One of the questions I am most often asked is about courses. There seem to be many people who would like to learn to use computers and the Internet well, for both personal and professional reasons. So I decided to offer introductory training in some subjects and advanced training in some others.

In addition to computer related subjects I offer tutoring in high school math and science.

Instruction usually takes place in my office;  individuals or groups of up to five. My office is very easy to find, but, in case transportation is a problem, I will consider teaching at the student's location.

Subjects and fees are as follows:

Subjects My Office Your Place Rates are charged per hour
(Group rate is per person)

Group rate based on
two persons to five

60 minute hours

Hands-on method,
aimed at acquiring
practical skills
improving grades
in school

Private Group Private Group
Introduction to Computers $25 $15 $30 $20
Introduction to Internet
Windows 95/98/ME/2000
MS Office 2000
Web Site Design $30 $20 $35 $25
Math $25 $15 $30 $20


Don't let computers scare you. Computers can be a lot of fun, and, with a good teacher, easy to learn. Once you understand them, you will wonder how you could have lived without.
 Reasons to learn/use computers:
  • It may help you in your job...
  • ...or to run your business better!
  • You could get on the Internet...
  • keep in touch with far away  friends and family!
  • It can spell better then you or I.
  • It can help you with your budget and income tax .
  • It can help you find a car or a house; plan a vacation; make new friends; learn new recepies; look things up..

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