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All Subjects

First Edition



11737 ArgonauticaApollonii Rhodii$20

11356 Decision-Making Processes in Ontario's Local Governments; with a Summary of 9 Systems of Local Decision-Making in Other Canadian Provinces, the United States, and England.Hickey, Paul.$25

11419 Dialogues in Celebration -- Thomas More Institute Papers/80Cathleen M. Going [ed.]$22

12889 Latin American Women Compared FiguresGomariz, Enrique$20

11116 Modern Times, Ancient Hours - Working Lives In The Twenty-First CenturyBasso, Pietro$20

13191 Platon Oeuvres Completes Tome III 2e PartieMenon, Gorgia traduit Alfred Croiset$20

13174 Residential Location and Spatial Behaviour of the ElderlyStephen M. Golant$35

11151 The Culture Wars by Other Means: Environmental Attitudes and the Cultural Biases in the Pacific Northwest,Richard J. Ellis and Fred Thompson,$20

11858 The Unspeakable Adams: Forty Controversial and Popular PiecesAdams, Phillip$20

13205 Verbal Influences on Children's BehaviorJohnson, Marguerite Wilker$45

162802008 ANNOTATED TREMEEAR'S CRIMINAL CODE - Student editionDavid Watt, Michelle Fuerst$75

131702011 annotated ontario landlord and tenant statutesMacis Butkus$45

05221A Brief History of the Future; How Visionary Thinkers Changed the World and Tomorrow's Trends Are 'Made' and MarketedStrathern, Oona$15

03365A Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of PainStrong, Marilee$20

12130A Caregiver's Guide: a Handbook About End-Of-Life CareKaren MacMillan$10

04258A Different Understanding - AutismSteven Smith$15

00399A Guide for the PerplexedSchumacher$10

09122A guide to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents ActColin H H McNairn, Alexander K Scott$45

14514A Hand Book of Practical PsychiatryAbul Barkat Muhiuddin Ahmed$95

16860A History of Political Thought: From Ancient Greece to Early ChristianityJanet Coleman$25

16497A Mind Frozen in Time: A Ptsd Recovery GuideJeremy P. Crosby$20

17204A new legal aid plan for OntarioFrederick H. Zemans, Patrick J. Monahan and Aneurin Thomas.$20

17409A Sense of the Mysterious: Science and the Human SpiritAlan Lightman$18

09805Aboriginal Issues Today: A Legal and Business GuideSmart, Stephen B.;Coyle, Michael$15

15466Aboriginal Peoples in Urban Centres: Report of the National Round Table on Aboriginal Urban IssuesNational Round Table on Aboriginal Urban Issues$15

03700Africa's Slaves TodayDerrick, Jonathan$15

16577After Clockwork UniverseSally J. Goerner$25

03275Against the Nations - War and Survival in a Liberal SocietyHauerwas, Stanley$10

05091Aggression : conflict in animals and humans reconsideredJohn Klama$20

16080Aging and Society : A Canadian Perspective (Third edition)Mark W. Novak$25

15456Aging and Society, A Canadian Perspective: Fifth EditionMark Novak, Lori Campbell$20

16060Aging as a Social Process - An Introduction to Individual and Population AgingBarry D. McPherson$25

10430Agony Of MammonLewis Lapham$10

08584Alienation, Deviance and Social Control: A Study of Adolescents in Metropolitan TorontoByles, John A.$20

10806Al-Jazeera: The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That Is Challenging the WestHugh Miles$15

17558Alone & Forgotten: The Sexually Abused ManRod Tobin$15

16106Alone: A Fascinating Study of Those Who Have Survived Long, Solitary OrdealsRichard D. Logan$15

17517An Ark For The PoorJean Vnier$10

06051An Intelligent Person's Guide to EthicsMary Warnock$10

02325An Introduction to MetaphysicsWhiteley, C. H.$10

11240An Introduction to Writing for the Helping Professions 2nd EditionHealth and Community Studies English Faculty$25

17083Analyses of Theories and Methods of Physics and PsychologyRadner, Michael, and Winokur, Stephen,$20

04464Animal Rights & Human MoralityBernard E. Rollin$10

03758Animal Rights: Opposing ViewpointsJanelle Rohr (Editor)$20

16450Animals and Ethics: An Overview of the Philosophical DebateAngus Taylor$10

14274Annotated Divorce Act 2003James MacDonald, Ann Wilton$45

16371Anonymous (20th century)Ricci, Leonardo$22

07435Anthracite: an Instance of Natural Resource MonopolyScott Nearing$20

07780Arena of MasculinityBrian Pronger$22

10247Aristotle to Zoos: A Philisophical Dictionary of BiologyP. B. Medawar (Author), J. S. Medawar (Author)$16

06891Art and Visual Perception: a Psychology of the Creative EyeRudolf Arnheim$20

10933Art of Courtly LoveAndreas Capellanus, F. W. Locke, John J. Parry$10

16754Atomic Harvest: Hanford and the Lethal Toll of America's Nuclear Arsenal Michael D'Antonio$15

04714Australia's foreign relations : in the world of the 1990sGareth Evans, Bruce Grant$25

09274Backdoor to EugenicsTroy Duster$30

09403Banking On DeathRobin Blackburn$20



00930Berkeley J.O. Urmson$10

15564Beyond Feelings: A Guide to Critical ThinkingRuggiero, Vincent Ryan$15

17534Beyond Policy Analysis: Public Issue Management in Turbulent TimesLeslie A Pal$15

16604Beyond the "careful parent'' : Tort liability in educationMacKay, A. Wayne; Dickinson, Gregory M.$22

11751Blaming children: Youth crime, moral panics and the politics of hateBernard Schissel$10

16665Bricks to BabelArthur Koestler$20

16496Broadband Economies: Creating the Community of the 21st CenturyBell, Robert; Jung, John; Zacharilla, Louis$15

00303Building a Moral SystemRobert B. Ashmore$10

08971Canada Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act Quick ReferenceThorburn, Julie A.$40

13329Canadian CriminologyWinterdyk, John$35

00665Canadian Families: a Resource GuideBenjamin Schlesinger$10

10209Canadian family lawMalcolm C Kronby$15

15423Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect: Final ReportNational Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Canada)$45

14552Canadian IP Law For Dummies, Custom EditionDiana Byron$10

16137Canadian Subsidy Directory 2012Canadian Subsidy Directory$95

15523Canadian taxation of life insurance - Second EditionJoel T Cuperfain; Florence Marino; ManuLife Financial. Tax and Estate Planning Group.$25

04903Capitalist Welfare Systems: A Comparison of Japan, Britain, and SwedenArthur Gould$20

07218Case Studies in the Division of Powers (Collected Research Studies, Vol 62)Mark Krasnick$40

15425Chavs: The Demonization of the Working ClassOwen Jones$15

16592Chee Chee: A Study of Aboriginal SuicideAl Evans$20

17486Child & Family Policies Struggles: Struggles, Strategies, and Options Jane Pulkingham, Gordon W. Ternowetsky$20

16198Children and TelevisionProfessor Barrie Gunter, Gunter Barrie, Jill McAleer$15

13040Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Current Issues in Research, Intervention, Prevention, and Policy DevelopmentPeter Jaffe$20

12260Children in Amish Society; Socialization and Community EducationJohn Andrew Hostetler (Author), Gertrude Enders Huntington$10

06401Children's Conceptions of DeathRichard Lonetto$20

12346Choosing to Co-Operate: How States Avoid LossJanice Gross Stein (Editor), Louis W. Pauly (Editor)$20

15468Circles of Strength : Community Alternatives to AlienationForsey, H.$10

17317Cities and Urban Life (5th Edition)John J. Macionis (Author), Vincent N. Parrillo$24

15464Cities for Citizens: Planning and the Rise of Civil Society in a Global AgeDouglass, M; Friedmann, J$25

12199Cities in a World EconomySaskia Sassen$14

17079Citizens' Hall: Making Local Democracy WorkAndre Carrel$10

14145Civil Society and Fanaticism: Conjoined HistoriesDominique Colas$25

15802Civilization and Its Enemies: The Next Stage of HistoryLee Harris$15

05798Classical Sociological Theory - 2nd EditionGeorge Ritzer$15

16715CloningSylvia Louise Engdahl$10

12414Clothed in Integrity: Weaving Just Cultural Relations and the Garment IndustryBarbara Paleczny$15

16692Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American CenturyJonathan D. Simon$15

16147Cognition: Theory and Applications (with Study Guide Printed Access Card)Dr. Stephen K. Reed$20

13142Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Treating Children and Adolescents with Conduct DisorderBaker, Linda L.; Scarth, Karen$30

12082Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Treating Children and Adolescents with Conduct DisorderBaker, Linda L.; Scarth, Karen$30

12318Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Treating Children and Adolescents with Conduct DisorderBaker, Linda L.; Scarth, Karen$30

15077Combating the Terrorists: Democratic Responses to Political ViolenceH. H. Tucker$15

05123Come back Miss Nightingale : trends in professions today.Digby Anderson$15

14695Commentaries on Judicial ConductCanadian Judicial Council$15

10320Communications For Community Development and HealthNancy Rishor, Fred Wood$38

17469Community Economic Development: In Search of Empowerment and AlternativesEric Shragge$15

15484Community Problem Solving; The Delinquency ExampleSpergel, Irving A.$20

13015Compensation in Canada: Strategy, practice, and issuesRichard J Long$45

17461Conceptualization in Psychotherapy: The Models ApproachFrederick M. Levine, Evelyn Sandeen$25

17258Confessions of an Economic Hit ManJohn Perkins$15

16158Confronting War: An Examination of Humanity's Most Pressing ProblemGlossop, Ronald J.$20

17522Consciousness and the Laws of NatureTHOMPSON, RICHARD L$25

16204Consciousness ExplainedDaniel C. Dennett$25

02183Constitutional LawMonahan, Patrick J.$20

16267Constreuction Law Reports, Volume 31Harvey J. Kirsh$95

16056Constructing the Child: A History of Canadian Day CareDonna Varga$15

14619Contemporary Political PhilosophersAnthony De Crespigny; Kenneth Minogue, Eds.$15

17399Contemporary Politics in the Middle EastBeverley Milton-Edwards$15

16824Contemporary Social PhilosophyGordon Graham$10

07441Continentalizing Canadian TelecommunicationsVanda Rideout$20

15486Cooperatives & Community Development : Economics in Social PerspectiveFairbairn, Brett; Bold, June; Fulton, Murray; Ketilson, Lou Hammond; Ish, Daniel$20

03650Coping with Choosing a TherapistMargaret E. Backman$20

16636Counting Women In - A toolkit for rural action on povertyColleen Purdon$15

02930Crazywater Native Voices on Addiction & RecoveryMaracle, Brian$20

05446Creating Surplus Populations : The Effects of Military and Corporate Policies on Indigenous PeopleLenora Foerstel$15

17501Creative EvolutionHenri Louis, and Mitchell, Arthur (Translated by) Bergson$25

14257Creativity at Work : A Leadership Guide: Success Belongs to Me!Stoyko, Peter; Vincent, Diane$25

05078Crime Counts a Criminal Event AnalysisLeslie W. Kennedy, Vincent F. Sacco$15

15613Crime in Canadian Society [Sixth Edition]Sacco, Vincent F.; Silverman, Robert A.; Teevan, James J.$30

06704Criminal Evidence Handbook 1997-98Harold J. Cox$45

13965Criminal law (Essentials of Canadian law) - Second EditionKent Roach$15

16018Culture of Responsibility and the Role of NGOsAnne Smart, Frederick Swarts, Tajeldin Hamad$15

16086Custom Version for Niagara College (Crime, Criminals and Criminology))Karen Moreau-Petti / Rick Linden$25

15594Dark Market: Cyberthieves Cybercops and YouMisha Glenny$15

04347Daughtering and Mothering: Female Subjectivity Re-AnalysedJanneke Van Mens-Verhulst; Karlein Schreurs; Liesbeth Woertman (Ed)$15

15533Death SentencesDon Watson$15

12928Debates on Social Inequality: Class, Gender, and Ethnicity in CanadaNakhaie, M. Reza$20

07444Décentralisation, Politiques Publiques Et Relations De PouvoirVincent Lemieux$20

07346Décentralisation, Politiques Publiques Et Relations De PouvoirVincent Lemieux$25

16721Defiance in the Family: Finding Hope in TherapyDavid V. Keith; Gary M. Connell; Linda C. Connell$30

00836Deinstitutionalization and Community Adjustment of Mentally Retarded PeopleR. Bruininsks$45

04905Democracy across Borders - Report from the democratic audit of Sweden 1997Olof Petersson, et al$35

07964Democracy and Equality: Theories and Programs for the Modern WorldRonald M. Glassman$35

11336Democracy in Small GroupsJohn Gastil$20

11758Democratic Society and Human NeedsJeff Noonan$45

17519Demonic Grounds: Black Women And The Cartographies Of StruggleKatherine McKittrick$25

15614Dialogues on Cultural Studies: Interviews with Contemporary CriticsXie, Shaobo & Wang, Fengzhen (ed.)$20

16744Diamond: A Struggle for Environmental Justice in Louisiana's Chemical CorridorSteve Lerner$20

16611Discussions on the StyxHeilig, Matthias$15

16341Dogmatics in OutlineBarth, Karl$15

16928Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women And AlcoholAnn Dowsett Johnston$16

08139Drugs and Alcohol in the Maritime IndustryInternational Labour Office, Geneva$22

08593Du contrat d'entreprise. Titre onzième du code suisse des obligations - Deuxieme EditionDÜRR Charles$20

05812Dying & Grieving: Lifespan & FamilyAlicia Skinner Cook, Alan Cook$25

06400Earthgame - a Player's GuideTimothy Wade Huntley$30

16764Eccentrics James Weeks$15

12696Ecology of Everyday LifeChaia Heller$10

12737E-commerce vs e-commons: Communications in the public interestMarita Moll (Editor), Leslie Regan Shade$12

16350Economic Analysis and Moral PhilosophyDaniel M. Hausman, Michael S. McPherson$20

06599Economic and Demographic Relationships in Development: Essays Selected and Introduced by T. Paul SchultzProfessor Ester Boserup, T Paul Schultz (Adapted by)$22

13140Economics in Canadian Society: Principles and ApplicationsTisdell C. A., Forster Bruce A.$45

02791Edward De Bono's Mind PowerEdward De Bono$20

11500Effective Communication for a Career in Law EnforcementCollins, Susan; Olson, Jan$22

16483Electric Animal: Toward a Rhetoric of WildlifeAkira Mizuta Lippit$35

06763Empowerment-Oriented Social Work Practice with the ElderlyEnid O Cox, Ruth J Parsons$12

15547Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better PeopleHarris, John$15

11165Enlightenment to Enlightenment: Intercritique of Science and MythHenri Atlan (Author), Lenn J. Schramm (Translator)$45

16319Environment, Scarcity, and ViolenceThomas F. Homer-Dixon$20

12686Environmental sociology: Theory and practiceMichael Mehta, Eric Ouellet$30

17081Equal Shares: Making Market Socialism Work - The Real Utopias Project Volume IIJohn E. Roemer (Author), Erik Olin Wright (Editor)$25

13587Essays Social and Political 1802 - 1825Smith, Sydney$20

16726Essential Works of Lenin: "What Is to Be Done?" and Other WritingsLenin, Vladimir Ilyich$15

15352Establishing A Planned Giving ProgramBarfoot, Aubrey$22

04481Et si les rêves servaient à nous éveiller?de l'Arc-en-Cie Collectif$33

17578Ethical Decision Making in Therapy: Feminist PerspectivesElizabeth J. Rave (Editor), Carolyn C. Larsen (Editor)$20

04738Ethics, Science, Technology and the Environment - Philosophy 371Roger Nash, PhD$30

16530Euthanasie : de praktijk anders bekeken : interviews met nabestaandenDam, Hans van$20

16531Euthanasie : de praktijk van dichtbij bekeken : interviews met artsenDam, Hans van$40

12467Evolutionary Outrider: The Impact of the Human Agent on Evolution Essays Honouring Ervin LaszloDavid Loye (Editor)$25

12624Evolving Thought Field TherapyJohn Diepold$35

17479Experiencing differenceCarl James$15

17194Experiment in Depth: A Study of the Work of Jung, Eliot and ToynbeeP. W. Martin$20

04628Eye to Eye: The Quest for the New Paradigm - 3rd Revised editionKen Wilber$15

13003Fabricated Man: The Ethics of Genetic ControlPaul Ramsey$10

03104Faith of a Scientist: Science, Humanism, and Christian EducationSpeakman, H.B.$12

15480Families Under Stress: Community, Work, and Economic ChangeStewart Crysdale$10

00696Families: a Canadian perspectiveBenjamin Schlesinger$10

05384Family Mediation HandbookBarbara Landau, Mesbur, Bartoletti$25

16183FAREWELL TO EARTH the Selected Writings of Arthur K. Davis Volume IDavis, Arthur K.$25

16182FAREWELL TO EARTH the Selected Writings of Arthur K. Davis Volume IIDavis, Arthur K.$35

08809Fictions of Feminine Desire: Disclosures of HeloisePeggy Kamuf$15

12594First Philosophy: Values and Society: Fundamental Problems and Readings in PhilosophyAndrew Bailey$20

14480Flesh of My Flesh: The Ethics of Cloning Humans A ReaderGregory E. Pence$20

12617Forensic Anthropology Training ManualKaren Ramey Burns$25

17350Forensic PsychologyLawrence S. Wrightsman, Stephen Porter$20

15414Fortune's Warriors: Private Armies and the New World Order [Paperback]James R. Davis$15

05088Forward through the rearview mirror : reflections on and by Marshall McLuhanMarshall McLuhan, Paul Benedetti, Nancy DeHart, Frank Zingrone, Philip Marchand$20

15478Foucault: An IntroductionFink-Eitel, Hinrich$10

07994Freedom of the press: An AEI round table held on July 29 and 30, 1975 at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C (AEI round table)Ruckelshaus, William$18

16138Freud, Race, and GenderSander L. Gilman$20

15561Geographies of Global Change: Remapping the WorldJohnston,Taylor,Wats$24


07542Give us the tools - science and technology for developmentSpurgeon, David$25

12114Godless Morality: Keeping Religion Out Of EthicsRichard Holloway$15

15624Good Morning, Revolution Uncollected Writings of Social ProtestLangston Hughes$15

15304Good Work - An Operations Manual for Canadian Not-for-profit OrganizationsGahlinger-Beaune, Rosemary$24

15472Grassroots Organizations A Resource Book for Directors Staff and Volunteers of Small Community Based Nonprofit AgenciesAlan M. Dahms$15

10238Great Cases in Constitutional LawRobert P. George$20

16206Great Libertarian OfferHarry Browne$25

14752Guide for analysis of social economy enterprises.Reseau d'investissement social du Quebec.$25

17216Handbook of Resilience in Children of War Chandi Fernando (Editor), Michel Ferrari (Editor)$125

16272Handling Provincial Offence Cases In Ontario 2006John P. Allen, Rick Libman$45

12637Happy to be Morally Selfish: Physics Dictates that Life is Selfish and Must be Selfish - How it began, and finding a happy and moral solutionStephen Y. Cheung$35

10175Health Promotion at the Community LevelBracht, Neil$15

12668Health, Disease and Society: Introduction to Medical GeographyKelvyn Jones (Author), Graham Moon$20

10777Health, Illness, and the Social Body: A Critical SociologyPeter E.S. Freund (Author), Meredith McGuire$20

00808Helping Every Trainable Mentally Retarded ChildBernice B. Baumgartner$40
00835Helping Every Trainable Mentally Retarded ChildBernice B. Baumgartner$35

13337Histoire de la Sémiotique/History of Semiotics - Vol 20 No 1-2-3Recherches sémiotiques/Semiotic Inquiry$35

09097History and Systems of PsychologyJames F. Brennan$20

17234Honduras: The Making of a Banana RepublicAlison Acker$18

17300How Can Gang Violence Be Prevented?Christi Watkins$20

12412How Language Comes to Children: From Birth to Two YearsBénédicte de Boysson-Bardies$15

12748Human Rights and Social Work: Towards Rights-Based PracticeJim Ife$15

00932HumeA. J. Ayer (Author)$10

15388Hypnosis And Suggestion In The Treatment Of PainJoseph Barber$25

16117Ideology and the Development of Sociological TheoryZeitlin, Irving M.$20

04750Illusion and Disillusion: The Self in Love and MarriageJohn F. Crosby$16

16612Illustrations of Political Economy: Selected Tales Harriet Martineau, Deborah Anna Logan$20

16761Immunization : History, Ethics, Law and HealthDiodati, Catherine J. M.$50

05634In Times Like These - The rise of feminismNellie L. McClung$25

15482Indigenous Peoples and the Nation-State: Fourth World Politics in Canada, Australia and NorwayDyck, Noel$15

06047Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and PracticePaul E. Spector$25

06816Industrial democracy today: a new role for labourGeorge Sanderson$30

15759Inside Deaf CultureCarol Padden$15

02794Inside the Milan Interview Conversations With Drs. Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco CecchinBlom, Djuwe Joe$10

16883Interest Groups in American Campaigns: The New Face of Electioneering Mark J. Rozell, Clyde Wilcox$15

13335Intervention Research: Design and Development for Human ServiceEdwin J Thomas, Jack Rothman$25

11030Introducing Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingJohn Seymour (Author), Joseph O'Connor$20

14123Introduction to Mathematical PhilosophyRussell, Bertrand$15

17138Introduction to Policing in CanadaJayne Seagrave$45

04401Introduction to Politics: Power, Participation, and the Distribution of WealthDuncan R. Wood George A. Maclean$20

07240Introduction to Politics: Power, Participation, and the Distribution of WealthGeorge A. MacLean, Duncan R. Wood$20

17021Is Anyone Listening?: Women, Work, And SocietyMerle Jacobs$20

16447Issues and perspectives on young offenders in Canada – 2nd EditionJ.A. Winterdyk$25

07955Journalism, communication and the lawG. Stuart Adam$25

16438Juvenile Justice System: International Perspectives John Winterdyk$25

03580Kampung Jawa Tondano: Religion and Cultural IdentityTim G. Babcock$45

08520Kanakaria Mosaics: the Trial - Second EditionNo Author Noted$20

06436Kenya African Nationalism: Nyayo Philosophy and PrinciplesDaniel T. Arapmoi$15

04478Key Sociological ThinkersStones, Rob (Editor)$20

17545Kierkegaard Within Your Grasp: The First Step to Understanding KierkegaardShelley O'Hara$15

17543KILIMANJARO: A Purposeful Journey - A Story of Six Ordinary Women Making a Difference in AIDS-Sticken AfricaBy the Kilimanjaro Grannies Founder; Mansfield, Gisele Lalonde$45

07055La Communaute Comme Figure de l'Etat: Introduction a l'Analyse d'une ConjonctureGilbert Larochelle$25

07349La Dignité Retrouvée : La Réparation des Sévices Infligés Aux Enfants Dans des établissements CanadiensCommission du droit du Canada$45

07184La formation et la nouvelle economieGordon Betcherman, Kathryn McMullen, Katie Davidman$18

07061La formation et la nouvelle economieGordon Betcherman, Kathryn McMullen, Katie Davidman$18

07364La responsabilité de protéger: Rapport de la Commission internationale de l'intervention et de la souverainété des étatsCommission internationale de l'intervention et de la souveraineté des états$15

07352La responsabilité de protéger: Rapport de la Commission internationale de l'intervention et de la souverainété des étatsCommission internationale de l'intervention et de la souveraineté des états$15

14795Labour/Le Travail : Journal of Canadian Labour Studies 64Palmer, Byran$25

14688Landmark Trust Handbook 1998 - 17th EditionSmith, John & Haslam, Charlotte$45

05526Language, Logic, and the Mass MediaGordon, Donald R.$12

02830Law of Trusts (M&E Handbook)L B Curzon$15

09364Law, capitalism, and the right to workR. D White$20

07238Le Traite sur l'Union europeenneYves Doutriaux$30

07316Le Traite sur l'Union europeenneYves Doutriaux$30

15669Leadership the Barack Obama Way: Lessons on Teambuilding and Creating a Winning Culture in Challenging TimesLeanne, Shelly$15

10276Leading Today's Volunteers: Motivate and Manage Your TeamFlora MacLeod (Author), Sarah Hogarth$10

03399Learning Curves: Theory and ApplicationNanda, Ravinder (Editor), and Alder, George L$25

17477Lectures on the Psychology of Women - 4th editionChrisler, Joan; Golden, Carla; Rozee, Patricia$15

03890Lenin and Gorky: Letters, Remininscences, ArticlesLenin And Gorky$20

10805Let Taiwan be Taiwan: Documents on the International Status of TaiwanCohen, Marc J. and Emma Teng$20

13392Life After Self-Harm: A Guide to the FutureUlrike Schmidt, Kate Davidson$10

05319Life/Lines: Theorizing Women's AutobiographyBella Brodzki, Celeste Schenck (Editor)$20

15492Limited Gains: Grassroots Mobilization and the Environment in Hong KongPeter Hills, Cecilia L. Chan$20

07053L'individu et le citoyen dans la société moderneMARYSE POTVIN, MARYSE POTVIN, YVES COUTURE, BERNARD FOURNIER$18

07052L'individu et le citoyen dans la société moderneMARYSE POTVIN, MARYSE POTVIN, YVES COUTURE, BERNARD FOURNIER$18

07345L'individu et le citoyen dans la société moderneMARYSE POTVIN, MARYSE POTVIN, YVES COUTURE, BERNARD FOURNIER$18

16829Lives Still in the Balance: Ontario's Social AuditMurray MacAdam$15

00762Living More With Less: Study Action GuideDelores Friesen$15

05322Living Treaties, Lasting Agreements: Report of the Task Force to Review Comprehensive Claims PolicyEdie Van Alstine (Editor)$20

12742Local Government In Canada - 4th EditionC. R Tindal$30

09631Look Under Your HatWatson, C.H.$30

10783Looking for Square Two: Moving from War And Organized Violence to Global CommunityDouglas Mattern$15

09594Los Pobladores: Protagonistas Urbanos en America LatinaNora Elena Mesa, Patricia Velez (editors)$25

16205Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980, 10th Anniversary EditionCharles Murray$24

17333Loving Mother . No Matter What!Marlene George; Hannah Henry$20

07069Luther's World of ThoughtHeinrich Bornkamm$15

05414Malaysian Development: A RetrospectiveMartin Rudner$25

14928Malicorne: Earthly Reflections of an AstrophysicistReeves, Hubert$20

04568Malthus and the 3rd MillenniumStephen Lewis, William Fyfe, Sandra Postel$28

14356Management of Volunteer Services in Canada : The TextGinette Johnstone$55

08553Manual of Safety Requirements in Theatres and Other Places of EntertainmentHis Majesty's Stationery Office$25

14103Martin's Annual Criminal Code 2009Greenspan, Edward L. (annotations by); Rosenberg, Marc$65

15033Marx's Politics: Communists and CitizensGilbert, Alan$20

07686Mass Media Vs the Italian AmericansAdolph Caso$15

12702Meanings of MadnessRichard J. Castillo$30

15567Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our LivesGitlin, Todd$20

04009Media, Communication, Culture: a Global ApproachJames Lull$15

17235Medical Care Quality and the Public TrustKenneth J. Williams$20

16278Meltdown: Money, debt and wealth of nations : how zero inflation policy is leading the world's monetary and economic systems to collapse : an anthology from the first decade of economic reformWilliam Krehm$125

01742Mental Retardation - a Life cycle approach - 3rd EditionDREW, Logan, Hardman$45

17231Mind and SoulMuller, Olga Erbsloh$20

10241Mindscapes: Political Ideologies Towards the 21St CenturyRoger Gibbins (Author), Loleen Youngman (Author)$20

13812Mindsight: Image, Dream, MeaningColin McGinn$20

04884Mini-Dictionary of International Development / Mini-Dictionnaire Du Développement InternationalCanadian International Development Agency (Cida)$15

16772Miscellany of Sex: A Riotous Romp of Love, Lust and LibidoTwinn, Francesca$15

07851Modern Book of EstheticsMelvin Rader$25

08851Money & the Mechanism of Exchange - Third Edition.Jevons, W. Stanley$45

14282Moral Principles and Political ObligationsA. John Simmons$20

09140Morality within the Limits of ReasonRussell Hardin$20

15588Motivation of human and animal behavior: An ethological viewLorenz, Konrad; Leyhausen, P.$20

09332Multinational Enterprises and the Social Challenges of the XXIst Century:The ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles at Work Public and Private Corporate Codes of ConductRoger Blanpain (Editor)$115

08772Multiple Man. Explorations in Possession and Multiple PersonalityAdam Crabtree$22

11368Multiple man: Explorations in possession and multiple personalityAdam Crabtree$20

17459Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People's RepublicDru Gladney$30

10574MY SEARCH FOR ABSOLUTESTillich, Paul$20

14701Mysticism And LogicBertrand Russell$10

16986Myths of the TribeJ. David Rich$22

05370NATO and Europe : how relevant to Canadian security?Alex Morrison, Susan McNish$15

15519Nature and MadnessShepard, Paul$35

14664Neurosis in contemporary society: Process and treatmentJoseph Stein$55

06648No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand BulliesNaomi Klein$20

16848Nostalgia for the absoluteGeorge Steiner$20

13832Notebooks, 1914-1916 Ludwig WittgensteinG E M Ansombe$10

15179Not-for-profit incorporator's handbookOffice of Public Trustee of Ontario$22

15511Nuclear Family : One Woman's Confrontation with Atomic PowerJoanne Young$10

05255Nucleoethics: ethics in modern societyDavid H. Tribe$15

17483Oil, Globalization, and the War for the Arctic RefugeDavid M Standlea$15

16720Oil: Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st CenturyBower, Tom$25

06778On Humane Governance, Toward a New Global PoliticsRichard A. Falk$20

16815On Justifying DemocracyWilliam N. Nelson$15

15509On Noam Chomsky: Critical EssaysHarman, Gilbert (editor, intro.); Noam Chomsky$20

08665On Speaking the TruthLivingstone, Sir Richard$20

17498On the Origin of SpeciesThomas H. Huxley$10

07463ON WASTES AND NATIONAL DIGNITY : Views and Voices on the US MilitaryNacpil-Manipon, Aida Jean B. (editors)$15

06312Ontario Annual Practice 2000-2001Carthy, James J.; Millar, W.A. Derry; Cowan, Jeffrey G.$45

10722Ontario Annual Practice 2004-2005 FormsCarthy, Millar, Cowan$20

10724Ontario Annual Practice 2005-2006 Judicial EditionCarthy, Millar, Cowan$65

15728Ontario Employment Standards Act Quick Reference 2011Roher, Eric M., Warner, Melanie A.$115

16027Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act: Quick Reference - 2008Carswell Legal Pubns$75

02784Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 1995Zuker, Marvin A.$25

16268Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 2005-2006Zuker, Marvin A.$60

14788Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 2006Marvin A Zuker$55

15471Organizing for the HomelessJim Ward$10

09086Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral MindJaynes, Julian$20

11684Origins Of Family Private Property And StateFrederich Engels (Author), Michele Barrett (Foreword)$10

13439Origins Of VirtueMatt Ridley$15

02061Our Promise to ChildrenGuy, Kathleen (Editor)$20

07936Our Story the PalestiniansAteek, Naim And Hilary Rantisi (Editors)$30

15987Outage: A journey into electric cityB. W Powe$20

15394Pain and Behavioral Medicine: A Cognitive-Behavioral PerspectiveDennis C. Turk PhD, Donald Meichenbaum PhD, Myles Genest$25

16718Partners Not RivalsMartha Minow$15

15221Pathological Gambling: Conceptual, Diagnostic, and Treatment Issues (Practitioners Resource Series)Martin C. McGurrin$10

05830Pens and Swords: How the American Mainstream Media Report the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictMarda Dunsky$18

16498People Who Have Stolen from Me: Rough Justice in the New South AfricaDavid Cohen$20

13748Performance Versus ResultsJohn H. Gibson$15

15785Personality Theory: The Personological TraditionRobert Hogan$15

10253Perspectives On Our AgeJacques Ellul$10

14155Perspectives on unorganised labourA S Oberai; A Sivananthiran; C S Venkata Ratnam;$45

07236Petites incarnations de la pensée délinquante : Propos sur les arts et la culturePierre Pelletier$11

16471Pets and Our Mental Health: The Why, the What, and the HowOdendaal, Johannes$235

15149Philosophy and the Young ChildGareth Matthews$10

13200Philosophy in the mass age George Parkin Grant$10

14608Philosophy of mindShaffer, Jerome Arthur$10

08972Philosophy Of PunishmentRobert Baird$10

16259Pictures of a generation on hold: Selected papersMurray Pomerance$15

12599Playing and RealityDonald Woods Winnicott$20

14749Pocket Ontario Oh&s Act and Regulations 2010, Consolidated EditionCarswell Legal Pubns$30

07791Police intercultural training manualMichael Miner$20

13517Policing and Community PartnershipsDennis J. Stevens$20

12325Policing DesireSimon Watney$10

15592Politics and the Media in CanadaArthur Siegel$15

15510Positive SpinJanet Lapp$15

17292Postraumatic Stress Disorders In Children And Adolscents HandbookRaul Silva$22

15048Pot smoking and illegal conduct: Understanding the social world of university studentsMohammad Nawaz$15

07820Poverty and Progress: Social Mobility in a Nineteenth Century CityStephan Thernstrom$15

09704Poverty in Guyana: Finding Solutions - TRANSITION, Issues 20 & 21Institute of Development Studies$40

07241Power, Politics, and Public Policy: A Matter of CaringBoykin$20

15599Practicing Psychotherapy: A CasebookBasch, Michael Franz$20

07057Présidentielles 1995. la lutte finaleAndré Bercoff$15

10526Preventing substance use problems among young people: A compendium of best practicesPublications, Health Canada$24

12638Problem of UniversalsCharles Landesman$25

16187Procedures in Marriage and Family Therapy - Second EditionGregory W. Brock, Charles P. Barnard$15

03659PROCUREMENT AND TRANSFER OF HUMAN TISSUES AND ORGANS - Working Paper 66Law Reform Commission of Canada$40

17537Profit from pollution prevention - Volume 1Glenn Munroe, William P. Bradley, Fay Neuber$25

03357Prometheus Wired: the Hope for Democracy in the Age of Network TechnologyBarney, Darin$20

06944Protecting Children from Domestic Violence: Strategies for Community InterventionLinda L Baker, Alison J Cunningham, Peter G Jaffe (Editors)$25

16238ProtectionismJagdish N. Bhagwati$10

17476Race and Liberty in America: The Essential ReaderJonathan J Bean$25

14744Racism behind bars : the treatment of black and other racial minority prisoners in Ontario prisons. [interim report]. David P Cole; Margaret Gittens; Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System.$45

07438Radioscopie de l'information télévisée au CanadaDenis Monière, Julie Fortier$20

15593Rating Scales and Checklists: Evaluating Behavior, Personality, and AttitudesAiken, Lewis R.$35

16353Reader in Marxist PhilosophyHoward Selsam$20

12757Reading Critical CriminologyHinch, R.$35

13698Reading FacesLeopold Bellak$15

09271Reading Rights: A Women's Guide to the Law in CanadaKurd$10

05819Readings in ThanatologyJohn D. Morgan$20

12323Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for AmericaRobert B. Reich$20

12293Reconstructing 'Dropout': A Critical Ethnography of the Dynamics of Black Students' Disengagement from SchoolGeorge J. Sefa Dei, Josephine Mazzuca, Elizabeth McIsaac$25

06808Recreation for older adults: A program manualLloyd A Heywood$15

11593Reflections on Jesus and Socrates: Word and SilenceMr. Paul W. Gooch$45

09282Refugees - Human Rights Have No BordersAmnesty International$20

16340Relations of Ruling: Class and Gender in Postindustrial SocietiesWallace Clement, John Myles$25

04801Remedial DramaSue Jennings$15

17168Reordering the Natural World: Humans and Animals in the CityAnnabelle Sabloff$20

06427Revelations: Essays on Striptease and SexualityMargaret Dragu, A.S.A. Harrison$10

13523Reviewing Action on Small Arms 2006Mike Bourne$45

07158Rural Energy and the Third World: A Review of Social Science Research and Technology Policy ProblemsAndrew Barnett$35

16172Sacred Earth, Sacred Community: Jubilee, Ecology and Aboriginal PeoplesJohn Mihevc$15

17188Sade/Fourier/LoyolaRoland Barthes$25

05154Sage of Our SeniorsSandra Millar$20

12123Satanic Purses: Money, Myth, and Misinformation in the War on TerrorR.T. Naylor$15

07076Science and Ethics / La science et l'EthiqueHoward Alper, Patricia A DeMers (Editor)$12

07357Science and Ethics / La science et l'EthiqueHoward Alper, Patricia A DeMers (Editor)$12

09213Science and PoetryMary Midgley$15

09171Secular GrailChristopher Dewdney$18

16738Seeding Solutions - Volume I and II -- 2-volume setCrucible II Group$30

13841Seeds of the earth: A private or public resource?Pat Roy Mooney$15

07121Seen but not heard: Aboriginal women and women of colour in the academyRashmi Luther, Elizabeth Whitmore and Bernice Moreau (Editors)$15

16461Self In The System: Expanding The Limits Of Family TherapyMichael P. Nichols$20

16136Self In The System: Expanding The Limits Of Family TherapyMichael P. Nichols$20

15175Self Psychology in Clinical Social WorkMiriam Elson$20

16813Semantics and Social ScienceMacdonald, Graham and Pettit, Philip$15

12361Semiologie PsychanalytiqueGear, Maria Carmen; Liendo, Ernesto Cesa$20

15771Sex work, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe and Central AsiaAlexandrova, A.$20

16458Shaping Constitutional Values: Elected Government, the Supreme Court, and the Abortion DebateNeal Devins$15

15990Sharing a Continent: An Introduction to Canadian-American RelationsMorchain, Janet Kerr$15

15294Sharing Innovative Experiences : Experiences in Developing Capacity for Sustainable Development - Volume 17United Nations Development Programme$20

15860Shoot the Women FirstMacDonald, E.$15

05731Single Parent Families: Canadian Research and Policy ImplicationsJoe Hudson, Burt Galaway$25

17345Sister Outsider: Essays and SpeechesGeraldine Audre Lorde$15

16689Small Claims Court: Procedure and PracticeS. Patricia Knight$75

17520Small is Beautiful: Study of Economics as If People MatteredE. F. Schumacher$45

01430Snap Crackle & Popular Taste: the Illusion of Free Choice in AmericaSchrank, Jeffrey$10

01372Social Criticism in North America: 8 Talks for Cbc RadioBottomore, T. B.$10

11152Social Issues in Technology: A Format for Investigation - 3rd EditionAlcorn, Paul A.$20

15505Social Psychology: Conflicts and ContinuitiesHowitt, Dennis$15

16593Social Work and Social Justice: A Structural Approach to PracticeLundy, Colleen$15

03378Social Work and Social Philosophy: A Guide for PracticeChris L. Clark, Stewart Asquith$15

04863Social work practice with the elderly - 2nd EditionMichael Holosko$16

12347Socialism UnboundStephen Eric Bronner$15

13363Society in QuestionRobert J Brym$45

12719Sociological Theory and Medical SociologyGraham Scambler$20

17405Some Must Watch While Some Must SleepWilliam C. Dement$10

05528Space Time MedicineLarry Dossey, M.D.$15

14218Speaking Tree: A Study of Indian Culture and SocietyRichard Lannoy$30

16693Speed Limits: Where Time Went and Why We Have So Little LeftMark C. Taylor$24

16671Stolen LegacyGeorge G. M. James$10

16697Story of the EyeBataille, Georges$10

12100Strangers Devour the Land: A Chronicle of the Assault upon the Last Coherent Hunting Culture in North America, the Cree Indians of Northern QuebecBoyce Richardson$20

04751Stressed Out! Taking Control of Student StressRainham, David C.$10

17128Studies on crisis managementInstitute for Research on Public Policy, W.T. Stanbury, C. F. Smart$35

12162Study Guide for Burger's Personality - 5th EditionThomas L. Wilson$15

17584Studying Public Policy: Policy Cycles and Policy SubsystemsMichael Howlett, M. Ramesh$15

16441Subjection and Subjectivity: Psychoanalytic Feminism and Moral PhilosophyDiana T. Meyers$20

14667SuicideAlec Roy Editor$15

05113Suicide in Later Life: Recognizing the Warning SignsNancy J. Osgood$15

07215Suicide: Individual, Cultural, International PerspectivesAntoon A. Leenaars , Ronald W. Maris , Yoshitomo Takahashi$22

12837Sunshine Sketches of a Little EconomicsGraham, Charles R.$15

16951Sustainable Sport Management: Running an Environmentally, Socially and Economically Responsible OrganizationDavid Chernushenko$105

16650Synthesis: Legal Reading, Reasoning and Writing in CanadaMargaret E. McCallum$20

16825Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in World PoliticsJohn T. Rourke$20

12286Taking Sport Seriously: Social Issues in Canadian SportPeter S. Donnelly$12

16809Talking About DevelopmentAlotaf Gauhar$15

07164Technology, Mind and BusinessDerrick De Kerckhove$30

15864Television (Opposing Viewpoints)Jamuna Carroll$15

14691The 1995 Annotated Ontario Provincial Offences ActSegal, Murray D.; Libman, Rick$45

06074The 1999 Annotated Copyright ActNormand Tamaro$35

11663The 2000 Annotated Indian Act and Related Aboriginal Constitutional ProvisionsShin Imai$30

14694The 2002 Annotated Contraventions ActLibman, Rick$55

13371The 2010 Annotated Ontario Human Rights CodeAdelyn L. Bowland$85

10376The Acquisition of LanguageDavid. McNeill$15

16895The Americanization of Narcissism Elizabeth Lunbeck$25

10717The Art of the Obvious: Developing Insight for Psychotherapy and Everyday LifeBruno Bettelheim, Alvin A. Rosenfeld, Alvin A. Rosenfield$15

17502The Atomic Bazaar: Dispatches from the Underground World of Nuclear TraffickingWilliam Langewiesche$10

17581The BBC Reports: On America, Its Allies and Enemies, and the Counterattack on TerrorismBBC editors$15

17575The Black Dragon: Racial Profiling ExposedJoseph Collum$45

00420The Borderline PatientRoy R. Grinker (Author), Beatrice Werble$20

16633The British PolityPhilip Norton$20

16906The Burning Bush - A Reformed Ethic for the NorthBrian Brown$20

17244The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and IslamAyaan Hirsi Ali$10

07505The children's worldJames Alcock$22

12311The Choice: Seasons of Loss and Renewal After a Father's Decision to DieJudy Brown$15

16189The City after the Automobile : An Architect's VisionSafdie, Moshe; Kohn, Wendy$15

11834The City after the Automobile: An Architect's Vision [Moshe Safdie, Wendy Kohn, Gerald D Mcknight$20

17424The Civil Law Tradition, 3rd Edition: An Introduction to the Legal Systems of Europe and Latin AmericaMerryman, John; Pérez-Perdomo, Rogelio$20

16681The Coming Aristocracy. Education and the Future of FreedomOliver DeMille$15

17229The Commonwealth of the MindWalter H. Slack$22

07338The Concept of Situation in LinquisticsClaude Germain$20

05006The Confucian Way: A New and Systematic Study of the Four BooksLiu Fu Chen$20

16685The Costs of Constitutional Change: A Citizen's Guide to the IssuesGeorge Fallis$15

16987The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And EnvironmentChris Martenson$22

04661The Crisis of Competence: Transitional Stress and the Displaced Worker (Brunner/Mazel Psychosocial Stress Series, No. 16)Carl A. Maida, Norma S. Gordon, Norman L. Farberow$15

15360The Cultural Collapse of America, and the WorldDavid E. Siriano$20

13374The Cultural Dimension of DevelopmentDavid Brokensha, D. Michael Warren, Leendert J. Slikkerveer$25

11672The Culture We Deserve: A Critique of DisenlightenmentJacques Barzun$15

11906The Curse of ColumbusC. Searle, et al$10

07009The Dilemma of Our Society: A Proposal for Moral MaturityErrol A Gibbs, Marjorie G Lindo$45

11857The double vision: Language and meaning in religionNorthrop Frye$15

14785The Economic Consequences of the Gulf WarKamran Mofid$45

12769The Emotional Consequences of Personal Injury: A Handbook for Psychiatrists and LawyersBrian F. Hoffman (Author), etc. (Author), Joel P. Rochon (Author), John A. Terry (Author)$35

16763The End of Energy Obesity: Breaking Todays Energy Addiction for a Prosperous and Secure TomorrowTertzakian, Peter; Hollihan, Keith$15

17312The End of Food: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Food Supply-And What You Can Do About ItThomas Pawlick$15

16284The ethical issues in human stem cell research: Report from a workshop 10-11 October 2000 organised by the Nordic Committee on BioethicsGisela Dahlquist, Nordic Council of Ministers$95

13546The Ethics of ChangeKoestler, Arthur, Dubos, Rene, Meyerson, Martin and Frye, Northrop$15

04553The Exercise FixRichard Benyo$10

16810The Existentialism of Miguel De Unamuno, University of Florida Monographs, Humanities No. 13, Spring 1963Huertas-Jourda, Jose$20

16186The Expanding Prison The Crisis in Crime and Punishment and the Search for AlternativesDavid Cayley$20

15732The Expansion of Human ConsciousnessWing C., M.D. Cheong$20

04803The Fearful Choice. a Debate on Nuclear PolicyToynbee, Philip$12

15723The Feminist Promise: 1792 to the PresentChristine Stansell$20

17127The Freedom ManifestoAtrill, Verne$20

06712The Future Dictionary of America: A Book to Benefit Progressive Causes in the 2004 Elections Featuring Over 170 of America's Best Writers and ArtistsMcSweeney's Books (Creator)$15

16195The Gender of Breadwinners: Women, Men and Change in Two Industrial Towns, 1880-1950Joy Parr$15

15432The Genetic Imaginary: DNA in the Canadian Criminal Justice SystemNeil Gerlach$20

02829The Genie in the Lamp: Intelligence Testing Reconsidered - 2nd editionLuther, Michael / Quarter, Jack$15

12180The Geography of Urban Transportation, Second EditionSusan Hanson (Editor)$25

08499The Good Want Power: An Essay in the Psychological Possibilities of Liberalism.Kathleen. Nott$20

16028The Handbook of DramatherapyAnn Cattanach, Steve Mitchell, Sue Jennings, Anna Chesner$150

15384The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in PsychotherapyJohn H. Edgette$20

16798The Hollow Universe The Whidden Lectures Series IVde Koninck, Charles$75

09907The Human Factor in International RelationsKlineberg, Otto$25

08115The Importance of LyingArnold M Ludwig$35

13798The Layman's PetitionAnonymous, Young P Young$10

13803The Layman's PetitionAnonymous, Young P Young$10

13804The Layman's PetitionAnonymous, Young P Young$10

15147The Lazy Mans Guide to EnlightenmentThaddeus Golas$35

14169The Limits of Reason : Indeterminacy in Law, Education, and MoralityEisenberg, J. A.$25

17232The limits to satisfaction: An essay on the problem of needs and commoditiesWilliam Leiss$15

11510The Logic of the Gift: Toward an Ethic of GenerosityAlan D. Schrift$115

05438The Maltreatment of the School-Aged ChildVolpe, Richard & Breton, Margot & Mitton, Judith (Editors )$15

12710The Manufacture of Evil: Ethics, Evolution and the Industrial SystemLionel Tiger$25

01408The Meditations of Marcus AureliusA.S.L. Farquharson$10

08938The Meditator's Manual: A Practical Introduction to the Art of MeditationSimon Court$10

17525The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West? Doug Saunders$15

17325The Natural City: Re-envisioning the Built EnvironmentIngrid Leman Stefanovic, Stephen Bede Scharper$20

16406The Needs of Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Emotional, Social, Physical, ProfessionalIan Horton (Editor)$40

10782The People V. Bush: One Lawyers Campaign To Bring the President to Justice and the National Grassroots Movement She Encountered Along the WayCharlotte Dennett$15

13811The perennial philosophyAldous Huxley$20

17323The Philosophy of LanguageA. P. Martinich$45

12751The Plutonium Business and the Spread of the Bomb.Patterson, Walter C.$20

07960The Politics of Educational Reform in AlbertaAlison Taylor$35

15430The Politics of Industrial AgricultureClunies-Ross, Tracey; Hildyard, Nicholas$15

10149The Politics of Psychiatry in Revolutionary CubaCharles J. Brown (Author), Armando L. Lago (Author)$20

14773The Politics of Race: Canada, Australia, The United StatesEdward Osei Kwadwo Prempeh (Editor), Jill Vickers (Editor)$20

16755The Power of IdeasSir Isaiah Berlin, Henry Hardy$20

07667The Private Life of the Soviet EliteIlya Zemtsov$25

07692The Protestant Parish Minister: A Behavioral Science InterpretationSamuel W. Blizzard$25

17512The psychology of deathKastenbaum, Robert$25

12031The Psychology of DeathRobert Kastenbaum (Author), Robert Kastenbaum PhD (Editor)$20

01411The Recovery of Man in ChildhoodHarwood, A.C.$15

14818The Religious Dimension of Socrates’ ThoughtJames Beckman$35

17257The Republic of Plato: Second EditionAllan Bloom$20

15049The Restoration of LoveWilhelm Ter Horst$15

12930The Risk Society and Beyond: Critical Issues for Social TheoryAdam (Author), Barbara Adam (Editor), Ulrich Beck (Editor)$25

14389The Road to Serfdom: A Classic Warning Against the Dangers to Freedom Inherent in Social PlanningFriedrich A. Hayek$20

15804The Rom : Walking in the Paths of the GypsiesMoreau, Roger$20

12744The Sane Alternative: A Choice of FuturesJames Robertson$10

14164The Sensory Order: Inquiry into the Foundations of Theoretical PsychologyF.A. Hayek$15

16180The sixth language: Learning a living in the Internet ageRobert K Logan$15

05273The Social Basis of Law: Critical Readings in the Sociology of Law - Second EditionElizabeth Comack, Stephen L. Brickey$17

16201The Social Fabric of the Metropolis: Contributions of the Chicago School of Urban SociologyJames F. Short$35

16140The Structure of Magic, Volume 1 and 2 -- 2-volume setRichard Bandler, John Grinder$30

09899The Student Life: the Philosphy of Sir William OslerVerney, Richard E., Ed$20

04456The Theory of Economic GrowthW Arthur Lewis$45

04904The Third Way: The Renewal of Social DemocracyAnthony Giddens$20

05156The United Nations' Search for a Definition of Aggression - Series X Political Science Vol. 22Nicolas A. Nyiri$25

07138The University Professor Lecture SeriesPolanyi, Stein, Friedland, Hutcheon, Pawson, Lee (Aquthors), Goldberg (Editor)$22

15111The Unsettling of America: Culture & AgricultureBerry, Wendell$20

17072The Urban Sociology Reader Jan Lin, Christopher Mele$24

12205The Uses and Limits of IntelligenceWalter Laqueur$22

14487The Variety of Dream Experience Expanding Our Ways of Working With DreamsUllman, Montague & Claire Limmer$15

05032The V-Book: Giving Voice to Our Vision of a World without Violence Against Women and ChildrenThe Ginger Press$20

16954The whale warDavid Day$15

13338The World System: Models, Norms, Applications: (International Library of Systems Theory and Philosophy )Laszlo, Ervin (Editor )$15

04489Their rightful place: Society and disabilityRuth J. E Jones$34

10943Theories of Revolution: An IntroductionA S Cohan$20

10707Theories of Social Inequality - Classical and Contemporary PerspectivesEdward G. Grabb$15

16354Theories on alcoholism C. Douglas Chaudron (Author), D. Adrian Wilkinson (Editor)$20

17478Theory of Economic Relativity - The solution to MONETERY CRISESBondone, Carlos$95

10950Thinking Critically About Research on Sex and GenderCaplan, Paula J. & Jeremy B. Caplan$10

15634This Most Famous Stream: The Liberal Democratic Way of LifeArthur R. M. Lower$10

12886Too Scared to Learn: Women, Violence and EducationJenny Horsman$18

08926Top Cops: Profiles of Women in CommandMarion E. Gold$25

17427Towards Speculative Realism: Essays and LecturesGraham Harman$15

08921Traces Of Wisdom: Amish Women & The Pursuit Of Life's Simple PleasuresLOUISE STOLTZFUS$15

10611Transforming Human Culture: Social Evolution and the Planetary CrisisJay Earley$18

10737Treating Child and Adolescent Depression A Handbook for Children's Mental Health PractitionersLinda L. Baker & Lynda Ashbourne (with consulting psychiatrist Margaret Steele)$35

04483Treating Men Who Batter: Theory, Practice, and ProgramsP. Lynn Caesar (Editor), L. Kevin Hamberger (Editor)$20

14596Trial By Ordeal: A Case HistoryEsther Matz$25

16084Understanding Social Problems 2nd Canadian EditionMooney / Potton$25

05426Understanding the Canadian Economy: A Problems Approach to Economic PrinciplesRoy E George$15

09940Understanding the Present: Science and the Soul of Modern ManBryan Appleyard$20

04563Unfinished Business: State Killings and the Quest for TruthBill Rolston$20

15282Unhealthy Places: The Ecology of Risk in the Urban LandscapeKevin Fitzpatrick$20

07984Unions and the Collective Bargaining Process.LAXER, Rober M. FORREST, Anne$25

13099Unity of Knowledge - Proceeding of the Third International Philosophy Conference, CairoMourad Wahba$25

17417Unseen WorldLucas$15

17150Unseen World: Some Authentic Insights into the Unseen World of Nature . . . and Beyond.Lucas, I.B.$20

05676Unspoken Rules: Sexual Orientation and Women's Human RightsRachel Rosenbloom~International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission$20

12305Urban Enclaves: Identity and Place in AmericaMark Abrahamson$10

14272Urban Nation: Why We Need to Give Power Back to the Cities to Make Canada StrongAlan Broadbent$15

05160Victorian valuesJames Walvin$12

11754Video for Development: A Casebook from VietnamSu Braden (Editor), Than Thi Thien Huong (Editor)$10

05892Waiting to Inhale: The Politics of Medical MarijuanaAlan W. Bock$15

09541Walden 3, Or, The Prisoners of Venture: A Political Science FrictionKeehn, J.D.; York University (Toronto, Ont.); Ahern, Matthew$20

17415WANDERINGHESSE, Herman$15

16638WAR / MasculinityPaul Patton & Ross Poole (Editor)$28

13847War: Opposing ViewpointsTamara L. Roleff$10

05642Wege aus Angst und Symbiose : Märchen, psychologisch gedeutetVerena Kast$24

08083We're Here, Listen to UsHolmes, Janelle And Eliane Leslau Silverman$10

16812Western Welfare in Decline: Globalization and Women's PovertyCatherine Kingfisher$15

17315Who's Your City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your LifeRichard Florida$22

06420Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America's Most Important IdeaGeorge Lakoff$15

14493Why We FeelJohnston, Victor$10

16992Willing and able : a practical guide to powers of attorney in OntarioN Jeanne Best; Dawn Dudley Oosterhoff$20

17125Winning the War, Losing Our SoulsWall, James$10

16320Wittgenstein's Logical AtomismGriffin, James$20

16479Women and Guns: Politics and the Culture of Firearms in AmericaDeborah Homsher$20

03407Women and Poverty RevisitedNational Council of Welfare$24

17245Women and the Criminal Justice System: Gender, Race, and Class Katherine van Wormer, Clemens Bartollas$15

05146Women In Antiquity: New AssessmentsRichard Hawley$15

16584Women of the CaribbeanPat Ellis$15

04652Women of the New RightRebecca E. Klatch$15

04476Women Theorists on Society and PoliticsMcDonald, Lynn (Editor)$20

10100Work and WelfareRobert M. Solow (Author), Amy Gutmann (Editor)$20

12603Working Time for Working Families: Europe and the United StatesAriane Hegewisch$15

15253Working with Economics A Canadian FrameworkHird Richard H$30

17528World Congress-86 - Science and religionRaja Ramanna$22

14000Writing on the Wall: Essays on Culture and PoliticsHimani Bannerji$15

09150Youth in Transition: Perspectives on Research and PolicyBurt Galaway (Author), Joe Hudson$25

16292Youth Injustice: Canadian Perspectives - 2nd EditionThomas O'Reilly-Fleming, Barry Clark, Patricia O'Reilly$20

14489Youth Injustice: Canadian Perspectives - 2nd EditionThomas O'Reilly-Fleming, Barry Clark, Patricia O'Reilly$20

17322Zone 4: Fragments for a History of the Human Body - Part 2Feher, Michel; Ramona Naddaff and Nadia$35


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