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Biology & Botany

First Edition



15171A Handbook of Biological IllustrationFrances W. Zweifel$15

14843A Walk Around the Pond : Insects in and over the WaterWaldbauer, Gilbert$20

04045Analysis of Biological PopulationsMark Williamson$10

08777Analysis of Vertebrate Structure, 4th EditionMilton Hildebrand$25

00081Bacterial and Bacteriophage GeneticsBirge, Edward A$20

15381Bees: How They Live in Nature and in Human Service: Notes in Bee Biology and ManagementKevan, Peter G.$55

16021Beetles associated with stored products in Canada: An identification guideYves Bousquet$90

15261Biological Anthropology of the Human SkeletonM. Anne Katzenberg$35

03785Biology of AnimalsCleveland P. Hickman, Larry S. Roberts, Allan Larson$30

06641Biology of Freshwater Pollution - 2nd EditionC.F. Mason$20

05076Biology of Freshwater Pollution - 2nd editionC.F. Mason$20

13254Biomechanical Basis of Human MovementJoseph Hamill$25

02266Black's Veterinary Dictionary (Reference) - 17th EditionWest, Geoffrey P.$25

00350Botany, Teach Yourself SeriesJ. H Elliott$10

14920Caulderwood: Understanding Biology : Laboratory ManualCarol A Caulderwood$20

16796Cave Biology Life In DarknessAldemaro Romero$65

14270Chloroplasts and MitochondriaTribe, Keith ; Whittaker, Peter$10

01447Diseases of Ornamental PlantsJunius L. Forsberg$15

16572Essentials of BiostatisticsRobert C. Elston$20

13078Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinics of North America Volume 10, Number 1Lightdale, Charles J., Guest Editor$25

00461Hemp : A Short History of the Most Misunderstood Plant & Its Uses and AbusesMark Bourrie$10

14517Human EvolutionBernard A. Wood$20

07334Induction of Mutations and the Mutation Process. Proceeding of a Symposium, Prague 1963Veleminsky, Jiri / Gichner, Tomas (eds)$20

03576Introduction to Biotechnology (Basic Microbiology, Vol 10). I. Campbell; F. G. Priest; C. M. Brown$15

02265Laboratory Procedures for Veterinary Technicians - 2nd EditionPaul W. Pratt$20

15894Life at the Limits: Organisms in Extreme EnvironmentsDavid A. Wharton$20

12493LIFE-LORE: A Monthly Magazine of Biology. Volumes 1 and 2MAWER, W. (editor).$95

12163Metabolic Pathways in Microorganisms: 1961 EditionVernon H. Cheldelin$15

09897Methods for the Diagnosis of Fish DiseasesLucky, Zdenek$30

12090Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNABernard R. Glick~Jack J. Pasternak$25

13520Oncology Pocket Guide to Chemotherapy - Fifth EditionLorraine Baltzer, Regina Berkery$20

11740Opuscula 1931-1935J.G. Myers$45

17237Postmortem: Establishing the Cause of DeathSteven Koehler$20

06649Principles of Molecular Virology - 2nd EditionAlan J Cann (Editor)$15

03954Taxonomic Keys to the Common Animals of the North Central StatesSamuel Eddy , A.C. Hodson$25

04058The Biology of the ArthropodaKenneth U Clarke$20

06597The Dynamic Cell (Vol. 2) (S377 Science: Level 3 - Molecular and Cell Biology)Robert Saunders (Editor)$25

14288The Mechanisms of Genetics: An Anthology of Current ThoughtStephanie Watson$25

15342The Paleontological Society Special Publications, Vol. 11 - Evolution Investigating the evidenceScotchmoor, Judy; Springer, Dale E.$95

05806The Perception and Application of Flashing Lights (An International Symposium.An International Symposium$22

03869The Pigman's Handbook - 2nd EditionGerry Brent$20

13929The Third and Fourth Generation: an Introduction to HeredityDowning, Elliot Rowland$10


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