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All Subjects

First Edition



053551996 Medical and Health AnnualEncyclopedia Britannica$22

07533A Color Guide to the Nursing Management of Chronic WoundsMoya Morison (Author), Christine Moffatt (Author), Jane Bridel-Nixon (Author), Sue Bale (Author)$15

12772A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare - Revised EditionDavid W Tanton, Phd Dr David W Tanton$25

15171A Handbook of Biological IllustrationFrances W. Zweifel$15

15677A Manual of Paediatric Dentistry, 4th EditionAndlaw, R. J.; Rock, W. P.$55

15434A practical guide to infectious diseasesJean Desaulniers; Association des médecins omnipraticiens de la Mauricie.; et al$25

14665A Visual Motor Gestalt Test and Its Clinical Use (Research Monographs No. 3)Lauretta Bender$20

14843A Walk Around the Pond : Insects in and over the WaterWaldbauer, Gilbert$20

15396Acute Pain Management Operative or Medical Procedures and Trauma Clinical Practice GuidelineDaniel B. Carr$10

08879Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy, 2ND EdBarkin, Jamie S. & O'Phelan, Cesar A.$25

04045Analysis of Biological PopulationsMark Williamson$10

08777Analysis of Vertebrate Structure, 4th EditionMilton Hildebrand$25

04566Annual Review of Immunology 2002 - Volume 20William E. Paul (Editor)$40

05380Arthritis & Related ConditionsE.M.Badley, J.I.Williams$25

07885Arthritis: About Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease, Including Rheumatoid ArthritisAnthony Di Fabio (Author), Gus J. Prosch$20

07520Artificial Nutrition Support in Clinical PracticeJason Payne-James, George Grimble, David B.A. Silk$25

09392Assessing and Treating Chronic BronchitisMeyer S. Bolter$15

15389Assessment of Chronic Pain Patients with the M.M.P.I.-Z.Laura S. Keller, James N. Butcher$30

12967Automated External Defibrillator Cardiac Arrest Management Training Course - Resource Manual CAM 1.Allan Holmes, Brian Morris$25

00081Bacterial and Bacteriophage GeneticsBirge, Edward A$20

07415Basic & Clinical EndocrinologyFrancis S. Greenspan and David G. Gardner$25

15381Bees: How They Live in Nature and in Human Service: Notes in Bee Biology and ManagementKevan, Peter G.$55

16021Beetles associated with stored products in Canada: An identification guideYves Bousquet$90

07762Bioethics & the New Medical TechnologyMargot C. J. Mabie$15

15261Biological Anthropology of the Human SkeletonM. Anne Katzenberg$35

03785Biology of AnimalsCleveland P. Hickman, Larry S. Roberts, Allan Larson$30

05076Biology of Freshwater Pollution - 2nd editionC.F. Mason$20

06641Biology of Freshwater Pollution - 2nd EditionC.F. Mason$20

13254Biomechanical Basis of Human MovementJoseph Hamill$25

09187Biomechanics: Problem Solving for Functional ActivitySusan Roberts$15

17201Biomind and the art of uncanceringRobert T. M James$25

02266Black's Veterinary Dictionary (Reference) - 17th EditionWest, Geoffrey P.$25

00350Botany, Teach Yourself SeriesJ. H Elliott$10

12705Breakthrough: Banting, Best, and the Race to Save Millions of DiabeticsThea Cooper (Author), Arthur Ainsberg$20

14791Bush medicine in the BahamasLeslie Higgs$35

01833Cardiac Rehabilitation & Clinical Exercise Programs: Theory & PraciticeOldridge, Neil, B.; Foster, Carl.; Schmidt, Donald, H. (Editors)$20

03808Carpal Tunnel SyndromeTammy Crouch, Michael Madden$10

14920Caulderwood: Understanding Biology : Laboratory ManualCarol A Caulderwood$20

16796Cave Biology Life In DarknessAldemaro Romero$65

17291Children Diagnosed with Autism - What to Expect and Where to Get HelpAutism Society Ontario$45

09064Children's Orthopaedics and FracturesMichael K. D. Benson, John A. Fixsen, Malcolm F. MacNicol (Editors)$95

14270Chloroplasts and MitochondriaTribe, Keith ; Whittaker, Peter$10

12636Chronic Musculoskeletal Injuries in the WorkplaceRanney, Don$20

01651Chronic Pain in Old Age: An Integrated Biopsychosocial PerspectiveRanjan Roy (Editor)$20

05686Clinical Nursing Practice: Promotion and Management of ContinenceBrenda H. Roe (Editor)$15

13851Colour Atlas of DermatologyG. M. Levene, Calnan C. D.$20

00539Computed Tomography TechnologyEuclid Seeram$20

07646Concise System of Orthopedics and FracturesA. Graham Apley, Louis Solomon$15

14285Conditioned Reflexes : An Investigation of the Physiological Activity of the Cerebral CortexIvan P. Pavlov$22

15063CPR and AED Training : First on the Scene: Student Reference GuideSaint John Ambulance$20

14168Creating Nursing's Future: Issues, Opportunities, and Challenges [Paperback]Eleanor J. Sullivan$20

11295Critical Thinking: Understanding and Evaluating Dental ResearchBrunette, Donald M.$25

15185Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Cardiology - 2nd EditionMichael H. Crawford$25

07519Diagnostic Atlas of the HeartRobert C. Schlant, R. Wayne Alexander, Martin J., M.D. Lipton$30

00839Discharge Planning for Health Care FacilitiesFaith Jackson Crittenden$15

07421Diseases of Muscle: Study in PathologyRaymond D. Adams$35

01447Diseases of Ornamental PlantsJunius L. Forsberg$15

03091Donde No Hay DoctorWerner, David$20

09486Effects on the Baby of Maternal Analgesia & AnaesthesiaFelicity Reynolds (Editor)$30

10982Electrodiagnosis in Diseases of Nerve and Muscle: Principles and PracticeJun Kimura$45

12743Electrophysiology of the Neuron: An Interactive TutorialJohn Huguenard$14

12736Elementary Statistics with Applications in Medicine and the Biological SciencesF.E. Croxton$15

17082Emerging Infectious Diseases and SocietyPeter Washer$15

05318Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America -Chronic Complications of DiabetesMichael A. Brownlee, George L. King (Editors)$20

10618Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered AgeBill McKibben$18

14512Epidemiology of Work Related DiseasesCorbett McDonald$55

16572Essentials of BiostatisticsRobert C. Elston$20

16827Ethical Issues in Drug Testing, Approval, and Pricing: The Clot-Dissolving DrugsBaruch A. Brody$20

13269Ethics andScience of stem cellsPaul Szabo$10

06383Everyone jump - Kids changing diabetesOphea$15

11168Exploring Medical AnthropologyDonald Joralemon$10

04194Exploring Medical Language: A Student-Directed Approach - 5th editionBrooks, Myrna LaFleur, and LaFleur-Brooks, Myrna$25

16769Fabulous Faces: From Motivation to Transformation Through Facial Plastic SurgeryDr. Peter A. Adamson$55

00819Families and Psychosocial ProblemsMaureen, Ph.D. Leahey , Lorraine M., Ph.D. Wright$20

02306First Aid & C.P.R. Manual - 3rd EditionConway, Kelley$16

11666First principles of gastroenterology: The basis of disease and an approach to managementEditors A.B.R. Thomson and E.A. Shaffer$20

12118Focus on HIVHarold C. Neu (Author), Joy A. Levy (Author), Robin A. Weiss$15

05518Forward Together Industry and Academia: History of the Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation, 1969-1991Turner, Thomas B. M.D. and Virginia L. Bennett$45

03153Fundamentals of Aquatic Toxicology: Methods and ApplicationsRand, Dr. Gary M.$25

03128Fundamentals of Geriatric MedicineCape, Ronald D.; Rodney M. Coe; Isadore Rossman$20

13078Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinics of North America Volume 10, Number 1Lightdale, Charles J., Guest Editor$25

10222General OphthalmologyDaniel Vaughan$20

07876Genetic Engineering: Science and Ethics on the New FrontierMichael Boylan (Author), Kevin Brown$20

08335Genuine Works of HippocratesFrancis Adams$30

00718Gerontological Nursing, 4 editionCharlotte Eliopoulos$22

05368Getting Doctored: Critical Reflections on Becoming a PhysicianMartin Shapiro$10

17153Golden Seal - Etc.: A Phamacognosy of Wild HerbsVeninga, Louise$10

12563GREEN PHARMACY : A History of Herbal MedicineBarbara Griggs$20

10493Handbook of Fractures, 2/eClayton R. Perry, John A. Elstrom$15

01340Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis - 4th EditionLynda Juall Carpenito, Rn, Msn$15

13433Handbook on Injectable DrugsA. Trissel Lawrence$55

03617Hearing Disorders in Children: Pediatric AudiologyFrederick N. Martin (Editor)$20

00461Hemp : A Short History of the Most Misunderstood Plant & Its Uses and AbusesMark Bourrie$10

07517Heptinstall's Pathology of the KidneyJ. Charles Jennette, Jean L Olson, Melvin M Schwartz, Fred G Silva$45

05688History and Trends of Professional Nursing - 8th EditionDeloughery, Grace L.$20

00813Holistic Assessment of the Healthy AgedMiriam Martin Schrock$12

17233How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Nursing Homes and Other Health Care OrganizationsRuth Stryker$22

14517Human EvolutionBernard A. Wood$20

03066Humanizing Nursing Education a Confluent Approach Through Group ProcessKing, Virginia G.$15

07531Hurst's the Heart, Arteries and VeinsR. Wayne Alexander (Editor), Robert C. Schlant (Editor), Valentin Fuster (Editor)$35

14513Hydrocephalus (Concepts in Neurosurgery ; V. 3)R. Michael Scott$20

04501Immunology - 4th EditionGoldsby, Richard A.; Osborne, Barbara A.; Kindt$25

05530Immunology 1930-1980 : essays on the history of immunology.Pauline M. H. Mazumdar$30

07334Induction of Mutations and the Mutation Process. Proceeding of a Symposium, Prague 1963Veleminsky, Jiri / Gichner, Tomas (eds)$20

03898Industrial First Aid-a Reference and Training ManualAlex A. Dresser (Editor)$25

06448Infancy & Early Childhood: The Practice of Clinical Assessment & Intervention with Emotional & Developmental ChallengesStanley I Greenspan, M.D.$25

13675Inflammatory bowel diseaseGunnar Järnerot, John Edward Lennard-Jones, Sidney Truelove$45

00092International Review of Cytology, Volume 29,Bourne, Geoffrey H.; Danielli, J. F.; Jeon, K.W. (Edited by)$20

00093International Review of Cytology, Volume 60Bourne, Geoffrey H.; Danielli, J. F.; Jeon, K.W. (Edited by)$24

03576Introduction to Biotechnology (Basic Microbiology, Vol 10). I. Campbell; F. G. Priest; C. M. Brown$15

13326Introduction to Research in Health SciencesPolgar, Stephen Thomas, Shane A.$25

14064Knee Ligament RehabilitationTodd S. Ellenbecker$35

02265Laboratory Procedures for Veterinary Technicians - 2nd EditionPaul W. Pratt$20

13268Laser Vison CorrectionHarold A.; Stein, Raymond M.; Cheskes, Albert T. Stein$15

15899LASIK: A Guide to Laser Vision CorrectionErnest W. Kornmehl MD, Robert K. Maloney MD, Jonathan M. Davidorf MD$10

15894Life at the Limits: Organisms in Extreme EnvironmentsDavid A. Wharton$20

12493LIFE-LORE: A Monthly Magazine of Biology. Volumes 1 and 2MAWER, W. (editor).$95

08726Ligations and AmputationsBroca, A. (Translated By Ernest Ward)$35

14508Making Sense of Spirituality in Nursing Practice: An Interactive ApproachWilfred McSherry$15

02569Management of Personnel in Long-Term CareMildred O. Hogstel$15

03537Managing for Productivity in NursingBarbara Lang Rutkowsi$20

08883Managing Urinary Incontinence in the ElderlyJohn F. Schnelle$20

14669Manual for Staging of Cancer - 4th EditionOliver H. Beahrs, Donald Earl Henson, Robert V. P. Hutter, B. J. Kennedy$20

10456Manual of Neurologic Therapeutics, 5Th EdSamuels$20

00639Maternity and Neonatal CareH. Ball$15

09267Measuring Patient Satisfaction for Improved Patient ServicesStephen Strasser (Author), Rose Marie Davis$20

14848Medical Emergency Guidebook 2003 (British/Canadian Edition)Robert Ferrari$20

15103Medical Management of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes (Clinical Education Series)American Diabetes Association$10

09261Medical Management of the Surgical Patient, 3Rd EdMichael F. Lubin, H. Kenneth Walker$30

03406Medical Office Administrative ProceduresMary Ann Frew, David R. Frew$20

10227Medical Staff Peer Review: A Strategy For Motivation & PerformanceDaniel A. Lang$55

12163Metabolic Pathways in Microorganisms: 1961 EditionVernon H. Cheldelin$15

09897Methods for the Diagnosis of Fish DiseasesLucky, Zdenek$30

13468Modern Chinese Acupuncture: A Review of Acupuncture Techniques as Practiced in China TodayGeorge T. Lewith$10

12090Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNABernard R. Glick~Jack J. Pasternak$25

00723Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Practical Nursing - 11th editionMary Yannes-Eyles$22

12740Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test ReferenceKathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy James Pagana$20

16318Mosby's Rapid Reference to Diagnostic and Laboratory TestsKathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy J. Pagana$15

00483Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants Publisher: learn how customers can search inside this book. Mosby's Textbook for Nursing AssistantsSheila Sorrentino$25

13065Musculo-Skeletal Injuries Prevention Program - Prticipant's Manual GenericWorkplace Health and Safety Agency$15

15610Neofax 2004 - 17th EditionThomas E., M.D. Young, Barry Mangum$25

08686Neuzeitliche Tierheilkunde Handbuch der Gesundheitspflege, Zucht, Geburtshilfe, des Hufbeschlages usw. unserer Haustiere.Becker, W.$55

05316Normal and Disturbed Motility of the Gastrointestinal TractAndre J. P. M. Smout, Louis M.A. Akkermans$20

15344Nuclear Receptors: A Practical ApproachDidier Picard$35

04499Nurse Manager (& others too) in Long Term CareLen Fabiano$40

15054Nurses and Families: A Guide to Family Assessment and InterventionWright, Lorraine M.;Leahey, Maureen Rn$15

14433Nursing Care of Survivors of Family ViolenceJacquelyn Campbell$15

09389Nursing Diagnoses & Process in Psychiatric-Mental Health NursingMcFarland$15

02143Nursing Frameworks & Community as Client: Bridging the GapHanchett, Effie S$10

00577Nursing Process and Practice in the CommunityJoan M. Cookfair$20

13271Nursing Theory: Analysis, Application, Evaluation - 4th EditionBarbara Stevens Barnum$15

11808Nutrition Counseling Skills for Medical Nutrition TherapyLinda G. Snetselaar$20

13520Oncology Pocket Guide to Chemotherapy - Fifth EditionLorraine Baltzer, Regina Berkery$20

15194Oncology: Pocket guide to ChemotherapyLorraine Baltzer Cleri$15

16520One Voice: A History of the Canadian Veterinary Medical AssociationBarker, C.A.V.; Crowley, T.A.$20

00832Ophthalmology Study Guide: For Students and Practitioners of Medicine; 5th editionFrank G., M.D. Berson (Editor)$15

11740Opuscula 1931-1935J.G. Myers$45

00955Organ FarmJenny Bryan$15

15036Orphan Diseases New Hope for Rare Medical ConditionsWendy B. Murphy$20

12641Orthopaedic Case StudiesNancy Gann$20

15382Pain Management: A Handbook of Psychological Treatment Approaches.A.D. Holzman, David C. Turk$20

08630Parto sin dolor; principios, practica y testimonios - 1a. EdicionPierre Vellay$30

14799Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy!Springhouse$20

16826Pathways in Medical EthicsA.G. Johnson$15

10492Pediatric Primary Care: Ill-Child CareRaymond C Baker$15

05407Physical Activity for Individuals With Mental Retardation: Infancy Through AdulthoodCarl B. Eichstaedt$25

06839Physical Change & Aging: A Guide for the Helping Professions - 3rd EditionSue V. Saxon$20

09391Pocket Guide to Physical DiagnosisWillms$15

02576Pocketbook of Infectious Disease Therapy, 1994John G. Bartlett$15

17237Postmortem: Establishing the Cause of DeathSteven Koehler$20

08388Preventive dental services - 2nd EditionCanada. Dept. of National Health and Welfare$22

06649Principles of Molecular Virology - 2nd EditionAlan J Cann (Editor)$15

05687Process of Planning Nursing Care - 3rd EditionFay L. Bower$15

11178Progress in Protistology: Volume 1J.O. Corliss, D.J. Patterson$45

01385Promoting Psychological ComfortFrancis, Gloria M. & Munjas, Barbara$10

10818Promoting Stroke Recovery: A Research-Based Approach for NursesKathryn Schofield Bronstein, Judith M. Popovich$20

09390Psychiatric Primary CareLinda Denise Oakley$15

00838Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: The Therapeutic Use of SelfLoretta M. Birckhead$24

06341Relaxation Dynamics: Nine World Approaches to Self-RelaxationJonathan C. Smith$20

13861Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases - 1988Peter, Georges (MD), Editor$25

08321Residents Handbook of NeonatologyMax Perlman$10

14287Respectful Treatment: Practical Handbook of Patient CareMartin R. Lipp$25

04507Respiratory Physiology-- The Essentials - 5th EditionJohn B West$10

12498Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy 2009 (Pocket 4.5X6.5 IN)David N. Gilbert$20

10995Secourisme Premier Sur Les Lieux - 2 editionAmbulance Saint-Jean$25

08313Spending Smarter and Spending Less : Policies and Partnerships for Health Care in CanadaSutherland, Ralph; Fulton, Jane$20

11778Statistical Analysis of Epidemiologic DataSteve Selvin$20

15195Strategic Management for NursingRyerson University Course$22

07796Study Guide for Nursing Research: Methods and Critical Appraisal for Evidence-Based PracticeGeri LoBiondo-Wood (Author), Kathleen Rose-Grippa, Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno$10

13564Study Guide to Accompany Nursing Research: Principles and MethodsDenise F. Polit PhD FAAN, Cheryl Tatano Beck DNSc CNM FAAN$15

06372Supportive Care for Cancer Community Resource Guide Volume 1 of 2 - 3rd EditionToronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre$22

15385Surviving the Demise of Solo Practice: Mental Health Practitioners Prospering in the Era of Managed CareNicholas A. Cummings~Michael S. Pallak~Janet L. Cummings$20

15009Symphony In The Brain: The Evolution Of The New Brain Wave BiofeedbackJim Robbins$15

03954Taxonomic Keys to the Common Animals of the North Central StatesSamuel Eddy , A.C. Hodson$25

14763Technologies of Sex Selection and Prenatal Diagnosis - Volume 14 of the Research StudiesRoyal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies$90

04058The Biology of the ArthropodaKenneth U Clarke$20

11489The Clinical and Scientific Basis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis--Chronic Fatigue SyndromeJay A. Goldstein, Byron M. Hyde, Nightingale Research Foundation, P. H. Levine$35

03063The Complete Guide to AcupunctureMasaru Toguchi$15

12063The Disease Manager's HandbookRufus Howe$20

06597The Dynamic Cell (Vol. 2) (S377 Science: Level 3 - Molecular and Cell Biology)Robert Saunders (Editor)$25

14348The Evidence Base for Diabetes CareW. Herman (Editor), A.-L. Kinmonth (Editor), N. J. Wareham (Editor), Rhys Williams (Editor)$50

16061The Immortal Cell: One Scientist's Quest to Solve the Mystery of Human AgingMichael West$15

11988The Immortal Cell: One Scientist's Quest to Solve the Mystery of Human AgingMichael West$20

14673The Journal of International Medical Research, Volume 40, Number 4, July/August 2012Lader, M.H. (ed.)$25

14288The Mechanisms of Genetics: An Anthology of Current ThoughtStephanie Watson$25

17264The Mind-Body Fertility Connection: The True Pathway to Conception Paperback – Jul 8James Schwartz$10

16570The Neurobiology of AutismEditor-Dr. Margaret L. Bauman MD; Editor-Dr. Thomas L. Kemper MD$20

06797The New Leadership Challenge: Creating the Future of NursingSheila Grossman, Theresa M Valiga$12

15342The Paleontological Society Special Publications, Vol. 11 - Evolution Investigating the evidenceScotchmoor, Judy; Springer, Dale E.$95

05806The Perception and Application of Flashing Lights (An International Symposium.An International Symposium$22

02819The Perils of Patient Government: Professionals and Patients in a Chronic-Care HospitalLella, Joseph W.; Csank, J. Z.; McKay, J.; Bayne, J. R.$10

06846The Physics of Radiation Therapy - 2nd editionFaiz M Khan, Arshad Khan$35

03869The Pigman's Handbook - 2nd EditionGerry Brent$20

08314The Practitioner's Guide to Psychoactive DrugsGelenberg, Alan J. (editor)$20

06222The psychological management of chronic pain : a treatment manualClare Philips$15

13929The Third and Fourth Generation: an Introduction to HeredityDowning, Elliot Rowland$10

03549Theophylline Therapy UpdateSruart M. MacLeod (Ed)$20

06350Tnm Classification of Malignant Tumours - Fourth, Fully Revised EditionP. Hermanek$15

07875Tough Decisions: A Casebook in Medical EthicsJohn M., M.D. Freeman (Author), Kevin McDonnell$10

03240Transcultural Communication in NursingLuckmann, Joan$15

08882Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapy 1999Williams, NoelAuthor Williams, C. NoelEditor Bursey, R. F. Editor$20

10214Triage in Emergency Practice (Spiral-bound)Gail Handysides$20

05381Urinary and Fecal Incontinence: Nursing ManagementDorothy Beckley Doughty$20

06700Veterinary Hematology: Third EditionO. W. Schalm$45

16569Well and Good, third edition: A Case Study Approach to Biomedical EthicsJohn E. Thomas, Wilfrid J. Waluchow$15

14704What to Eat Now The Cancer Lifeline CookbookRachel Keim$15

04209Women's Health After Abortion: the Medical and Psychological Evidence 2nd EditionElizabeth Ring-Cassidy; Ian Gentles$20

08413X-rays in dentistryEastman Kodak Company. Health Sciences Markets Division$22


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