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First Edition



12070 Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles 1908Barnes, Karl W.$15

12565 Handyman Afloat & AshoreBramham, Ken$15

11640 Master handbook of 1001 practical electronic circuitsKendall Webster Sessions (ed)$20

12472 Oceanography: The Last FrontierRichard C Vetter$15

11647 The Scientific RevolutionMiddleton, W.E.K.$10

12926 The Star Lore Handbook : The Star Watcher's Essential Guide to the Night Sky, Myths and Symbols of the HeavensCornelius, Geoffrey$20

11623 Theory of DesignGasson, Peter C.$15

14766A Glossary of House-Building Terms / Glossaire Des Termes De ConstructionCanada Mortgage and Housing Corporation / CMHC / Centrale D'hypotheques et De Logement$10

16467A Ring of Urgency: An Engineering MemoirJames, G. Thomson$15

09978A Ring of Urgency: An Engineering MemoirJames, G. Thomson$15

17165A Thin Cosmic Rain: Particles from Outer SpaceMichael W. Friedlander$25

13581Acoustic Noise Measurements : The Application of the Bruel & Kjaer Measuring SytemsBroch, Jens Trampe$10

01539Active Inductorless FiltersMitra, Sanjit K. (editor)$20

16160Aesthetics of Engineering DesignF.C. Ashford$20

12236After DollyIan Wilmut$15

16153Airport Systems PlanningRichard De Neufville$20

14802All Terrain Vehicle ATV Maintenance Manual - 2nd EditionINTERTEC$22

13375Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy. Vol. 1.Siegbahn, Kai (ed.)$55

07371Alsop & Stormer: Selected and Current Works (The Master Architect Series III)Stephen Dobney (editor)$35

12805Amateur HambookWilliam V. Smith$15

03159Applied ElectromagneticsParton, J.E. Owen, S.J.T. Bigclearout$15

08997Applied Hydraulics for TechnologyJohn D. Kanen$20

16652Appropriate Technology SourcebookKen Darrow$15

12363Architectural Details By Vintage Wood Works: Bringing Back Yesterday in Quality & Service! {Master Reference Catalogue No. 21}Vintage Wood Works$10

14750Architectural Drawing and Design: Principles and PracticesFalcone, Joseph D.$20

08247Architectural Records in Chicago a guide to architectural research resources in Cook County and vicinityCummings, Kathleen Roy$15

02988Architectural TechnologyAnthony, George$30

16667Architecture NowMaarten Kloos$20

11635Astronomy for the Layman: Reality Before BeliefCarl Zimmerling$20

16290Astronomy through the ages : the story of the human attempt to understand the UniverseWILSON, Robert$15

04102Az Ember Kozmikus LenyKulin Gyorgy$24

12626Basic Electronics for ScientistsJames Brophy$25

14748Basics of HolographyHariharan, Parameswaran$30

11643Biology as ideology: The doctrine of DNAR C Lewontin$10

16139Black holes: the membrane paradigmThorne, Kip S.; Price, Richard H.; Macdonald, Douglas A. (editors)$40

00870Breakthroughs in ScienceIsaac Asimov$15

14837bricklaying 1: practical and related instructionstructural clay products institute$20

11928Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial LightJane Brox$15

17551Build Your Own Electric VehicleSeth Leitman, Bob Brant$25

14819Build Your Own Metal Working Shop from Scrap: The Drill Press: 5David J. Gingery$10

14089Building Design for MaintainabilityEdwin B. Feldman$15

12012Carscape: A Parking HandbookCatherine G. Miller$20

09111Cauldrons in the Cosmos: Nuclear AstrophysicsClaus E. Rolfs (Author), William S. Rodney$25

14402Chaos Under Control: The Art and Science of ComplexityDavid Peak, Michael Frame$18

12258Checking and Coordinating Architectural and Engineering Working DrawingsJohn Frederick, III Duggar$20

08408Chemistry: Partial Solutions SupplementJoseph Topich$20

12590Children of Prometheus: A history of science and technologyJames H MacLachlan$20

00086Cliffs Quick Review PhysicsHuetinck, Linda$10

03952Complexes and first-row transition elementsDavid Nicholls$15

15534Concise Encyclopedia of RoboticsStan Gibilisco$20

12136Concise Practical SurveyingW. G. Curtin, Robert F. Lane$20

13332Concrete Making MaterialsSandor Popovics$20

15035Construction Contracts and SpecificationsGlenn M. Hardie$20

00967Construire un château fort aujourd'huiAnne Baud, Nicolas Reveyron, Jean-Benoît Héron$15

14814Continental European Architects - Volume IIDirk Meyhofer$30

08895Convention Proceedings, Twenty-Fifth Annual Convention American Road Builders' AssociationUPHAM, Charles M. - Editor$22

12618Custom Pub for Western University: Fundamentals of Physics, Seventh Edition, Chapter 15David Halliday (Author), Robert Resnick (Author), Jearl Walker$15

16948DC Power Supplies: A Technician's GuideJoseph J. Carr$45

11204Der Turm des Freiburger Münsters.Vellguth, Friedrich$45

13071DEWALT® Electrical Professional ReferencePaul Rosenberg$15

17255Dictionary of MetallurgyColin D. Brown$300

15679Die Makers HandbookArnold, Jerry$30

04633Dinosaur Country: Unearthing the Badlands Prehistoric PastRenie Gross$10

10942Drinking Water Safety - A Total Quality Management ApproachSteve Hrudey$25

14870Ductile Iron Molten Metal Processing - 2nd EditionS.I. Karsay$95

14804Ductile iron production practicesStephen I. Karsay$115

17319E=mc2: The Great Ideas that Shaped Our WorldPaul Kriwaczek (Author), Pete Moore$24

00852Edge Of the UnknownJames Trefil$15

17269Electric Circuits with PSPICENilsson. James W.$10

13110Electrical code simplified: residential wiring, Book 1 - 6th EditionPeter Slim Knight$20

10913Electronic Communications Systems - Laboratory ManualWayne Tomasi$25

01805Electronics Fundamentals Study Guide - 3rd EditionMcintyre, Wallac A.$20

08298ElectrophoresisShaw, Duncan J.$15

15827Elementary Theory of StructuresHsieh, Yuan-Yu$25

05669Elements of Nuclear PhysicsW E Burcham$20

14926Energy Audits ManualJack Dale & Associates$95

06800Energy encyclopedia for arenas and swimming poolsMinistry of Tourism and Recreation$25

17240Engineering Design: A Project-Based IntroductionClive L. Dym, Patrick Little$10

14524English Architecture: An Illustrated GlossaryJames Stevens Curl$20

11762Exploration of the UniverseGeorge O. Abell (Author), David Morrison (Author), Sidney C. Wolff (Author)$25

04975False Prophets: Fraud and Error in Science and MedicineAlexander Kohn$10

12851Ferguson's Lectures on Select Subjects in Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Optics, Geography, Astronomy, and Dialling . Vol. I.Ferguson, James (1710-1776), & David Brewster.$45

02962Fiber Optics and Lightwave Communications Standard DictionaryMartin H. Weik$15

09401Fibreglass Boats *3rd EdHugo Du Plessis$35

07477Field Handling of Natural Gas - Third EditionEditor-W.E. Boyd$20

07390First International Conference on Uranium Mine Waste Disposal, May 19, 20, 21, 1980, Vancouver, BC, CanadaCarroll O. Brawner (Editor), British Columbia$50

01801Fluid Mechanics for Engineering Technology - 2nd EditionIrving Granet$22

16191Ford Ranger Pickups: 1993 Thru 1999Eric Jorgensen$25

16336Forms, Footings, Foundations, Framing, Stair BuildingDonald R. Brann$10

12425Foundations of College ChemistryMorris Hein (Author), Susan Arena$25

01526Freemasonry and the Birth of Modern ScienceLomas, Robert$20

13518From Imagination to Reality: Mars Exploration Studies of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (Part II: Base Building, Colonization, and Terraformation)Robert M. Zubrin (editor)$35

15608Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics - Third editionBruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi$25

11487Fundamentals of Graphics CommunicationGary Robert Bertoline (Author), Eric N Wiebe (Author)$25

12622Fundamentals of Physics, Part 1 (Chapters 1-11)David Halliday (Author), Robert Resnick (Author), Jearl Walker (Author)$20

12621Fundamentals of Physics, Part 3 (Chapters 22-33)David Halliday (Author), Robert Resnick (Author), Jearl Walker$20

13273Genetic Maps And Human ImaginationsBarbara Rothman$15

06594Geschiedenis der Bouw Kunst 1Sutterland - Pontier$25

12110Handbook of Industrial Loss PreventionFactory Mutual System$45

17413Harnessing the Wind for Home EnergyDermot McGuigan$10

07644Hazardous Chemicals Information and Disposal GuideArmour, M.A.; Browne, L.M.; Weir, G.L.$20

15056Helicopter AnalysisNikolsky, Alexander A.$30

16285Histories of the Electron: The Birth of MicrophysicsJed Z. Buchwald (Editor), Andrew Warwick (Editor)$25

17270Hold Paramount: The Engineer's Responsibility to SocietyAlastair S. Gunn$14

06392How Things Are: A Science Tool-Kit for the MindJohn Brockman, Katinka Matson (Editors)$15

14088How to Build a Stable and a Red Barn Tool HouseDonald R. Brann$10

01344How to Build Kitchen CabinetsFranklin, John T.$15

01693How to Create Room at the TopDonald R. Brann$10

03347How to Troubleshoot and Repair Any Small Gas EngineDempsey, Paul$20

17048Humane PhysicsFrancis Mont$26

17309Humane Physics Book I - Classical Physics - Second EditionFrancis Mont$26

06114Hydraulics for Engineers - Including Hydrostatics, Turbines and Pumps and Unsteady Motion - Third EditionRobert W. Angus$22

15058Hydro- and Aero-Dynamics: A Theoretical Textbook for Advanced Students of Aeronautics, Hydraulics, Physics and MathematicsS. L. Green$20

15854Icon Critical Dictionary of the New CosmologyPeter Coles$20

11645Impossibility: The Limits of Science and the Science of LimitsJohn D. Barrow$15

17145Infinity in Your PocketMike Flynn$20

05556Instrumentation, Control, and Automation of Water and Wastewater Treatment and Transport Systems: Proceedings of the 6th IAWPCR Workshop Held in Banff and Hamilton, Canada, June 17-25, 1993Bruce Jank$45

13258International Light, Shape and Sound SignalsD.A. Moore$20

12267Introduction to Light: The Physics of Light, Vision, and ColorGary Waldman$15

11146Introduction to the Philosophy of ScienceMerrilee H. Salmon (Author), John Earman (Contributor)$22

12113Introduction to UltracentrifugationT.J. Bowen, A.J. Rowe$15

08554Kalotics: A revolution of scientists and technologists for world developmentAlfred De Grazia$15

07721Les mouvements français Réveils, pendulettes, pendules, horlogesCOLLECTIF$25

06716Lexique technique généralCôté Jean-Marie$25

08001Loaded and Rollin': An Insider's Look at the Big Rigs and Their DriversJohn. Lynott$20

01945Low energy home designs : design guidelines and plans for energy efficient housingAlberta. Home and Community Design Branch, Alberta. Energy Conservation Branch$15

13980Manual of Graphic Techniques 1 for Architects, Graphic Designers, and ArtistsPorter, Tom; Greenstreet, Bob$10

13981Manual of Graphic Techniques 4 for Architects, Graphic Designers, and ArtistsPorter, Tom; Goodman, Sue$10

13227Manual of Television GraphicsRon Hurrell$20

11649Marks' Mechanics Problem-Solving CompanionLarry Silverberg (Author), James P. Thrower$20

11628Matter Of DegreesGino Segre$15

11633McGraw-Hill Dictionary of ChemistrySybil P. Parker$15

05546Means Facilities Maintenance StandardsRoger W Liska$38

14746Mechatronics EngineeringTomkinson, Donald, and James Horne$20

17166Mendeleyev's Dream: The Quest for the ElementsStrathern Paul$25

14609Merchant Ship Stability - Metric EditionPursey, H.J.$20

15336Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical PhysicsAbrikosov, A. A.; Gorkov, L. P. and Davis, Frances A.$15

08092Metropolitain Mutations: the Architecture of Emerging Public Spaces. Raic Annual 1Mertins, Detlef (Editor)$25

12095Microwave Digital RadioLarry J. Greenstein, Mansoor Shafi$25

14783Mining and Mineral Processing Operations in Canada 2000-2001Natural Resources Canada$25

16750Monsters in the Sky: From Comets to Black HolesPaolo Maffei$15

16623Mother Earth News Handbook of Homemade PowerMother Earth News Staff$20

13450Motor Carrier Safety Standards: Canadian Compliance Manual (41M) [Ring-bound]J. J. Keller & Associates and Inc.$200

06361Nature of ScienceByron E. Wall, Editor$10

04697New Architecture Bridges 1Francisco Asensio Cerver (Editor)$30

11895New Sources of Energy and PowerEgon Larsen$15

04629Night Comes to the Cretaceous: Comets, Craters, Controversy, and the Last Days of the DinosaursJames Lawrence Powell$15

16460Nuclear Power Issues and Choices: Report of the Nuclear Energy Policy Study GroupKeeny$20

03268Of Molecules and MenCrick, Francis$10

15166Ontario's Energy Crunch : Why Phasing Out Coal Is an Unwise StrategyPeter R Savage, Shirley Strzelecki Savage$20

11505Operational Amplifier Circuit ManualRobert J. Traister$40

15343Optical-Fiber Velocity and Pressure TransducersV. G. Zhilin$30

12810Our Improbable Universe: A Physicist Considers How We Got HereMichael Mallary$12

16200Paradigms Regained : A Further Exploration of the Mysteries of Modern ScienceJohn L. Casti$15

13103Physics and the Physical Universe : Instructor's GuideMarion, Jerry B.$25

10524Physics for the Life Sciences - Volume II - Third EditionNelson$25

09930Placer Gold Field Manual; The Theory, The Practice, The EquipmentD.L. Bell$15

01384Planning Or Remodeling a KitchenGalvin, Patrick J.$10

09186Planning Parks for PeopleJohn Hultsman$20

02131Principles of Food Science, Pt. 1: Food ChemistryFennema, Owen$24

09205Principles of natural lightingJ. A. Lynes$35

16566Priorities in Geolunar SpaceGordon N. Patterson$40

17515Professional plans for outdoor projectsSuglia, Augustus$15

15154Professional Tips & Techniques For Touch up and Dent Repair.Bishop, Michael; Holmes, Dennis$10

03987Properties of Shapes, Plates, Bars and Tubes - Book 2Canadian Institute Of Steel Construction$22

03182Pspice: a TutorialL.H. Fenical$15

02967Racing Cars (Rand McNally Color Illustrated Guides)Piero Casucci$15

12411Repairing and Extending Finishes: Part IIH.L. Simmons$15

13882Resonance-the Continuation of Studies Technology & Beam Ray - 2nd EditionDuarte, Alex$20

16174Resonance-the Continuation of Studies Technology & Beam Ray - 2nd EditionDuarte, Alex$20

14106Restoring houses of brick & stoneNigel Hutchins$25

17421Rhymes and Notes of an Industrial ChemistWhicher, C.H$25

14620Riddle of the Ice A Scientific Adventure Into the ArcticArms, Myron$15

15537Robot Companions: MentorBots and BeyondE. Oliver Severin$20

15535Robotics DemystifiedEdwin Wise$20

15801Roman ArchitectureFrank Sear$20

00676Router BookDoug Geller$20

00895Scientists & InventorsAnthony Feldman$25

11518Shelters, Shacks, and ShantiesBeard, Daniel Carter$20

13924Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture And Woodenware Volume IIHandberg, Ejner$10

12689Simplified Design for Building Sound ControlJames Ambrose (Author), Jeffrey E. Ollswang (Author)$55

11494Snowball EarthWalker, Gabrielle$20

02132Solar Gardening Shed: Combines a Greenhouse, Equipment Shed, and Solar Firewood Dryer in One BuildingRay Wolf$25

11728Solar Home DesignsColes Publishing$20

04916Solar houses for a cold climate: A detailed study of 26 solar heated housesDean Carriere$25

06516Solid State Chemistry ; an Introduction - 2nd editionElaine Moore, Lesley Smart$30

11797Solid State PhysicsJohn S. Blakemore$25

03757Solvents, Oils, Resins and Driers - Part II - Paint Technology Manuals - Second EditionTaylor, C.J.A., And S. Marks$25

04723Space 2000: Meeting the Challenge of a New EraHarry L. Shipman$20

13317Space in Canadian ArchitectureJackson, Anthony$15

12761Stange New Worlds: The Search for Alien Planets and Life Beyond Solar SystemRay Jayawardhana$20

00204Star Myths of the Greeks and Romans [Map]Condos, Theony$15

17268Statics and Mechanics of MaterialsHibbeler, R. C.$45

15606Step by Step Guide to Simple Designed Experiments Using the Taguchi ApproachTaguchi$75

15525Stone Houses: A Design and Construction HandbookSteve Parsons$45

16135Strain Gage PrimerC. C. Perry (Author), H. R. Lissner (Author)$45

08380Structural Steel DetailingAmerican Institute Of Steel Construction$30

01369Successful Putting It All TogetherScharff, Robert$15

00643Sun Rooms - Create A Beautiful Enclosed Glass Extension For Your HomeCheri Rae Wolpert$10

05685Supplemental Problems To Organic ChemistryMarye Anne Fox, James K. Whitesell$20

14546Surfing Through Hyperspace: Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy LessonsPickover, Clifford A.$15

12698Symbiotic Planet: A New Look At EvolutionLynn Margulis$10

12808Symmetry: A Unifying ConceptIstvan Hargittai (Author), Magdolna Hargittai$20

05828Systems Approach to ArchitectureA.Benjamin Handler$15

04644T.Rex and the Crater of Doom : One of the Greatest Adventures of Twentieth Century ScienceWalter Alvarez$15

12264Teach Yourself Electricity and ElectronicsStan Gibilisco$25

05548Technical Topics Scrapbook: 1990-1994Pat Hawker, G3VA$25

15776The Architecture of H. H. Richardson and His TimesHenry-Russell Hitchcock$20

15538The Architecture of HappinessAlain De Botton$15
02472The Art of Instrument Flying - 3rd EditionWilliams, Jerry R.$20

16533The Black Hole at the Center of Our GalaxyFulvio Melia$15

15379The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery =: Galerie canadienne de la céramique et du verreBrian Carter$40

15016The Case of the Midwife ToadArthur Koestler$25

17097The Catalogue of Fantastic InventionsJacques Carelman$24

16864The Chronologers' Quest: The Search for the Age of the Earth Patrick Wyse Jackson$15

13516The Collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Jupiter: IAU Colloquium 156Keith S. Noll (Editor), Harold A. Weaver (Editor), Paul D. Feldman (Editor)$35

11950The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Greenhouse: Everything You Need to Know Explained SimplyCraig Baird$15

01695The complete manual to contracting your own renovation or addition: A step-by-step guide to cost effective renovationsPaul R Stilo$20

15536The Dance of Molecules : How Nanotechnology Is Changing Our LivesTed Sargent$22

03681The Farthest Things in the UniverseJay M. Pasachoff, Hyron Spinrad, Patrick Osmer$15

14160The Fundamentals of X-ray and Radium PhysicsJoseph Selman$35

12328The Harrowsmith Country Life Guide to Wood HeatDirk Thomas$20

14400The Home Water Supply: How to Find, Filter, Store, and Conserve ItStu Campbell$20

16960The Human AgeDiane Ackerman$15

16571The Immortalization Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat DeathJohn Gray$15

17576The Island of Knowledge: The Limits of Science and the Search for MeaningMarcelo Gleiser$20

17356The Jet-STOL Story: A Canadian Perspective on the Evolution of Powered-lift, Covering the Period from 1959 to 1993Douglas B. Garland$25

11987The Mobile DxerDave Mangels$20

15174The Nature & Function of Scientific Theories: Essays in Contemporary Science and PhilosophyColodny, Robert G (Editor)$20

16211The Next Stage of Human EvolutionDr. K. Sohail$15

07248The Photographic System of Remote Sensing. Technical Manual - 2nd EditionA. Kseik$45

06879The Pocket Darwin - A Brief Guide to His Life and WorkJohn & Mary Gribbin$10

15001The Principles of Aircraft StressingMorse, W. L.$20

16749The Quantum Ten: A Story of Passion, Tragedy, Ambition and ScienceSheilla Jones$20

00863The Quantum WorldJ Polkinghorne$15

13700The Rivers of Mars: Searching for the Cosmic Origins of LifePiers Bizony$15

13108The science of sail design: proceedings of a conference held June 21-22 1982P. S. Jackson$35

00856The Secret Life of QuantaM. Y. Han$15

10203The Starflight Handbook: A Pioneer's Guide to Interstellar TravelGregory L. Matloff (Author), Eugene F. Mallove (Author)$20

16346The Structure of Evolutionary TheoryStephen Jay Gould$40

13881The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's SecretShulman, Seth$15

12362The Vintage Wood Works Book of Ideas for Porch DesignJ Gregory Tatsch$10

13641The Virgin And The MousetrapChet Raymo$15

12294The Whale and the Reactor: A Search for Limits in an Age of High TechnologyLangdon Winner$15

09938The Wizard of Quarks: A Fantasy of Particle PhysicsRobert Gilmore$15

04035The X-Ray Universe, the Quest for Cosmic Fire-From Black Holes to Intergalactic SpaceWallace Tucker, Riccardo Giacconi$20

16994Theory of FlightRichard von Mises$20

01797Theory of FlightRichard von Mises$20

15587Theory of Wing Sections: Including a Summary of Airfoil DataAbbott, Ira H.; Doenhoff, A. E. von$20

17167Thirty Years That Shook Physics: Story of Quantum TheoryGeorge Gamow$15

17078To Catch a Flying Star A Scientific Theory of UFOsJohn Ackerman$25

13107Topographic Map and Air Photo InterpretationChevrier, Emile D. And D.F.W. Aitkens$35

17236Totality: Eclipses of the SunMark Littmann, Fred Espenak, Ken Willcox$22

15218Town and Square: From the Agora to the Village GreenZucker, Paul$35

12366Transmitter Hunting: Radio Direction Finding SimplifiedJoseph Moell$20

11515Truck safety: Perceptions and realityInstitute for Risk Research$20

06193Understanding Physics: a Study Guide to Accompany Blatt's Principles of Physics, Second EditionMichael E Browne$20

01496Understanding Physics: Light, Magnetism, and ElectricityIsaac Asimov$15

04057Unsolved Problems in AstrophysicsJohn N. Bahcall (Editor), Jeremiah P. Ostriker (Editor)$20

04031ValencyO'Dwyer, Michael Francis; Kent, Jay E.; Brown, Ronald$20

11277Vastu-Sastra: Hindu Science of Architecture - Volume ID.N. Shukla (Author), Rathin Sengupta (Author, Illustrator)$30

13651Venus, the Geological Story: A New GeologyPeter Cattermole$20

14743Video Scrambling & Descrambling: for Satellite & Cable TVRudolf F. Graf, William Sheets$20

05623Water Wells - Best Management PracticesOntario Ministry of Agriculture$15

13645Welder: Apprenticeship Training StandardsMinistry of Training, Colleges and Universities,$20

13665Welding Guidelines With Aircraft SupplemenWilliam Kielhorn$20

04946When Science Goes Wrong: Twelve Tales from the Dark Side of DiscoverySimon LeVay, Ph.D.$10

06284Wiring installation and maintenance: Home, cottage, industryHarold B Kirchner$35

15504Writing in Engineering: A Guide to CommunicatingCecilia Mavrow$20

13427Writing in the SciencesUniversity of Guelph$10


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