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First Edition



12889 Latin American Women Compared FiguresGomariz, Enrique$20

13174 Residential Location and Spatial Behaviour of the ElderlyStephen M. Golant$35

11151 The Culture Wars by Other Means: Environmental Attitudes and the Cultural Biases in the Pacific Northwest,Richard J. Ellis and Fred Thompson,$20

11858 The Unspeakable Adams: Forty Controversial and Popular PiecesAdams, Phillip$20

12130A Caregiver's Guide: a Handbook About End-Of-Life CareKaren MacMillan$10

18400A Theory of AdaptationLinda Hutcheon$35

15466Aboriginal Peoples in Urban Centres: Report of the National Round Table on Aboriginal Urban IssuesNational Round Table on Aboriginal Urban Issues$15

08584Alienation, Deviance and Social Control: A Study of Adolescents in Metropolitan TorontoByles, John A.$20

19376America's Culture of Terrorism: Violence, Capitalism, and the Written WordJeffory A. Clymer$20

17517An Ark For The PoorJean Vnier$10

18731An Evaluation of the Benefits and Value of Libraries Viveca Nyström, Linnéa Sjögren$75

11240An Introduction to Writing for the Helping Professions 2nd EditionHealth and Community Studies English Faculty$20

03758Animal Rights: Opposing ViewpointsJanelle Rohr (Editor)$20

19292Arguments with the World: EssaysWallace, Bronwen$20

19000Becoming Doctors: The Adoption of a Cloak of CompetenceJack Haas, William Shaffir$15


11751Blaming children: Youth crime, moral panics and the politics of hateBernard Schissel$10

04903Capitalist Welfare Systems: A Comparison of Japan, Britain, and SwedenArthur Gould$20

17486Child & Family Policies Struggles: Struggles, Strategies, and Options Jane Pulkingham, Gordon W. Ternowetsky$20

12260Children in Amish Society; Socialization and Community EducationJohn Andrew Hostetler (Author), Gertrude Enders Huntington$10

15468Circles of Strength : Community Alternatives to AlienationForsey, H.$10

15464Cities for Citizens: Planning and the Rise of Civil Society in a Global AgeDouglass, M; Friedmann, J$25

12199Cities in a World EconomySaskia Sassen$14

12414Clothed in Integrity: Weaving Just Cultural Relations and the Garment IndustryBarbara Paleczny$15

05123Come back Miss Nightingale : trends in professions today.Digby Anderson$15

17469Community Economic Development: In Search of Empowerment and AlternativesEric Shragge$15

15486Cooperatives & Community Development : Economics in Social PerspectiveFairbairn, Brett; Bold, June; Fulton, Murray; Ketilson, Lou Hammond; Ish, Daniel$20

19411Counterknowledge: How We Surrendered To Conspiracy Theories Quack Medicine BogusDamian Thompson$15

16636Counting Women In - A toolkit for rural action on povertyColleen Purdon$15

02930Crazywater Native Voices on Addiction & RecoveryMaracle, Brian$20

14257Creativity at Work : A Leadership Guide: Success Belongs to Me!Stoyko, Peter; Vincent, Diane$25

16018Culture of Responsibility and the Role of NGOsAnne Smart, Frederick Swarts, Tajeldin Hamad$25

15533Death SentencesDon Watson$15

11336Democracy in Small GroupsJohn Gastil$20

17519Demonic Grounds: Black Women And The Cartographies Of StruggleKatherine McKittrick$25

15614Dialogues on Cultural Studies: Interviews with Contemporary CriticsXie, Shaobo & Wang, Fengzhen (ed.)$20

16744Diamond: A Struggle for Environmental Justice in Louisiana's Chemical CorridorSteve Lerner$20

18812Dying and Living in the Neighborhood: A Street-Level View of America's Healthcare PromisePrabhjot Singh$25

19279Earth WarriorDavid B. Morris$10

18916Eighty Percent MinorityJoanne Yaccato$25

06763Empowerment-Oriented Social Work Practice with the ElderlyEnid O Cox, Ruth J Parsons$12

16319Environment, Scarcity, and ViolenceThomas F. Homer-Dixon$20

15352Establishing A Planned Giving ProgramBarfoot, Aubrey$22

17479Experiencing differenceCarl James$15

15480Families Under Stress: Community, Work, and Economic ChangeStewart Crysdale$10

08809Fictions of Feminine Desire: Disclosures of HeloisePeggy Kamuf$15

11626Foisted upon the government?: State responsibilities, family obligations, and the care of the dependent aged in late nineteenth-century OntarioEdgar-Andre Montigny$20

17300How Can Gang Violence Be Prevented?Christi Watkins$20

12748Human Rights and Social Work: Towards Rights-Based PracticeJim Ife$15

18515Human Rights in Action: Handbook for Women Serving Federal SentencesCanadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies$95

16761Immunization : History, Ethics, Law and HealthDiodati, Catherine J. M.$35

05634In Times Like These - The rise of feminismNellie L. McClung$25

18661Interrogating Race and RacismVijay Agnew$35

03580Kampung Jawa Tondano: Religion and Cultural IdentityTim G. Babcock$45

04478Key Sociological ThinkersStones, Rob (Editor)$20

17543KILIMANJARO: A Purposeful Journey - A Story of Six Ordinary Women Making a Difference in AIDS-Sticken AfricaBy the Kilimanjaro Grannies Founder; Mansfield, Gisele Lalonde$45

14688Landmark Trust Handbook 1998 - 17th EditionSmith, John & Haslam, Charlotte$45

19199Language of ChangeMark; Slade$15

05526Language, Logic, and the Mass MediaGordon, Donald R.$12

19065Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial IntelligenceTegmark, Max$22

16829Lives Still in the Balance: Ontario's Social AuditMurray MacAdam$15

00762Living More With Less: Study Action GuideDelores Friesen$15

14356Management of Volunteer Services in Canada : The TextGinette Johnstone$55

07686Mass Media Vs the Italian AmericansAdolph Caso$15

15567Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our LivesGitlin, Todd$20

17235Medical Care Quality and the Public TrustKenneth J. Williams$20

16278Meltdown: Money, debt and wealth of nations : how zero inflation policy is leading the world's monetary and economic systems to collapse : an anthology from the first decade of economic reformWilliam Krehm$25

17771Miscegenation blues: Voices of mixed race womenCarol Camper$30

09332Multinational Enterprises and the Social Challenges of the XXIst Century:The ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles at Work Public and Private Corporate Codes of ConductRoger Blanpain (Editor)$95

17459Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People's RepublicDru Gladney$22

15511Nuclear Family : One Woman's Confrontation with Atomic PowerJoanne Young$10

17677Obscene Profits: Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber AgeFrederick S. Lane$24

18974On the Eve of the MillenniumConor Cruise O'Brien$10

02061Our Promise to ChildrenGuy, Kathleen (Editor)$20

18397Out Our Way : Gay and Lesbian Life in the CountryMichael Riordon$14

15987Outage: A journey into electric cityB. W Powe$20

16200Paradigms Regained : A Further Exploration of the Mysteries of Modern ScienceJohn L. Casti$15

18967Pathways to Inclusion: Building a New Story with People and CommunitiesJohn Lord$15

19019Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children: Theory, Assessment, and InterventionMichael C. Seto$40

10253Perspectives On Our AgeJacques Ellul$10

14155Perspectives on unorganised labourA S Oberai; A Sivananthiran; C S Venkata Ratnam;$45

07236Petites incarnations de la pensée délinquante : Propos sur les arts et la culturePierre Pelletier$11

16259Pictures of a generation on hold: Selected papersMurray Pomerance$15

18457Politics Of the Family, The R.D. Laing$10

07820Poverty and Progress: Social Mobility in a Nineteenth Century CityStephan Thernstrom$15

09704Poverty in Guyana: Finding Solutions - TRANSITION, Issues 20 & 21Institute of Development Studies$40

16091Protecting Children from Domestic Violence: Strategies for Community InterventionBaker, Linda L, PhD (Editor), and Cunningham, Alison J (Editor), and Jaffe, Peter G, PhD (Editor)$20

14744Racism behind bars : the treatment of black and other racial minority prisoners in Ontario prisons. [interim report]. David P Cole; Margaret Gittens; Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System.$45

07438Radioscopie de l'information télévisée au CanadaDenis Monière, Julie Fortier$20

09282Refugees - Human Rights Have No BordersAmnesty International$20

16340Relations of Ruling: Class and Gender in Postindustrial SocietiesWallace Clement, John Myles$20

06427Revelations: Essays on Striptease and SexualityMargaret Dragu, A.S.A. Harrison$10

13523Reviewing Action on Small Arms 2006Mike Bourne$60

05154Sage of Our SeniorsSandra Millar$20

19160Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at RiskSandy Summers, Harry Jacobs Summers$25

09171Secular GrailChristopher Dewdney$18

16738Seeding Solutions - Volume I and II -- 2-volume setCrucible II Group$30

07121Seen but not heard: Aboriginal women and women of colour in the academyRashmi Luther, Elizabeth Whitmore and Bernice Moreau (Editors)$15

15294Sharing Innovative Experiences : Experiences in Developing Capacity for Sustainable Development - Volume 17United Nations Development Programme$20

17956Slavery TodayAuriana Ojeda$10

19236Small Groups & Political Rituals in ChinaMartin King Whyte$15

01430Snap Crackle & Popular Taste: the Illusion of Free Choice in AmericaSchrank, Jeffrey$10

01372Social Criticism in North America: 8 Talks for Cbc RadioBottomore, T. B.$10

11152Social Issues in Technology: A Format for Investigation - 3rd EditionAlcorn, Paul A.$20

16593Social Work and Social Justice: A Structural Approach to PracticeLundy, Colleen$25

03378Social Work and Social Philosophy: A Guide for PracticeChris L. Clark, Stewart Asquith$15

12347Socialism UnboundStephen Eric Bronner$20

13363Society in QuestionRobert J Brym$45

12719Sociological Theory and Medical SociologyGraham Scambler$20

16693Speed Limits: Where Time Went and Why We Have So Little LeftMark C. Taylor$20

18058StewardshipRuth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet, Christopher Wilson$15

18976Subdivided: City-Building in an Age of Hyper-DiversityJay Pitter, John Lorinc$18

05113Suicide in Later Life: Recognizing the Warning SignsNancy J. Osgood$15

07215Suicide: Individual, Cultural, International PerspectivesAntoon A. Leenaars , Ronald W. Maris , Yoshitomo Takahashi$20

15108Sweeping the Earth: Women Taking Action for a Healthy PlanetWyman, Miriam (Editor)$15

18971Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Science, Technology, and SocietyThomas Easton$20

12286Taking Sport Seriously: Social Issues in Canadian SportPeter S. Donnelly$12

16809Talking About DevelopmentAlotaf Gauhar$15

15864Television (Opposing Viewpoints)Jamuna Carroll$15

10376The Acquisition of LanguageDavid. McNeill$15

16895The Americanization of Narcissism Elizabeth Lunbeck$35

17244The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and IslamAyaan Hirsi Ali$10

07505The children's worldJames Alcock$22

16189The City after the Automobile : An Architect's VisionSafdie, Moshe; Kohn, Wendy$15

11834The City after the Automobile: An Architect's Vision [Moshe Safdie, Wendy Kohn, Gerald D Mcknight$20

16681The Coming Aristocracy. Education and the Future of FreedomOliver DeMille$15

11906The Curse of ColumbusC. Searle, et al$10

07009The Dilemma of Our Society: A Proposal for Moral MaturityErrol A Gibbs, Marjorie G Lindo$45

17312The End of Food: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Food Supply-And What You Can Do About ItThomas Pawlick$15

15723The Feminist Promise: 1792 to the PresentChristine Stansell$30

17772The house that Jill built: A lesbian nation in formationBecki Ross$30

17232The limits to satisfaction: An essay on the problem of needs and commoditiesWilliam Leiss$15

11510The Logic of the Gift: Toward an Ethic of GenerosityAlan D. Schrift$95

05438The Maltreatment of the School-Aged ChildVolpe, Richard & Breton, Margot & Mitton, Judith (Editors )$15

19317The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive ChangeBeth Kanter, Allison Fine$25

18592The Power of Balance: Transforming Self, Society, and Scientific InquiryWilliam R. Torbert$22

07667The Private Life of the Soviet EliteIlya Zemtsov$25

15049The Restoration of LoveWilhelm Ter Horst$15

12930The Risk Society and Beyond: Critical Issues for Social TheoryAdam (Author), Barbara Adam (Editor), Ulrich Beck (Editor)$25

15804The Rom : Walking in the Paths of the GypsiesMoreau, Roger$20

16201The Social Fabric of the Metropolis: Contributions of the Chicago School of Urban SociologyJames F. Short$35

05032The V-Book: Giving Voice to Our Vision of a World without Violence Against Women and ChildrenThe Ginger Press$20

16954The whale warDavid Day$15

04489Their rightful place: Society and disabilityRuth J. E Jones$34

10707Theories of Social Inequality - Classical and Contemporary PerspectivesEdward G. Grabb$15

19471Thinking About ChangeDavid Shugarman$20

10950Thinking Critically About Research on Sex and GenderCaplan, Paula J. & Jeremy B. Caplan$10

15634This Most Famous Stream: The Liberal Democratic Way of LifeArthur R. M. Lower$10

12886Too Scared to Learn: Women, Violence and EducationJenny Horsman$18

18055Transforming CommunitiesWilliam L Luttrell$10

19018Unhappy Hours: Alcohol and Partner Aggression in the AmericasKathryn Graham (Editor)$24

15282Unhealthy Places: The Ecology of Risk in the Urban LandscapeKevin Fitzpatrick$20

12305Urban Enclaves: Identity and Place in AmericaMark Abrahamson$10

14272Urban Nation: Why We Need to Give Power Back to the Cities to Make Canada StrongAlan Broadbent$15

05160Victorian valuesJames Walvin$12

11754Video for Development: A Casebook from VietnamSu Braden (Editor), Than Thi Thien Huong (Editor)$10

13847War: Opposing ViewpointsTamara L. Roleff$10

08083We're Here, Listen to UsHolmes, Janelle And Eliane Leslau Silverman$10

03407Women and Poverty RevisitedNational Council of Welfare$24

05146Women In Antiquity: New AssessmentsRichard Hawley$15

16584Women of the CaribbeanPat Ellis$15

04476Women Theorists on Society and PoliticsMcDonald, Lynn (Editor)$20

10100Work and WelfareRobert M. Solow (Author), Amy Gutmann (Editor)$20

12603Working Time for Working Families: Europe and the United StatesAriane Hegewisch$15

13732Years of Hard Labour - An Account of the Canadian Workingman, His Organizations and Tribulations Over a Period of More Than a Hundred YearsModern Lazarus$10


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