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First Edition



13205 Verbal Influences on Children's BehaviorJohnson, Marguerite Wilker$45

03365A Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of PainStrong, Marilee$20

04258A Different Understanding - AutismSteven Smith$15

14514A Hand Book of Practical PsychiatryAbul Barkat Muhiuddin Ahmed$95

16497A Mind Frozen in Time: A Ptsd Recovery GuideJeremy P. Crosby$20

05091Aggression : conflict in animals and humans reconsideredJohn Klama$20

17558Alone & Forgotten: The Sexually Abused ManRod Tobin$15

16106Alone: A Fascinating Study of Those Who Have Survived Long, Solitary OrdealsRichard D. Logan$15

17083Analyses of Theories and Methods of Physics and PsychologyRadner, Michael, and Winokur, Stephen,$20

06891Art and Visual Perception: a Psychology of the Creative EyeRudolf Arnheim$20

06401Children's Conceptions of DeathRichard Lonetto$20

16147Cognition: Theory and Applications (with Study Guide Printed Access Card)Dr. Stephen K. Reed$20

12082Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Treating Children and Adolescents with Conduct DisorderBaker, Linda L.; Scarth, Karen$30

12318Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Treating Children and Adolescents with Conduct DisorderBaker, Linda L.; Scarth, Karen$30

13142Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Treating Children and Adolescents with Conduct DisorderBaker, Linda L.; Scarth, Karen$30

17461Conceptualization in Psychotherapy: The Models ApproachFrederick M. Levine, Evelyn Sandeen$25

16204Consciousness ExplainedDaniel C. Dennett$25

03650Coping with Choosing a TherapistMargaret E. Backman$20

04347Daughtering and Mothering: Female Subjectivity Re-AnalysedJanneke Van Mens-Verhulst; Karlein Schreurs; Liesbeth Woertman (Ed)$15

16721Defiance in the Family: Finding Hope in TherapyDavid V. Keith; Gary M. Connell; Linda C. Connell$30

00836Deinstitutionalization and Community Adjustment of Mentally Retarded PeopleR. Bruininsks$45

16928Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women And AlcoholAnn Dowsett Johnston$16

05812Dying & Grieving: Lifespan & FamilyAlicia Skinner Cook, Alan Cook$25

16764Eccentrics James Weeks$15

02791Edward De Bono's Mind PowerEdward De Bono$20

04481Et si les rêves servaient à nous éveiller?de l'Arc-en-Cie Collectif$33

17578Ethical Decision Making in Therapy: Feminist PerspectivesElizabeth J. Rave (Editor), Carolyn C. Larsen (Editor)$20

12624Evolving Thought Field TherapyJohn Diepold$35

17194Experiment in Depth: A Study of the Work of Jung, Eliot and ToynbeeP. W. Martin$20

17350Forensic PsychologyLawrence S. Wrightsman, Stephen Porter$20

16138Freud, Race, and GenderSander L. Gilman$20

17216Handbook of Resilience in Children of War Chandi Fernando (Editor), Michel Ferrari (Editor)$125
00835Helping Every Trainable Mentally Retarded ChildBernice B. Baumgartner$35

00808Helping Every Trainable Mentally Retarded ChildBernice B. Baumgartner$40

09097History and Systems of PsychologyJames F. Brennan$20

12412How Language Comes to Children: From Birth to Two YearsBénédicte de Boysson-Bardies$15

15388Hypnosis And Suggestion In The Treatment Of PainJoseph Barber$25

04750Illusion and Disillusion: The Self in Love and MarriageJohn F. Crosby$16

06047Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and PracticePaul E. Spector$25

02794Inside the Milan Interview Conversations With Drs. Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco CecchinBlom, Djuwe Joe$10

11030Introducing Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingJohn Seymour (Author), Joseph O'Connor$20

03399Learning Curves: Theory and ApplicationNanda, Ravinder (Editor), and Alder, George L$25

17477Lectures on the Psychology of Women - 4th editionChrisler, Joan; Golden, Carla; Rozee, Patricia$15

13392Life After Self-Harm: A Guide to the FutureUlrike Schmidt, Kate Davidson$10

17333Loving Mother . No Matter What!Marlene George; Hannah Henry$20

12702Meanings of MadnessRichard J. Castillo$30

01742Mental Retardation - a Life cycle approach - 3rd EditionDREW, Logan, Hardman$45

13812Mindsight: Image, Dream, MeaningColin McGinn$20

16772Miscellany of Sex: A Riotous Romp of Love, Lust and LibidoTwinn, Francesca$15

15588Motivation of human and animal behavior: An ethological viewLorenz, Konrad; Leyhausen, P.$20

08772Multiple Man. Explorations in Possession and Multiple PersonalityAdam Crabtree$22

11368Multiple man: Explorations in possession and multiple personalityAdam Crabtree$20

15519Nature and MadnessShepard, Paul$35

14664Neurosis in contemporary society: Process and treatmentJoseph Stein$55

09086Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral MindJaynes, Julian$20

15394Pain and Behavioral Medicine: A Cognitive-Behavioral PerspectiveDennis C. Turk PhD, Donald Meichenbaum PhD, Myles Genest$25

15221Pathological Gambling: Conceptual, Diagnostic, and Treatment Issues (Practitioners Resource Series)Martin C. McGurrin$10

15785Personality Theory: The Personological TraditionRobert Hogan$15

16471Pets and Our Mental Health: The Why, the What, and the HowOdendaal, Johannes$235

12599Playing and RealityDonald Woods Winnicott$20

15510Positive SpinJanet Lapp$15

17292Postraumatic Stress Disorders In Children And Adolscents HandbookRaul Silva$22

15599Practicing Psychotherapy: A CasebookBasch, Michael Franz$20

16187Procedures in Marriage and Family Therapy - Second EditionGregory W. Brock, Charles P. Barnard$15

15593Rating Scales and Checklists: Evaluating Behavior, Personality, and AttitudesAiken, Lewis R.$35

13698Reading FacesLeopold Bellak$15

04801Remedial DramaSue Jennings$15

16136Self In The System: Expanding The Limits Of Family TherapyMichael P. Nichols$20

16461Self In The System: Expanding The Limits Of Family TherapyMichael P. Nichols$20

15175Self Psychology in Clinical Social WorkMiriam Elson$20

12361Semiologie PsychanalytiqueGear, Maria Carmen; Liendo, Ernesto Cesa$20

15505Social Psychology: Conflicts and ContinuitiesHowitt, Dennis$15

17405Some Must Watch While Some Must SleepWilliam C. Dement$10

04751Stressed Out! Taking Control of Student StressRainham, David C.$10

12162Study Guide for Burger's Personality - 5th EditionThomas L. Wilson$15

14667SuicideAlec Roy Editor$15

07164Technology, Mind and BusinessDerrick De Kerckhove$30

10717The Art of the Obvious: Developing Insight for Psychotherapy and Everyday LifeBruno Bettelheim, Alvin A. Rosenfeld, Alvin A. Rosenfield$15

00420The Borderline PatientRoy R. Grinker (Author), Beatrice Werble$20

07338The Concept of Situation in LinquisticsClaude Germain$20

04661The Crisis of Competence: Transitional Stress and the Displaced Worker (Brunner/Mazel Psychosocial Stress Series, No. 16)Carl A. Maida, Norma S. Gordon, Norman L. Farberow$15

12769The Emotional Consequences of Personal Injury: A Handbook for Psychiatrists and LawyersBrian F. Hoffman (Author), etc. (Author), Joel P. Rochon (Author), John A. Terry (Author)$35

04553The Exercise FixRichard Benyo$10

02829The Genie in the Lamp: Intelligence Testing Reconsidered - 2nd editionLuther, Michael / Quarter, Jack$15

16028The Handbook of DramatherapyAnn Cattanach, Steve Mitchell, Sue Jennings, Anna Chesner$150

15384The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in PsychotherapyJohn H. Edgette$20

08115The Importance of LyingArnold M Ludwig$35

08938The Meditator's Manual: A Practical Introduction to the Art of MeditationSimon Court$10

16406The Needs of Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Emotional, Social, Physical, ProfessionalIan Horton (Editor)$40

07692The Protestant Parish Minister: A Behavioral Science InterpretationSamuel W. Blizzard$25

17512The psychology of deathKastenbaum, Robert$25

12031The Psychology of DeathRobert Kastenbaum (Author), Robert Kastenbaum PhD (Editor)$20

01411The Recovery of Man in ChildhoodHarwood, A.C.$15

14164The Sensory Order: Inquiry into the Foundations of Theoretical PsychologyF.A. Hayek$15

16140The Structure of Magic, Volume 1 and 2 -- 2-volume setRichard Bandler, John Grinder$30

14487The Variety of Dream Experience Expanding Our Ways of Working With DreamsUllman, Montague & Claire Limmer$15

16354Theories on alcoholism C. Douglas Chaudron (Author), D. Adrian Wilkinson (Editor)$20

10737Treating Child and Adolescent Depression A Handbook for Children's Mental Health PractitionersLinda L. Baker & Lynda Ashbourne (with consulting psychiatrist Margaret Steele)$35

04483Treating Men Who Batter: Theory, Practice, and ProgramsP. Lynn Caesar (Editor), L. Kevin Hamberger (Editor)$20

16638WAR / MasculinityPaul Patton & Ross Poole (Editor)$28

05642Wege aus Angst und Symbiose : Märchen, psychologisch gedeutetVerena Kast$24

14493Why We FeelJohnston, Victor$10


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