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First Edition



13205 Verbal Influences on Children's BehaviorJohnson, Marguerite Wilker$45

17958A Brutal Way of Learning - Does It Have to Be?Dan; Davidson, Jane Haley$25

12716A Dictionary of the Maori LanguageHerbert W. Williams$95

13907A Guide to using literature with children edited by Meguido Zola. Add Cover Image A Guide to using literature with childrenMeguido Zola$20

18782Activity Schedules For Children W/Autism Lynn E., PH.D. McClannahan, Patricia J., PH.D. Krantz$10

06811Alternatives in EducationMark Hegener (Author), Helen Hegener (Editor)$15

16042Archivaria No.72 Fall 2011 The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists Special Issue on Electronic RecordsJean Dryden$20

07063ARRIMAGE 1 BDiane Alain, Gérald Fallon$15

11922Art for the Fun of ItPeggy D. Jenkins$10

03726Art: a Creative Curriculum for Early ChildhoodCreative Associates, Inc$15

12261Assessment in the ClassroomPeter W. Airasian$15

09145Astronomy (Create a Center About Series)Astronomy$40

10588Au coeur des mots - Manual d'exploration grammaticaleAndre Vandal$20

13351Becoming a Critical Thinker - Third EditionVincent Ryan Ruggiero$15

05440Betrayal of Intellect in Higher EducationRahman, Mohammed Mujeeb$10

17169Beyond the Corporate University: Culture and Pedagogy in the New MillenniumGiroux, Henry A.; Myrsiades, Kostas$25

15932Building Math Basics, Grades K-1The Mailbox Books Staff$25

17099Building Spelling Skills 2 Garry Moes$18

18056Can Teachers Own Their Own Schools?: New Strategies for Educational ExcellenceRichard K. Vedder$10

11103Capsule 3 - Manuel BIsabelle., Saint-Pierre, Lisette Peladeau$25

09226Carl Rogers: Student-Centered LearningCarl Rogers et al.$20

15835Case Studies: Understanding Teaching and LearningDarlene Ciuffetelli Parker$20

09108Case Studies: Understanding Teaching and LearningDarlene Ciuffetelli Parker$20

06454Centenary 1892-1992 A Brief Review of One Hundred YearsBryan Isaac$25

17887Challenging assumptions in education: From institutionalized education to learningWendy Priesnitz$45

05183Childmade: Awakening Children to Creative WritingCynde Gregory$15

18239Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of EducationSteven Cahn$22

16823Cognitive Strategy Instruction That Really Improves Children's Academic PerformanceMichael J. Pressley$10

06180Collection Alouette 2 - Guide de l'enseignanteGaudreau, Pierrette$20

18492Confucian Tradition and Global EducationWm. Theodore de Bary$15

04315Cortina's English in EnglishDiez, R. De La Cortina$15

10587Counting Caterpillars and Other Math PoemsBetsy Franco$10

17129Creating Knowledge, Strengthening Nations: The Changing Role of Higher EducationGlen A. Jones; Patricia L. McCarney; Michael L. Skolnik$45

14497Creative Dramatics in the LibraryNancy Pereira$15

18494Creativity, Communication and Cultural ValueKeith Negus, Michael Pickering$30

14509Critical Theories, Radical Pedagogies, and Global ConflictsFischman, Gustavo E.; McLaren, Peter; Sunker, Heinz; Lankshear, Colin$20

14580Cross the golden river. Project book.Jack Booth; et al$20

13630Death in the ClassroomEleanor D. Gatliffe$10

10176Des Mots Pour Se ConnaitreGrise, Yolande$25

07065Deuxieme Arrimage BMarie Morse$20

00074Developing a Successful Tutoring ProgramKoskinen, Patricia S.; Wilson$15

11308Developing Personal Safety Skills in Children With DisabilitiesFreda Briggs$20

11772Diagnosis and Management of Learning Disabilities: An Interdisciplinary ApproachFrank R. Brown (Author), Elizabeth H. Aylward (Author)$15

03410Discovering the Physical World (Young Children Learning)Alice Yardley$10

19436Do You Speak American?Robert Macneil, William Cran$15

06841Duthch in Three MonthsJane Fenoulhet$15

17134Early Childhood Education: History, Theory, and PracticeHarry Morgan$20

18737Early Math Strategy : The Report of the Expert Panel on Early Math in OntarioDawson, Ruth$20

09733Education in OshawaRoss, J. Douglas$22

16805Educational Policy and the Just SocietyKenneth A. Strike$20

14807Einstein Never Used Flash Cards: How Our Children Really Learn-- And Why They Need to Play More and Memorize LessKathy Hirsh-Pasek, Diane Eyer, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff$15

17332English Grammar for Students of Italian: The Study Guide for Those Learning ItalianSergio Adorni, Karen Primorac$20

08814English-Gaelic DictionaryMackenzie, John$20

13529Enlightened Cherishing: Essay on Aesthetic EducationHarry S. Broudy$20

15897Etudes for Piano Teachers: Reflections on the Teacher's ArtStewart Gordon$25

08980Every Teacher's Thematic BooklistWilliam J. Devers (Author), Renate Torok (Author), James Cipielewski$15

19078Exercices de calcul 10-12 ans: GéométrieDe Smedt Chris$22

14353Experiment with fictionDonald H Graves$10

03385Exploration and languageAlice Yardley$10

02053Exploring the Lives of Gifted People-the ArtsBalsamo, Kathy$15

15701Families and Early Childhood Programs. Research Monographs Volume 3Douglas R. Powell$15

12448Fantastic Facts A Scholastic Scope Book of Cloze Readings and Activities - Annotated Teacher's EditionEllen Sternhell$15

12447Fantastic Facts A Scholastic Scope Book of Cloze Readings and Activities - Annotated Teacher's EditionEllen Sternhell$15

14016Fêtes d'enfants de 1 à 12 ansFrance Grenier$10

15650First aid training student reference guide cpr and aedSt. John Ambulance$15

10057First Steps to Math: A Guide to Beginning Mathematics Activities for Parents and Primary TeachersSidney L. Rachlin$20

11923Focus on Artists - Grade 4-8Sterling, Mary Ellen; Davis, Anita$10

08613Forestry Education at TorontoSisam, J. W. B.$20

09157Foundations and Changing Practices in ExtensionDonald J. Blackburn$16

11299Foundations and Changing Practices in ExtensionDonald J. Blackburn$20

15754Francais 4 (Immersion) Recueil - 1 partieGeorges Pelletier$20

19061Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingRichard Bandler$20

11031From Computers to Community; Unlocking the Potential of the Wired ClassroomSerim, Ferdi$20

10860Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never HadBrad Cohen$15

14589Getting It Together: Organising the Reading-Writing ClassroomWalter McVitty$10

16662Getting Ready to Teach Math, Grade 3: For the New TeacherRobyn Silbey$45

18653Grammar Lost and FoundMary Lynn O'Shea$45

15307Guiding the Reading Process: Techniques and Strategies for Successful Instruction in K-8 ClassroomsBooth, David$20

17063Hand in hand: Multicultural experiences for young children Jocelyn Graeme$25

11787Handbook for the Earth and Environmental Science Student, 8th Edition - Fall 2009Carolyne Eyles, Susan Vajoczki, Luc Bernier$25

14035Hippogriff FeathersBob Stanish$20

15961How Literature WorksQuinn, Kenneth$15

12429How to Make Books With Children 1-6Joy Evans$10

17544How to Solve Algebra Word ProblemsNardi, William A.$15

17321How to Teach Adults in a Fun and Exciting WayDoug Malouf$25

17683How to Thrive as a Teacher LeaderJohn G. Gabriel$10

18353How We Know What We Know About our Changing ClimateCarol Malnor$10

18563Human Values in EducationRudolf Steiner$22

06370I Am a Teacher: A Tribute to America's Teacher'sDavid Marshall Marquis, Robin Sachs$15

11568I Believe in UnicornsBob Stanish$15

17607Immigrant and Refugee Students in CanadaCourtney Anne Brewer (Editor), Michael McCabe (Editor)$30

10546Improving student motivation a guide for teachers and school improvement teamsJudith L. Meece$25

11544Infant/Toddler Environment Rating ScaleHarms Et Al.$35

09055Integration and Other Developments in Newfoundland Education 1915-1949Andrews, Ralph L.$25

17178It's All in the Name: Early Writing: From Imitating Print to Phonetic WritingAnna C. Both-De Vries$55

11035Jaguemos a leer - Manual de ejerciciosRosario Ahumada, Alicia Montenegro$20

10589Je Grandis en Francais Cahier d'activites 3 anneeSylvie Monette, Cathia Riopel$15

13077Kleine Türkische Sprachlehre (Methode Gaspen Otto Sauer)Horten, M.$15

13428Language and LearningMarie Emmitt, John Pollock, Linda Komesaroff$20

18109Language In DangerAndrew Dalby$24

06045Language Universals and Linguistic TypologyBernard Comrie$15

08623L'arithmétique du cours élémentaire.M. Weber, J. Gailly$15

14140Le Moulin a ParolesMichel Benamou$15

16073Learn French Together: An Activity Kit for Kids and Grown-Ups [Abridged]Marie-Clair Antoine$10

02781Learning Success, Skills and Strategies for Canadian StudentsJoan Fleet$15

11782Learning the Arts in an Age of UncertaintyPitman, Walter$15

18461Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach: The Power of Dialogue in Educating AdultsJane Vella$20

06544Learning Work: a Critical Pedagogy of Work EducationSimon, Roger I.; Dippo, Don; Schenke, Arleen$15

05597Les aventures de NimusA. Philibert$30

14942Linguistics of American Sign Language An Introduction - 2nd EditionCeil Lucas$25

16752Linguistics of American Sign Language: An Introduction, 4th Ed.Clayton Valli; Ceil Lucas; Kristin J. Mulrooney$25

04710Lipreading Naturally: Practical Lipreading and Communication Exercises for EveryoneFrances Mezei, Shirlee Smith$45

08838Lipreading: Study and PracticeM. Faircloth$35

17213Literacies & learners : current perspectivesRod Campbell; David Green$25

17131Literacy Leadership for Grades 5-12Rosemarye Taylor, Valerie Doyle Collins$10

18652Literacy techniques for building successful readers and writersDavid Booth$20

17879Longman English-Chinese Photo DictionaryMarilyn S. Rosenthal, Daniel B. Freeman$25

10583MA GRAMMAIRE D'OBSERVATION - 3EDaniel Poulin Claude Simard$10

17715Making Sense of a New World: Learning to Read in a Second LanguageEve Gregory$20

09455Map Reading, Latitude, Longitude & TimeMyrl Shireman$15

18651Math, Culture, and Popular Media: Activities to Engage Middle School Students Through Film, Literature, and the InternetMichaele F. Chappell, Denisse R. Thompson$20

03648Mathematical Experiences in Early ChildhoodNelson, L. D.; Liedtke, W.$25

18201Mathematical Reasoning, Book 1 Warren Hill, Ronald Edwards$15

13282Mathematics for Everyday Life 12 Student TextEnzo Carli et al.$55

07424Mathematics today. A programmed course 4AK S Leung; M K Lai$40

15260Mentoring Beginning Teachers: Guiding, Reflecting, CoachingBoreen, Jean; Johnson, Mary K. and Niday, Donna$20

18261Methodology of Education Adopted by the Muslim BrotherhoodAli Abdel-Haleem$25

13417Mit Erfolg zu Start Deutsch: Mit Erfolg zu Start Deutsch. Ãœbungsbuch.Hans-Joergen Hantschel, Verena Klotz , Paul Krieger$20

11334Models of Classroom Management: Principles, Applications and Critical ConsiderationsJack Martin (Author), Jeff Sugarman (Contributor)$15

10637More Quick and Easy Activities for 4Th-6Th GradesDavid Lynn$15

10687Nibbling on Einstein's Brain: The Good, the Bad and the Bogus in ScienceDiane Swanson$15

07203No School for Mary's KidsBarrie Davey$15

19440Notes on the Preparation of Essays in the Arts and Sciences - 5th editionMary Ann Armstrong$10

14243Nurtured by love : The Classic Approach to Talent EducationShinichi Suzuki$10

09275On the Edge: Literature and Imagination: Teacher's ResourceArthur Haberman$15

12386Opening the Doors to Canadian Medical SchoolsRod Elford M.D.$12

19107Outline of Mandarin Phonetics Francis D.M. Dow$55

18650Oxford Language Reference ILaw; Jonathan; Editor$45

19313Papermaking in the ClassroomDard Hunter$55

17022Piaget and EducationDavid W. Jardine$20

18797Piaget, children, and number: Applying Piaget's theory to the teaching of elementary numberKamii, Constance$20

14359Plaisir de LireSmith M. R. , D'Estivaux P. Baillot$25

14275Playing the GameChristine Poulter$15

14408Pocket Irish Phrase BookPaul Dorris$10

18174Poetry Goes to SchoolBob Barton), David Booth$15

16508Poetry Themes and ActivitiesLes Parsons$10

11105Portes Ouvertes Sur Notre Pays Manuel de Francais 2AMarie-France Giasson, Tina Hellmuth$15

07064Premier Arrimage AFALLON, MORSE$15

10073Professional Portfolio Models: Applications in EducationMaureen McLaughlin, Mary Ellen Vogt, Joanne A. Anderson, Judy Dumez, Marian Graeven Peter, Alyce Hunter$20

04132Reading Disabilities: A Developmental Language PerspectiveAlan G Kamhi (Editor), Hugh William Catts (Editor)$20

04737Reading Passages for Assessing Language ArtsNone given$20

17741Reading the Difference: Gender and Reading in Elementary ClassroomsMyra Barrs (Editor), Sue Pidgeon (Editor)$15

09083Reading Without Nonsense - 2nd EditionSmith, Frank$10

13330Reading, Writing, and the Exceptional Child: A Psycho-Socio-Linguistic ApproachHasenstab, M. Suzanne; Laughton, Joan$15

18595Readings in Canadian art educationRonald MacGregor$24

15340Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching HamletJohn Wilson Swope$25

04718Recruiting, Educating, and Training Librarians for Collection DevelopmentPeggy Johnson (Editor), Sheila S Intner (Editor)$30

17480Remembering the Kanji Vol. 2: A Systematic Guide to Reading Japanese CharactersJames W. Heisig$25

17421Rhymes and Notes of an Industrial ChemistWhicher, C.H$25

19389Ring a Ring O Roses: Finger Plays for Preschool ChildrenCharles Hansen$15

05511Russian for AdultsCharles Duff And Dmitri Makaroff$30

12144School Age Care: Theory and PracticeMusson, Steve$15

09049School Library Program in the CurriculumKen Haycock$15

08267Schools in Stories: Talbot Baines Reed 3 April 1852 to 28 November 1893Chambers, Aidan$22

02335Science in Action, a Science Project GuideStancel, Colette, Dewitt Steele And Jennifer Sallee$10

09050Science Through the Seasons: Worksheets and Activities to Explore the Four SeasonsLucia Kemp Henry$10

19353See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by TeachersRoxanna Elden$15

10098Semiotics in Language EducationMarcel Danesi$35

03307Senses and sensitivityAlice Yardley$10

19114Sexual Misconduct in Education: Prevention, Reporting and DisciplineGrant; Zuker, Marvin A.; Knox, Rena Bowers$20

17354Sharing the Secrets: Teach Your Child to SpellRuth Scott, Sharon Siamon$20


06602Signals From the CornerTom Frye$20

11521Sing Us a Story: Using Music in Preschool and Family StorytimesJane Marino$20

15862Sniffy, the Virtual Rat: Lite VersionTom Alloway, Greg Wilson, Jeff Graham, Lester Krames$10

14150Social Relationships and Peer Support (Teachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices)Martha E. Snell, Rachel Janney, Laura K. Vogtle, Kenna M. Colley, Monica Delano$15

10755Solving Problems Kids Care aboutRandal Souviney$15

11939Speak Basic Spanish In No TimeLarry Rios$15

09048Spelling and Grammar in a Whole Language ClassroomJan Lesley Wing$15

10106Stand Up for Your RightsPeace Child International$15

15057Statics: A Text-Book for the Use of the Higher Divisions in Schools and for First Year Students at the UniversitiesArthur Stanley Ramsey$20

15308Story WorksDavid Booth, Bob Barton$15

09348Students at risk: Solutions to classroom challengesCheryll Duquette$15

11417Studies in English By Members of Unversity College Toronto.Wallace, Principal Malcolm W.$20

13403Syntactic StructuresNoam Chomsky$20

05753Syntax for German in the User Speciality Languages SystemMagdalena Zoeppritz$125

15481Taking Control: Power and Education in First Nations Adult EducationHaig-Brown, Celia$20

18180Taking Public Universities Seriously Frank Iacobucci, Carolyn Tuohy$25

15371Teacher's Guide for Behavior of Mealworms (Elementary Science Study)David Webster$35

09384Teaching & Learning Styles: Celebrating DifferencesHuff, Patricia / Snider, Ruth / Stephenson, Susan$15

16473Teaching Fairly in an Unfair WorldKathleen Gould Lundy$20

10236Teaching for ThinkingHerbert J. Walberg (Author), James W. Keefe (Author)$10

11283Teaching LanguagesMollica, Anthony$20

17212Teaching Mathematics in Primary SchoolsZevenbergen, Robyn, Dole, Shelley, Wright, Robert J.$25

15960Teaching Shakespeare in the High SchoolBertrand Evans$15

09091Teaching with "50 Great Short Stories: Vocabulary, Comprehension Tests, & Writing ActivitiesMary M. Nyman (Author), Milton Crane$15

16583Teaching Workplace Skills: Creative Ways to Teach Students the Skills Employers Want LINDA KOFFEL$20

12289Techniques for Classroom InteractionDonn Byrne$10


14911Test Papers - a Set of 6 booklets: English, General knowledge,Arithmetic,Intelligence, Answers, ControlJames M. Charlton$35

19113That Space Which is Thinking: Prospective Teacher IdentityCherubini, Lorenzo$40

18010The Adventure of English: The Biography of a LanguageMelvyn Bragg$20

11422The Birth of Language (Silver Anniversary Issue)Wilson, Richard Albert$35

17256The Child is Father of the Man: How Humans Learn and WhyArthur John Abbott$20

19341The Child’s Understanding of NumberRochel Gelman, C. R. Gallistel$33

17974The Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Military, Border Services, Corrections and Security ExamsDeland Jessop$45

18225The Corporate Campus: Commercialization and the Dangers to Canada's Colleges and UniversityJames Turk$15

15830The Creative Curriculum for Infants and ToddlersLaura J. Colker$25

10078The ESL SongbookEleanor Adamowski$15

18607The golden hoop of lifeAllan Mountford$20

08482The Graves of AcademeRichard Mitchell$15

18940The Harper Dictionary of Foreign TermsEhrlich, Eugene$40

11588The History Handbook [Spiral-bound]Carol Berkin (Author), Betty S. Anderson (Author)$10

18394The Language ImperativeSuzette Haden Elgin$24

11899The Literacy Principal: Leading, Supporting and Assessing Reading and Writing InitiativesDavid W. Booth (Author), Jennifer Rowell (Author)$10

17219The Mailbox Math Skills Workout Grade 2Hope Taylor$15

16730The Number Devil: A Mathematical AdventureEnzensberger, Hans Magnus$15

15006The Path to School Leadership A Portable MentorTerrence E. Deal$10

17023The Place of Narrative in the Early Years Curriculum: How the Tale UnfoldsPeter Baldock$155

08950The Reading Edge: Sharpening Reading and Study SkillsVarious$20

18280The Roots of English Robert Claiborne$20

16410The school and the individual studentNease, Gilbert$20

08893The Scientific Basis of Physical EducationGriffin, F. W. W.$75

18853The Suffolk Dialect of the Twentieth CenturyA.O.D. Claxton$15

16849The Surname Detective : Investigating Surname Distribution in England, 1086-Present DayRogers, Colin D.$20

01426The Teaching of Science: a Self-Directed Planning GuideButts, David P.$20

17100The Tree House spelling workbook 5 Patrick Lashmar; Jack Booth; Josephine Lashmar; Shawn Paithouski$22

15303The Well Trained Mind A Guide to Classical Education at HomeBauer, Susan$25

11776The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at HomeJesse Bauer$35

19407This Business of Family: Preventing and Resolving Disputes in Family-owned Businesses Dennis Dwyer$24

19102Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking. 2nd EditionDiane F. Halpern$25

14351To Sing in English, a Guide to Improved DictionDorothy Uris$20


02905Values Through SongJohn Cruickshank$10

12121Very Simple ArabicJames Peters$10

13998Vocabulary, Exercises, and Conversational Drill - Based on the Naganuma Readers Book IIIRegents of the University of California$15

17135Vygotsky's Developmental and Educational Psychology Peter E. Langford$45

13866Wheels In The Head: Educational Philosophies of Authority, Freedom and Culture From Socrates To Human RightsJoel Spring$15

11072Woodworking Centre, K to 3, an Introduction to Wood TechnologyHastings, Bob$20

15973Worlds of Wonder: Resources for Multicultural Children's LiteratureKezwer, Paula$15

15365Yikes! It's Due Tomorrow?!: How to Handle School Snafus (Go Parents! Guide)Carmella Van Vleet$10


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