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First Edition



11815 Arctic Pollution Issues: A State of the Arctic Environment ReportArctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme$20

12084 National Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Familiar MushroomsNational Audubon Society, Peter Katsaros$10

037441001 Questions Answered about the Oceans and OceanographyRobert W. Taber$20

107952030: Confronting Thermageddon in Our LifetimeRobert Hunter$15

109272030: Confronting Thermageddon in Our LifetimeRobert Hunter$15

12866A Colour Key To The Manitoban ButterfliesWALLIS, J.B.$30

05179A Dictionary of Geography - 2nd EditionFrancis John Monkhouse$20

08859A Faunal Investigation of Prince Edward County, OntarioSnyder, L. L.; E. B. S. Logier; T. B. Kurata; F. A. Urquhart; & J. F. Brimley$25

08858A Faunal Investigation of Prince Edward County, OntarioSnyder, L. L.; E. B. S. Logier; T. B. Kurata; F. A. Urquhart; & J. F. Brimley$25

16649A Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers Volume One and TwoMargaret Hodgson, Roland Paine$35

11718A Geography of Ghana - 2nd editionBOATENG, E.A.$15

07150A Guide to Mineral Deposits of the Northwest TerritoriesPattie Beales (ed.)$40

11342A Guide to Rock and Alpine PlantsEthne Clarke$20

12588A Guide to the Geology and Landforms of Grey and Bruce CountiesThe Bruce Grey Geology Committee$25

12106A guide to the photographic identification of individual whales based on their natural and acquired markingsJon Lien$10

01954A Guide to the study of soil ecologyWilliam A. Andrews (Editor)$15

17493A Tree-Marking Guide for the Tolerant Hardwoods Working Group in OntarioAnderson, H. W.; Rice, J. A.$25

05489A Zoo in My Luggage - Large PrintGerald Durrell$24

12164Achieving Energy Independence - One Step at a TimeJeffrey R. Yago$20

02965Advanced Guide to Hydroponics (Soilless Cultivation)Douglas, James Sholto$20

16858Agriculture in TransitionDonald L. Schriefer$22

02570Alaska: the Last FrontierBryan Cooper$16

00280Amazing World of AnimalsSir Peter Scott$20

07207Amphibians of MalawiStewart, Margaret M.$15

16555An Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving in GeographyCharles B. Monroe$35

09272An Introduction to Tropical Rain ForestsT.C. Whitmore$20

12558Animals and MapsGeorge, Wilma$25

14805Antarctica: Exploring the Extreme: 400 Years of AdventureMarilyn J. Landis$20

02311Asia (Modern Geography Series Book V.)Cornish, W. B.$16

14365Australia's Most Dangerous Spiders, Snakes and Marine Creatures Identification and First AidWhite, Julian, Carl Edmonds and Paul Zborowski$15

03330Badgers on the Highland EdgeJim Crumley$20

17496Bangladesh Environment: Facing the 21st centuryPhilip Gain (editor)$30

03341Barking Mad! : Adventures of a Top Dog BreederJanet Edmonds$20

16171Basic Environmental Technology Water Supply Waste Management and Pollution ControlJerry A. Nathanson$25

14933Bedrohliche und bedrohte Natur. Umweltgeschichte der Schweiz seit 1800. Übersetzung: Béatrice Raboud, Peter Kamber und Katharina Belser.Walter, François$20

07867Beginner's Guide to AquariumsEdward Bauman$12

16405Better Environmental Policy Studies: How To Design And Conduct More Effective AnalysesLawrence Susskind (Author), et al.$15

04059Biology of Freshwater Pollution C. F. Mason$15

17084Biology of Freshwater PollutionC. F. Mason$20

08076Birds of a County Palatine: Being a Camera Record of Birds Found, Infrequently for the Most Part, in the County of LancasterTaylor, Alfred$30

07133Birds of Ontario (Vol. 1)J. Murray Speirs, Robert Bateman (Introduction)$25

07135Birds of Ontario Volume 1 and Volume 2 (2-Volume Set)J. Murray Speirs$65

07134Birds of Ontario Volume 2J. Murray Speirs$35

17428Birds of the St. Louis Area - Where and When to Find ThemSociety, Webster Groves Nature Study$35

12194Blame It On The Weather: Strange Canadian Weather FactsDavid Phillips$15

14753Book of Pigeon StandardsNational Pigeon Assn.$30

17494Breeding birds of Ontario: Nidiology and distribution - Volume 2: PasserinesGeorge K Peck$30

01759Bush Safety in Mineral ExplorationUmpherson, Bennett, Webb$15

11453Cabbages, Broccoli and Cauliflowers (Letts Grow)Brian George Furner$10

10702Cadastral Surveys Within the CommonwealthDALE, P F$20

09604Canada : the ecology of a nationCheshire, Spencer$20

00368Canada and the State of the PlanetCanadian Global Change Program, Michael Keating$10

07963Canada's experience with coastal zone managementLawrence P Hildebrand$20

07149Canadian Perspective on Environmental ScienceTom Macalister$20

06758Canine Reproduction: A Breeder's GuidePhyllis A. Holst$20

07898Cause for Hope: Humanity at the CrossroadsBill Phipps$10

08455Chernobyl: Environmental, Health and Human Rights Implications. Vienna, Austria 12-15 April 1996Permanent Peoples' Tribunal$15

17028Child Health and the Environment-a PrimerKathleen Cooper ( Randee Holmes editor)$20

08038Cities to Live inPosokhin, M. V.$15 a citizen's action guideChris Tollefson$10

14742Climate and Global Environmental ChangeDanny Harvey$20

14745Climate Change: Community Action Workshop ManualJeanne Iribarne et al$20

03931Colour Guide to Familiar MammalsVladimir Hanak$16

03702Complete Introduction to Turtles and TerrapinsJo Cobb$10

15571Crane Music a natural history of american cranesJohnsgard, Paul A.$15

11120Creative Conservation : A Handbook for Ontario Land TrustsHilts Stewart G.; Reid Ron A$20

15934Definitive Donkey - A Textbook on the Modern AssBetsy Hutchins$70

08547Dentition und Kranologie des Elephas antiquus Falc. mit Beiträgen über Elephas primigenius Blum. und Elephas meridionalis Nesti.Pohlig, Hans$35

06774Desertification : how people make deserts, how people can stop, and why they don'tAlan Grainger, Jon Tinker$15

07094Deserts of AmericaPeggy Pickering, Larson$22

11636Dictionary of Earth ScienceElizabeth Geller; McGraw-Hill$20

11319Dictionary of Geology & Mineralogy - 2nd EditionMcGraw-Hill$20

15900Discover Nature in the Rocks Things to Know and Things to DoRebecca Lawton$15

15883Diseases and Pests of Ornamental PlantsPirone, Pascal P.$25

08198Diseases of BudgerigarsCessa Feyerabend$10

10578Dispatches From the War Zone of Environmental HealthHelke Ferrie$15

16733Dog Driver: A Guide for the Serious MusherMiki Collins, Julie Collins$25

05772Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists - 2nd EditionKatherine Albro Houpt$25

15936Donkey Foaling ManualBonnie R. Gross$40

15526Dwarfed Fruit TreesTukey, Harold Bradford$35
04154Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Maker's GuideTim Matson$10

08557Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Maker's GuideTim Matson$10

14550Ecocities Rebuilding Cities in Balance with NatureRichard Register$22

17484Ecological land classification for southern OntarioHarold Lee ... [et al.].$25

14340Ecological use of the landHope C Taylor$15

12767Eco-Pioneers: Practical Visionaries Solving Today's Environmental ProblemsSteve Lerner$20

15648El Nino: The Weather Phenomenon That Changed the WorldRoss Couper-Johnston$20

11630Elemental GeosystemsRobert W. Christopherson$25

08624Encounters with wild beasts - 2nd editionParker Gillmore$25

17252Endangered OceansM. Haugen David (Author), Louise Gerdes (Editor)$15

08269Energy for 300 years: Benefits and risksJatin S Nathwani$35

14925Energy Planning and Managing GuideBent K. Larsen$20

12683Energy, physics & the environmentE. L McFarland$25

04232Environment & Society: The Enduring ConflictSchnaiberg, Allan, and Gould, Kenneth A$10

03169Environment with Canadian Environmental Issues SupplementPete Raven, Linda Berg, George Johnson$30

09011Environmental Geography: Science, Land Use and Earth Systems - 2nd EditionWilliam M Marsh, John Grossa$25

01817Environmental Impact Assessment: a Comparative ReviewWood, Christopher$20

07389Environmental impact assessment: The Canadian experienceJ.B.R. Whitney, V.W. Maclaren (Editors)$25

11809Environmental Management In CanadaBrett Ibbotson (Author), John-David Phyper (Author)$15

02656Essentials of Modern Geology. an Environmental ApproachThompson, Graham R.; Turk, Jonathan$20

16836Ethnobotany in the New Europe People, Health and Wild Plant ResourcesPardo-de-Santayana, Manuel & Andrea Pieroni & Rajindra K. Puri$35

15429Europe's Green Alternative: An Ecology ManifestoPenny Kemp, Frieder Otto Wolf, Pierre Juquin, Carlos Antunes, Isabelle Stengers, Wilfrid Telkamper$10

06938Fern FinderAnne C. Hallowell$10

15334Field Book of the Shore Fishes of Bermuda and the West IndiesBeebe, C.William, Tee-Van, John$20

06914Field guide to Missouri FernsJames S Key; Paul Nelson$20

07978Finfish nutrition in Asia: Methodological approaches t o research and developmentC. Y Cho$25

15443Fish and wildlife habitat management.Ontario. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.$20

10359Flora Deliblatske Pescare - The flora of the Deliblato SandDr. Milovan Gajic$75

07393FLOWERS OF ISRAEL - English EditionInnocenti, Andrea (phtos by), Foggi, Bruno (text by)$15

12695Forest Ecosystems: Concepts and ManagementR. H. Waring (Author), William H. Schlesinger$15

13264Four Tenths of an Acre: Reflections on a Gardening LifeLaurie Lisle$15

16835From Eco-Cities to Living Machines: Principles of Ecological DesignNancy Jack Todd, John Todd$15

14997Geographical Issues in Western EuropeAndrew Hull, T.P. Jones, S.A. Kenny$20

07284Geography and Energy: Commercial Energy Systems and National PoliciesJ.D. Chapman$15

12179Getting Started with Geographic Information SystemsKeith C. Clarke$20

08641Gleanings in Natural History; Gathered from 'Early Days'Wesleyan Conference Office$25

15850God's Dog: The North American CoyoteHope Ryden$15

08084Great American Azaleas: A Guide to the Finest Azalea VarietiesJim Darden$15

04843Great Lakes climatological atlasAndrej Saulesleja$20

03928Great Lakes Marine Weather GuideEnvironment Canada$25

10573Growing Fruit in Your BackyardLee Reich$10

15146Guelph Seminars on Sustainable DevelopmentS. Hilts$25

17474Guide to WetlandsDr Patrick Dugan$15

13148Gundog TrainingKeith Erlandson$15

10897Harps & hoods: Ice-breeding seals of the Northwest AtlanticD. M Lavigne$20

10028Help!: The Quick Guide to First Aid for Your DogMichelle Bamberger$10

15698Herb GardensRichard Rosenfeld$10

12108Herbs: A Guide to Growing, Cooking, and DecoratingCarol Landa Christensen$12

17207Hope for WildlifeRay MacLeod$15

14455How Dogs Think Understanding the Canine MindStanley Coren$15

12308How Monkeys See the World: Inside the Mind of Another SpeciesDorothy L. Cheney (Author), Robert M. Seyfarth$20

11879How to Make a Miniature ZooVinson Brown$15

15412How to Raise a Sane and Healthy CatSean Hammond, Carolyn Usrey$15

13141How to Train Hunting DogsW.F. Brown$20

14236How to Train Your Own Gun Dog - 2nd editionCharles S. Goodall$20

17560I Found a Baby Raccoon, What Do I Do?Dale Carlson; Irene Ruth; Illustrator-Hope M. Douglas$15

04927Illawarra Heritage: an Introduction to a RegionDovers, Stephen (Ed. )$15

08357Imm's Outline of Entomology - 6th EditionRICHARDS, O. W. and DAVIES, R. G.$20

09162Index of Publications of the Geological Survey of Canada (1845-1958)A. G. Johnston$20

16959Indigenous Peoples and Tropical Forests: Models of Land Use and Management from Latin AmericaJason W. Clay$15

03360Indonesia: Meeting Human NeedsFloyd Wollum$20

07265Insects and Arachnids of Canada Part 12 - The Families and Subfamilies of Canadian Chalcidoid WaspsCarl M. Yoshimoto$35

07267Insects and Arachnids of Canada. Part 1. Collecting, Preparing, and Preserv ing Insects, Mites, and Spiders.Martin J.E.H.$30

01533Instant Weather Forcasting in CanadaWatts, Alan$10

15397Integrated Resource and Environmental Management: Concepts and PracticeEditor-Kevin S. Hanna; Editor-D. Scott Slocombe$20

12270Introduction to Canadian amphibians and reptilesFrancis R Cook$15

04979Introduction to SedimentologyRichard C. Selley$15

15975John James Audubon Set Writings and DrawingsJohn James Audubon$30

15921K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for Tracking, Obedience and ProtectionResi Gerritson, Ruud Haak, Resi Gerritson$75

15407Keeping and Breeding Lizards: Their Natural History and Care in CaptivityMattison, Christopher$15

08296Lancaster Sound : issues and responsibilities: Environmental science workshop for the Lancaster Sound region : Kananaskis, Alberta, 6-8 November 1979E. F. Roots, Canadian Arctic Resources Committee$12

08773Land NavigationOrdnance Survey$15

05752Landscape Planning: Environmental ApplicationsWilliam M Marsh$35

05890Last Stands : A Journey Through North America's Vanishing Ancient RainforestsLarry Pynn$20
04695Letts Grow Hardy Bulbs Including Daffodils , Narcissus , Tulips , HyacinthsBeckett, Kenneth$10
04694Letts Grow Plants in Window Boxes : With Suggestions For Spring , Summer and Autumn Displays and Perennial ArrangementsBeckett, Kenneth$10

04039Life Between Tidemarks on Rocky ShoresT. A. Stephenson, Anne Stephenson$20

08818Limestones of Canada. Their Occurrence and Characteristics. Part V, Western CanadaGoudge, M. F.$20

15707Living with herbs: A treasury of useful plants for the home & gardenJo Ann Gardner$15

08729London Birds and BeastsJ T Tristram-Valentine With a Preface By Frank E Beddard$25

04277Loon Laughter: Ecological Fables and Nature TalesPaul Leet Aird (Author), Celina Owen (Editor)$10

12996Maine IslandsDorothy Simpson$20

08825Man and Water: A History of Hydro-TechnologyNorman Alfred Fisher, Smith$20

14924Managing the Environment A Review of Best Practices Volume 1 + Executive SummaryExecutive Resource Group$25

06421Managing to be Green - An Environmental PrimerMarian K. Prokop$35

15933Maps and Map-MakersRonald Vere Tooley$20

04038Marine Ecological ProcessesIvan Valiela$20

08601Marvels Of Reptile LifeW.S.Berridge$25

11002MastiffMarie A. Moore$20

15937MeteorologyWilliam L. Donn$20

06631Microbial Ecology: Fundamentals and Applications - Third EditionAtlas, Ronald M.; Bartha, Richard$20

14923Minerals Sectoral Task Force reportR.M.R. Higgin$20

02314Modern Geography Book II the British IslesPreece, Dorothy Mary, And Wood, H. R. B.$16

02312Modern Geography, Book IV North AmericaCoysh, A.W.$16

02313Modern Geography: Book III-EuropePreece, D.M.$16

15739Mongoose Watch: A Family ObservedRasa, Anne$20

17197Mosquito: The Story of Man's Deadliest FoeAndrew Spielman Sc.D.; Michael D'Antonio$15

07756Much Is Taken, Much Remains: Canadian Issues in Environmental ConservationBryan, Rorke$15

12272Mushrooms: A Quick Reference Guide to Mushrooms of North AmericaAlan Bessette (Author), Walter J. Sundberg (Author)$15

13712New Organic Grower's Four-Season Harvest: How to harvest fresh, organic vegetables from your home garden all year long.Eliot Coleman$25

05241No Nonsense Guide to Climate Change - Revised editionGodrej, Dinyar$10

06283Noosa Nature Part I - The WatersCecily Fearnley$20

15372Northeast Cover Crop Handbook (Soil Health Series)Marianne Sarrantonio$50

16151Norton History Of The Environmental SciencesPeter Bowler$25

12840Norwich Terriers U.S.A. 1936-1966.Larrabee, Constance & Read, Joan.$30

14782NWT Diamonds Project : report of the Environmental Assessment Panel, June 1996.Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency$95

08232On Common Ground: Managing Human-Planet RelationshipsRanjit Kumar (Author), Barbara Murck$20

04040One Cosmic Instant a Natural History of Human ArroganceJohn A. Livingston$15

16701Ontario Geography No. 6, 8 and 10Publication Committee$30

08597Original survey and land subdivision; a comparative study of the form and effect of contrasting cadastral surveysNorman Joseph William Thrower$20

12616Our Changing Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science and Global Environmental ChangeFred T. Mackenzie$20

05072Parks and protected areas in Canada : planning and managementPhilip Dearden, Richard Rollins$15

07545Pathways: Towards an Ecosystem Approach - East Bayfront & Port Industrial AreaThe Royal Commission$22

15126Pheasants Publication 1514Streib, A. & D. Fletcher, D. A.$10

16575Physical geography for Hong Kong - Third EditionBrian French; Stan Squire$55

06363Physical Geography in Diagrams - Metric EditionBunnett, R. B$20

00540Physical Patterns in GeographyGary Birchall$25

03013Plane and geodetic surveying. Vol.2, Higher surveying - 6th EditionDavid Clark, J. E. Jackson$15

02482Planetary Overload: Global Environmental Change and the Health of the Human SpeciesMcMichael, A. J.$15

12892Plants Genes and AgricultureCHRISPEELS, Sadava$25

17568Poisons: From Hemlock to Botox to the Killer Bean of CalabarPeter Macinnis$20

07507Pollution : a study in survivalAlan Byron Potter$20

15784Practical Gemmology; A study of the identification of gem-stones, pearls and ornamental minerals [6th edition]Webster, Robert$30

16150Practical Gemmology; A study of the identification of gem-stones, pearls and ornamental minerals [6th edition]Webster, Robert$25

17422Preliminary Moose Management Plan for British Columbia - set of 11 booksFish and Wildlife Branch$95

11166Primate Behaviour: Information, Social Knowledge, and the Evolution of CultureDuane Quiatt (Author), Vernon Reynolds$20

02682Principles of Thematic Map DesignBorden D. Dent$20

08525Proceedings of the conference on metropolitan physical environmentHeisler, Gordon M.; Herrington, Lee P.$35

10266PuliMartin Weill$10

17173Pulping the South: Industrial Tree Plantations and the World Paper Economy Ricardo Carrere and Larry Lohmann$15

14054Resources and Dynamics of the Boreal Zone. Proceedings of a conference Held at Thunder Bay, Ontario, August 1982.Ross W. Wein, Roderick R. Riewe, Ian R. Methven. (Editors )$45

17214RIVERS OF LABRADOR, THEAnderson, T. C.$45

15333Rocks and Minerals of Ontario - Geological Circular 13Hewitt, D. F.$20

09521Roots: Their Place in Life and LegendQuinn, Vernon$20

12856Roses Of The WorldSuzuki, S.$175

15105Rough Food: The Seasons of Subsistence in Northern NewfoundlandOmohundro, John T.;Memorial University of Newfoundland$20

17215Sampling commercial catches of marine fish and invertebrates: Proceedings of a workshop held at Ottawa, February 23-25, 1982Doubleday; Rivard$95


11634Sedimentology: Process and ProductM. R. Leeder$25

00551Sharks Are Caught at NightF. Poli$15

09499Shells: An introduction to seashells of the worldGraham D Saunders$10

07544Shoreline regeneration for the Greater Toronto BioregionThe Royal Commission$22

06405Simple Plant PropagationRobert C M Wright$15

08089Snakes of EuropeJ.W. Steward$15

11196Soil fertility handbookMinistry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs,$35

11210Soil PhysicsT. J. Marshall (Author), J. W. Holmes (Author), C. W. Rose (Author)$40

03613Soogdiere Van Die Krugerwildtuin En Ander Nasionale Parke =: Mammals of the Kruger and Other National ParksR. J Labuschagne$14

07856Spirit of the Wolf : The Environment and Canada's Future- Vol. 1 / L'ame Du Loup : L'environnement et L'Avenir Du Canada- Tome 1Davis, Jo ( Editor )$12

13199Squirrels of CanadaShirley E Jr Woods$20

06182Stadtgrun im GesprachHermann Schnipkoweit$15

09603Standards and specifications for the preparation of geological maps.Designed and comp. by P. Debain$20

05151Statistical Analysis in GeographyLeslie J. King$16

10549Stepping Up to the Climate Change Challenge: Perspectives on Local Government Leadership, Policy and Practice in CanadaDavid Noble (Other Contributor)$10

03342Studying Birds (Ryerson Science in Action)Audrey E. Wilson$10

07484Sustainable environmental management: Principles and practiceR. Kerry Turner (Editor)$20

15108Sweeping the Earth: Women Taking Action for a Healthy PlanetWyman, Miriam (Editor)$15

16392Taming the Taxonomy: Toward a New Understanding of Great Lakes ArchaeologyWILLIAMSON, Ronald F.; WATTS, Christopher M. (eds.)$65

08863Technologies of Landscape: From Reaping to RecyclingDavid E. Nye (Editor)$20

15184The apartment farmer: The hassle-free way to grow vegetables indoors, on balconies, patios, roofs, and in small yardsNewcomb, Duane G$45

10658The Arctic: Enigmas and MythsPaul Simpson-Housley$10

03698The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology - 8th EditionFrederick K. Lutgens, Edward J. Tarbuck$20

12777The bottom line: Industry and the environment in South AfricaLael Bethlehem, Michael Goldblatt$20

14551The Britannica Guide to Climate ChangeMay, Robert M$15

09588THE BRITISH CYCLOPAEDIA OF NATURAL HISTORY: Combining a Scientific Classification of Animals, Plants, and Minerals; with a Popular View of their Habits, Economy, and Structure, By Authors Eminent in their Particular Department (3 vols)PARTINGTON, Charles F.$155

02302The British Isles (Regional Geography)J. B. Reynolds$15

11011The Canadian Guide to Health and the EnvironmentEdited By Tee L. Guidotti$15

07409The CARE package : creating and restoring environments : your step by step guide to the naturalization of public and private landsKiera Newman$22

14046The Complete Care of Orphaned or Abandoned Baby AnimalsSpaulding, C. E.; Spaulding, Jackie$20

01955The Daily Planet : A Hands On Guide To A Greener EnvironmentPaul Griss$10

06422The Ecological Viewpoint [Five Radio Lectures as Heard on CBC University of the Air]Reginald Ernest Balch$20

15300The Ecology of resource degradation and renewal The 15th Symposium of the British Ecological Society, 10-12 July 1973 (Symposium of the British Ecological Society ; 15)Chadwick, M J$25

16896The Environmental Impact Statement After Two Generations: Managing Environmental PowerMichael R. Greenberg$55

14370The Forest Trees of Ontario and the More Commonly Planted Foreign Trees: A Guide to Their Identification with 260 IllustrationsWhite, J.H.$10

09580The Fragrant Note BookCoan, C Arthur$15

16454The Future for Our Small Streams and Rivers. Froth Formation and Natural Purification. Practical Policy Proposal.Anatoliy I. Fisenko, Roman Hromnysky, at al.$10

14373The Game Fishes of CanadaCanadian Pacific Railway Company$10
03386The Garden - As Considered In Literature By Certain Polite WritersWalter Howe$45

08075The Geology of Industrial Minerals in Canada (Special Volume 29)Guillet, G.R. And W. Martin [eds]$75

14495The Harpercollins Dictionary of Environmental ScienceAlan Robertson, Jean Forbes, Graham Hollier$20

13031The History and Folklore of North American WildflowersTimothy Coffey$22

13799The Honolulu Advertiser's Wildlife of HawaiiJan TenBruggencate$10

09732The Illustrated Universal Natural History; Illustrated by Authentic Anecdotes of the Economy, Habits, Instincts and Sagacity of the Animal CreationF.L. Pearce D.D.$75

07959The impact of climate change on water in the Grand River basin, OntarioMarie Sanderson$35

16945The Ivy Book: The Growing and Care of Ivy Aleta Pahl, Suzanne Pierot$15

16947The living beachSilver Donald Cameron$15

12927The Long Emergency: Surviving the End Of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes Of the Twenty-First CenturyJames Howard Kunstler (Author, Afterword)$15

17548The look of the landJohn Fraser Hart$15

13380The Mating and Whelping of DogsR. Portman-Graham$15

12060The Natural Alien: Humankind and EnvironmentNeil Evernden$20

12028The New Rabbit Handbook: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, and BehaviorLucia E. Parent, Lucia Vriends-Parent, Matthew M. Vriends$10

12985The Organic ZucchiniHenrickson, Thomas;Henrickson, Martha$20

14430The Park BuffaloOgilvie, Sheilagh$15

14543The Penguin Historical Atlas of the DinosaursBenton, Michael J.$10

07232The present status & future management of Arctic marine mammals in CanadaR. A Davis$20

14793The Relationship Between Nature Conservation, Biodiversity, and Organic Agriculture: Proceedings of an International Workshop Held in Vignola, Italy,Sue Stolton, Jeffrey A. McNeely$25

12966The Science of the Sea : A History of OceanographyIdyll, C. P (Editor)$40

10993The Second International Symposium on Parasitic Weeds, July 16 - 19, 1979; Plus SupplementLytton J. Musselman; A. D. Worsham; R. E. Eplee$20

11916The Sixth ExtinctionRichard E. Leakey$18

13463The Snakes of CanadaFroom, Barbara$20

07397The Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back...? Quatrains on Climate ChangeKomrij, Gerrit$15

09833The TurtleA.F. Carr$20

03271The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopaedia of World GeographyDoherty, Gillian Et Al$25

04857The Wind Birds: Shorebirds of North AmericaPeter Matthiessen$10

01825Thinking Through the Environment a ReaderSmith, Mark J (Editor)$20

08257This dirty worldRonald C. Denney$20

08376Through the Woods: The English Woodland - April to April.BATES, H. E.$20

16057Towards a Grand Sense of Place: Writings on the Changing Environments, Land-Uses, Landscapes, Lifestyles and Planning of a Canadian Heritage RiverNelson, Gordon$25

14998Towards a Sense of Place : Preparing Heritage Landscape Guides: A Manual for Urban and Rural Communities in Ontario Nelson, J. G.; Preston, Susan M.$22

04730Towards the Protection of Great Lakes Natural Heritage Areas - Technical Paper #2Paul G R Smith$24

08514Town Planning GuidelinesSchwilgin, F. A.$25

01008Trees in BritainRoland E. Randall$10

09674Under the whirlwind: Everything you need to know about tornadoes but didn't know who to askJerrine Verkaik$15

12735Under the whirlwind: Everything you need to know about tornadoes but didn't know who to askJerrine Verkaik$15

07392Urban natural areas: Ecology and PreservationWA Andrews, JL Cranmer-Byng (Editors)$25

13764Useful & Edible Wild Plants of North AmericaSaunders, C.F.$20

11689Vertebrate HistoryBarbara Stahl$20

11527VolcanoesCliff Ollier$15

09339Voyage of the IcebergRichard Brown$10

16347Walker's Primates of the WorldRonald M. Nowak$25

11781Water and Power in Highland Peru: The Cultural Politics of Irrigation and DevelopmentPaul H. Gelles$15

16445Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America's Fresh WatersDr. Robert Jerome Glennon J.D. Ph.D$25

12109Waterwise GardeningLauren Springer$10

14159West Nile virus [electronic resource] : protect yourself and your horse = Le virus du Nil occidental: protégez vous et protégez votre chevalOntario Ministry of Agriculture and Food : Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation de l'Ontario,$55

01854Whispering LandGerald Durrell$15

16375Wild Culture, Ecology & ImaginationSmith, Whitney; Lowry, Christopher$10

16325Wild orphan babies: Mammals and birds : caring for them & setting them freeWeber, William J$15

14239Wildflowers of SOUTHERN WESTERN AUSTRALIACorrick, Margaret G. and Fuhrer, Bruce A.$30

08074Wildflowers of the north : covering about 380 species, including a few flowering shrubsRuby Gibbins Bryan$15

06937Winter Weed FinderDorcas S. Miller$10

12718Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal SurvivalBernd Heinrich$12

08203World of a HedgeTerry Jennings$20


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