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First Edition



11356 Decision-Making Processes in Ontario's Local Governments; with a Summary of 9 Systems of Local Decision-Making in Other Canadian Provinces, the United States, and England.Hickey, Paul.$25

162802008 ANNOTATED TREMEEAR'S CRIMINAL CODE - Student editionDavid Watt, Michelle Fuerst$75

131702011 annotated ontario landlord and tenant statutesMacis Butkus$45

09122A guide to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents ActColin H H McNairn, Alexander K Scott$45

16860A History of Political Thought: From Ancient Greece to Early ChristianityJanet Coleman$25

17204A new legal aid plan for OntarioFrederick H. Zemans, Patrick J. Monahan and Aneurin Thomas.$20

09805Aboriginal Issues Today: A Legal and Business GuideSmart, Stephen B.;Coyle, Michael$15

10806Al-Jazeera: The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That Is Challenging the WestHugh Miles$15

14274Annotated Divorce Act 2003James MacDonald, Ann Wilton$45

07435Anthracite: an Instance of Natural Resource MonopolyScott Nearing$20

16754Atomic Harvest: Hanford and the Lethal Toll of America's Nuclear Arsenal Michael D'Antonio$15

04714Australia's foreign relations : in the world of the 1990sGareth Evans, Bruce Grant$25

17534Beyond Policy Analysis: Public Issue Management in Turbulent TimesLeslie A Pal$15

16604Beyond the "careful parent'' : Tort liability in educationMacKay, A. Wayne; Dickinson, Gregory M.$22

08971Canada Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act Quick ReferenceThorburn, Julie A.$40

10209Canadian family lawMalcolm C Kronby$15

14552Canadian IP Law For Dummies, Custom EditionDiana Byron$10

16137Canadian Subsidy Directory 2012Canadian Subsidy Directory$95

15523Canadian taxation of life insurance - Second EditionJoel T Cuperfain; Florence Marino; ManuLife Financial. Tax and Estate Planning Group.$25

07218Case Studies in the Division of Powers (Collected Research Studies, Vol 62)Mark Krasnick$40

12346Choosing to Co-Operate: How States Avoid LossJanice Gross Stein (Editor), Louis W. Pauly (Editor)$20

16692Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American CenturyJonathan D. Simon$15

15077Combating the Terrorists: Democratic Responses to Political ViolenceH. H. Tucker$15

14695Commentaries on Judicial ConductCanadian Judicial Council$15

13015Compensation in Canada: Strategy, practice, and issuesRichard J Long$45

17258Confessions of an Economic Hit ManJohn Perkins$15

16158Confronting War: An Examination of Humanity's Most Pressing ProblemGlossop, Ronald J.$20

02183Constitutional LawMonahan, Patrick J.$20

16267Constreuction Law Reports, Volume 31Harvey J. Kirsh$95

17399Contemporary Politics in the Middle EastBeverley Milton-Edwards$15

07441Continentalizing Canadian TelecommunicationsVanda Rideout$20

05446Creating Surplus Populations : The Effects of Military and Corporate Policies on Indigenous PeopleLenora Foerstel$15

05078Crime Counts a Criminal Event AnalysisLeslie W. Kennedy, Vincent F. Sacco$15

15613Crime in Canadian Society [Sixth Edition]Sacco, Vincent F.; Silverman, Robert A.; Teevan, James J.$30

06704Criminal Evidence Handbook 1997-98Harold J. Cox$45

13965Criminal law (Essentials of Canadian law) - Second EditionKent Roach$15

07444Décentralisation, Politiques Publiques Et Relations De PouvoirVincent Lemieux$20

07346Décentralisation, Politiques Publiques Et Relations De PouvoirVincent Lemieux$25

04905Democracy across Borders - Report from the democratic audit of Sweden 1997Olof Petersson, et al$35

07964Democracy and Equality: Theories and Programs for the Modern WorldRonald M. Glassman$35

08593Du contrat d'entreprise. Titre onzième du code suisse des obligations - Deuxieme EditionDÜRR Charles$20

11500Effective Communication for a Career in Law EnforcementCollins, Susan; Olson, Jan$22

17081Equal Shares: Making Market Socialism Work - The Real Utopias Project Volume IIJohn E. Roemer (Author), Erik Olin Wright (Editor)$25

16726Essential Works of Lenin: "What Is to Be Done?" and Other WritingsLenin, Vladimir Ilyich$15

05384Family Mediation HandbookBarbara Landau, Mesbur, Bartoletti$25

12617Forensic Anthropology Training ManualKaren Ramey Burns$25

15414Fortune's Warriors: Private Armies and the New World Order [Paperback]James R. Davis$15

07994Freedom of the press: An AEI round table held on July 29 and 30, 1975 at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C (AEI round table)Ruckelshaus, William$18

15561Geographies of Global Change: Remapping the WorldJohnston,Taylor,Wats$24


07542Give us the tools - science and technology for developmentSpurgeon, David$25

15624Good Morning, Revolution Uncollected Writings of Social ProtestLangston Hughes$15

10238Great Cases in Constitutional LawRobert P. George$20

16206Great Libertarian OfferHarry Browne$25

16272Handling Provincial Offence Cases In Ontario 2006John P. Allen, Rick Libman$45

17234Honduras: The Making of a Banana RepublicAlison Acker$18

16612Illustrations of Political Economy: Selected Tales Harriet Martineau, Deborah Anna Logan$20

15482Indigenous Peoples and the Nation-State: Fourth World Politics in Canada, Australia and NorwayDyck, Noel$15

16883Interest Groups in American Campaigns: The New Face of Electioneering Mark J. Rozell, Clyde Wilcox$15

17138Introduction to Policing in CanadaJayne Seagrave$45

04401Introduction to Politics: Power, Participation, and the Distribution of WealthDuncan R. Wood George A. Maclean$20

07240Introduction to Politics: Power, Participation, and the Distribution of WealthGeorge A. MacLean, Duncan R. Wood$20

16447Issues and perspectives on young offenders in Canada – 2nd EditionJ.A. Winterdyk$25

07955Journalism, communication and the lawG. Stuart Adam$25

16438Juvenile Justice System: International Perspectives John Winterdyk$25

08520Kanakaria Mosaics: the Trial - Second EditionNo Author Noted$20

06436Kenya African Nationalism: Nyayo Philosophy and PrinciplesDaniel T. Arapmoi$15

07055La Communaute Comme Figure de l'Etat: Introduction a l'Analyse d'une ConjonctureGilbert Larochelle$25

07349La Dignité Retrouvée : La Réparation des Sévices Infligés Aux Enfants Dans des établissements CanadiensCommission du droit du Canada$45

07061La formation et la nouvelle economieGordon Betcherman, Kathryn McMullen, Katie Davidman$18

07184La formation et la nouvelle economieGordon Betcherman, Kathryn McMullen, Katie Davidman$18

07364La responsabilité de protéger: Rapport de la Commission internationale de l'intervention et de la souverainété des étatsCommission internationale de l'intervention et de la souveraineté des états$15

07352La responsabilité de protéger: Rapport de la Commission internationale de l'intervention et de la souverainété des étatsCommission internationale de l'intervention et de la souveraineté des états$15

14795Labour/Le Travail : Journal of Canadian Labour Studies 64Palmer, Byran$25

02830Law of Trusts (M&E Handbook)L B Curzon$15

09364Law, capitalism, and the right to workR. D White$20

07238Le Traite sur l'Union europeenneYves Doutriaux$30

07316Le Traite sur l'Union europeenneYves Doutriaux$30

15669Leadership the Barack Obama Way: Lessons on Teambuilding and Creating a Winning Culture in Challenging TimesLeanne, Shelly$15

03890Lenin and Gorky: Letters, Remininscences, ArticlesLenin And Gorky$20

10805Let Taiwan be Taiwan: Documents on the International Status of TaiwanCohen, Marc J. and Emma Teng$20

15492Limited Gains: Grassroots Mobilization and the Environment in Hong KongPeter Hills, Cecilia L. Chan$20

07345L'individu et le citoyen dans la société moderneMARYSE POTVIN, MARYSE POTVIN, YVES COUTURE, BERNARD FOURNIER$18

07052L'individu et le citoyen dans la société moderneMARYSE POTVIN, MARYSE POTVIN, YVES COUTURE, BERNARD FOURNIER$18

07053L'individu et le citoyen dans la société moderneMARYSE POTVIN, MARYSE POTVIN, YVES COUTURE, BERNARD FOURNIER$18

12742Local Government In Canada - 4th EditionC. R Tindal$30

10783Looking for Square Two: Moving from War And Organized Violence to Global CommunityDouglas Mattern$15

08553Manual of Safety Requirements in Theatres and Other Places of EntertainmentHis Majesty's Stationery Office$25

14103Martin's Annual Criminal Code 2009Greenspan, Edward L. (annotations by); Rosenberg, Marc$65

15033Marx's Politics: Communists and CitizensGilbert, Alan$20

10241Mindscapes: Political Ideologies Towards the 21St CenturyRoger Gibbins (Author), Loleen Youngman (Author)$20

04884Mini-Dictionary of International Development / Mini-Dictionnaire Du Développement InternationalCanadian International Development Agency (Cida)$15

16986Myths of the TribeJ. David Rich$22

05370NATO and Europe : how relevant to Canadian security?Alex Morrison, Susan McNish$15

06648No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand BulliesNaomi Klein$20

15179Not-for-profit incorporator's handbookOffice of Public Trustee of Ontario$22

17483Oil, Globalization, and the War for the Arctic RefugeDavid M Standlea$15

16720Oil: Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st CenturyBower, Tom$25

06778On Humane Governance, Toward a New Global PoliticsRichard A. Falk$20

15509On Noam Chomsky: Critical EssaysHarman, Gilbert (editor, intro.); Noam Chomsky$20

08665On Speaking the TruthLivingstone, Sir Richard$20

07463ON WASTES AND NATIONAL DIGNITY : Views and Voices on the US MilitaryNacpil-Manipon, Aida Jean B. (editors)$15

06312Ontario Annual Practice 2000-2001Carthy, James J.; Millar, W.A. Derry; Cowan, Jeffrey G.$45

10722Ontario Annual Practice 2004-2005 FormsCarthy, Millar, Cowan$20

10724Ontario Annual Practice 2005-2006 Judicial EditionCarthy, Millar, Cowan$65

15728Ontario Employment Standards Act Quick Reference 2011Roher, Eric M., Warner, Melanie A.$115

16027Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act: Quick Reference - 2008Carswell Legal Pubns$75

16268Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 2005-2006Zuker, Marvin A.$60

14788Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 2006Marvin A Zuker$55

07936Our Story the PalestiniansAteek, Naim And Hilary Rantisi (Editors)$30

05830Pens and Swords: How the American Mainstream Media Report the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictMarda Dunsky$18

14749Pocket Ontario Oh&s Act and Regulations 2010, Consolidated EditionCarswell Legal Pubns$30

07791Police intercultural training manualMichael Miner$20

15592Politics and the Media in CanadaArthur Siegel$15

07241Power, Politics, and Public Policy: A Matter of CaringBoykin$20

07057Présidentielles 1995. la lutte finaleAndré Bercoff$15

03659PROCUREMENT AND TRANSFER OF HUMAN TISSUES AND ORGANS - Working Paper 66Law Reform Commission of Canada$40

03357Prometheus Wired: the Hope for Democracy in the Age of Network TechnologyBarney, Darin$20

12757Reading Critical CriminologyHinch, R.$35

09271Reading Rights: A Women's Guide to the Law in CanadaKurd$10

12323Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for AmericaRobert B. Reich$20

07158Rural Energy and the Third World: A Review of Social Science Research and Technology Policy ProblemsAndrew Barnett$35

12123Satanic Purses: Money, Myth, and Misinformation in the War on TerrorR.T. Naylor$15

16458Shaping Constitutional Values: Elected Government, the Supreme Court, and the Abortion DebateNeal Devins$15

15990Sharing a Continent: An Introduction to Canadian-American RelationsMorchain, Janet Kerr$15

15860Shoot the Women FirstMacDonald, E.$15

16689Small Claims Court: Procedure and PracticeS. Patricia Knight$75

17128Studies on crisis managementInstitute for Research on Public Policy, W.T. Stanbury, C. F. Smart$35

17584Studying Public Policy: Policy Cycles and Policy SubsystemsMichael Howlett, M. Ramesh$15

16951Sustainable Sport Management: Running an Environmentally, Socially and Economically Responsible OrganizationDavid Chernushenko$105

16650Synthesis: Legal Reading, Reasoning and Writing in CanadaMargaret E. McCallum$20

16825Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in World PoliticsJohn T. Rourke$20

14691The 1995 Annotated Ontario Provincial Offences ActSegal, Murray D.; Libman, Rick$45

06074The 1999 Annotated Copyright ActNormand Tamaro$35

11663The 2000 Annotated Indian Act and Related Aboriginal Constitutional ProvisionsShin Imai$30

14694The 2002 Annotated Contraventions ActLibman, Rick$55

13371The 2010 Annotated Ontario Human Rights CodeAdelyn L. Bowland$85

17502The Atomic Bazaar: Dispatches from the Underground World of Nuclear TraffickingWilliam Langewiesche$10

17581The BBC Reports: On America, Its Allies and Enemies, and the Counterattack on TerrorismBBC editors$15

17575The Black Dragon: Racial Profiling ExposedJoseph Collum$45

16633The British PolityPhilip Norton$20

17424The Civil Law Tradition, 3rd Edition: An Introduction to the Legal Systems of Europe and Latin AmericaMerryman, John; Pérez-Perdomo, Rogelio$20

16685The Costs of Constitutional Change: A Citizen's Guide to the IssuesGeorge Fallis$15

15360The Cultural Collapse of America, and the WorldDavid E. Siriano$20

14785The Economic Consequences of the Gulf WarKamran Mofid$45

16186The Expanding Prison The Crisis in Crime and Punishment and the Search for AlternativesDavid Cayley$20

04803The Fearful Choice. a Debate on Nuclear PolicyToynbee, Philip$12

17127The Freedom ManifestoAtrill, Verne$20

06712The Future Dictionary of America: A Book to Benefit Progressive Causes in the 2004 Elections Featuring Over 170 of America's Best Writers and ArtistsMcSweeney's Books (Creator)$15

15432The Genetic Imaginary: DNA in the Canadian Criminal Justice SystemNeil Gerlach$20

09907The Human Factor in International RelationsKlineberg, Otto$25

13804The Layman's PetitionAnonymous, Young P Young$10

13803The Layman's PetitionAnonymous, Young P Young$10

13798The Layman's PetitionAnonymous, Young P Young$10

17525The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West? Doug Saunders$15

10782The People V. Bush: One Lawyers Campaign To Bring the President to Justice and the National Grassroots Movement She Encountered Along the WayCharlotte Dennett$15

12751The Plutonium Business and the Spread of the Bomb.Patterson, Walter C.$20

07960The Politics of Educational Reform in AlbertaAlison Taylor$35

15430The Politics of Industrial AgricultureClunies-Ross, Tracey; Hildyard, Nicholas$15

10149The Politics of Psychiatry in Revolutionary CubaCharles J. Brown (Author), Armando L. Lago (Author)$20

14773The Politics of Race: Canada, Australia, The United StatesEdward Osei Kwadwo Prempeh (Editor), Jill Vickers (Editor)$20

14389The Road to Serfdom: A Classic Warning Against the Dangers to Freedom Inherent in Social PlanningFriedrich A. Hayek$20

12744The Sane Alternative: A Choice of FuturesJames Robertson$10

05273The Social Basis of Law: Critical Readings in the Sociology of Law - Second EditionElizabeth Comack, Stephen L. Brickey$17

04904The Third Way: The Renewal of Social DemocracyAnthony Giddens$20

05156The United Nations' Search for a Definition of Aggression - Series X Political Science Vol. 22Nicolas A. Nyiri$25

07138The University Professor Lecture SeriesPolanyi, Stein, Friedland, Hutcheon, Pawson, Lee (Aquthors), Goldberg (Editor)$22

13338The World System: Models, Norms, Applications: (International Library of Systems Theory and Philosophy )Laszlo, Ervin (Editor )$15

10943Theories of Revolution: An IntroductionA S Cohan$20

08926Top Cops: Profiles of Women in CommandMarion E. Gold$25

14596Trial By Ordeal: A Case HistoryEsther Matz$25

04563Unfinished Business: State Killings and the Quest for TruthBill Rolston$20

07984Unions and the Collective Bargaining Process.LAXER, Rober M. FORREST, Anne$25

05892Waiting to Inhale: The Politics of Medical MarijuanaAlan W. Bock$15

09541Walden 3, Or, The Prisoners of Venture: A Political Science FrictionKeehn, J.D.; York University (Toronto, Ont.); Ahern, Matthew$20

06420Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America's Most Important IdeaGeorge Lakoff$15

16992Willing and able : a practical guide to powers of attorney in OntarioN Jeanne Best; Dawn Dudley Oosterhoff$20

17125Winning the War, Losing Our SoulsWall, James$10

16479Women and Guns: Politics and the Culture of Firearms in AmericaDeborah Homsher$20

17245Women and the Criminal Justice System: Gender, Race, and Class Katherine van Wormer, Clemens Bartollas$15

14000Writing on the Wall: Essays on Culture and PoliticsHimani Bannerji$15

14489Youth Injustice: Canadian Perspectives - 2nd EditionThomas O'Reilly-Fleming, Barry Clark, Patricia O'Reilly$20

16292Youth Injustice: Canadian Perspectives - 2nd EditionThomas O'Reilly-Fleming, Barry Clark, Patricia O'Reilly$20


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