couteau sur la tableGodbout, Jacques$15

17592Cow Jumped Over the MoonEarle Birney$10

09624Cow Pasture BeginningsPegg, Ron$20

16247Cowboy DreamsDayal Kaur Khalsa$10

16776Cowboy on the SteppesSong Nan Zhang$10

09999Cowper's Task Books III and IV: The Garden and the Winter Evening and Coleridge's Friend Essays III-IVStrang, Moore$20

11446Cowper's Task: The Garden and the Winter Evening, with Notes, Questions and an Introduction Books III. And IV.John E Bryant$40

17571Coyote Sings To The MoonThomas King$20

01549Creative CampfiresBowen, Douglas R.$10

16427Creatures of darknessBaskin, Esther$15

12324Critics on D.H. LawrenceW.T. Andrews$10

01542Croque, Le CrocodileCroser, Josephine.$14

09415Crossing the StraitsGreene, Richard$10

14253Crossing the WaterSylvia Plath$15

12485Crow's FallWhite, Ivan$15

04179CrystalsRobert Bell$10

07008Cues and entrances - 2nd EditionHenry Beissel$20

06524CupidBabette Cole$10

03627CuriousBowering, George$20

10684Curly, the Clever Pig (Meet the Pets series)Unknown$15

15073Cyril and the Dinner PartyMichael Palin$15

14447Cyril the SeagullPatricia Lines$10

16887Czech MateThomas O. Hecht$35

01609Daisy and the EggSimmons, Jane$10

16509Daisy CanfieldBen Haas$15

16506Dal and RiceWendy M. Davis$15

06823Dan Dragon and the King (series: A Language Patterns Book)Frances Bower$10

17058Dance Me Outside (Large Print)Kinsella, W P$15

04742Dance More OftenFrankum, Jennifer$10

03840Dancing RhymesDorothy Taylor$12

14060Dancing with the priest-lady: The autobiography of Constance Frances WillistonConstance Frances Williston$15

14410Dancock's DanceVanderhaeghe, Guy$10

13532DanielRice, Bruce$12

04434Daniel's dogJo Ellen Bogart$20

10940Danny Orlis in Mysterious ZandelandPalmer, Bernard$10

17437Dark of the Moon Howard Richardson, William Berney$15

17397Darkness At NoonArthur Koestler$15

07933Darling, Pass the DarjeelingPauline Lawson$15

08911Das Blumenjahr in Bild und LiedRobert Hamerling$40

14380Das hässliche EntleinAndersen, Hans Christian$25

05987Das WaldhausBrüder Grimm$20

16956Daughter of StrangersMarjory Gordon$20

03092Davy's dreamPaul Owen Lewis$12

16962Dawn Molly Bang$15

13245De quoi t'ennuies-tu, Eveline? - Ely! Ely! Ely!Gabrielle Roy$10

09625Dead MeatKerr, Philip$15

17295Dear, Dear Brenda: The Love Letters of Henry Miller to Brenda VenusBrenda Venus; Henry Miller$15

14133Death and the I Ching - Large PrintLulla Rosenfeld$20

12515Death in CameraMichael Underwood$20

07456Death in SpringtimeMagdalen Nabb$20

12933Death in the RoundAnne Morice$15

10265Death in the Venetian Quarter, A: A Medieval MysteryAlan Gordon$20

17331Death on the River Walk: A Henrie O. MysteryCarolyn G. Hart$15

16532Death Through the Looking Glass: A Novel of SuspenseRichard Forrest$15

17226Debbie Mumm's Mummford's Adventures: Home for the HolidaysDebbie Mumm$15

01976December ApplesLewis, Eiluned$20

03265DeephavenJewett, Sarah Orne$20

17220Dehcho: "Mom, we've been discovered!"Doug Holmes$20

06918Delilah's Fortune - Large PrintStephen Longstreet$24

05645Dennis the DragonJoan Raeside$15

07383Dernière fugue LaMichel Ouellette$15

15684Descant. No. 68, Spring 1990.Mulhallen, Karen (editor).$15

08348Desert LionPriest, T H$10

10200Destination: AntarcticaSwan, Robert$10

15296Destructive Poetics Heidegger and Modern American PoetryPaul A. Bove$25

17118Devin and GoliathMary Blount Christian$15

08461Dialectic of Discovery: Essays on the Teaching and Interpretation of Literature Presented to Lawrence E. HarveyJohn D. Lyons (Author), Nancy J. Vickers (Editor)$20

15872Diamond GrillFred Wah$10

03491Diary of Anne FrankGoodrich, F.; Hackett, A.$20

06953Dictionary of MottoesLeslie Gilbert Pine (Editor)$20

15401Die Abenteuer der Spinne SeraphinaEvamaria Kuhn$95

16922Die BärenhöhleSchindler, Regine$45

16679Die BienenköniginGrimm, Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm:$15

16698Die drei Männlein im WaldeGrimms Marchen$20

05594Die Graue MarchMeinrad Inglin$15

06960Die Männer im Schatten. An der Seite berühmter HerrscherinnenThea Leitner$15

13158Die unterbrochene Reife - Erzählung - Mit Zeichnungen und Aquarellen des VerfassersEnglert, Josef$20

03096Diego Rodriguez De Silva Y VelasquezErnest Raboff$15

03051Dikou: the Littletroon Who Walks at NightElizbieta$15

12034Dilbert and the DodoKate Robertson$25

07943Dinner at Auntie Rose's (Annikins)Janet Munsil$15

04309Discover British ColumbiaBill MacDonald$15

04818Discovering the iceman: What was it like to find a 5,300-year-old mummy?Shelley Tanaka$24

13088Discovering Today's Japan (Discovery series)Laurie Blackstock, Carla Zubot$15

12997Dislocations in CrystalMichael Boughn$12

12399Diss/ed banded nationDavid Nandi Odhiambo$15

13528Divine Imagination: William Blake's Major Prophetic VisionsRonald L. Grimes$25

15996DivisionsMorrissey, Stephen$15

06096Divorcing the Corporation: One Woman's Fight to Save Her Family from Multinational ManeuversRosalyn M. Reeder$20

02466Do You Know Their Names Soviet PoetsMezhdunarodnaya Kniga$15

04836Doctor Nellie: The Autobiography of Dr. Helen Macknight DoyleHelen Macknight Doyle$30

01558Dogs and DangerJudith Bauer Stamper$10

02670Dogs: A Guide to Domestic BlissJames Croft$10

02746Dolly DodoWiseman, Bernard$15

04055Domestic EconomyJohn Donlan$10

01733Don't Ever Cross a CrocodileStarbird, Kaye$15

09870Don't Fence Me inDavey, Ray$20

01475Don't Steal This BookMarken, Ronald (Ed)$15

05713Doodle the PoodleSherrill Ackland$10

11940Doors in the AirWeale, David$10

12602DoppelgangerPeter Van Greenaway$30

16425Dora's Eggs Julie Sykes$10

11393Dorothy Dunnett CompanionElspeth Morrison$25

14866Dorrie and the Dreamyard MonstersPatricia Coombs$20

14862Dorrie and the Witchville FairCoombs, Patricia$20

14249Dou IlvienBertrand Gauthier$30

13853Double Vision: A Collaboration of Poets and ArtistsShelley Jackson$10

05646Douglas the Elephant The Birthday PartyMark Thurman$12

01735Dr. Frick and his fractionsFord, Henry W$10

10300Dragon in the Rocks: A Story Based on the Childhood of the Early Paleontologist, Mary AnningDay, Marie$30

12449Dragon Tales (6 different dragon stories)Houghton Mifflin$15

15289DragonsGerald Legg$10

12983DragonsGerald Legg$10

13526Drama of Language: Essays on Goethe and KleistSigurd Burckhardt$15

17200Drama Structures: A Practical Handbook For TeachersO'Neill, Cecily$35

13658Dramatic W.O. MitchellW. O Mitchell$20

17533Dramatic W.O. MitchellW. O Mitchell$20

15626Dream PlayAugust Strindberg$10

13727Dropped from the CloudsJules Verne$15

15747Drummer Crispin.ROSE, Ronald.$20

10694Duke, the Lost Engine (#25 in Railway Series)W. Awdry$10

11055Duncan and Clotilda (An Extravaganza)Guareschi, Giovanni$20

05066Durch's Jahr mit Albert SchweitzerSchweitzer, Albert$15

05655Dylan's LullabyJo Ellen Bogart$8

02545e Kitchen Knight: a Tale of King ArthurMargaret Hodges$12

01573Each Peach Pear Plum (Picture Lions S. )Janet Ahlberg Allan Ahlberg$10

17570Earl the SquirrelDon Freeman$12

13059Early ChristmasBobbie Kalman$10

08166Early in the Summer of 1970Abraham B. Yehoshua$15

16437Earth WitchCameron, Anne$10

15128Easter ParadeEloise Greenfield$10

16110Eating OutSandman, John$10

09582EchoesHulbert, Winifred N.$20

14362Echoes in the Wind: From Cynwyd Castle - Book Two.Thorman, Richard Iorweth.$15

09325Echosystem: Poems & Poem CyclesJames Strecker$10

12786Ecstasies: Poems, 1975-1983James Richard Broughton$10

03253Edgar PotatoDon Oickle$20

03422Edgar Wallace By HimselfWallace, Edgar$24

09923Edle Freundschaft. Erzählung für die Jugend.Nonnen, Emiln.$20

10180Edmund The Terrible RaccoonChristiane Duchesne$20

16257EDNA'S CIRCLE Edna Staebler's Century of FriendshipsNancy Silcox$25

14213Edward and the PiratesMcPhail, David M$10

16309Eek Gob LopeEve Feldman$25

02217Effie (in French)Bev Allinson$20

17410Egg and SpoonGregory Maguire$10

04378Egg Carton Zoo IIRudi Haas;Hans Blohm;Heike Blohm$10

05637Eine Stadt Voller BäumeKlaus Kordon$15

06978Eisenstein 2Jay Leyda (Editor)$10

13943El Muchacho en la Gaveta (Spanish Edition)Robert N. Munsch$10

14734Elements of GraceDawna Proudman$10

16228Elements of GraceDawna Proudman$10

06746Elephant Bangs TrainWilliam Kotzwinkle$14

17041Elephant Gerald and the New ShoesTaylor, Geoff W.$15

15687Eleventh Hour, The: Poems For the New MillenniumDobbs, Kildare$10

09998Elia. Essays Which Have Appeared Under That Signature in the London Magazine. First SeriesLAMB, Charles as Elia$25

11469Elina, Mistress of Laukko: A NovelMary Caraker$10

16006Elizabeth RexFindley, Timothy$10

16607Elizabeth RexTimothy Findley$40

17378Ella Sets SailCarmela D'Amico, Steven D'Amico$10

06320ElympicsK. J. Kennedy$10

07985Embers of My World - from D to M - Seven Stories 1903 - 1993Muriel Morrison$20

14886Emilie se baigneDomitille De Pressense$20

11565Emily, Veronica, Frederick, and Friends: Stories and Poems About ArtistsSusan Gaitskell; Henrik Drescher; Tim Wynne-Jones; Jack Prelutsky; William Jay Smith; Leo Lionni$10

12974Emma's Sea JourneyPatricia Quinlan$10

13636Enchanted ForestJohn C. Atkinson$20

17392Enchanted ForestJohn C. Atkinson$20

02600Enchanted ForestJohn C. Atkinson$12

03666Encounter: Canadian Drama in Four MediaBenson, Eugene$15

12835Encyclopedia of Comedy with Index for Use with The Plot GenieHill, Wycliffe A.$250

17430Ends of the Earth : An Anthology of the Finest Writing on the Arctic and the Antarctic (Two Volumes: The Arctic; The Antarctic)Kolbert, Elizabeth & Francise Spufford (Eds)$45

14001ENFANT DU DIMANCHE -L'Edward Phillips$20


04647EnigmatiiNeftin, Richard$20

07142Ensign FlandryPoul Anderson$20

05065Entdeckung des Herzens. Einführung und Auswahl von Paul Hühnerfeld.Günther, Johann Christian:$20

04873Entre L'Hiver et l'eteAndré Hallée$15

05734Episode of Sparrows [Large Print]Rumer Godden$55

17531Epistles to Several PersonsJohn Fuller$20

14073Epos: :Word, Narrative and the IliadLynn-George, Michael$95

02911Erik the Viking SheepCreith, Elizabeth$15

10683Ernest and Celestine at the CircusGabrielle Vincent$25

15671Eros and Psyche: The Representation of Personality in the Works of Charlotte Brontë, Charles Dickens, and George EliotChase, Karen$15

05651Escape from MoscowConstantine Georgiou$15

15524Esker Mike and His Wife, Agiluk: A Play by Herschel HardinHardin, Herschel$10

17500Essays on Canadian Writing, Number 27, Winter 1983-84David, Jack; Lecker, Robert (editors)$10

15026Etchings In The Dead WaxM.C. Joudrey$16

14312ÉtoifilanGauthier, Bertrand$20

13766Even Cows Go to Heaven : Veterinary Antics of the 1960sKnox, Linda$20

09598Even the Stuff of EarthOSU Sister Clarita Felhoelter$20

09277Evergreen Island; or, How Growley-Wowley made friendsIshbel Currier$15

15426Every Second ThursdayEmma Page$20

16226Every Second ThursdayBrad Morley$20

00886Everyone's Friend PercyNick Butterworth$10

09661Everywhere I've BeenCarl Sentner$20

07302Exchanges: Life After DanceSidimus, Joysanne$20

15186Exile's Exiles: The Happy Few. Volume 3.John Reeves. Barry Callaghan, Ed.$15

15240Explor-a-mazeRobert Snedden$10

16884Exposure: Two PlaysGreg MacArthur$10

06985Extracts of existenceWilliam Markiewicz$20

13416Fabian the fish-boyHeld, Jacqueline$20

02411Fables - Volume 1 and Volume 2la Fontaine Jean De$15

16878Face the North WindA. L. Karras$38

17147Facing The TankPatrick Gale$20

05640Faja, König von WildlandBoge-Erli, Nortrud$15

02652Family CirclesDenys Val Baker$20

11562Family Countdown To EasterDebbie Trafton O'Neal$10

10405Family WebIris Bromige$35

03106Fanella and the Forest Folk - Book IEileen Sykes$18

06935Fanny Burney: Selected Letters and JournalsJoyce Hemlow$15

12750Fantastic PulpsPeter Haining$45

03598Far from the rowan treeMargaret Gillies Brown$15

10038Farm Boy's YearDavid McPhail$10

05693Farmer Joe's Hot DayNancy Wilcox Richards$18

04693Farmer Palmer's Wagon RideSteig, William$30

01380Fast Jets and PlanesWolf, Jill$10

16022Fast livingChoyce, Lesley$10

11825Fata MorganaWilliam Kotzwinkle$15

08035Fatapoufs and ThinifersMaurois, Andre$35

16373Father and daughter talesJosephine Evetts-Secker$15

10584Father Brown Selected StoriesG. K. Chesterton$22

06159Father Christmas Goes On A HolidayRaymond Briggs$8

15309Father Fox's Penny RhymesClyde Watson$35

10392Father Koala's Fairy TalesKel Richards$25

17361Father Koala's Nursery RhymesKel Richards$10

11080Favourite HymnsPatricia MacHin$20

14284Feast of StephenStephen Leacock (Author), Robertson Davies (Editor)$10

04251FeathertopRobert D. San Souci$16

03002Feet and Other StoriesMark Jan$20

09496Fertile Prison: Fidel Castro in Batista's PrisonsMario Mencía$15

08179FêtesRené Ponthus, François Tichey$25

14989Fever DreamRay Bradbury$10

14890Fiddler The Value of SharingStephen Cosgrove$10

01906Fiddler; From the Land of Barely ThereCosgrove, Stephen$10

16102Fifteen Winds: A Selection of Modern Canadian PoemsPurdy, A.W. (Editor)$10

16840Fifteen winds;: A selection of modern Canadian poemsAl Purdy$15

15871Fighting for Fraser Island - A Man and an IslandFighting for Fraser Island, a Man and an Island : an Autobiography with Peter CorrisSinclair, John with Corris, Peter$20

16863Filmi Filmi, Inspector GhoteH. R. F. Keating$20

02259Find a Way BackMcinnes, John$10

05309Find Out About Beatrix PotterWarne Frederick$14

04792Fire, water, earth and airDeborah I Mahy$15

12574First Lady of the WorldRobert Muller$15

14822Five Modern Canadian PoetsEli Mandel$10

16452Five-Part Invention: A History of Literary History in CanadaE.D. Blodgett$22

05378FlameWinstone, Daphne$15

10886Flame Trees of Thika: Memories of an African Childhood [Large Print]Elspeth Huxley$35

07103Flatfoot Fox and the Case of the Missing WhooooEth Clifford$8

06680Flaubert and Henry James: a Study in ContrastsDavid Gervais$20

12072Floating Clouds, Floating Dreams: Favorite Asian Folktales.I K Junne$15

04429Floramel and EstebanEmilie Buchwald$15

14654Florence and Eric Take the CakeJocelyn Wild$10

03255FlossLewis, Kim$12

15085Fly away PeterFrankie Dickens$20

05807Flyaway PantaloonsSue Scullard$22

07268Flying fish and other poemsGary Michael Dault$20

08262Flying Lesson: Selected PoemsPaulette Jiles$10

17591FLYING TO NOWHERE: A TALE.John. Fuller$15

15712Fog CatHelmer, Marilyn$15

14179Folk Tales of The HighlandsGregor Ian Smith$10

14316Fool Of the World & Flying ShipArthur Ransome$15

03294Foothill and Prairie Memories. a Group of PoemsHiginbotham, John D.$40

17514Footrot Flats 19Ball, Murray$15

13734For My Brother JesusIrving Layton$10

12587For My Neighbours in HellLayton, Irving$10

12462For the BirdsAtwood, Margaret$15

17445For the Price of a SongAndré Leblanc$10

03035For Your Spare Moment: AnthologyHughes Stanley, Thea$15

06502Forbidden to grow oldIzaak Mansk$10

11291Forcing the NarcissusSusan Musgrave$10

13240Foretaste of Glory-PaJesse Stuart$20

01520Forms of Writing: a Brief Guide and HandbookStewart, Kay L.; Kowler, Marian E.$15

08602Fortune Turns Her WheelSheard, Virna$45

16230ForwardSusan Gibson$10

16890ForwardSusan Gibson$10

11979Four Decades of Poetry 1890-1930. 8 issues + SupplementEdited By Cooper, Jeffrey and Fisher, Esther Safer$35

15438Four Deuces NorthRichard J. Thomas$20

17123Four German Writers: Mann, Kafka, Rilke, BrechtHans Eichner$12

09321Four Red Crescent MoonsJulie McNeill$10

13899Four StagesMacDonald, J. W.; Saxton, J. C. W. (Editors)$15

04712Four Women: Colleen Thibaudeau, Penn Kemp, Marianne Micros, Gloria Alvernaz MulcahyColleen Thibaudeau, Penn Kemp, Marianne Micros, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy$15

13360Fox Poems 1998 To 2000Adrienne Rich$10

11559Fox SongJoseph Bruchac$20

17050Fox Trot: StoriesEugene McNamara$15

04827Foxy GrandpaYoung, Chip$15

05216Fragmenting Body etcBarbour, Douglas$10

05289Fragments de ma vie - memoirs de Henia ReinhartzHenia Reinhartz$10

15819Franco.ese HombreSanchez Silva, Jose Maria;Saenz de Heredia, Jose Luis$20

09804Frank Welsman: Canadian ConductorMary E. Hughes$15

01754Freddy Lonsdale. His BiographyDonaldson, Frances$15

11908French-Canadian & Québécois novelsBen-Zion Shek$10

07407Friday's ChildHonor-Mary Allen$25

08568Friends in the WardrobeP Cartwright$20

14153Frog in loveMax Velthuijs$15

14229Frog in the ThroatElizabeth Ferrars$15

16357Frog Legs: A Picture Book of Action VerseGeorge Shannon$10

16295Frog Who Dared to CroakRichard Sennett$15

14902FrogsAndrea Wayne-Von Konigslow$20

14361From Cynwyd Castle on Jackson PointRichard I. Thorman$10

05902From Cynwyd Castle on Jackson PointRichard I. Thorman$10

07122From Farm Lad to EducatorAndrew Hill McKague$20

06969From pulpit to prison: A clergyman's fight for justiceRussell David Horsburgh$35

13656From Zero to OneZend, Robert$20

14413Frontera Dreams: A Hector Belascoaran Shayne Detective NovelPaco Ignacio II Taibo$10

15424Frost at ChristmasR. D. Wingfield$75

03044Fun With Wool (Make It Easy Bks. )Marie-Francoise Heron$10

14476Further Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical CatPappas, Theoni$15

13986Further adventures of the great detective: Incidents in the life of John Wilson MurrayJohn Wilson Murray$15

09299Gabardine and Other Poems: & other poemsBagchee$10

03640Gable: the Editorial Cartoons of Brian GableBrian Gable$15

00664Gaetano the PheasantRocca$20

17388GangelhoffBrian Murphy$10

12402Gape RowAgnes Romilly White$18

14333Garbage Delight Another HelpingDennis Lee$10

02855Garden of DelightsCarrier, Roch$15

03496Gas Head WillyThomas, Richard J.$10

05747Gaston, Tome 11André Franquin$15

14207Gedichte Dreier JahreRingelnatz, Joachim$10

06972George Armstrong Custer: A BiographyMark L. Gardner$10

15720GeorgieRobert Bright$20

02972Gertrude & HeathcliffeSkelton, Red$20

16077Gertrude and the MermaidRichard Hughes$15

07937Get Strong: A Sensible Guide to Strength Training for Fitness and SportsBrian Cook (Author), G. Stewart$20

16541Ghost CatcherDennis Haseley$20

09408Ghost CountrySteve Noyes$10

03216Giant TalesDenan, Corinne$20

13116GiftsJo Ellen Bogart$10

16225Gifts from the Dead: The Poems of Sidonie HallBazeley, Elizabeth$12

17288Gilbert the GreatJane Clarke$10

14448Gilles TiboJean-Pierre Guillet$20

13774Girl The Fish And The CrownMarilee Heyer$20

00972Git Along, Old ScudderStephen Gammell$10

05189Giving: Ojibwa stories and legends from the children of Curve LakeGeorgia Elston (Editor)$16

11743Glistening in the Sun: An Anthology of YC Verse Originally Published in the Western ProducerR.H.D. Phillips (Editor)$15

06326Glooscap LegendsStanley T. Spicer$1

09915Go Gentle: Poems on Life Love and DeathClever, Glenn$14

10732Go West, Inspector Ghote [Large Print]H.R.F. Keating$20

13870Goblins in GreenNicholas Heller$10

17507God is Alive, Magic is AfootLeonard Cohen$22

15578Going to the Dogs. the Story of a MoralistErich Kastner$10

17600Golden Books Treasury of Elves and FairiesJane Werner Watson$55

05286Golden Dollar - Large PrintMarc Alexander$20

05940Golden LotusDiana Brebner$10

14624Gone the Burning SunKen Mitchell$10

06588Gone the Burning SunKen Mitchell$10

08711Good morning, midnight - Large PrintJean Rhys$25

10731Goodbye to Berlin [Large Print]Christopher Isherwood$45

16487Gordon Loggins and the Three BearsLinda Bailey$15

13453Goshawk SquadronDerek Robinson$15

05742Grace: An American Woman in China, 1934-1974Eleanor McCallie Cooper, William Liu$20

14163Graham Greene: A Life in LettersRichard Greene$22

14336Grain for the ReaperBernie Hann$15

13161Grand théâtre (Le)Madeleine Ferron$10

01686Grandparents' Houses: Poems About GrandparentsCorrine Streich$15

16098Granny BookHawkins, Colin$10
02759Granny's Wonderful ChairBrowne, Frances$20

08975Grasping Men's MetaphorsSharon H. Nelson$10

14956Great Blue Heron And Other Poems, Play and ProseCarl Cornelius Harnett$10

12942Great Blue Heron And Other Poems, Play and ProseCarl Cornelius Harnett$10

02751Great ExpectationsCharles Dickens; Richard Widdows (Adapted By)$10

14208Great Granny WebsterCaroline Blackwood$15

03878Green Fields: Journal of Irish Country LifeStephen Rynne, Alice Taylor (Introduction)$15

01977Gregory, the Terrible EaterSharmat, Mitchell,$10

14640Gretchen's WorldAlice Hoffer$20

10932Grey Rabbit and the Wandering HedghogAlison Uttley$10

17395GrimscribeThomas Ligotti$95

11426Grincements de dents : nouvelles / Dominique Gramont ; illustrées par Tan Swie Hian ; préface de Roland Drivon ; postface d'Isabelle Scheibling.Gramont, Dominique$20

17342GrooksPiet Hein$25

17341Grooks VPiet Hein$20

06959Große Herrscher des Hauses Habsburg: 700 Jahre europäische GeschichteFriedrich Weissensteiner$20

13127Grouchy Uncle OttoAlice Bach$10

13536Growing SeasonsElsie Lee Splear$10

13047Gruesome and BloodsocksHoliday, Jane$15

14201Gruesome and BloodsocksHoliday, Jane$15

14972Gruffalo Song and Other SongsJulia Donaldson$15

15090Guffy : The Bear Who Ran Away From the CircusMarcus Donnely$10

12725GullbandSusan Musgrave$15

03550Gullband Thought Measles Was a Happy EndingSusan Musgrave$12

03771Gulp!, Baby VampireLucie Papineau$18

11831Gumnut Factory Folk Tales :The First Gumnut FamilyChris Trump (Created & Illustrated By)$10

11415Gunnison KidKlingsmith, Phil$20

13275Gut Instinct The Making of an Investigative JournalistVictor Malarek$20

14258Hairy Maclary's ShowbusinessLynley Dodd$10

15952Half-a-buck, nobody and meVince Bagnato$20

13381Hamlet and the Philosophy of Literary Criticism.Weitz, Morris$20

10691Hanging Tree and Other PoemsHarry Gustafsson$15

14479Happy Birthday, Jesse BearNancy White Carlstrom$10

10404Happy FortressIris Bromige$40

04050Hard Words, and Other PoemsUrsula K. Le Guin$10

12460Harold & HaroldBudge Wilson$10

16383Harold Adams Innis: Portrait of a scholarDonald Creighton$15

11675HarricanaClavel Bernard$15

16381Harrier!MacKenzie, Donald$15

15880Harry and the Terrible WhatzitGackenbach, Dick$10

14304Harry and TontoJosh Greenfeld$15

05533Harry Ferguson Inventor and PioneerColin Fraser$25

01871Harry's Baggy JumperShona Keith$15

08640Hautefort. Roman historique vaudoisVILLEMARD, Adolphe$24

12454Have You Seen Josephine?Stephane Poulin$10

17595HAWK, I AM YOUR BROTHERBaylor, Byrd$15

14966HeadhuntersNesbo, Jo$15

05718Hear the Pennies DroppingGwyneth J Whilsmith$10

03552Heartbreak Soup and Other StoriesHernandez, Gilbert$12

12461Heartsong: Ceol CridheMaxine Trottier$30

14117Hector Protector and As I Went over the Water: Two Nursery Rhymes With PicturesMaurice Sendak$15

15603Heinz Kohut: The Making of a PsychoanalystStrozier, Charles$25

00582Henri MouseGeorge Mendoza$10

14114Henrietta GoosePizer, Abigail$15

11832HenryNina Bawden$10

03353Henry and the Cow ProblemIona Whishaw$10

04752Henry the FifthG B Harrison (Editor)$1

15084Henry's MoonMoss, Geoffrey$10

16831Herbert: Blotchy Great SnapperRoz Wolseley-Charles$15

01869Herbertia the VileYvonne Winer$20

16215Herbie!Loughlin, Bing; J.D.M.$25

14635Here Come the TuckersMendel, Jo$10

17293Here There Are No SheepMacDonald, Bruce$20

08277Herman and Nancy and IvyCharles Burkhart$20

13948Herr Nightingale and the Satin WomanWilliam Kotzwinkle$20

13852Hex Holes and Other Openings: Canadian Recitations of the Versed KindConway, Paul$10

05038Hey world, here I am!Jean Little$8

01489Hey World, Here I Am!Little, Jean$20

07926Hickory Dickory DuckPat Patterson$15

10396Hickory, Dickory, DockRobin Muller$10

10651Hidden HuxleyDavid Bradshaw$20

12135High RollersGary Phillips$10

09830High-Speed BootsE. Reberg$10

17358Hob and the PeddlerWilliam Mayne$10

01879Hohore The Magic BowlMichael Ofori-Mankata$10

08892Holiday in Bed, and Other Sketches: With a Short Biographical Sketch of the AuthorJames Matthew Barrie$25

05660Holiday Singing and Dancing GamesEsther L. Nelson$20

15182Holt, R.N.Ian Mackintosh$22

01713Home Before MidnightBobby Lewis$15

02608Home of the WindsRonald Leonard Bacon$20

14328Honey Bear Book of RhymesDorothy Taylor$10

16578Hooked: seven poemsCarolyn Smart$10

16777Hoots & Toots & Hairy Brutes: The Continuing Adventures of SquibLarry Shles$10

02648Hop-O'-My Thumb and Other StoriesHayes, Barbara-Adapted By$15

14137Horns EverywhereSchmid, Eleonore$15

13462Host of ExtrasJames Leasor$15

07877Hot ice: Shakespeare in Moscow : a director's diaryGuy Sprung$15

15863HotelBiz: A MemoirHans J. Gerhardt$15

04705House Mother Normal: A Geriatric ComedyB S Johnson$10

02973How Big Is a Foot?Rolf Myller$15

09326How I Know the Sky is a River: Selected and New Shorter Poems 1978-1998Safarik, Allan$10

07823How Ivan Went to See the Sun: Ukrainian Folk TalesAnatole Bilenko$15

16465How Pleasant to Know Mr. Lear!: Edward Lear's Selected WorksEdward Lear, Myra Cohn Livingston$15

14906How the Cat Swallowed ThunderLloyd Alexander$15

16517How the Kookaburra got his laughAviva Layton$15

14647How the Moon Got Her JobMartha L. Lambert$15

12584How The Painted Trilliums Got Their NameBen-David, Ariel$22

03499How to Make the Best of ThingsHeath Robinson$18

12275How to Play: The Theatre of James ReaneyGerald Parker$15

13500How trouble made the monkey eat pepper (Folktale series)Rita Cox$15

03054How Two-Feather Was Saved from LonelinessC.J. Taylor$10

15574Howl and Other Poems. the Pocket Poets Series Number FourGinsberg, Allen$10

08699Hubert Hunts His HumSue Lock$20

00520Hugo and JosephineMaria Gripe$20

05215Human gardensRobert Clayton Casto$10

02510Humphrey, the Dancing PigGetz, Arthur$20

11535Hûndert pûn klûntsjes: En in karre fol lytsjild FryskeYpe Rinses Poortinga$45

09278HUNDREDTH DOVEJane Yolen$12

16104Hungry hills a novelRyga, George$25

01608Hungry TimeDewdney, Selwyn$40

17191Hunter of Dreams: A Story of the Underground RailroadSteven Duff$22

16538Hunting Stuart & Other PlaysROBERTSON DAVIES$20

16780Hurray for the Dorchester!Anne Fotheringham$10

05653Hurray for the Dorchester!Anne Fotheringham$10

05282I Am a RoseLevitt, Stacey$10

16621I am a SensationGoldberg, Gerry$20

03395I Can Read About Frogs & ToadsEllen Schultz$10

04719I Remember Korea : Veterans Tell Their Stories of the Korean War, 1950-1953Linda Granfield$10
02424I Was Mistaken for a Rich, Red, Ripe Tomato. Manitoulin AdventuresBonnie Kogos$10

05201I Would be the Buffalo's Guest: A Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

05515I Would Be the Buffalo's Guest: a Man's Journey in Poem & RitualCianci, Donato$10

12816IceJames Follett$20

00321Idle Bear (Mini Edition)Robert Ingpen$10

16644If all men were beggarsCossery, Albert$25

12721If at First You Do Not SeeBrown, Ruth$10

14985If I Had a CamelArcher, Colleen Rutherford$15

04307If I had a dogBernice Lum$10

06793If On A Winter's Night a TravellerItalo Calvino$40

14302If wishes were horsesW. P Kinsella$15

09823If You Love a BearPiers Harper$10

14827If You're Not from the PrairieDavid Bouchard$14

11339Ignoramus: A PlayReaney, James$10

07765Ik Mata HariJ. van Dalsum$20

07472Il giardino delle delizie: L'immaginario visivo di Henry JamesMichela Vanon Alliata$25

16276I'll See You in My DreamsMavis Jukes$10

16233Ill Seen Ill SaidSamuel Beckett$10

04821I'm Coming To Get YouTony Ross$15

05291I'm only afraid of the dark (at night!!!)Patti Stern$20

05312Imaginary InvisiblesLarry Evans$10

02931ImmediacyTeasdale, J.R.$35

07137Immune to GravityDimichele, Mary Di Michele$15

02321ImpertinentBaldwin, Laura Edith$15

15305Implements in Their PlacesGraham, W. S.$15

02521In a beautiful pea-green boat.J. M. Scott$20

03827In Araby OrionEdward Thompson$15

05218In GreenRobin Blackburn$10

02943In Jeopardy: An AnthologyFord, Theresa$15

17139In like a lionJulie Lawson$20

09553In Loving Memory and Other PoemsJack Gilbey$15

02287In My Own Backyard (Mud Pie Books)Guy Gilchrist$10

09850In Nature's Temple ShrinesHughes, James L.$40

17096In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the WorldVirginia Hamilton$18

13404In the Flight of StarsDorothy Roberts$10

13950In the Great MeadowSkid Crease$10

14899In the Great MeadowCrease, Skid$10

14374In The Heart or Our CityRudnik, Raphael$10

12795In the Kosher Chow Mein RestaurantRoger Nash$10

14332In the Land of Sniggl-dee-bloop & on the Island of Polly-ga-dewBrennan, Gale$10

17042In the Old Gum TreeCathy Wilcox$10

16668In the Old of My AgeMacInnes, Tom$10

10313In Time of WarAnne Harvey$10

15513In Watermelon SugarRichard Brautigan$10

13654In-between seasonMioduchowska Anna$10

15856Incognito Street: How Travel Made Me a WriterBarbara Sjoholm$15

07715Ingres Notes at Pensees de J.A.D. IngresHenri Delaborde$40

07513InkyRabert LaCombe$20

08905Inside OutGraham, Archie$20

13545Inspector Ghote Draws a Line - Large PrintH. R. F. Keating$35

07457INSPECTOR GHOTE: LIFE & CH.R.F. Keating$10

15905Inspector West Cries WolfCreasey, John$40

12456Instant Paper Toys: To Pop, Spin, Whirl, & FlyE. Richard Churchill$15

13464Instinctively SpeakingLeach, John$20

16526Instinctively SpeakingLeach, John$15

14337Insurgent Rain: Selected Poems 1974-1996Reinzi Crusz$15

15752Intellect and Spirit: The Life and Works of Robert ColesBruce A. Ronda$15

16529Intensive Care: More Poetry and Prose by Nurses Cortney & Judy Davis & Schaefer (Editor)$15

00908Interpreting Hamlet: Materials for Analysis.Russell E., Ed. Leavenworth$15

13348InterstellarAllan Briesmaster$15

09298Intimations of a Realm in JeopardyNorm Sibum$10

02273Introducing mammals.Federation of Ontario Naturalists$25

16388Introducing Margaret Atwood's The edible woman: A reader's guideW. J Keith$35

07504Introduction a la litterature quebecoise, 1900-1939Maurice Lemire$22

10893Introduction to Gaelic PoetryDerick Thomson$15

11827Inverted WorldChristopher Priest$15

09305Invisible LinesAstrid Van Der Pol$10

06317Invisibles: Hidden Picture PuzzlesLarry Evans$10

08571Iron LionPeter Dickinson$25

13447IronyD.C. Muecke$10

12037Irving's Delight: At Last! a Cat Story for the Whole Family!Art. Buchwald$10

13655Irwin Shaw: A Study of the Short FictionJames Richard Giles$20

09457Isaac Asimov's science fiction magazineIsaac Asimov$20

13069Isle of the Sea HorseHesba Fay Brinsmead$20

15197Isles will wait / Feithidh na h-Eileanan: contemporary poems in Gaelic and English.Robertson, John A; MacDhonnchaidh, Iain$15

08535It Needs to Be Said…Grove, Frederick Philip$20

03113It Wasn't EasyOlive Ann$24

16428Italian PeepshowEleanor Farjeon$20

15916It's Four O'clockReid, Ruby$45

12002It's TimeJana Bluejay$10

15373Jack PineChristopher Patton$20

07000Jacques PlanteRaymond Plante$15

17368Jaguar Rain: the Margaret Mee PoemsJan Conn$15

02960Jake's lunch - Book Two of the Grove Hill Gang SeriesJacqueline Ward$24

16788Jalygurr: Aussia Animal RhymesPat Torres$20

03257James and the Red EngineThe Rev. W. Awdry$18

09763James Stanley McLean, an Appreciation by a Group of His FriendsGroup of His Friends$50

11432Jan Masaryk - Osobni VzpominkyRobert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart, Sir$25

06999Janet Carr, JournalistJosephine Kamm$25

03120January Brings the SnowSara Coleridge$10

14677Japanese Poetry / The 'Uta'Waley, Arthur$10

07146Jean Rhys, Woman in Passage: A Critical Study of the Novels of Jean RhysHelen Nebeker$30

03554Jean-Jacques: the Early Life and Work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712-1754Cranston Maurice$15

10018Jeannie - A Comedy in Three ActsStuart, Aimee$20

13056Jérémie "Peur de rien"CHAPOUTON Anne-Marie$15

08909Jesus Christ, Rabble Rouser: a Play in Three Acts.C. W. Topping$30

16778Jillian JiggsPhoebe Gilman$10

17521Jimmy Simpson, Legend of the RockiesE. J. Hart$15

10361Jimmy the Kid [Large Print]Donald E. Westlake$35

02295Jingle Bells

15556Joe Bar Team (Bar2)DeBarre C$20

12141Joel, Jesper and JuliaAke Eriksson$10

12948Jog RummageGrahame, Wright$20

17068Johann's Gift to ChristmasJack Richards$15

16635John & the missus: A novel Gordon Pinsent$15

13160John Creasey's Mystery Bedside Book 1975Herbert Harris$40

09858John Mason Neale-Priest ExtraordinaryLough, Arthur Geoffrey$20

15199John Ramsay of KildaltonRamsay, Freda$15

04254Johnny Bear, Lobo and Other StoriesErnest Thompson Seton$22

04587Jolies histoires au pays des lutinsAline de Pétigny$20

08577Jonathan 4: De wieg van BodhisattvaCosey$22

09655Josephine, and Other PoemsClark, S. Tucker$35

14141Jour blanc : romanMarie-Andrée Clermont; Frances E Morgan$20

12351Journal of a Mountain ManJames Clyman$45

10240Journey of the Mountain ManJohnstone, William W.$20

08135Journeying Hopefully: the Story of My LifeMcCarrick, Ismay$20

03095Julian the ApostateG.W. Bowersock$15

02527Jumbo: the Biggest Elephant in the WorldBurns, Florence McLaughlin$16

16361Jump on Over!: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit and His FamilyHarris, Joel Chandler$15

08195Jumping off the DonkeyJohn Barnsley$15

09342Jury of OneMignon G. Eberhart$15

03250Just in PassingSusan Bonners$22

07677Just Nuisance A.B.Terence Sisson$12

11372JusticeHarris, Corra$25

15088Kaarina and the Sugar Bag VestMilnes, Irma M.$20

10837Kaleidoscope: Perils of a Solemn BodyBeaulieu, Michel$10


06877Keelboat Annie: An African-American LegendJanet P. Johnson$12

13013Kekey Koala and the Bush OlympicsTrixie Whitmore$20

00357KennedyTheodore C. Sorensen$25

11933Kids in the Kitchen 2None listed$15

14658KidsSongs Sleepyheads with Book (Kidsongs)Cassidy, Nancy$10

12373Kieken in BochEllis Mensinga$20

06072Kijk mij nouIngrid & Dieter Schubert$25

13465Kilmeny of the OrchardMontgomery, L. M.$20

12788King and the Flea and Other TalesEthel Harris$10

16488King of the BirdsSean O'Huigin$15

13921King Ottokar's Sceptre (Adventures of Tintin)HERGÉ$15

04594Kings of the KlondikePierre Berton$10
01728Kingsley's Water BabiesStickney J.H. (Editor)$45

05711KitottiPaula Maud (Author), Madelaine van Biljon (Translator)$25

11065Klanty's DaughtersColin Thomson$12

08032Klapka György: megjelent a szabadságharcos tábornok halálának 100. ÉvfordulójáraZoltán Szénássy$25

12648Knives Have edgesWoods, Sara$20

11993Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty MillionMartin Amis$20

05639Komm wieder, PepinoEveline Hasler$15

16109KorsoniloffCohen, Matt$10


07932La ballade de Monsieur BedonHoude, Pierre$15

15031La clef dans la porte: RomanMarie-Andrà e Clermont$15

03557La Dispute De Poulou Et SebastienRene Escudie/Ulises Wensell$24

14383LA MAGIE DU PAPIERPaulette Bourgeois$20

05535LA MAISON DE FOUSRobert Goulet$20

10958La maison du clair de lune suivi de vol de routineClark Mary Higgins$15

07384La nuit d'avril sereine contes et nouvellesRosemarie Kieffer$20

15444La petite souris, la belle fraise rouge et le gros ours affaméAudrey Wood$25

13754La Poésie nationaliste au Canada français (1606-1867)LORTIE Jeanne d'Arc$20

14384La Princesse SouillonRobin Muller$25

17003La Pyramide aux 100 malédictionsBizien$15

08661La Rochelle Or the Refugees. a Story of the HuguenotsWilson, E. C$25

12644La Saga Des Gaffes (Gaston Lagaffe) (French Edition)A Franquin$20

17121La SagouineAntonine Maillet$10

06996La Veritable Marlene DietrichGilles Plazy$30

09752La Vie Artistique Au Temps De BaudelaireTabarant, A.$95

08855La Vie de Seint Auban. An Anglo-Norman Poem of the Thirteenth Century [Anglo-Norman Texts vol. XIX]Arthur Robert Harden (editor)$20

14241La voie bleueRené Caya$20

03266Laddie's WayCowen, Frances$20

10836Ladrones en el foro/ Thieves in the ForumCarol Lawrence$10

13117Lady MuckWilliam Mayne$10

17508Lady of the canyon: Evelyn Cecil Frey, a tributeBurchill, Mary D$15

16856Lady S Volume 2Philippe Aymond$20

05202Lake Where No One SwimsChambers, Chris$10

08219Language and Structure in Tennyson's PoetryPriestley, F. E. L.$20

14401Language, Counter Memory, PracticeFoucault, Michel, edited with an introduction by Donald F. Bouchard$15

16542Lantern Keepers Bedtime BookGeoffrey Hayes$20

10811L'Arbre Au Grand CoeurShel Silverstein$20

17407Largo Desolato: A Play in Seven ScenesVaclav Havel$15

08302Larry PenningtonBasil Partridge$15

07961Last We Heard Of LeonardRachel Wyatt$10

07735Latent HeatCatherine Hunter$10

10005Later Canadian PoemsWetherell, J. E.$15

10879Later Poems of Rabindranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore (Author), A. Bose (Translator)$15

11154LATOUSE MY MOOSERobert Tallon$20

00887Lazy JackTony Ross$15

13513Le Bel OiseauJean-Pierre Idatte$20

06482Le Chandail d'AmosLunn, Janet - Texte Francais De Christine Duchesne$10

14315Le Chien d'Or Piette, Suzanne$20

03670Le Cirque De BenjaminJane Johnson$20

03421Le dépeupleur - Der VerwaiserBeckett, Samuel$20

07381Le Dernier Chant De L'avant-Dernier DodoFrancois Hebert$18

15557Le Dernier Loup D'Oz. Prologue: La Rumeur Des Eaux (French Edition) (2004) Lidwine$20

14387Le dragon maladroit: une histoireJanice Elliot$20

06161Le Fil magique

17280Le guide de la cinquantaineTepaz Guillon$15

17451Le Lit a GrimacesLouise Tondreau Levert and Doris Barrette$10

10228Le livre de MalpauArnauld PONTIER$15

12533Le magicien des couleursMuff Singer$20

11066Le manteau de Ruben Dario: Nouvelles (L'Arbre) (French Edition)Jean Ethier-Blais$20

07929Le marin pecheur et le goeland - 2nd Editiond'Yvon le Roy$15

13539Le Mystère de la bague introuvable (Mystères et boules de gomme)Robyn Supraner$20

05959Le mystère de la femme-corbeauJames Josephine$15

06329Le Nom De L'AbreCelia Barker Lottridge$22

12170Le Nom De L'AbreCelia Barker Lottridge$22

15448Le petit frère de ValentineFran Manushkin, Lucy Bate$20

04934Le Plus Beau ChateauHarriet Ziefert$10

07319Le prix du silenceCécile Fortier Keays$25

07382Le Retour d'AfriqueFrancine d' Amour$10

08264Le RetraitéFriedrich Dürrenmatt$20

13054Le Serpentaire noirMichel-E. Clément$15

04588Le tempsCharline Zeitoun, Peter Allen$15

14907Le voyage d AbélardCASSIERS Bruno$20

12582Le ZloukchDominique Demers$15

05590Le ZloukchDominique Demers$15

14895Leanna Builds a Genie TrapHazel Hutchins$10

11338Leaving the Narrow PlaceDorothy Field$10

03226Legal Fictions, a Series of Cases From the ClassicsA. Laurence Polak$15

09508Legendes D'AutrefoisClaire Laury (adapted by)$25

10001Leonardo da Vinci. Der Denker, Forscher und Poet. Aus seinen veroffentlichen Schriften.Herzfeld, Marie$25

14975Leprechaun TalesCarroll, Yvonne$15

07010Les Fêtes de l''infiniGérard Lagacé$15

15558Les 12 Travaux D'AsterixGoscinny, Rene$15

16486Les 12 Travaux D'AsterixGoscinny, Rene$15

13211Les Animaux au travailJohn Patience$20

13212Les animaux aventureuxJohn Patience$20

05170Les aventures de Guillaume Tell Le mercenaire-conseil du RoyWuillemin$15

07047Les Casseurs - Hauts et bas a San FranciscoChristian Denayer, Andre-Paul Duchateau$25

15798Les champs d'honneurRouaud, Jean$15

13438Les Chemins Du Nord Tome 1 - La Tuque et Le BéretLouis Caron$15

08536Les comptes dv monde adventvrevx: texte original avec notice - Tome PremierA. D. S. D., Félix Frank$35

16554Les contes de Passe-Partout - Au pays de bombanceMarielle Richer$15

02593Les Dents De La PouleRaymond Plante, Pierre Pratt$8

13505Les habits neufs de l'empereurVallière, Nathalie$20

13058Les Musiciens de la Ville de BremeGross, Ruth Belov$20

13225Les mystères d'Osiris. 1. L'arbre de vieJacq, Christian$20

14221Les saisons de la mermonique corriveau$15

04432Les Souliers Uses Par La DanseGrimm$30

05863Les Vacances de NoelChristine L'Heureux$10

13219Lestrade and the Kiss of HorusM. J. Trow$20

08974Let Them Call It JazzJean Rhys$20

10022Let's Stir It Up!: Kids' Cookbook and Earth Friendly FunDianne Pratt (Author), Sherri Eldridge$10

15115Letters from a Peruvian WomanFrancoise De Graffigny$10

04497Letters from artists in the nineteenth centuryJoseph Darracott$10

09775Letters from Lavender Cottage: Hastings in WWII and Austerity - A BiographyVictoria Seymour$20

08666Letters from LimboRhys, Ernest$30

05944Letters of Florence Nightingale in the History of Nursing Archive, Special Collections,Florence Nightingale, Lois A. Monteiro (edited by), Irene S. Palmer (introduction by )$15

16477Letters of John and Abigail Adams: 1762 to 1826Adams, John$20

08691Letters to Severall Persons of HonourJohn Donne, Edited & Annotated by Charles Edmund Merrill, Jr.$35

12122L'Homme approximatif , 1925-1930Tristan Tzara$10

16396L'Homme De Pain D'épice. (Livre + Disque Compact)Percy, Graham (illustré par)$15

08285L'homme Qui Plantait Des ArbresJean Giono$15

12195Lieux comiquesMichael Issacharoff$25

03249Life and Works of Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon -- Memorial EditionNorthrop, Henry Davenport, D.D.$25

15938Life in the Slow LaneMichael Kluckner$10

03636Life in the Time of SharpevilleHumphrey Tyler$10

14412Life ItselfPaco Ignacio, II Taibo$15

17416Life Moves OutsideBarbara Einzig$30

14970Life of a DrumGebler, Carlo$12

11048Life on Croucher's IslandMaggie B. Boutilier$22

12951Life UnmaskedSaskia Maddock$15

08423Lifelines: Marian Engel's writingsChristl Verduyn$14

14173Light like the SunFrances Newton$20

01931Like RabbitsBryan, Lynne$15

12944Lilies: or The Revival of a Romantic DramaMichel Marc Bouchard (Author), Linda Gaboriau (Translator)$10

07124L'impayable Mme. ChadwickJohn S. Crosbie$25

13049L'Impossible désertMichel Muir$20

16548Lionel St. Clair, or, Under the banian treeLouisa Anne Moncreiff$115

07102Listen BuddyHelen Lester$15

01915Little Blue BenGilman, Phoebe$10

02596Little Gnome FactsRuth Eisenstein (Editor)$25

02528Little Grey Rabbit's BirthdayAlison Uttley$10

01889Little Grey Rabbit's Birthday (Colour Cubs)Alison Uttley$10

13514Little Grey Rabbit's ChristmasAlison Uttley$10

06185Little Grey Rabbit's ChristmasAlison Uttley$10

13307Little Grey Rabbit's PartyAlison Uttley$10

02907Little Grey Rabbit's PartyAlison Uttley$10

01890Little Grey Rabbit's Washing DayAlison Uttley$10

04608Little KoalaSuzanne Noguere$16

06525Little Miss SplendidRoger Hargreaves$12

06510Little Miss TroubleRoger Hargreaves$16

10695Little Old Engine (#14 in Railway Series)W. Awdry$10

14636Little Owl's Favorite UncleConstance Boyle$15

13868Little PenguinChris Mcewan$15

04820Little Prince and the Great Dragon ChasePeter Kavanagh$15

05299Little Red CapThe Brothers Grimm$15

01768Little Red Engine Goes CarollingDiana Denney (Author), Diana Ross$10

10198Little Wooden FarmerAlice Dalgliesh (Author), Anita Lobel (Contributor)$20

14017Littlest ReindeerJohanna Dewitt$10

14308Live Bale of Hay: A Real Maine AdventureCarol Shorey Dean$15


10436Long ShadowsKaschnitz, Marie Luise$15

13624Looking at PlantsDavid Suzuki$10

16224Looking Down Through WaterElizabeth Bazeley$15

16221Looking Down Through WaterElizabeth Bazeley$15

10881Lord of the Ladies [Large Print]Joanna Dessau$15

14422Lorenzaccio, on ne badine pas avec l'amourAlfred de Musset, Bernard Masson$20

13909Lost LaysenMargaret Mitchell (Author), Debra Freer (Author, Editor)$12

17043Lost Music,TheKathryn Meyrick$10

17362Lost Race of MarsRobert Silverberg$15

16544Lost WorldsWilson John Haire$25

00493Love Among The HaystacksD Lawrence$10

16886Love and WhiskeyBetty Lee$45

16949Love Every Leaf: The Life of Landscape Architect Cornelia Hahn OberlanderKathy Stinson$15

15113Love of Seven DollsPaul Gallico$25

08151Love songs of the last CanadianFrank Thompson$10

05956Love, Fun & Other Things: A Book of VerseWib Perry$10

10004Low Life. A Comedy in One la Roche, Mazo$15

03637LuckyTerry Berger$60

02607Lucky charmsSheila Lane, Marion Kemp$20

03779Lucky Science: Accidental Discoveries from Gravity to Velcro, with ExperimentsRoyston Roberts, Jeanie Roberts$10

10262Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Secret Life of a Great Canadian WriterStan Sauerwein$10

14510Ludwig Zeller, a celebration: The white pheasant flying in multiple languages and visual interpretationsLudwig Zeller$10

14292Luminous EmergenciesDi Michele, Mary$10

09314Lunar DriftMarlene Cookshaw$10

04734Lunar FolliesGilbert Sorrentino$12

15559Lunik et MiraMuller,Robin$15

16409Lynton Lamb: IllustratorGeorge Mackie$20

08534Lyrics And Sonnets.KIRKWOOD, Kenneth P.$35

09993M. Makofsky StoriesMax Makofsky$75

13193Ma Moves HomeGail Reynolds$30

13538Ma nouvelle écoleKirsten Hall$10

11606Ma Première EncyclopédieSimone LAMBLIN$20

06748Macbeth. Mit Materialien.William Shakespeare, Rex Gibson (Editor)$30

15314Machine At The Heart Of The WorldJenny Wagner$15

17339Madam Piccolo: And the craziest pickle party everKaila Kukla$45

09995Madame Delphine Carancro and Grande PointeCable George W.$20

13560Madame Du Barry: The Wages of BeautyJoan Haslip$15

09772Madamoiselle Chanel. Translated by Eileen Geist and Jessie WoodGalante, Pierre$20

13893Maddened by mystery: A casebook of Canadian detective fictionMichael Richardson$20

14120Maggee and Lake MinderRichard Thompson$15

10971Magic and Make-BelieveImogene Forte$20

15941Magic and Mystery: Collier's Junior Classics Volume 9Various$15

02700Magic for MinorsNot stated$20

04604Magic FunMarilyn Baillie (Editor)$10

09619Magic Sesame: a Collection of Poems for Boys and Girls, Part I and II, - 4th EditionJoseph Compton$30

09983Magic WordsEdward Field$15

13631Magic World of Orson WellesJames Naremore$20

04678Magie d hiverEveline Hasler$10

09543MagnieSutherland, H.W.$15

04981MagnificenceBrenton, Howard$20

03830Maid of the WoodFiona French$10

16760Maigret Bides His TimeGeorges Simenon (Author), Alastair Hamilton (Translator)$20

12192Maigret Goes HomeGeorges Simenon$15

11026Maila and the flying carpetAlain Trez$20

17193Make Believe Town: Essays and RemembrancesDavid Mamet$15

04177Make It with BoxesJoan Irvine$8

15275Malay Pantuns (Quatrains). Pantun Melayu. 1st (Australian) edn.HAMILTON, A.W.$75

16613Malcolm Lowry and Conrad Aiken adapted : three radio dramas and a film proposalMargerie Lowry; Fletcher Markle; Gerald Noxon; Paul Tiessen; Malcolm Lowry;$35

04105Managing just fineJoan Fern Shaw$15
03005Manos Kelly - La Montagne D'OrHERNÁNDEZ PALACIOS, Antonio$25

10832ManqueBuckley, John W.$15

15729Manual for ImmigrantsSutherland, Fraser$10

04385Many Roads to Glory - Volume 13Collier's Junior Classics$20

06426Many Things to Tell You: Natural PoetryThomas E. Heinzen$25

04814Many Women, Two Men: Stores and PoemsBook, Luna C (Editor)$20

15516Maori LegendsReed, A.W$15

11347Marching Powder: The True Story of an English Drug-SmugglerRusty Young$35

14857Margaret Mead: A voice for the century - Large PrintCassidy, Robert$20

13262Marshal's Own Case ~ Crime ClubMagdalen Nabb$20

17377MarshmallowClare Turlay Newberry$10

17601Martin Meeker and Pauline LagrandeElse Breen$15

15086Martin's Christmas (Gazelle Bks.)Pamela Rogers$10

01924Martti Larni, Laugh with LarniMartti Larni$15

04253Mary of Mile 18Ann Blades$14

10197MasksClare Beaton$10

13401Mata Hari's lost wordsJohn Oughton$20

17443Matthew Leads the Animal ParadePeter Wendling$30

05501Matthew's MeadowCorinne Demas Bliss$15

12717Matthias et le diableGerald Messadie$35

03006Maurice Breathes Again (#5 The Adventures of Maurice Mini Minor)Geoffrey Baker$20

02511MaxRachel Isadora$15

14652Max and Sally and the Phenomenal PhoneMilos Macourek$15

13977MaximusStrandquest, Dominique Michele$20

17217Maximus Poems IV, V, VIOlson, Charles$25

02741Mazes 14Buki Toys Ltd$15

08569Mde de Toucainville's Magnificent HatSue Bland$10

11763Me: a Modern Masters Book for ChildrenWilliam Saroyan$20

02194Medieval Portraits From East and WestEleanor Duckett$20

13394Meet Babar and His FamilyLaurent De Brunhoff$12

04316Meet Me InsideDavid Langdon$15

11679Meet My GhostAL W. Clark$15

15089Megan A Welsh CorgiMargaret S Johnson$45

13644Mein bunter Märchenschatz : beliebte Märchen.Grimm, Jacob$20


14119Melissa MouseMaria Claret$10

13444Melting ManVictor Canning$15

15573Memoirs of a Praying Mantis : A Collection of PoetryLakoseljac, Bianca$15

13446Memoirs of an Indian WhitemanRoberts, Rev. E. B.$15

16868Memoirs of an Indian WhitemanRoberts, Rev. E. B.$15

16286Memoirs of Vidocq: Master of CrimeFrancois Eugene Vidocq$15

07511Memories from memory, or, Happenings of a lifetime in the RiverinaCharles Lyndoch Nicholas$35

15129Men and the Goddess: Feminine Archetypes in Western Literature Tom AbsherTom Absher$10

10961Merle's and Marilyn's Mink Ranch and Other FictionRandeane Tetu$15

09503Merlin's CastleLaszlo Gal$10

16422Mervyn Peake: A Personal MemoirGordon Smith$32

02894Message From the MoonLester, Alison; Waber, Bernard; Nichol, Bp; Harris, Dorothy$16

04569Messing about in boats: The nautical confessions of an unsinkable IrishmanWill Millar$10

02747Mice (Bengali/English)Gennie Ingham (Editor)$24

03674Mice can't write : why we learn to writeMaria Gordon$10

03583Michael Ondaatje: Express yourself beautifully [Large Print]Ed Jewinski$15

13914Middle Distance: Growing Up English in MontrealEric Cecil Morris$10

04302Middle Distance: Growing Up English in MontrealEric Cecil Morris$10

10194Middle Man And Other StoriesBharati Mukherjee$10

01547Midnight lantern (A Sprint library book)Sunshine, Madeline$10

13827Mike's HouseSauer, Julia$20

13942Millions of CatsWanda Gag$10

11350Milt Harradence: The western flair : a memoirC. D Evans$25

15741Mimesis: Culture - Art - SocietyGebauer, Gunter, Wulf, Christoph$20

10570Miner's PondAnne Michaels$10

15762Ming Lo Moves the MountainArnold Lobel$10

04181Mini Renyi 4 Dictionary Food (Renyi Bilingual Picture Dictionaries)Renyi Staff$12

03225Minstrel Breezes: a Collection of Up-to-the-Minute First-Parts, Sketches, Skits, Monologues and AfterpiecesKaser, Arthur L.$15

09613MirhorodN. V. Gogol$25

09556Miriam and other poemsJoseph Hunt Stanford$18

17005Miss Fishley AfloatTed Staunton$10

03498Miss Mapp Including the Male Impersonator (Black Swan)Benson, E. F.$10

10499Miss Mayhew and Ming YunAnne Duffield$40

08728Miss Schuyler's AliasHorton, George$25

07508Mission Of GravityClement, Hal$25

09492Mister SquintJenny Partridge$10

14381Mit Findus durchs ganze JahrNordqvist, Sven$20

17442Mixed Company Alan Shapiro$15

00805Mixed-Up SamElaine Moore, illustrated by Jo Boddy$20

15852MockingbirdStewart, Sean$15

13957Mockingbird : a portrait of Harper Lee / by Charles J. ShieldsCharles J. Shields$15

17329Modern and NormalKaren Solie$10

04959Modern Drama and the Death of GodGeorge E. Wellwarth$15

02246Modern English PoetsMortimer, Anthony$20

14436Modern Folk BalladsCausley, Charles (selected by)$15

15107Modern Greek Literary Gems (Cortina Classic Series)Editor-George C. Pappageotes; Editor-Phillip D. Emmanuel; Editor-Artemis P. Emmanuel$10

03433Modern Komedia (Volume I and II)Galsworthy, John$25

13660Modern Scottish Gaelic PoemsDona Macaulay$20

13778Modern Theatre - Volume I and Volume II - 2-volume setEric Russell Bentley$75

11418Modrý ráj Pacifiku = Havets bla paradisOtakar Storch$15

04319Mog in the DarkJudith Kerr$10

16807Mogens, and Other Stories Jens Peter Jacobsen$25

06184Moira's BirthdayRobert N. Munsch$10

09783Moira's BirthdayRobert N. Munsch$10

13951Mole Moves HouseBuchanan, Elizabeth$10

14898Mollie Whuppie and the GiantRobin Muller$10

15310Mollie Whuppie And The GiantMuller Robin$30

12975Molly and Mr. MaloneyAllen Morgan$10

16784Molly, McCullough and Tom the RogueKathleen Stevens$15

02388Moments in a journeyN. Roy Clifton$15

07818Moments Of Meditation (In Verse)DeConkey, Albert$20

08852Moments Of Meditation (In Verse)DeConkey, Albert$20

05715Mommy Ant, eat your vegetables!Sigmund Brouwer$10

13828Mon corps, mes premiers motsRoger Priddy$20

13208Mon Petit Lutin S'endortGrand-Père Cailloux$20


16328Monday's TrollJack Prelutsky$15

04168Monkey PoemsJohn Foster (Editor)$10

06319Monster Madness-a Picture Puzzle Book (Hippo Puzzles)Jenny Wood$25

03241Monsters Are Like ThatDaly, Nick$18

05598Monsters Mummies and MoonmenRowan Barnes-Murphy$15

11012Monsters: A Strange Science BookSylvia Funston$18

08907Montcalm the Hero of a Lost CauseWilliam Wood$35


07927Moon-EyesJean Chapman (Author), Astra Lacis$10

01726More About Charles and Other StoriesAinsworth, Ruth.$20

08528More homage to BrowningArmstrong, A et al$25
02605More Kids in the Kitchen : Metric Munchies for Junior CooksShannon Ferrier, Tamara Shuttleworth$15

11708More Kids in the Kitchen : Metric Munchies for Junior CooksShannon Ferrier, Tamara Shuttleworth$15

08040More Than a Blues Singer: Jackie Washington Tells His StoryStrecker, James$15

00488Morgan and the MoneyTed Staunton (Author), Bill Slavin$10

06264Morley Callaghan: Literary AnarchistGary Boire$10

15696Morning childNorma Eloise West Linder$15

12229Mortal RuinJohn Malcolm$15

15715Mortimer Says Nothing and Other StoriesAiken Joan$20

08077Mose Morgan : A Life in ActionCyril F. Poole$15


14950Motel of the MysteriesMacaulay, David$10

17337Mots d'Heures, Gousses, RhamesLuis d'Antin van Rooten$45

16255Mots Mystères no 17Lavoie, Julie$15

07033Mountains and MolehillsFrances Cornford$75

16779Mouse Guard: Belly of the Beast (Mouse Guard, Issue 1)Petersen, David$15

00337Mouse Woman and Mischief MakerChristie Harris$15

13869Mouse's first HalloweenLauren Thompson$10

17491Mr Gumpy's Motor CarJohn Burningham$15

15927Mr Kneebones New DigsIan Wallace$10

01003Mr. ClumsyRoger Hargreaves (Author)$10

07514Mr. John Bertrand Nijinsky and CharlieBudge Wilson$12

03238Mr. Magee Came Home for His TeaRedhead, Janet Slater$18

01610Mr. MessyHargreaves, Roger$10

05746Mr. NervousRoger Hargreaves$24

06613Mr. NoisyRoger Hargreaves$10

04913Mr. Rigoletto: in Conversation With Louis QuilicoQuilico, Louis; Petrowska, Christina$20

04942Mr. SlowHargreaves, Roger$11

16618Mr. Spic Goes to WashingtonIlan Stavans$10

10968Mrs. Marlowe's MiceFrank Asch$15

16933Mrs. Merry's MemoriesDeborah Quaile$25

16358Mrs. Mochyn A'r Sos CochRayner, Mary$15

14988Mrs. Pepperpot Minds the BabyAlf Proysen$10

09500Mrs. Twitter the Animal Sitter (Nelson Venture Books)Donna Pape$25

15245Mud Pies and Other Recipes: A Cookbook for DollsWinslow, Marjorie$10

15878Muffin Pigdoom and the Keeper: Tales from the Three CountriesPaul Warren$15

17429Multicultural Theatre Ii: Contemporary Hispanic, Asian, And African-american PlaysRoger Ellis$15

10812Mumfie's Magic BoxKatharine Tozer$25

09566Mum's placeReginald Leslie Ottley$15

08137Mundane MattersNorman, Richard$35

17346Murambi, The Book of Bones Boubacar Boris Diop, Fiona Mc Laughlin$15

12356Murder at the Hellfire ClubDonald. Zochert$15

00721Murder at Thrippleton HallLagoon Books (Editor)$10

15818Murder by Deadline (Avalon Mystery)Mel Taylor$15

14423Murder in the DarkMargaret Atwood$10

12191Murder Most Irregular: A NovelHarry Paul Jeffers$15

14993Murder on the MarmoraAllen, Conrad$20

12003Murder! Murder! Burning BrightJonathan Ross$20

13165Murphy, Molly, Max, and MeAlbert Cullum$20

15763Murphy, Molly, Max, and MeAlbert Cullum$10

16241Music from within: A biography of the composer S.C. Eckhardt-GramattéFerdinand Eckhardt$25

17589Music of a Distant Drum: Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems Bernard Lewis (Translator)$20

17277Musician from the DarknessClaude Clement$15

02322Muskeg Moss and MeMildred J. Young$10

05247MustoviaDavid B. Wilson$15

16313My Bermuda 1, 2, 3Dana Cooper$10

10286My Caravan's a Rainbow: A Mystical Life in ColourChesterton, David$20

13941My King Has Donkey EarsFrances Harber$10

06170My King Has Donkey EarsFrances Harber$10

11905My Life with Sherlock Holmes: Conversations in Baker Street by John H.Watson M.D.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Author), John Robert Hamilton (Editor)$15

06623My Love for YouDrayton, Thomas$10

13540My Mother and IAileen Fisher$10

05652My Secret SunriseJasper Tomkins$10

14992My Uncle Max / Mon Oncle MarcCasson, Les$10

11901My Union, My Life: Jean-Claude Parrot and the Canadian Union of Postal WorkersJean-Claude Parrot$15

00816Mysteries For Felicio : Little Wolf BooksMirielle Villeneuve (Author), Anne Villeneuve$15

14334Mystery of the Lost AnchorMichael Murray$15

15127Mystery storiesHiggins, James$15

17466Nail polishIrving Layton$10

14777Naked with Summer in Your MouthPurdy, Al$20

13178Narrative PoemsC. S. Lewis; Walter Hooper$20

16961Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of NarrativeMieke Bal$20

05656Nathan and Nicholas AlexanderLulu Delacre$10

03072Native American Legends and ActivitiesMari Lu Robbins$18

14458Nattie WitchRuth Rosner$15

16122Nattie WitchRuth Rosner$15

09855Neapolitan LegendThiess, Frank$20

13891Ned Mouse breaks awayTim Wynne-Jones$10

13241NehandaYvonne Vera$10

08200Neunzig Gedichte. Auswahl von Anne,arie Christiansen.Rilke, Rainer-Maria$20

09217New American Plays TwoJanet Noble, Jo Carson, Samuel Kelley, David Budbill$15

06506New and Selected PoemsMary Oliver$15

13979New and Selected Poems 1932-1967.VIERECK, Peter$20

05157New Directions From Old, Canadian Storytellers Volume OneStruthers, J. R. (Tim)$18

16384New Presentation of the Prometheus Bound of Aischylos Wherein Is Set Forth the Hidden Meaning of the MythJames Morgan Pryse$25

05163New Toes for TiaLarry Dinkins$18

14049New Writings in Science Fiction 17Carnell, John (editor)$20

15076News from NowhereMorris, William & Stephen Arata$15

14706Nice Fire and Some MoonpenniesDorris Heffron$20

17307Nicole's BoatAllen Morgan$15

10565NikolskiNicolas Dickner$15

16414Nineteen Eighty FourOrwell, George$20

13763Nineteenth Century French VerseGalland, Joseph S. ; Cros, Roger$15

09861Ninety Years at the Isles of ShoalsLaighton, Oscar$20

11949Nivek & Nala from SirchMarj Trim$15

13121No Bananas For This GiraffeLucie Papineau$12

14414No Happy EndingPaco Ignacio Taibo II$20

06822No Moon, No Milk!Chris Babcock$20

13151No More Curried Eggs for MeRoger Wilmut$10

00883No Need for Alarm.McKissack, Patricia And Fredrick$15

05845No regretsStig Tofting, Lars Steen Pedersen$25

04680No sad songs wanted hereRaymond Souster$30

13637No Smoking - Cartoons.Ironimus, (d.i. Peichl Gustav):$20

05133No Time for Tombstones: Life and Death in the Vietnamese JungleJames Hefley, Marti Hefley$10

17044Noah and the Space ArkCecil, Laura$10

02552Noah's Ark...Reservations Please!Kishon, Ephraim$12

12145Nobody Likes MeWeldon, Fay$10

03529Noddy at the Seaside (Noddy Book 7)Blyton, Enid$10

14979Noddy Loses SixpenceEnid Blyton$10



06409None Shall Look BackCaroline Gordon$20

12973Nora And The Great BearUte Krause$15

07992Norman Bethune and Postmodern Poetic Theory: Comments and Commemorative PoemsSylvia DuVernet$20

02637Norman Plays BasketballGault, Frank, and Gault, Clare$18

13096Northern Review Vol. 5 No. 3 & 4 - E.J. PrattJohn Sutherland$10

04813Not Knowing Memories Inspired By My Mother's LettersTena Koehoorn$10

02754Not WorkingSzanto, George$15

15735Notebook of Roses and CivilizationNicole Brossard$10

09910Notes on Military Writing for English Canadian SoldiersWallace, S. W.$30

02800Nothing So NaturalJim Curry$15

05209Nothing VanishesRobert Hilles$10

16781Nouvel habit du directeur LeCalmenson$25

03048November Rabbit TalesNewton-White, Muriel E.$10

08263Now Is a Far CountryHicks, John V.$15

07554Now Then, Tom - a Country TaleJos Rothery$20

04446Nuits MagiquesJean-Marie Poupart$8

01019Number mysteriesCyril Hayes$10

16419Nunny Bag 3 Stories for Boys and Girls from Six to Nine Years OldNunny Bag$20

13743Nursery RhymesMarina Warner$40

14343Oasis in TimeRuth Churchill Peppler$20

06966Oasis in TimeRuth Churchill Peppler$22

14074Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They AppearMax Layton$10

09421OceansBruce Meyer$20

07111Oedipus Anne: The Poetry of Anne SextonDiana George$22

10706Of a Fire Beyond the HillsHekkanen, Ernest$20

14295Of No Country : An Anthology of the Works of Sir Richard BurtonBurton, Richard F.; McLynn, F. J.$15

04872Of the Fields, LatelyDavid French$10

16980Ogres! Ogres! Ogres!: A Feasting Frenzy from A to ZNicholas Heller$15

13274Oh, Canadians!: Hysterically historical rhymesGordon Snell$15

09557Old Man Savarin and Other StoriesThomson, Edward William$20

13937Old Mrs. Schmatterbung and FriendCharles Wilkins$18

08529Old SoldiersPaul Bailey$15

15239On Earth As It Is in HeavenNoel, N. A., Sisson, John W.$20

14885On My IslandGay, Marie-Louise$15

16253On Partage Tout!Munsch, Robert; Duchesne, Christiane$10

09520On Shore BalladsPerkins, Silas H$25

16978On silent wingsJane Yolen at alDavid Booth$20

16469On Strike Against GodJoanna Russ$15

02638On the Face of the EarthMarion Gill MacNeil$15

16213On the Poet and His Craft Selected Prose of Theodore RoethkeRalph J Mills Jr (Edited By )$10

02493On the Poet and His Craft Selected Prose of Theodore RoethkeRalph J Mills Jr (Edited By )$10

12438On the TrackJules Verne$20

08793On Whose Side Are You, Masters of Culture? - A Collection of Articles By Soviet WritersProgress Publishers$20

12228OnceRebecca Rosenblum$15

01534Once in the SaddleJudge, M. M.$12

09778Once More With LoveSutton, Joan$20

13573Once upon a DinkelsbUhlPatricia Lee. Gauch$15

14630Once upon a Golden AppleLittle, Jean; Gilman, Phoebe; De Vries, Maggie$10

07067Once Upon a TimeD. Bruce Pattison$25

02158Once Upon a Time I Love YouJason, Dan With Jezrah Hearne, Tom Perry, Nancy Jason And Zama Jason-Hearne$15

14891Once Upon A Time In A PigpenMargaret W Brown$15

14648Once upon a Time...Celebrating the Magic of Children's Books in Honor of the Twentieth Anniversary of Reading Is FundamentalChambers, Aidan$10

03222One Day There Was Nothing To DoJill Creighton$10

16791One Horse Waiting for MePatricia Mullins$15

11871One Hundred and Seventy Chinese PoemsArthur Waley (Editor)$10

00625One Hundred Years After TomorrowDarlene J. Sadlier$15

11476One Night in WinterAllan Massie$20

17278One Small Place in a TreeBarbara Brenner$15

15945One Special TreeKassian, Olena$20

08667One straight pathApzal Hosein$15

15569One Sunny DayJoan Alexander$15

11822O'Neil's Landing : The Legend of Tom O'NeilGordon Walsh$15

10503Only in Whistler: Tales of a Mountain TownStephen Vogler$15

04048Only one toySmadar Samson$15

06739Open Country the New Girl and Other StoriesEd Brophy$12

14705Open Ended PlaysMilton Velder, Edwin Cohen, Elaine Fisher Mazzarelli$10

13563Open GatewaysLaura Barbara Dixon$15

15874Open GatewaysLaura Barbara Dixon$15

08827Opossum & the Great Firemaker - PbkMike$12

01484Opposites!J. Douglas Lee; Illustrated By John Farman$15

16484Origami: Activities for ChildrenAraki, Chiyo$15

03049Orknon Was My FriendMichael C. Adkins$20

08886Orphans of WinterRob Ritchie (Author), George Down (Editor)$15

09977Orwell: The TransformationPeter Stansky, William Abrahams$15

02299Oscar Wilde's Plays, Prose Writings, and PoemsWilde, Oscar (Introduction by Hesketh Pearson)$20

07434Other Side of ParadiseNoel Barber$25

16659Our King Has Horns!Richard Pevear$15

08724Our Storehouse EarthColin Walker$15

04414Our Town: a Play in Three ActsThornton Wilder$10

09887Our Zoo and Its BabiesWestell W. Percival$25

10334Out of My Mind: The Discovery of Saunders-VixenRichard Bach$10

00601Out of the whirlwindM. T Kelly$15

02630Outer Tennis: Life in the Last Lane and Possibly BeyondEdwards, Susan$15

07126Outer Tennis: Life in the Last Lane and Possibly BeyondEdwards, Susan$14

13984Outside Over ThereMaurice Sendak$10

13512Outside the door John McInnes Add Cover Image Outside the doorJohn McInnes, senior author ; John Ryckman$20

14429Outskirts: Women Writing from Small PlacesSchultz, Emily (editor)$10

13762Overhead by ConfiersJohn V Hicks$10

08349Overlooking the Red Jail and other Stories of the MalcolmsonsKnight, M. L.$25

06881Owl and the PussycatEdward Lear$20

10821P is for Peril [Large Print]Sue Grafton$15

17049Pa ChinNathan K. Mao$55

12142Paco Never Fails. Translated from the French by Peter Mayne.Laszlo, Andras$20

14978Paddingtons Magical ChristmasMichael Bond$10

04259PaddymelonNone given$12

11823Pagan SummerDavid Beasley$15

07091Pages from the Life of Dmitri ShostakovichDmitri Sollertinsky, D I Sollertinskii$20

05212Pale Red FootprintsPress, Karen$10

13633Pali-Pali, the Bird, and the MaskNsang O'Khan Kabwasa$15

11445Pandita Ramabai: the Story of Her LifeHelen S. Dyer$15

16832PanopticonSteve McCaffery$95

14655Parables From Nature Earthly StoriesEerdmans Publishing$15

08153Paradox of Meaning: Cultural Poetics & Critical FictionsJohn George Moss$15

17599Parents In The Pigpen Pigs In The TubAmy Ehrlich$15

17492ParliamentPapas, William w/text by Norman Shrapnel$55

15629Pasha's Concubine and Other TalesIvo Andric$35

12857Passages from the English Notebooks of Nathaniel Hawthorne (volume 1 only)Nathaniel Hawthorne$35

16231PasschendaeleTed Plantos$15

17590Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual LoveWendy Maltz$15

12212Patria O Muerte: The Great Zoo and Other PoemsGuillen, Nicolas; Marquez, Robert (translator)$10

14863Patrick WynneLe Guin, Ursula K$10

16308Patrick: Patron Saint of IrelanddePaola, Tomie$10

17045Patti on the planet PlutoJames Savage$20

05041Pause: An Emily Carr Sketch BookEmily Carr, Maria Tippett$15

10284PEACH AND BLUESarah Kilborne$15
02519Peas and HoneyCharlotte Reynolds, Barbara Parker$15

17408Pedro Paramo Juan Rulfo$10

16511Peikko the Foolish OgreKaarina Brooks$10

13626Pel and the Parked CarMark Hebden$15

13632Penguin SmallMick Inkpen$15

04484Penny Pollard's PassportRobin Klein$15

04949People I meetH.L. Gee$10

13669People of EsarnPira Sudham$25

12572Pepe Was the Saddest BirdWilliam Stone$10

14309Percy's Friend the Badger (Percy the Park Keeper)Nick Butterworth$15

00860Percy's Friend the OwlNick Butterworth$10

13157PerelandraLewis, C.S.$20
05705Perfect, the PigSusan Jeschke$20

14212Performance Bond [CD]Wayde Compton$10

15403Persia in the Great Game: Sir Percy Sykes Explorer, Consul, Soldier, SpyAntony Wynn$30

05878Personae: The Shorter Poems of Ezra PoundEzra Pound; Lea Baechler; A. Walton Litz$20

13730Personal EffectsRonna Bloom (Author), Beth Follett (Editor)$15

11924Personal geography: Almost an autobiography / large printElizabeth Jane Coatsworth$15

12389Personal Narrative of James O. PattieJames Ohio Pattie (Author), Richard Batman$20

09852Peter on the RoadWilliams, Ursula Moray$25

15072Peters SongCarol P. Saul$15

02412Petits poemes en proseCharles Baudelaire$15

06273Petrosinella: a Neopolitan RapunzelGiambatista Basile$10

17067Petunia's ChristmasRoger Duvoisin$45

07690Philip Carrington : Pastor, Prophet, PoetCuttel, Colin$10

11087Philip Rodway and a Tale of Two TheatresRodway, Phyllis Philip & Lois Rodway-Slingsby$45

04995Philippine MorningJanne Ritskes$10

10244Photography and Writing in Latin America: Double ExposuresMarcy E. Schwartz (Editor), Mary Beth Tierney-Tello (Editor)$30

16297Pickles and the Dog NappersHuigin, Sean O.$10

13515Pied Piper of HamelinRobert Browning$10

08419Piers The PlowmanWilliam Langland (Author), Thomas A. Knott (Editor), David C. Fowler (Editor)$20

17284PiesWilma Riley$15

09514Pieter Maritz, der Burensohn aus TransvaalAugust Niemann$75

09256Pig TaleHelen Oxenbury$10

14502Pigs : A Troughful of TreasuresBowman, Sarah$20

09507Pigs and HoneyAdams, Jeanie$20

10282Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the RudLynn Plourde$10

05450PilgrimageBetty Vogel$15

09710Pioneer Doctor: a Biography of John SingletonHughes, Mary Kent$20

15442Pippin the Christmas PigJean Little$10

13310Pirandello, scena, personaggio e film (Letteratura italiana. Studi e testi)Maurizio Del Ministro$20

10973Pirate McGrew and His Nautical CrewPhilip Hawthorn$10

05576Plain Sailing [Large Print]Douglas Clark$25

09640Planes Over CanadaSandwell, A.H.$20

12583Planting SeedsPatricia Quinlan$10

06274Play on WordsAlice Provensen$15

06333Play theatre presents Nativity playDavid Wood$15

16678Playhouse: Six Fantasy Plays for ChildrenJoyce Doolittle$10

12397Playing BasraEdward Brown$14

16107Playing the Jesus GameNowlan, Alden$25

16539Playwrights and Human RightsKotze, Terry$25

16965Please Bury Me in the LibraryPatrick J. Lewis$15

07022Please Sir, I Mean Ma'AmMarion Walker Garland$20

13620Ploughshares Fall 1992 : StoriesTobias Wolff (editor)$15

06606PlumbMaurice Gee$15

13476Plumed PalmsGray, Cecil$20

14003poema de mio cidCLASICOS CASTELLANOS$20

13978Poèmes d'un coeur en exil =: Poems from a heart in exileHô Hiêp Lâm$20

13801Poems and Canadian LyricsJ. K. Foran$25

15611Poems in the Lancashire DialectBearman, Louisa$15

09255Poems Not to be MissedSusan Hill$20

15205Poems of a LifetimeOswald J Smith$20

06511Poems of A. Nonny MouseJack Prelutsky$15

01644Poems of ChildhoodAnglund$15

13562Poems of James BayGordon Moore$10

10670Poems of Today from Twenty-five Modern Icelandic PoetsAlan (ed) Boucher$20

14759POESIAS : EROTICAS, BURLESCAS E SATYRICAS.Bocage, Manuel Maria Barbosa du.$25


05770Poesies Choisies de Victor HugoVictor Hugo$15


14211Poet for SaleVella, Lewis$10

06769Poetic Journeys (Ontario): Anthology of VerseWendy Burgess$25

06772Poetic Journeys (Ontario): Anthology of VerseWendy Burgess$25

14360Poetic Memories of My Parents, My Childhood and the Old HomesteadMacMillan, Kenneth R.$10

17306Poetry by the children of the CaribbeanCarol-Faye George$20

01979Poetry for Every MonthBradshaw, B. Maude$10

12428Poetry for Young People - Edgar Allan PoeBrod Braggert$10

13530Poetry in the Dark Ages. The eighth W. P. Ker Memorial Lecture delivered in the University of Glasgow 28th October, 1947.Waddell, Helen$10

14504Poetry of the Romantic Period (The Routledge History of English Poetry, Volume 4)Jackson, J. R. de J.$20

07454Police at the funeralMargery Allingham$75

13198Political Asylum. Editorial Cartoons by Draper HillForeword-Duncan Macpherson$15

15167Pond Lake River SeaMaryjo Koch$25

08894Pony TracksSprigge, Elizabeth$20

14382Pony, Bar und Apfelbaum: Ein Bilderbuch (German Edition)Sigrid Heuck$20

03769Poor RoyRoy Fuller$20

10003Popular Natural History for Boys and GirlsGORDON, William John$45

15978Postcards from the EdgeFisher, Carrie$10

16216Poste RestanteDerek White$15

08028Potouchle povidkyJan Picek$22

15876Potter Come Fly To The First Of The EarthWangerin, Walter Jr$15

16314Pouf : A Moth-une Mite (Mini Books for Mini Hands)Angeles, Peter$15

05985PouliuliAlbert Wendt$15

12357Power of the BugIvor Drummond$20

04531Power of the ZilaM. Meyer Horne$25

15322Prairie Born, and Other PoemsRobert J.C. Stead$30

14987Prairie Dogs in Prairie Dog TownIrmengarde Eberle$10

16885Prairie performance: A collection of short playsBessai, Diane [ed]$15

09433Prairie performance: A collection of short playsBessai, Diane [ed]$15

02584Preposterous PuzzlesRolf Heimann$10

07700Previous LivesPhil McNichol$20

01714Princess FrownsalotJohn Bianchi$10

09501Princess SmartypantsBabette Cole$10

15857Prisoner of Memory - Large PrintDenise Hamilton$20

11013Private ElvisCortez, Diego, Edited By with Photographs By Rudolf Paulini.$35

01329Private Eye's Psecond Book of PseudsJohn Glashan$15

02702Professor Go HomeGordon Green$10

09843Professor Noah's SpaceshipBrian Wildsmith$10

06660Professot Bluster's Magic ShowWayne Carley$25

05388Professot Bluster's Magic ShowWayne Carley$15

13341Profiles in Canadian Drama: James ReaneyJ. Stewart Reaney$15

14605Promise of Shelter: StoriesSarah, Robyn$10

10467Prose: Short formsKELLOW (Author), KRISAK (Author)$15


09599ProtrestaniJosef J. Stanek$20

02370Provencal TalesMichael De Larrabeiti$15

17343Psychic Punter: Being the True Absorbing Story of One Man's Pilgrimage to Newmarket and FortuneRaymond Leggatt$45

14385P'tite tête!Marni McGee$10

08132Publishing Short-Run Books: How to Paste up and Reproduce Books Instantly Using Your Copy ShopPoynter, Dan$10

15623PulaMatsemela Manaka$10

16546Quan: My Life, My Art a Collection of Autobiographical Essays and PoetryQuan, Elizabeth$10

02924Quan: My Life, My Art a Collection of Autobiographical Essays and PoetryQuan, Elizabeth$10

13159Quatre a Quatre TheatreMichel Garneau$20

14444Quel Beau TetitDuchesne, Christiane$15

01545Quellen lachender WeisheitNot Stated$12

10135Question TimeDavies, Robertson$15

14784Quincy BluesAndrews, Jim$15

05333Qu'y a t-il sous nos pieds?Peter Kent$30

15420R E MIstvan Banyai$50

16515Rabbit BlueMarie-Louise Gay$15

06064Rabbit Finds a WayJudy Delton$15

16765Rabelais and His WorldMikhail Bakhtin$15

13522RachidTahar Ben Jelloun, Edmund Baudoin$25

17184Radclyffe Hall at the Well of Loneliness: A Sapphic ChronicleLovat, Dickson$15

15068RainbowRoxana Willard Kaufmann$30

10681Rainbow WingsJoanne Ryder$10

13947Random House Book of Poetry for ChildrenJack Prelutsky$20

15758Rapunzel's rapSonja Dunn$25

05704Rat JellyMichael Ondaatje$15

09922Rational View, When I am Gone and Other PoemsThomas, Wilber$25

09988Raven's Revenge - Large PrintDonald MacKenzie$20

10558Reading North by South: On Latin American Literature, Culture, and Politics - Volume IINeil Larsen$30

13224Real Inspector HoundTom Stoppard$10

04303Reality Sandwiches: 1953-1960Allen Ginsberg$10

07260Rebel Engineer the Life and Work of Winnett BoydBoyd, Winnett$25

08152Receive these handsJohn Hanly Morgan$15

17174Recovering Canadas 1st Novelist Proceedings from the John Richardson ConferenceRoss, Catherine Sheldrick$15

16043Recovering Canada's First NovelistCatherine Ross$10

17414Red Eye of LoveArnold Weinstein$15

13971RED FOX - The Story of His Adventurous Career in the Ringwaak Wilds and of His Final Triumph Over His EnemiesCharles G. D. Roberts$15

05975Red Indian Folk and Fairy TalesRuth Manning-Sanders$15

14660Red is Best (Annikins)Kathy Stinson$15

07196Red Rowan BerryFrances Murray$22

02255Red Sky at Night [Large Print]John Barrington$20

08685Reflections & wounds : poemsStephen Gill$30

09472Reflections of KiawahLyndia Terre$15

07946Re-interpreting Brecht: His Influence on Contemporary Drama and FilmPia Kleber (Editor), Colin Visser (Editor)$20

12437Rejelendres Calos - Sprichwörter spanischer Zigeuner - Calo- DeutschJung, Christof$22

12803RemarkabiliaJohn Train$15

17370Rembrandt Takes a WalkMark Strand$20

06249RememberingGeorge Kennedy Public School Students Grades JK to 5 2005-2006$20

02494RemythKathy Fretwell$15

07360RemythKathy Fretwell$15

15306Requiem for a faith : a novel Percy Janes$15

12527Rescue at Sea!Wolfram Hanel$10

09642Reseni GamaBrodsky, Jaroslav$20

13976Resounding TinkleSimpson, N.F.$15

14324Retief's WarLaumer, Keith$25

13272Retina GreenReinhard Filter$10

09540Return TicketGeoff Taylor$20

11860Return to the Same CityPaco Ignacio Taibo II$15

10585Return To WalesFlorance O'Sullivan$20

05219Reveille-moi au printempsJames Preller$10

11742Rhythmic Games and Dances for ChildrenKirk, Florence$15

09424RicochetSeymour Mayne$10

08422Ricordi: Things remembered : an anthology of short storiesC. Dino : Editor Minni$10

15926Ridicholas Nicholas More Animal PoemsJ. Patrick Lewis$10

14439RiffsLee, Dennis$10

11554Ring Around the moon; 200 Songs, tongue Twisters, riddles and Rhymes of Canadian ChildrenFowke, Edith$20

12125Ring-rise, Ring-setMonica Hughes$15

17532Riot Andrew Moodie$15

06164Ripe BananasJoan A. Hunter$10

17386RiptideFrances Ward Weller$10

14888River TownArthur Geisert$20

02933Road to JerusalemHalse, Fred$10

13234Road To MeccaAthol Fugard$12

14293Roads Unravelling: Short StoriesKathy-Diane Leveille$10

14980Roberval Kid Le Voleur de VoixSimard Remy$10

02949Robin HoodEugene Pawczuk$18

13765Rocco Perri: The Story of Canada's Most Notorious BootleggerAntonio Nicaso$30

09626Rock-a-Bye BabyRomer, Jane$10


02805Rodeo PupRotenberg, Lisa$10

03053Roger's UmbrellaDaniel Pinkwater$10

16082Rolf Heimann's Mind Munchers, Mazes, Puzzles & Problems for Your Mind to Feast On!Rolf Heimann$10

05643Rolling Thunder: Erfahrungen mit einem Schamanen der neuen IndianerbewegungDoug Boyd$20

17426Romeo and Juliet in Palestine: Teaching Under OccupationSperlinger, Tom$12

13304Rooftop MysteryJoan M. Lexau$15

14765Room ToneGale Zoe Garnett$10

04529Rosa's District SixRozena Maart$12

04324Rosetto and the JugglersJeanette B. Flot$20

07159Rotten poetry fishHume Cronyn$15

14593Rough skinMaureen Hynes$15

15060Rough skinMaureen Hynes$15

10403Rough WeatherIris Bromige$20

14653Round the MountainJohn McInnes$15

13415Round TripAnn Jonas$20

12827Rounds for ChildrenAmsco Publications$15

06677Royal Year Book 1977-1978Michele Brown$15

09757Royalty Religion and Rats - Autobiographical Scrap book MiscellanyWood, Georgie$20

09456Rufus round and roundStockum, Hilda Van$20

08803Run Silent, Run Deep - Large PrintEdward L. Beach$45

03638Runaway PlaneMay Garelick$10

13302Runaway StallionWalt Morey$15

09254Rupert And The ScavagesJennifer Chandler$20

03728RussellRussell Hoban$12

16505Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless HomesGraham, Harry$10

01776Ryerson Alumni Directory 1989None given$35

00616Said the riverLiz Zetlin$20

14252Sailing into the Unknown: Yeats, Pound and EliotMacha Louis Rosenthal$15

10121Sailing to Sarantium. The Sarantine Mosaic Book I and Book II - 2-Volume Set.Kay, Guy Gavriel$65

15039Saint in Europe (Black Dagger Crime)Leslie Charteris$35

09881Saint-Denys Garneau et le mythe d'Icare.Blais, Jacques.$15

15919Sainte-Carmen of the MainMichel Tremblay$10

04248Sam and the TigerAllen Morgan$15

09197Sam Mendes at the Donmar Warehouse - Stepping Into FreedomMatt Wolf$15

02975Sammy StreetsingerKeeping, Charles$24

06775Samuel Johnson's Literary CriticismSamuel Johnson, Robert D Stock$20

02698Samuel Pepys and His WorldTrease, Geoffrey$15

09614Sandstone and Other PoemsMarriott, Anne$15

14314Sans Fin La feteEtienne Delessert$20

10975Sans Fin La feteEtienne Delessert$20

08572SassafrasAudrey Penn$10

01995Satisfaction all around: (Les Contens)Odet de Turnèbe$10

13305Sauce for the FoxBrian Morse$15

03773Save-the-Animals Activity BookDavid Reuther$20

15755Saxo Grammaticus and the Life of Hamlet: A Translation, History, and CommentaryHansen, William F.$20

15714Say Hola to Spanish at the CircusSusan Middleton Elya$10

03843Say It Again Granny!: Twenty Poems from Caribbean ProverbsJohn Agard$20

15555SCANDALE AU MUSEE -UNAnna Nilsen$25

13580Scared SarahMary Alice Downie$15

11699Scary Poems for Rotten Kidso huigin sean$10


13894SchooledGordon Korman$20

10391Science a devorerElizabeth Bennett$20

04136Science Magic With PhysicsRichards, Kay$20

12042Science Of NothingMarty Gervais$10

10041Score One for the SlothsHelen Lester$10

09353Scornful SimkinLorenz, Lee$20

09200Scouts Are CancelledJohn Stiles$10

10848Scratching the surface : short stories from Kangaroo IslandDudley Writers' Group$15

03034Scrip of Joy - Poetry by Kathleen Butler EldrElder, Kathleen Butler$30

07699Sculling to Byzantium: More poemsFrancis Sparshott$20

00880Scully's LugsStewart Hutchison$15

14330Sea SongsMyra Cohen Livingston$10

03367Season in PurgatoryKeneally, Thomas$20

10592Season of the Witch: A PlayMorley Callaghan$15

13507Sebastian is Always LateAnne-Marie Chapouton$20

07825Secret WomanVictoria Holt$20

13739Secrets Found in GimliDiane Alexander$25

09260See Saw SaskatchewanRobert Heidbreder$10

14971Select Essays of Thomas de Quincey - Narrative and Imaginative - VOL I and VOL IIEditor - Masson$40
02895Select Poems of Robert BurnsGeorge, Andrew J. (arranged by)$25

15377Selected Odes of HoraceHorace / Translated into English Verse by Skuli Johnson$24

14540Selected PoemsTomlinson, Charles$20

16537Selected poemsGershon, Karen$20

11748Selected Poems (1915-1935)Bourinot, Arthur S.$30

16301Selected Poems 1956-1968Leonard Cohen$15

13818Selected Poems and Translations: Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti$10

09991Selected Poems from the Pen of the Honourable Morrison Mann Mac Bride Volume 1 ( All Published )MacBride, Morrison Mann$30

13279Selected Poems II: Poems Selected & New 1976-1986Margaret Atwood$10

07160Selected VerseThomas D'Arcy McGee$10

16071Selina, the Mouse and the Giant CatSusi Bohdal (Author), L. Meredith (Translator)$20

06971SEPARATE TABLESTerence Rattigan$10

16491Serious FarmTim Egan$35

16492Serrez sardines !Elsa Devernois$20

11440Setma the Turkish CaptiveWhatley, E. J.$35

04807Settlement of MemoryGordon Rodgers$15

12514Seven Kinds of DeathKate Wilhelm$15

03729Seven Original FablesLini R. Grol$14

04791Seven Plays by Sean O'CaseySean O'Casey (Author), Ronald Ayling (Editor)$25

13680Seven Plays of Mystery and Suspense With Writing Manual - 3rd EditionSylvia Z. Brodkin (Author), Elizabeth J. Pearson (Author)$10

14649Seven Years and a DayColette O'Hare$30

17051Shack: The Cutland Junction StoriesKenneth J. Harvey$10

07991Shadow Cat: Poems and Wood EngravingsHahn, Sylvia$15

12818Shadow of HonourRoddick, Barbara$35

13865Shadow SongLorina Stephens$15

15581Shakespeare Made in Canada Contemporary Canadian Adaptations in Theatre, Pop Media and Visual ArtsDaniel Fischlin; Judith Nasby Eds.$25

13398Shakespeare's "Edmund Ironside": The Lost PlayEric Sams$35

06656Shapes of Beauty: Selected PoemsSally Buffie Maddock$10

15924Share the SkyTing-xing Ye$10

08942She Writes: Love, spaghetti and other stories by youngish womenCarolyn Foster$10

03735Shelf MonkeyCorey Redekop</