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First Edition



13183 A History of Sicily: Modern SicilAfter 1713Denis Mack SMITH$20

12254 Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Criminal JusticeSilverman, Robert A. and Marianne O. Nielsen$20

11687 Becoming Visible: Women in European HistoryRenate Bridenthal/Claudia Koonz$20

11952 De zingende zeelui van Afrika, op aventuur langs Afrika's westkustTadema-Sporry Bob$20

11729 God Wills it! An Illustrated History of the CrusadesWayne Bartlett$20

12957 It Happened at the Wall; Es Geschah An Der Mauer; Cela S-est Passe Au Mur; Sucedio En El Muro; E Accaduto Al MuroHildebrandt, Dr. Rainer$10

12505 Modern Irregular Warfare: In Defense Policy and as a Military PhenomenonHeydte, Friedrich August$30

11155 My WinnipegPineau, John$20

11749 NOMINIGAN, A Casual HistoryNorthway, Mary L.$20

12394 Reclaiming the Canadian Economy: A Swedish Approach through Functional SocialismAdler-Karlsson, Gunnar$20

13192 Tacitus, the Annals, Books I.-VI.Allen, William Francis$20

12855 The Centenary Volume of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec 1824-1924Literary and Historical Society of Quebec$40

12954 The Elgin Affair The Abduction of Antiquitys Greatest Treasures and the Passions It ArousedTheodore Vrettos$15

163481837 Rebellion RememberedDorothy Duncan (intro)$15

175741973 Negev Dinner in tribute to the Rt. Hon. John DiefenbakerJames F. Kay$250

077091976 Metropolitan Toronto Field Trip Guide. the Learnxs ProjectToronto Board Of Education$15

09597220 COLD: Travel & Exploration in High Latitudes - Catalogue Two Hundred TwentyWilliam Reese Company$20

06548A battle for truth : Canadian aircrews sue the CBC over Death by moonlight : bomber command.The Bomber Harris Trust$10

13314A Brief History of LymeJohn Fowles$10

12739A Brief History of MexicoLynn V Foster$15

13442A Century of Crime: The Development of Crime Detection Methods in CanadaCampbell, Marjorie Freeman$15

10124A choice over our heads : a guide to architecture and design since 1830Lawrence Burton$15

10077A Coming of Age: Counselling Canadians for Work in the 20th CenturyStephen Lewis$20

13568A Crown of Maples: Constitutional Monarchy in CanadaCanadian Heritage$10

17467A darkened house: Cholera in nineteenth-century CanadaGeoffrey Bilson$10

14301A dictionary of Canadian economicsDavid Crane$20

13038A Fair Share: a History of Agricultural Societies and Fairs in Ontario, 1792 - 1992Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies$20

12378A Final Promise: The Campaign to Assimilate the Indians, 1880-1920Frederick E. Hoxie$20

12681A Fire On The MountainsOakland Ross$16

15838A Hard Road To Glory: A History Of The African American AthleteArthur Ashe$10

15834A History of Britain: At the Edge of the World? 3500 BC-AD 1603Simon Schama$25

14713A History of FoodToussaint-Samat, Maguelonne$40

10774A History of Private Life, Volume V, Riddles of Identity in Modern TimesAntoine Prost and Gerard Vincent, Editors$20

14668A History of ReadingManguel, Alberto$15

16415A History of the Independent Telephone Industry in OntarioThomas Grindlay$20

15012A History of Tower HamletsKerrigan, Colm$15

06670A Lady's Experiences in the Wild West in 1883Rose Pender$10

14627A Magnificent Disaster: The Failure of the Market Garden, the Arnhem Operation, September 1944BENNETT, David$20

16457A Magnificent Disaster: The Failure of the Market Garden, the Arnhem Operation, September 1944BENNETT, David$20

04950A Magyar Nemzet TorteneteDr. Gorog Ferenc$35

13020A Map to the Door of No ReturnDionne Brand$15

08537A Narrative - 2nd editionHead, Sir Francis B.$35

15655A Nation Worth Ranting AboutMercer, Rick$15

16927A Passion for Paris: Romanticism and Romance in the City of LightDavid Downie$18

12724A Pictorial History of Algonquin Provincial ParkStrickland, Dan; Tozer Ron$10

07001A Pictorial History of WestonWeston Historical Socie$20

09721A Popular History of Two Revolutions: Guatemala and NicaraguaGuillermo Toriello Garrido, Rebecca Schwaner$15

17092A Preliminary Analysis of the October 1, 1965, Coup in Indonesia.Anderson, Bendict R., McVey, Ruth T. & Bunnell, Frederick P.$35

08693A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of GenocideSamantha Power$20

08215A Record of Achievement : Bruce County's Leadership in Farm OrganizationsJames W. Powers$40

08242A Record of Achievement : Bruce County's Leadership in Farm OrganizationsJames W. Powers$40

08243A Record of Achievement : Bruce County's Leadership in Farm OrganizationsJames W. Powers$40

15775A Seaport Legacy : The Story of St. John's, NewfoundlandO'Neill, Paul$25

15781A Study in Structural Semantics: The Siriono Kinship SystemScheffler, H.W., Lounsbury, F.G.$15

14161A treasury of New Brunswick art and storiesClark, Peter D$15

12281A village that chose progress; Chan Kom RevisitedRedfield, Robert$10

17263A Well-Regulated Militia: The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in AmericaSaul Cornell$20

16480Aboriginal Health in Canada: Historical, Cultural, and Epidemiological PerspectivesWaldram, James B.; Young, T. Kue; Herring, D. Ann$20

15499Aboriginal Peoples Collection -- six volume setSolicitor General$150

10868Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: A Bibliography 1987-90Evelyn J. Peters$15

12387Abraham in Arms: War and Gender in Colonial New EnglandAnn M. Little$35

14061AcadiansParatte Henri-Dominique$20

17327Afghanistan: Transition under ThreatGeoffrey Hayes, Mark Sedra$25

02861African Societies Karimojong, Tonga, Lele, Yako, Nuer, Benin, Dinka, Tallensi, Ndendeuli, Bunyoro, Nyakyusa, Kalabari, BugandaMair, Lucy$15

13519After the Black Death, Second Edition: A Social History of Early Modern EuropeGeorge Huppert$15

07754Agrarian feminism: The politics of Ontario farm womenLouise I Carbert$35

10925Agribusiness in the AmericasRoger Burbach$20

15047Air Monopoly: How Robert Milton's Air Canada Won - and Lost - Control of Canada's SkiesKeith McArthur$20

08288Album of western settlement.Wilson, Keith$15

16288All Silent, All Damned: The Search for Isaac BarrReid, Helen Evans$15

17205Alongside; The Navy, 1910-1950 : An Intimate AccountJean Donald Gow$20

05844Alpha to Omega: The Life and Times of the Greek AlphabetAlexander Humez, Nicholas Humez$15

14816Al-Riddah and the Muslim Conquest of ArabiaElias S. Shoufani PH.D.$155

17400Ambivalent Conquests: Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570 Inga Clendinnen$15

12273American Foreign Relations: A History to 1920 - Volume IThomas G. Paterson (Author), J. Garry Clifford (Author), Kenneth J. Hagan (Author)$22

14067American Myths: What Canadians Think They Know About the United StatesGriffiths, Rudyard$15

16595American Scots: The Scottish Diaspora and the USADuncan Sim$70

07742An Archaeological Guide to Northern Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El SalvadorJoyce Kelly$15

11433An Attempt at an Historical Survey of Life-Saving Measures for Drowning Persons and Information of the Best Means by Which They Can Again Be Brought Back to LifeHerholdt, J. D.; Rafn, C. G.$115

08524An Insider's Handbook to the City Mirror Guide to MontrealSabbadini, Annarosa$18

13229An Outline History of DenmarkHelge Seidelin Jacobsen$15

09819An uncommon fellowship: The story of Hart HouseIan Montagnes$20

12912An Unnatural Metropolis: Wresting New Orleans from NatureCraig E. Colten$20

12665Anatomy of ArcadiaDavid Solway$15

15568Ancient People of the ArcticRobert McGhee$25

14485Animal Rights Human Rights Ecology Economy and Ideology in the Canadian ArcticGeorge Wenzel$10

08599ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE AND ARTS for the Province of Ontario, for the Year 1884A. M. Ross, Commissioner of Agriculture$40

14522Applying Anthropology: An Introductory ReaderAaron Podolefsky$20

09591Archaeological Investigations Fort Victoria, 1975 Occasional Paper No. 3.Losey, Timothy C$20

12630Archaic StatesGary M. Feinman (Editor), Joyce Marcus (Editor)$25

14345Arctic ArchaeologyPeter Rowley-Conwy (Editor)$30

14865Arctic breakthrough: Franklin's expeditions, 1819-1847Paul Nanton$20

15270Arctic Heritage: Proceedings of a SymposiumNelson; Needham; Norton (editors)$20

16041Arctic Sovereignty Initiatives in the Canadian North: A Historical Review, 1700 - 1980MR David Stanley McRobert$10

10715As We Were - A Victorian Peep ShowE. F. Benson$25

11038Aspects of the French RevolutionAlfred Cobban$20

14245Assassination and TerrorismRapoport, David C.$15

04052At Odds Gambling and Canadians, 1919-1969Suzanne Morton$15

08440At the River I StandJoan Turner Beifuss$20

11721Atkinson Then and Now: Based on the Collection of Louise Noyes Barnum, Atkinson HistorianCole, Jane (editor) / Louise Noyes Barnum$25

12666Attila The HunChristopher Kelly$15

06970Bacardi: The Hidden WarHernando Calvo Ospina$15

04056Bantu Bureaucracy: A Century of Political Evolution Among the Basoga of UgandaLloyd A. Fallers$10

00140Basic Income : Economic Security For All CanadiansSally Lerner$10

12056Before The Industrial RevolutionCarlo Cipolla$20

14602Behind Enemy LinesMatthew Wright$25

07074Behind the Jester's Mask: Canadian Editorial Cartoons about Dominant and Minority Groups, 1960-1979Raymond N. Morris$15

10882Behind the Mask of Tutankhamen [Large Print]Barry Wynne$20

15742Belonging: The Meaning and Future of Canadian CitizenshipKaplan, William$20

14226Benedict Arnold: The Canadian connectionLouis Quigley$35

16793Beyond the Law: Lawyers and Business in Canada, 1830 to 1930 (Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Vol. 4)Carol Wilton$22

07086Bilingual tensions in CanadaRobert M. Laxer$18

15528Black Canadians A Long Line of FightersTulloch, Headley$25

14227Blacks (Peoples of the Maritimes) - Second EditionPachai, Bridglal$15

15014Blitzkrieg, halte Kornwerderzand / druk 1: de slag om de Afsluitdijk verteld door ooggetuigenH. Sprakel A. Sprakel$25

07701Blood on the Coal: The Story of the Springhill Mining DisastersBrown, Roger David$10

06260Bluenose, Queen of the Grand Banks - Third EditionFeenie Ziner$10

14792Boer Prisoners of War in Bermuda - 4th EditionBenbow, Colin$35

17401Boundaries of Identity: A Quebec ReaderDodge, William$15

06580Branches without Roots: Genesis of the Black Working Class in the American South, 1862-1882Gerald David Jaynes$15

15022Breaking with History the Gorbachev Revolution an Eyewitness AccountMartin, Lawrence$20

08627Bridging the Chasm. a Study of the Ontario-Quebec QuestionMorley, Percival Fellman$20

14368Bright Seas, Pioneer Spirits The Sunshine CoastKeller, Betty & Leslie, R.$10


14726Bringing the Empire Back Home France in the Global AgeHerman Lebovics$15

10980Bristol as it Was: 1920'sReece Winstone$25

17311Britain and the Origins of Canadian Confederation, 1837-67Ged Martin$24

12913Britain Yesterday and Today: 1830 to the PresentWalter L Arnstein$20

06254British Columbia: An Illustrated HistoryGeoff Molyneux$10

07782British HistoryGerard; David Harding; Lucinda Hawksley; Brenda Ralph Lewis; Jon Sutherland; Helen Tovey; Introduction By Professor Eric Evans Cheshire$20

11936British History: 1865-1965 and BeyondH A Clement$20

14492Brockville: The River CityDisotell, Russ$10

15622Broken Star-The Warburgs of Altona: Their Life in Germany and the Ir Death in the HolocaustGertrude Wenzel$15

14394Brooklyn Bridge: Fact and SymbolAlan Trachtenberg$10

16399Buddhas WarriorsMikel Dunham$30

12749Burke's Family IndexHugh Montgomery-Massingberd (Editor)$20

06330Burning Conscience: The Case of the Hiroshima Pilot, Claude EatherlyClaude Eatherly, Gunther Anders$15

16094Butcher & Bolt: Two Hundred Years of Foreign Failure in AfghanistanDavid Loyn$20

14491Caledonia: Along the Grand RiverBarbara Martindale$10

13050Calgary Papers in Military and Strategic Studies Vol. 1 2008Dr. John Ferris (editor)$20

13052Calgary Papers in Military and Strategic Studies, Vol. 2, Canadian Defebce PolicyFerris, John (editor)$15

13051Calgary Papers, in Military and Strategic Studies, Vol 2 2008 Military Studies and HistoryFerris, John (editor)$20

09563CAMEOS FROM ENGLISH HISTORY The End of the Stewarts (1662-1748)Charlotte Mary Yonge$20

14136Canada 1812-1871. Période de formation.KNIGHT, James et collaborateur (JEFFERYS, C. W.)$15

05283Canada 1940 the Official Handbook of Present Conditions & Recent Progressnone given$15

14238Canada Among Nations 2003: Coping with the American ColossusDavid Carment, Fen Hampson, Norman Hillmer$25

14465Canada and the Biafran TragedyBrewin, Andrew; MacDonald, David$15

17439Canada at Geneva, an Historical Survey and its Lessons. (contemporary affairs No. 20)Eastman, S. Mack$16

02320Canada in the Days of New FranceEdward H. Borins$15

16305Canada in the Great World War Volume IV The Turn of the TideWillison, W.A.; Burpee, Lawrence J.; Hill, Roland H.; Donnell, Alan; et al.$35

16306Canada in the Great World War, Volume V, The Triumph of the AlliesWillison, W.A.; Hill, Roland H.; MacPherson, J.S.B.; Burpee, Lawrence J.; Donnell, Alan; Wurtele, Ernest F.$35

11428Canada Since 1867; Selected Historical SourcesPatricia M. Johnson$15

14712Canada Without Armed Forces?Douglas L. Bland$15

10314Canada Year Book 2006Statistics Canada$20

16846Canada, 1900-1950: A Country Comes of Age (Un pays prend sa place)Serge Bernier & John M acFarlane [eds.]$15

08512Canada, Traditions and Revolutions: Proceedings of a Conference = Canada, Traditions Et RevolutionsArtibise, Alan F.J.;Langlois, Simon;Association for Canadian Studies;International Council for Canadian Studies$15

08612Canada. An essay : to which was awarded the first prize by the Paris Exhibition Committee of Canada.HOGAN, J. Sheridan$20

09101Canada's First Nations : A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest TimesDickason, Olive Patricia$30

12046Canada's Guns: An Illustrated History of ArtilleryLeslie W. C. S Barnes$15

09216Canada's Militia : A Heritage at RiskWillett, T. C.$20

08964Canada's Printing Pioneers-Provincial Papers Volume 31, No. 2, 1966Masterson, Paul G. (Editor)$15

05509Canada's Railways-Canada at Work SeriesPhillips, R.A.J.$10

09891Canada's Role as a Middle Power: Papers Given at the Third Annual Banff Conference on World Development, August 1965 [Contemporary Affairs No. 35]Gordon, J. King [ed.]$22

10712Canadian Agriculture at a Glance / Un coup d'oeil sur l'agriculture canadienneStatistics Canada$25

07892Canadian Capitalism: A Study of Power in the Canadian Business EstablishmentJorge Niosi$20

15223Canadian Democracy: An IntroductionStephen Brooks$20

12712Canadian Democracy: An IntroductionStephen Brooks$20

16321Canadian Folklore Canadien: Vol. 17, Nos. 1 [magazine] - AmerindiensJocelyne Mathieu$15

04617Canadian Government Paper Money (10th Edition)-the Charlton Standard CatalogueW.K. Cross$15

04735Canadian Government Paper Money (Spiral-bound) - 18th editionR. J. Graham (Editor)$20

13558Canadian Housing Design Council Lectures 1962 - 1971 - 6-Volume SetCanadian Housing Design Council$45

06461Canadian industrial organization and policyChristopher Green$15

16199Canadian Inventors and Innovators: 1885 to 1950 - Pioneering in PlasticsEmmerson, Donald W.$25

08046Canadian Marine Officers' Blue Book 1949-50Felker, Capt. J.A.$40

09645Canadian Nature. Vol. 6, no 5. Nov-Dec 1944 to Vol. 10, no 2. Mar-Apr 1948Whittemore, A.R. (editor)$40

06430Canadian Parliamentary Handbook 2004 - 22nd EditionJehn Bejermi$25

03146Canadian Parliamentary Handbook/Repertoire Parlementaire Canadien 2005 - 23rd EditionBejermy, John$24

08443Canadian Peacekeepers: Ten Stories of Valour in War-Torn CountriesNorman S. Leach$10

15458Canadian public administration: Problematical perspectivesRobert F Adie$20

13927Canadian railway scenesAdolf Hungry Wolf$10

08836Canadian Scenery Illustrated - 2-Volume SetN.P. Willis$45

12715Canadian Social Trends - Volume 3Craig McKie$15

11021Canadian Warbird Survivors: A Handbook on Where to Find ThemHarold A. Skaarup$24

13292Canadian Woman Studies: Remembering Mary O'Brien - Volume 18 #4Somer Brodribb$20

04558Canadians and the Victoria CrossMelville, Douglas A.$15

08523Cantate Domino A History of the Boys Choir School 1953-1991Kenneth Scott$25

10306Caribbean Diaspora in TorontoFrances Henry$25

16338Caring on the Grand a History of the Freeport HospitalPeter Conrad$15

13996Case and Context in Inuktitut (Eskimo).Kalmar, Ivan$25

14554Castaway on Cape BretonG G Campbell$10

15656Castration An Abbreviated History of ManhoodGary Taylor$25

17450Catching Babies: The Professionalization of Childbirth, 1870-1920Charlotte Borst$30

03929Categorically Incorrect: Ethical Fallacies in Canada's War on TerrorA. Alan Borovoy$10

16991Central and Eastern Europe, 1944-1993: Detour from the Periphery to the Periphery Ivan Berend$30

08168Ceux Qui Voulaient Tuer HitlerManvell Roger, Heinrich Fraenkel$20

15217Champlain's Island; Ste. Croix (Dochet) Island ; A MonographGanong, William Francis$35

12277Chan Kom: A Maya VillageRedfield, Robert; Rojas, Alfonso Villa$10

13925Cheese And The WormsCarlo Ginzburg$15

02733Chernobyl and Other Nuclear Accidents (New Perspectives)Condon, Judith$10

16503Chiddingfold Memories: 1900-99Chiddingfold Society$25

14871Childhood in the Middle AgesShulamith Shahar$30

13122Children of the WildernessThomson, Donald$25

04673Chile: The State and RevolutionIan Roxborough, Philip O'Brien, Jackie Roddick$18

04071China in Transformation, 1900-1949Colin Mackerras$10

14603China Policy: New Priorities and AlternativesW. Meyers$25

04263China: Changes in 40 YearsBeijing Review$15

14488Christie Seignueuries : Estate Management and Settlement in the Upper Riche lieu Valley, 1760-1854Noel, Francoise$30

16728Churchill proceedings, 1994-1995: Addresses (Lecture series)Langworth, Richard M. (Ed.)$15

10085Churchill's Grand AllianceJohn Charmley$20

05323Churchill's Secret Agent - Large PrintJosephine Butler$65

11127Cinema and Social Change in Latin America: Conversations with FilmmakersJulianne Burton (Editor)$20

16439Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian StateAlan Cairns$15

17470City Of ErosTimothy J Gilfoyle$24

11890City of Mercy the Story of BethelBradfield, Margaret$15

06799City parks of CanadaLinda Martin$12

06266City Parks of CanadaLinda Martin, Kerry Segrave$12

07651Civilization and Climate - 3rd Revised and Enlarged editionEllsworth Huntington$20

09817Civilizations in History, a Thinking Skills Approach to the Study of Human DevelopmentDavis, M. Dale$20

10929Climbing Man's Family TreeT.D. McCown (Author), Kenneth Kennedy$20

03064Clouds of Deceit: the Deadly Legacy of Britain's Bomb TestsSmith, Joan$20

14953Coal Black Heart: The Story of Coal and Lives it RuledJohn Demont$20

04809Coast ConnectionRobert Harvey$12

15285COLLECTION OF 27 LITTLE BLUE BOOKSLittle Blue Books Collection$45

16634Colonial Leviathan: State formation in mid-nineteenth-century CanadaAllan Greer$145

13150Come Quick, Danger : A History of Marine Radio in CanadaStephan Dubreuil$20

03975Coming Into the CountryJohn McPhee$25

06450Community & ConflictJohn D Jackson$10

14574Complicity Human Rights and Canadian Foreign Policy The Case of East TimorSharon Scharfe$10

13970Concerning Brave Captains: Being a History of the British Occupation of Kano and Sokoto and of the Last Stand of the Fulani Forces.Muffett, D.J.M.$25

13737Confessions of a Cornish Miner : Silver Islet: 1870-1884Strathbogey, James$22

16156Conflict, Crisis, and Accountability: Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement in CanadaCharles C. Smith$15

10045Confronting Historical Paradigms: Peasants, Labor, And The Capitalist World SystemCooper, Frederick;I saacman, Allen F.; Mallon, Florencia E.$22

14185Conquer or Die!: Wellington's Veterans and the Liberation of the New WorldBen Hughes$20

10765Conquest and Survival in Colonial Guatemala: A Historical Geography of the Cuchumatan Highlands, 1500-1821George Lovell$15

16193Conquests and Cultures An International HistoryThomas Sowell$15

15348Conservatism Among the Iroquois at the Six Nations ReserveAnnemarie Anrod Shimony$25

08355Conserving Ontario's Landscape - Proceedings of a Conference held in BelleVille, April 1997No author given$20

12054Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews: A HistoryJames Carroll$25

14162Contact and ConflictRobin Fisher$15

08328Conversations with CanadiansPierre Elliott Trudeau$15

16850Convicts and the ColoniesA. G. L. Shaw$55

17553Core Competencies For Public Health In CanadaPublic Health Agency of Canada$20

14105Costume: An Illustrated Survey from Ancient Times to the Twentieth CenturyMargot Lister$25

10485Cowboys, Gentlemen, and Cattle Thieves: Ranching on the Western FrontierWarren M. Elofson$16

10091Cradle of the Middle Class: The Family in Oneida County, New York, 1790-1865Mary P. Ryan$20

16026Crime and the Courts in England, 1660-1800J. M. Beattie$25

14188Crime in Canadian Society [Sixth Edition]Sacco, Vincent F.; Silverman, Robert A.; Teevan, James J.$30

17580Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant TrailRubén Martínez$15

13613Crowns of Glory, Tears of Blood: The Demerara Slave Rebellion of 1823Emilia Viotti Da Costa$20

15541CUBAN REVOLUTION READER A Documentary History of 40 Key Moments of the Cuban RevolutionLuis, Juio Garcia, ed.$15

15457Cultural Anthropology : A Problem-Based ApproachRobbins, Richard H.; Larkin, Sherrie N.$25

02758Cultural Ways: a Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology - 3rd editionTaylor, Robert B.$20

07647Cultures of the North Pacific CoastP. Drucker$10

15953Custom and Conflict in AfricaMax Gluckman$35

12575Das Herz Schlagt LinksO. Lafontaine$15

12001Dawson City SevenDon Reddick$20

12755D-DayMartin Gilbert$15

07185De l'assurance-chômage à l'assurance-emploiGeorges Campeau$18

07786Death In JerusalemKati Marton$15

15177Debates about Canada's Future 1868-1896Robeson, Virginia R.;Douglas, Patrick$20

17251Defeating Mau Mau, Creating Kenya: Counterinsurgency, Civil War, and DecolonizationDaniel Branch$30

16398Defining Memory: Local Museums and the Construction of History in America's Changing Communities (American Association for State and Local History)Levin, Amy K.$30

09660Dejiny Narodu Ceskeho Volumes I, II, III, IV, VPalacky, Frantisek$95

16031Demographic trends in Canada, 1996-2006: Implications for the public and private sectors (Canada in the 21st century. I, Scene setting)David K Foot$95

08371Deprived of Their LibertyStern, Vivien$25

07365Des idées Pour le QuébecBonnin, Alain$10

11019Desert Frontier: Ecological And Economic Change Along The Western Sahel, 1600-1850James L.A. Jr. Webb$10

11664Deutsche HeldensagenMudrak, Edmund$20

13708Deutsche und Russen: Tausend Jahre gemeinsame Geschichte (German Edition)Leo Sievers$35

08753Dictionary of American History: From 1763 to the PresentThompson Peter$25

09667Discoveries and Explorations - Library of Modern ProgressRoberts, Charles G.D.$75

07497Do You Remember? : A Lighter Side of Kincardine's HistoryWanita Hollands$15

04041Documents in Canadian HistoryJeffrey Keshen, Suzanne Morton$15

12099Documents in Canadian HistoryJeffrey Keshen, Suzanne Morton$14

07280Don't Cry Baby...We'll be Back! The History of Wheatland Regional Library 1967-1987MacDonald, R.H. (Rusty)$25

08579Dossier 1940- 1945. Spitfires contra stuka's. De slag om EngelandBAUWENS JAN, TERLOUW PIET EN EBELING H.C$22

08583Dossier 1940-1950 - Hermann Göring: Noem me Herr MeyerBauwens Jan, Terlouw Piet, Ebeling H.C.$22

17015Douze leçons sur l'histoireProst, Antoine$10

07487Earl Morris & Southwestern ArcheologyLister, Florence C.; Lister, Robert H$15

09771Early and Late Victorians : A History of the Union Club of British ColumbiaBissley, Paul L.$10

14002Early Days in KansasBliss Isely$15

15024Earning Respect: The Lives of Working Women in Small-Town Ontario, 1920-1960Sangster, Joan$20

15215Earning Respect: The Lives of Working Women in Small-Town Ontario, 1920-1960Sangster, Joan$25

08473East AfricaRichard F. Burton$15

08560East/West Passage: Travel of Ideas, Arts, and Inventions Between Asia and the Western WorldMichael Edwardes$20

13824Ecology Versus Politics in Canada (Paperback) by William Leiss (Editor) ‹ Return to product information Always pay through's Shopping Cart or 1-Click. Learn more about Safe Online Shopping and our safe buying guarantee.William Leiss$15

15733Educating the leader and leading the educated : the defence learning, education and training handbookJeffrey M Stouffer; Bernd Horn$25

09761Education and the First CanadiansAndre Renaud$15

11618El Diario Del Che En BoliviaErnesto Che Guevara$15

08538Elements of Polish Culture as seen by a Resident Foreigner.Super, Paul.$25

16937Eleven Exiles: Accounts of Loyalists of the American RevolutionPhyllis R. Blakeley, John N. Grant$15

15052Emancipation Day: Celebrating Freedom in CanadaHenry, Natasha L.$15

15866Empire and the English CharacterKathryn Tidrick$15

11821Endangered Dreams: The Great Depression in CaliforniaKevin Starr$18

17249Enduring Dreams, an Exploration of Arctic LandscapeMoss, J. Moss$10

07018England's Battles By Sea & By Land Vol. IV the Present Expedition Against Russian Aggression in the EastNone found$60

13994Eskimo Economics : An Aspect of Cultural Change at Rankin Inlet.William HUGH JANSEN II$20

05733Eskimo Masks: Art and CeremonyDorothy Jean Ray$20

13113European Culture in the Great War: The Arts, Entertainment and Propaganda, 1914-1918Aviel Roshwald (Editor), Richard Stites (Editor)$40

09215Europe's Classical Balance of PowerEdward Vose Gulick$15

15302Europe's Lost CivilzationMarshall, Peter$20

04720EXETER MILITIA LIST 1803Hoskins, W.G.$20

17296Eye and Dunsden Two Centuries of Change in an Oxfordshire ParishLaw, Brian R.$25

12872Falkland Islands: The "Travis" Franks and CoversNORRIS, Andrew and David Beech$10

15211Fallen women: Female crime and criminal justice in Canada (Nelson crime in Canada series)Boritch, Helen$20

09429Falling behind: The state of working Canada, 2000Andrew Jackson, Bob Baldwin, Cindy Wiggins$10

17579Feudal Society, Volume 2: Social Classes and Political OrganizationBloch, Marc$15

15982Final DecreeGeorge Jonas$15

08256Finding Common GroundJean Chretien (Editor)$20

13895FIRST PERSON PLURAL. Being Editorials for These Troubled Times. A Golden Jubilee Collection of Editorials.Wills, Harold A.$20

15554Fishermen and Merchants in 19th Century Gaspe: The Fishermen-Dealers of William Hyman and SonsSamson, Roch$15

09224Five Tragic Hours: The Battle of FranklinJames Lee McDonough (Author), Thomas L. Connelly$15

02816Flat-Top: the Story of an Escort CarrierOmmanney, F. D.$15

15805Florence 1900 The Quest for ArcadiaBernd Roeck$20

09760Flying the Atlantic in Sixteen HoursArthur Whitten Brown$20

11626Foisted upon the government?: State responsibilities, family obligations, and the care of the dependent aged in late nineteenth-century OntarioEdgar-Andre Montigny$20

08495Food for thought: How our dollar democracy drove 2 million Canadians into foodbanks to collect private charity in place of public justice (#2 in Hooligans)Marlene Webber$10

07788Food production and its consequencesPhilip E. L Smith$10

16869Footpaths to Freeways: The Story of Ontario's Roads Ontario's Bicentennial, 1784-1984bagnato, sharon and Shragge, John (Editors)$20

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14725France in Crisis: Welfare, Inequality, and Globalization since 1980Smith, Timothy B.$75

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06265From Stones To StatehoodPhyllis Bennis$10

04636From Zero to Hens and ChickensJoshua Jeneice$16

17530Front-Line AirlineBennet-Bremner, E.$20

14407Frozen in Time: Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin ExpeditionBeattie, Owen; Geiger, John$10

09920Gallant Sepoys and SowarsWilliam John Elliott$35

09735Gandhi and modernisationRajeshwar Pandey$35

17122Gateway City: The North Bay storyMichael Barnes$15

06241Gateway to Atlantis - the Search for the Source of a Lost CivilisationAndrew Collins$25

11464Gender and heresy: Women and men in Lollard communities, 1420-1530Shannon McSheffrey$15

02935Gender Profile of TanzaniaTanzania Gender Networking Programme$35

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08096Geneve - Sa Vie et Ses Monnaies Aux Siecles PassesLescaze, Bernard$20

15591Germany 2000 Years: Volume 2: The Second Empire and the Weimar RepublicKurt Reinhardt$20

11744Germany and England.Bernhardi, Friedrich von$20

17552Getting started : heritage property tax relief : a guide for municipalities.Govt. of Ontario$20

15201Gettysburg A Battlefield AtlasCraig L. Symonds$15

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15793God's Mercies: Rivalry, Betrayal, and the Dream of DiscoveryDouglas Hunter$15

14954Goin Fishin The Story of the Deep Sea Fishermen of New EnglandWesley G. Pierce$20

17247Gold Fever: Adventures and Escapades of the Klondike Gold RushRich Mole$15

09647Gold in the Porcupine!Barnes, Michael$15

16861Good Government? Good Citizens?: Courts, Politics, and Markets in a Changing CanadaW. A. Bogart$25

08224Governing in post-deficit times: Alberta in the Klein yearsBarry/Mebs Cooper / Kanji$15

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13202Grand Valley Dani: Peaceful WarriorsKarl G. Heider$10

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13618Greeks OverseasJohn Boardman$20

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15772Guardians of the Flutes: Idioms of MasculinityGilbert H. Herdt$20

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10015Handbook of CanadaBritish Association for the Advancement of Science$22

11129Handicrafts of the Southern HighlandsAllen H. Eaton$20

17566Harlem: The Four Hundred Year History from Dutch Village to Capital of Black AmericaJonathan Gill$25

13974Harpenden (Archive Photographs S.)Eric Brandreth$20

17348Harperism: How Stephen Harper and his think tank colleagues have transformed Canada Donald Gutstein$15

06407Harper's New ClothesWalter Belsito$10

05042Healing WoundGitta Sereny$20

02272Health of Canada's Children - Third EditionVarious Authors$15

04383Hegemony and Culture: Politics and Change among the YorubaDavid D. Laitin$22

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14453Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Atomic BombTakaki, Ronald$10

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14767Historians in PoliticsLaqueur, Walter;Mosse, George L.$30

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08633Historic St. John's at York Mills 1816-1943Graham, Audrey [editor]$20

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11853Honour Earth MotherBasil Johnston$15

15749Honour Song: A TributeHager, Barbara$10

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00634Human Adaptive StrategiesDaniel G. Bates$10

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16591Immigrant Canada: Demographic, Economic, and Social Challenges Leo Driedger (Editor), Shiva Halli (Editor)$15

07167Impressions: 250 Years of Printing in the Lives of CanadiansMichel Brisebois$15

12729Impure: Reinventing the word : the theory, practice, and history of spoken word in MontrealVictoria Stanton$15

15844In Armageddons Shadow The Civil War and Canadas Maritime ProvincesGreg Marquis$20

16847In our midst: Stories from the Waterloo County jailMelissa MacLean$20

16513In Pursuit of Justice : So Far So GoodEd Grootenboer$15

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08185In the eye of the storm: A history of Canadian peacekeepingFred Gaffen$15

07522In the Land of the People Apart : Being the Journal of Jean-Paul Dufour Among the Huron Indians, 1634-1650Duff, Steven$10

07333In the Land of the People Apart : Being the Journal of Jean-Paul Dufour Among the Huron Indians, 1634-1650Duff, Steven$10

14535Indian Culture and European Trade Goods: The Archaeology of the Historic Period in the Western Great Lakes RegionQuimby, George Irving$20

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12547Inside-Camp X: Camp X, the final battleLynn-Philip Hodgson$15

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17303Invasions Without Tears: The Story of Canada's Top-Scoring Spitfire Wing in Europe During The Second World WarMonty Berger$15

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07443Le Pari de la franchiseStéphane Dion$25

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07183Le système de santé québécois: un modèle en transformationCLERMONT BEGIN$20

07054Le système de santé québécois: un modèle en transformationCLERMONT BEGIN$20

07085Le Système De Santé Québécois: Un Modèle En TransformationClermont Begin$20

14273Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey Into the UnknownGordon Cooper$15

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07182Libéralisation des marchés de l'électricitéHenri Lepage, Michel Boucher$25

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12490Lives in the Balance Ontario's Social AuditMacAdam, Murray (ed)$20

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08850Magical Moon LakeKarl Backhaus$18

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14599Malcolm X on Afro-American HistoryMalcolm X$10

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16795Memorials to Canada's War Dead/ Memoriaux aux Canadiens Morts a la GuerreLeMaistre, Susan ( Editor )$10

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17126More Battlefields of EnglandBurne, Alfred H.$20

13400More Than Fifty Per Cent: Women's Life in a Newfoundland Outpost, 1900-50Hilda Chaulk Murray$15

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10449Mycenae-Epidaurus Tiryns - Nauplion: Complete Guide to the Archaeological Sites of Argolia with Full-Colour Illustrations Maps Plans & ReconstructionsPapahatzis, Nicos$20

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13084Niagara Escarpmnent Plan - 3-volume SetNorman W. Sterling$30

13901No Balm in Gilead: A Personal Retrospective of Mandate Days in PalestineSylva M. Gelber$20

07793No Gods and precious few heroes: Scotland 1914-1980Christopher Harvie$10

06591No Gods and Precious Few Heroes: Scotland Since 1914Christopher T Harvie$20

17000North Alaska ChroniclesJohn Martin Campbell$25

15109North Words the Near North's HistoryWilston Steer$15

04931Northern provinces: A mistaken goalGordon Robertson$18

07676Not Working: State, Unemployment, and Neo-Conservatism in CanadaStephen McBride, Stephen McBryde$15

07512Notre Grande Aventure: L'empire Francais En Amerique Du Nord, 1535-1760Lionel Groulx$15

08502Nuclear Fear: A History of ImagesSpencer R. Weart$20

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17511One Million Children: a National Study of canadian Children with Emotional and Learning DisordersShannon, R.H. (ed)$45

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12107Ontario Municipal Legislation An Unofficial Publisher's ConsolidationCanada Law Book$45

07233Ontario's Heritage: A Celebration of ConservationPaul Litt$18

11425Option Canada / Canada Option The Economic Implications of Separatism for the Province of Quebec / Les Conséquences Économiques Du Séparatisme Pour La Province De QuebecBrichant Andrew A.$30


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05351Our Watershed Legacy - Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority 1950-2000Anne Duke Judd$24

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10347Out of the Channel: The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William SoundJohn Keeble$20

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04835Peasants and Politics in Kampuchea, 1942-81Kiernan, Ben & Boua Chanthou$35

13313Pennsylvania's ArchitectureIrwin Richman$10

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09306pirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline: Factory Women In MalaysiaAihwa Ong$12

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16402Planning for and Responding to Disasters in Canada-an Approach for Farmers and Farm OrganizationsCanadian Farm Business Management Council, Illustrated$20

17509Playgoing in Shakespeare's London.A. Gurr$15

16005Ploughshares into Swords: Race, Rebellion, and Identity in Gabriel's Virginia, 1730-1810James Sidbury$15

05253Poisonous InfernoGeorge Southern$20

15347Poisons of the Past - Molds Epidemics and HistoryMary Kilbourne Matossian$15

16756Policing Ontario: The OPP todayMichael Barnes$30

12525Politics in Britain: From Callaghan to ThatcherIan Derbyshire$15

12544Politics of the Wild: Canada and Endangered SpeciesKaren Beazley (Editor), Robert Boardman$20

09307Politics on the margins: Restructuring and the Canadian women's movementJanine Brodie$10

07491Poor bloody murder: Personal memoirs of the First World WarGordon Reid$20

16995Populism and democratic thought in the Canadian prairies, 1910 to 1945David H Laycock$24

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13561Portrait a History of the Arthur AreaO'Donnell, Paul and Frank D. Coffey$20

08841Position OneFUENTES, Norberto$55

08056Power And PlaceStelter$20

11878Power and resistance: Critical thinking about Canadian social issuesLeslie Samuelson (Author), Wayne Antony (Author), Les Samuelson (Author)$15

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11969Prehistoric HengesAubrey Burl$10

08682Presidents of the United States From Pierce to McKinley - The Nineteenth Century Series. Volume XXI.Marquis, T. G$25

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16898Public-Sector Labour Relations in an Era of Restraint and RestructuringGene Swimmer (Editor)$15

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03938Quebec, 1759 - the Seige and the BattleC. P. Stacey$15

12009Quebec: Beyond the quiet revolutionAlain Gagnon$15

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16996Trying Neaira: The True Story of a Courtesan’s Scandalous Life in Ancient GreeceProfessor Debra Hamel$10


09644Two centuries of change: United Counties of Northumberland and Durham, 1767-1967Frank N Pickford$20

16345Two Worlds: The Protestant Culture of Nineteenth-Century OntarioWilliam Westfall$15

02542Uncertain Friendship: American-French Diplomatic Relations Through the Cold WarMarvin Ralph Zahniser$15

16934Underground Warfare at ButteSales, Reno H.$15

13265Understanding the Contemporary CaribbeanRichard S. Hillman (Editor), Thomas J. D'Agostino$20

15731Uneasy Partners: Multiculturalism and Rights in CanadaJanice Stein, David Robertson Cameron, John Ibbitson, Will Kymlicka, John Meisel, Haroon Siddiqui, M$15

15018Unnamed Country: The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie FictionHarrison, Dick$15

15822Unrevised and unrepented;: Debating speeches and othersArthur Meighen$22

11865Uprooted and transplanted: A Sudeten odyssey from tragedy to freedom, 1938-1958Hanns F Skoutajan$15

08954Uprooted and transplanted: A Sudeten odyssey from tragedy to freedom, 1938-1958Hanns F Skoutajan$15

16212Uprooted and transplanted: A Sudeten odyssey from tragedy to freedom, 1938-1958Hanns F Skoutajan$15

14186Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers--And Why Gi's Are Only the First VictimsGary Matsumoto$15

17151Vanishing HalifaxL.B. Jenson$15

05184Veranderd straatbeeldWouter van Riemsdijk$33

16834Victims: THE LDS CHURCH AND THE MARK HOFMANN CASERichard E. Turley$15

07399Victorian and Edwardian OxfordJohn Betjeman, David Vaisey$22

12030Victory at MortainMark Reardon$25

06708Virtual War: Kosovo and BeyondMichael Ignatieff$10

14963Voices of Freedom An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement from the 1950s Through The 1980sHenry Hampton$20

15082Voyaging Down the Thames, an Intimate Account of a Voyage 200 Miles Across England, Down "The River of Liquid History"-The ThamesEddy, Clyde$20

13100Walk Towards the Gallows : The Tragedy of Hilda Blake, Hanged 1899Reinhold; Mitchell, Tom Kramer$16

13622War at the Top of the World: The Struggle For Afghanistan And AsiaEric S. Margolis$20

09524War-Pictures From ClarendonEdward, Earl Of Clarendon$20

16879Warrior Rule in JapanMarius Jansen$20

04933Warriors of Death: the Final Battles of Hitler's Private Bodyguard, 1944-45Whiting, Charles$15

13871Was Du ErerbtF.P.J. Rimrott$20

08634Water: The Emerging Crisis in CanadaHarold Foster, W.R. Derrick Sewell$15

14844We Flew, We Fell, We Lived: The Remarkable Reminiscences of Second World War Evaders and Prisoners of WarLagrandeur, Philip G.$20

14283Weathered WoodBrewster F. O. Pat$10

08366Weighing the options: Identifying harbour-use goalsDarlene E Boyle$25

14625We'll Find the Way: History of Hondo Air Field During World War IIThompson, Robert$20

16210Western VisionsRoger Gibbins, Loleen Berdahl$10

13259What happens when it happens?: Albania's Emergency Management Group and the 1999 Kosovo refugee emergencyJohn C Acree$15

12746What Is America?: A Short History of the New World OrderRonald Wright$15

17313What Is America?: A Short History of the New World OrderRonald Wright$15

15142When Did South Segregation Begin?Smith, John David$20

15411When Germs Travel: Six major epidemics that have invaded America since 1900 and the fears they have unleashedHoward Markel$20

10230When the Mind Hears: A History of the DeafHarlan Lane$20

10462When We Both Got to Heaven: James Atkey Among the Anishnabek at Colpoy's BayMel Atkey$10

17503Whence Come We? Freemasonry in Ontario 1764-1980McLeod, Wallace; The Special Committee on the History$10

17364Where the Buck Stops: The Dollar, Democracy and the Bank of CanadaBabad, Michael; Mulroney, Catherine$20

12656Where the Spitit Lives: A History of St. Joseph's Parish, Ottawa, Ontario 1856-2006Terry V. Byrne$20

10496White Gold the story of charolais in CanadaHenwood, Sharon & Carruthers, Bonnie$40

03855White Man's BurdenLoeb, Kurt$45

14964White Violence and Black Response From Reconstruction to MontgomeryHerbert Shapiro$20

10959Why Call it That? The Origin of Most of the Street and Place Names in OrilliaMcDonald, Ross, Illustrated$20

03579Wild Cat: Stories of the Cultural RevolutionJai-Lin Peng$15

16170Wild Women: History's Female Rebels, Radicals & RevolutionariesPamela Robson$20

15782William Morris's Socialist DiaryBoos, Florence -Editor$15

06654Winisk: On the Shore of Hudson BayMildred Young Hubbert$10

07855Winisk: On the Shore of Hudson BayMildred Young Hubbert$10

12552Winisk: On the Shore of Hudson BayMildred Young Hubbert$10

12551Winisk: On the Shore of Hudson BayMildred Young Hubbert$10

15364Winter: Five Windows On The SeasonAdam Gopnik$15

05019Within the Barbed Wire Fence: A Japanese Man's Account of His Internment in Canada = Tetsu Saku No UchiTakeo Ujo Nakano$15

14672Wolfsangel: A German City on Trial, 1945-48Nigro, August J.$15

16901Women and Families: An Oral History 1940-1970Elizabeth Roberts$20

16669Women and Monasticism in Medieval Europe: Sisters and Patrons of the Cistercian ReformConstance Hoffman Berman$15

16527Women in Roman Law and SocietyJane F. Gardner$15

16184Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Trailblazers and Torchbearers, 1941--1965Editor-Vicki L. Crawford; Editor-Jacqueline Anne Rouse; Editor-Barbara Woods$15

06924Women TroubadoursMeg Bogin$10

17460Women's Archives Guide: Manuscript Sources for the History of WomenJoanna & Fraser, David Dean$20

14084Women's History : Britain 1850-1945: An IntroductionJ Purvis$30

16714WORKING. Images of Canadian Labour. TRAVAILLER. Images de l Ourvriere au Canada. 1900-2000.BARNA, Laszlo$15

10428World Prehistory: In New PerspectiveGrahame Clark$20

12609World Prehistory: Two Million Years of Human LifePeter N. Peregrine$25

12209Writing by CandlelightE. P. Thompson$15

14094Yakutia before its incorporation into the Russian stateA. P Okladnikov$30

13732Years of Hard Labour - An Account of the Canadian Workingman, His Organizations and Tribulations Over a Period of More Than a Hundred YearsModern Lazarus$10

17505Yellow brick roads to Gold Rock: Chasing the dream Hazel Fulford$55

06297Yolngu Aboriginal Cultures of North AustraliaMarks, Richard$20

09705YugoslaviaLovett Fielding Edwards$18

09658Yukon MemoriesWilliam Norrie Robertson$25


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