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Montland Books Publishing is a low cost alternative to subsidized publishing. Not only will you have your book in print, but you will learn how to do all of it yourself next time.


We would love to help with your project.

If you have a manuscript ready for publishing, query us with a short description and we will be happy to consider it.
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Williamsford, Ontario



Our Company

Vera and Francis Mont of Montland Books have been in business since 2006.

We offer a new and unique way to self-publishing: the authors can do some of the work themselves, while we help with what they are not confident and/or experienced enough
to handle.

Our Published Books

  •  Humane Physics (Science)
  •  Twillingmarche (Novel)
  •  The Prism of my Mind (Poetry)
  • The Trouble with Whatchamacallits (Children's)
  •  A Dark and Stormy Knight (young adult fantasy)

All five of these books are listed on Amazon, Alibris, ABE and Biblio, under our imprint: Montland Books.

One more book is scheduled to be published soon:

  • Solutions - Too Simple, Too Sane (an essay collection.)


Our Philosophy


Publishing a book, especially for the first time, is a very emotional experience. The visible options are often confusing and frightening:

  • Mainstream publishers are notorious for their very slow response and rejection slips

  • Agents are reluctant to consider authors who have not been published by mainstream publishers

  • Subsidized publishers are very expensive, without any guarantee of the result

Doing all of it on your own is an attractive alternative: the idea of having total control over the entire process, being able to make your own decisions. We can help you do exactly that.




Our Services

  •  Proofreading
  •  Editing
  •  Formatting
  •  Cover design
  •  Illustration
  •  ISBN #
  •  Bar code
  •  Copyrighting
  •  Printing
  •  Listing on Amazon, Alibris, ABE, Biblio, etc.
  •  Ebook edition



This is our entire office that keeps our cost down and passes the savings on to you.  All you need is a desk, a computer, a printer, a scanner, a fax machine, a telephone and an internet connection.

You also need to know what you are doing, but you can learn that from us.



Our Track record


For reference, five of the books we have published to date are listed on Amazon at the following links:

Humane Physics Twillingmarche The Prism of my Mind

A Dark and Stormy Knight

The Trouble with Whatchamacallits


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